Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight

Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight

Chapter 71 - Chapter 71

When they returned from Greece, it was already May. The weather in the coastal city had become a bit hot with the arrival of summer, so they first went to visit Cheng Chu's family.

As soon as they entered the residential area, they ran into Lin Qifeng. He was coming out of his house, seemingly to walk his dog.

"Hey, you guys are back?" He casually waved at them.

Cheng Chu nodded and asked, "Where's Mingyue?"

Lin Qifeng cleared his throat and said, "She's pregnant and resting at home."

"What? Why didn't she tell me such a big news?" Cheng Chu exclaimed in surprise.

"We just found out yesterday and haven't told everyone yet. If you have time, come to my house and keep her company," Lin Qifeng suggested.

Cheng Chu was still in shock from the explosive news and nodded absentmindedly. 

Ji Mingyue has been pregnant for over two months now, but her belly hasn't changed much. However, when she speaks, she can't help but reveal a hint of tenderness, occasionally touching her belly with a lowered gaze.

The night in the seaside city was particularly quiet. When Cheng Chu left her house, it was already past ten o'clock. The gentle summer breeze blew, and the flickering lights of the night scene added a touch of prosperity to the city.

Suddenly, Cheng Chu asked, "Do you want a child, Miao Ge?"

He furrowed his brows and pondered for a moment before saying in a deep voice, "It's up to you."

Cheng Chu smiled gently and said, "What if we ignore my thoughts for now? Do you want one?"

He didn't say anything, and there was a moment of silence in the car. The window was slightly open, and the warm summer breeze quietly drifted in, bringing a hint of warmth.

The man pursed his lips, as if he had encountered an unsolvable problem, and his cold face was full of confusion. 

Cheng Chu propped up his head and looked at him before saying, "Let's just go with the flow." 

He breathed a sigh of relief.

The topic seemed to have touched on a taboo, and neither of them mentioned it again.

Eight months later, Ji Mingyue gave birth to a baby girl.

The hospital's private room was spacious and had a personal reception area.

It was winter outside, with a piercing cold wind, but inside the room was warm and cozy.

The little baby was wrapped in a swaddle, with only a white and tender face showing. Her long eyelashes blinked curiously at Cheng Chu and Gu Miao, as if she wasn't afraid of strangers.

"She's so cute," Cheng Chu whispered softly, not daring to speak too loudly because the baby was so small. 

Ji Mingyue lay in bed, having just given birth a few days ago. 

Her face still showed signs of exhaustion, but when she heard the words, she smiled and said, "Do you want to hold the baby?"

"Sure," Cheng Chu replied without hesitation, but as she lowered her gaze and saw the baby, who was as tender as a block of tofu, she hesitated.

"How do I hold him? Can you teach me?" She reached out her hand but was afraid to touch the baby, as if she might break him.

Lin Qifeng, who was standing next to her, couldn't help but burst out laughing at her comical appearance.

Gu Miao stood behind him and whispered, "You put one arm around the baby from the front and the other arm around from the back."

Cheng Chu was surprised and asked, "Is that so?"

She didn't quite believe Gu Miao, after all, he had never been a father before, how could he know these things?

The winter sun was warm and the light filtered in through the window. Ji Mingyue looked at Gu Miao in surprise and said, "Yes, that's what he said. Try holding the baby." 

Cheng Chu finally believed it and bent down to gently hold the baby in her arms. 

The baby, like a little angel, seemed very happy and smiled at her with an open mouth. 

Cheng Chu felt her heart melt as she held the baby for over an hour while visiting Ji Mingyue. She reluctantly left only when she became sleepy. 

The night was dark, and specks of starlight shone through the window curtains. 

The air in the bedroom was humid and hot, and the sound of water mixed with the sound of tearing plastic film. 

Cheng Chu's cheeks were flushed, and she gasped to stop Gu Miao's movements. 

Her lips were cherry red and had a slight sheen of water. "Miao Ge, how about not wearing it tonight?" 

Gu Miao's movements froze, his Adam's apple rolling violently a few times.

The room was quiet, and there was still a hint of desire in the man's pitch-black eyes, with a few drops of sweat still clinging to his smooth forehead.

Cheng Chu reached out to wipe away his sweat, softly cooing, "Miao Ge, let's give it a try."

In the darkness, the girl's eyes sparkled like stars, blinking brighter than the night sky outside.

He lowered his gaze, his forearms bulging as he struggled with his stern expression.

Time seemed to slow down all of a sudden, and it wasn't until the night wind outside gradually died down that he raised his hand, his sturdy arm tracing an arc in the darkness.

The torn object was thrown into the trash can.

Cheng Chu only felt the man's scorching body pressing against hers. The night was hazy, and without that barrier, the feeling became strange and wonderful.

Cheng Chu felt as though her thoughts and body were lifted into the air. She bit her lip, unable to distinguish between pain and pleasure, but still couldn't suppress the small gasps that escaped her.

The bed shook wildly all night.


Cheng Chu's pregnancy was not a peaceful one.

At night, she woke up again, thinking her calf was cramping.

She lay in Gu Miao's arms, gritting her teeth and enduring the pain as she moved.

He almost woke up the next second, his trembling voice filled with anxiety: "What's wrong? Is your leg cramping?"

Before Cheng Chu could answer, the pain in her calf had already subsided.

A ray of light shone in at night, and she lowered her gaze to see the man gently pulling her leg over and carefully massaging it. 

"Feeling better?" His voice was low in the quiet night.

"Much better." Cheng Chu replied softly. "Okay, you can stop now."

He lowered his gaze, unable to see her expression, but his tone was focused and persistent. "No, I'll press a little longer. Can you lie down?"

The man's strength was just right, and it felt very comfortable.

Cheng Chu was already very tired and unknowingly closed her eyes.

She always slept restlessly at night. 

When she opened her eyes again, it was still dark outside, with only a few faint bird calls in the distance.

The warmth that always stuck to her body was gone, leaving her feeling empty.

She didn't know if it was the pregnancy that made people's temperaments change, but Cheng Chu felt a few strands of fear in her heart.

She groped her way out of the room.

The winter night was very cold, and the cold wind blew into the corridor, making her heart feel chilly. From the living room downstairs, a faint light shone through.

Cheng Chu hurriedly went downstairs.

The marble stairs were quiet as she stepped on them, making almost no sound.

Suddenly, her footsteps came to a halt.

The darkness almost concealed the man's figure. 

He sat on the sofa, his usually straight back slightly curved, appearing desolate and decadent. Even his pitch-black eyes were tinged with a hint of red.

The night breeze blew gently, gradually dispelling Cheng Chu's unease.

The man held a book in his hand, completely absorbed and unaware of her presence.

Cheng Chu walked up to him, took the book from his hand, and asked lightly, "What are you reading?"

He suddenly looked up, his face full of panic, reaching out to snatch the book back.

Cheng Chu stepped back, only then picking up the book in her hand.

It was the "Pregnancy Bible." 

She couldn't help but burst out laughing, "How did you become like this just from reading the book?" 

He pursed his lips, his dark eyes flashing, "Give it back to me." 

Cheng Chu raised an eyebrow, "Nope." 

She lowered her gaze and hadn't even had a chance to read the contents of the book before it was forcefully taken away from her. 

"What are you doing?" Cheng Chu protested. 

The tall man seemed a bit flustered by her anger, but his hands firmly clutched the book. 

He couldn't let her see the dangers that pregnant women might face in the book. What if she got scared? 

He didn't know that Cheng Chu had already read the book and was just stubbornly hiding her own panic. 

As Cheng Chu looked at his slightly red eyes and thought back to the contents of the book, she suddenly seemed to understand something. 

"Okay, I won't read it then." She hugged the man's waist and coquettishly whispered, "Don't read it either, come upstairs and sleep with me."

Gu Miao reached out and gently stroked her head.

After the girl became pregnant, there was no change, but she became even more fragrant and soft, and her already delicate face became even more attractive.

"I was so scared when I woke up and didn't see you." She leaned on him and rubbed against him, her voice filled with sweetness.

Gu Miao's hand, which was stroking her hair, paused for a moment, and he felt guilty.

"I'm sorry." He bent down and picked up the girl, "I'll carry you upstairs."

At some point, a few rays of light had already appeared in the sky.

Cheng Chuyi snuggled in his arms, looking at the man's firm jaw, and asked softly, "Miao Ge, do you like boys or girls?"

He hesitated for a moment, then whispered, "Girls." There was a girl who looked as cute as a button.

"I knew it," Cheng Chu muttered under her breath. "If it were a boy, you wouldn't like it, would you?"

He comforted her in a low voice, "I like boys too."

"Well, that's good," Cheng Chu said with a satisfied smile.


The little girl was a sweet little angel, but the little boy was a little devil who always fought for attention.

Even when little Gu was three years old, Gu Miao still firmly believed in this principle.

Especially today, their wedding anniversary.

Gu Miao had already booked the restaurant in advance, prepared romantic flowers and gifts, and instructed the nanny to take care of the children. Only then did he relax and eagerly look forward to spending some alone time with Cheng Chu.

The crystal chandelier reflected a dazzling light, and the elegant violin music flowed slowly.

Gu Miao was about to speak when Cheng Chu's phone vibrated.

He held her hand and said, "Don't worry about it, let's just enjoy tonight." 

Cheng Chuben agreed, but lowered her gaze to her phone. The next second, she pulled her hand away from him. "It's Auntie. I hope nothing happened to little Han."

Gu Miao's brow furrowed.

The nearby musicians stopped playing, and the restaurant fell silent.

"Hello, Auntie, what's wrong? Little Han is crying, why? Can you put him on the phone, please?"

Sure enough, within half an hour, their intimate dinner had turned into a party of three.

Gu Miao solemnly cut into his steak.

Beside them, a child's voice piped up, "Mommy, I want a lollipop."

"We don't have any lollipops here. We'll get you one on the way home, okay?"

"Okay." The child sat obediently next to Cheng Chu, their soft, chubby face pressed against her arm.

Gu Miao handed the sliced steak to Cheng Chu. 

"Mama, I want to eat," the child blinked his grape-like eyes innocently.

"Sure, but this steak is cut too big," Cheng Chu said.

She handed the plate to Gu Miao and said, "Can you cut the steak into smaller pieces?"

Gu Miao's heart sank as he looked at the smiling child and obediently lowered his head to cut the steak.

The three of them shared a warm moment together, but Gu Miao still preferred a world with just the two of them.

The night was dark, and Gu Miao closed the door and embraced her, whispering, "Finally, we can sleep."

Cheng Chu comforted him by patting his broad back and said with a smile, "Don't be mad at the child, he's just being childish."

He pursed his lips, his cold face showing his discontent, "I'm not jealous of him."

"Okay, okay," Cheng Chu hugged him and whispered, "If you say so." The night sky held a crescent moon, and its clear light shone into the room.

Cheng Chu blinked and smiled, "If you weren't jealous then why didn't you buy him some lollipops?"

He stubbornly replied, "Children shouldn't eat too much candy."

Cheng Chu found him incredibly cute and reached out to touch his cheek, soothingly saying, "Don't be angry, don't be angry. You will always be first in my heart, and he will be second."

The man cleared his throat and his lips couldn't help but curl up, while his ears turned red.

He pursed his lips and whispered, "You will always be first in my heart too."

The crescent moon hanging by the window seemed to fall into Cheng Chu's eyes, and sweetness spread across her lips, rippling from the corners of her eyes and eyebrows. 

She reached out and lightly hooked her finger around his, whispering, "Why don't we take advantage of him sleeping and..." 

His pitch-black eyes seemed to light up like lanterns, instantly brightening. 

The night was beautiful, and they felt each other's scorching body heat, indulging in the frenzy of desire. 

The man's eyes were a deep crimson, and his hot breath sprayed onto Cheng Churu's jade-like skin. 

In the silent night, only their heavy breathing remained. 

But suddenly, there were a few knocks on the door. 

Gu Miao abruptly stopped. 

"Mom and Dad, are you asleep?" 

Cheng Chu was about to answer, but Gu Miao covered her mouth. 

"Never mind him, he'll go to sleep on his own in a bit." He gasped, his voice hoarse and restrained. 

The door was knocked a few more times, and the child's voice gradually became tearful, "Mom and Dad, I'm scared, please open the door." 

Gu Miao paused, and Cheng Chu took the opportunity to speak up, "We haven't slept yet, wait a moment."

As the door opened, the little one was still holding onto the teddy bear, with tear streaks all over his tender white cheeks.

"Mama, I had a really scary dream, I'm so scared." He threw himself into Cheng Chu's arms and burst into tears.

Cheng Chu felt her heart break, and quickly picked up the little one, soothing him in a low voice, "Don't cry, don't be afraid, mommy and daddy are here."

His crying gradually subsided, but he still couldn't stop sniffling a few times.

Those big, watery eyes stared at Cheng Chu without blinking, pitifully asking, "Mommy, can you sleep with me tonight?"

"Of course." Cheng Chu touched his soft hair, "Do you want to sleep between mommy and daddy?" 

"Okay." He snuggled up to Cheng Chu's embrace, happily blowing a bubble of snot.

Gu Miao sighed helplessly and walked to his room, bringing over the small pillow and blanket that belonged to the child.

The night in the city was always quiet, and the wind outside seemed to blow slowly.

The three of them lay side by side, as if a long time had passed.

Cheng Chu heard the childish voice of little Gu Han, "Mom, are you asleep?"

"No," she replied.

"Dad seems to be asleep." He used a breathy voice, but still sounded like a baby.

Cheng Chu said, "Hmm, shall we go to sleep obediently?"

Little Gu Han turned over to face Cheng Chu, and his face, which looked just like Gu Miao's, showed a hint of fear.

"Mom, I'm so scared when I think about the dream I just had."

Cheng Chu reached out and hugged her, whispering, "What kind of dream did you have?" 

In the arms of Cheng Chu, he trembled and furrowed his brows, biting his lip before tremblingly saying, "I dreamt that Daddy was gone and I couldn't find him anymore. I was so scared that I cried."

In the pitch-black night, Gu Miao's body froze for a second, holding his breath.

With a voice that was still young and tender, little Gu Han choked up with grievance, "Mommy, I love Daddy so much. I always want to be with him, but does he not like me very much?"

Cheng Chu's heart ached deeply. "Who said that? Daddy loves you very much."

"Really?" In little Gu Han's eyes, Mommy would never lie.

In the darkness, Cheng Chu's eyes grew warm.

"Of course it's true." 

Little Gu said, his dark eyes suddenly shining. "I love Daddy too."

"Oh no." He suddenly stopped and added, "I love Daddy and Mommy." The gentle moonlight shone through the window.

A bittersweet feeling bloomed in Gu Miao's heart.

He gazed out the window, where the bright moon accompanied by countless twinkling stars illuminated the entire dark night sky.

Suddenly, he realized that his world had long been silently intertwined with another brilliant light.

The author has something to say: 

Gu Miao: I love you too.


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