Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight

Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight

Chapter 63 - Chapter 63

It was winter again.

In early January, the seaside city was particularly cold. The howling wind felt like knives, and a few birds flying across the gloomy sky emitted somewhat mournful cries.

Inside a spacious and bright office building, a man in a sharp suit walked through the chaotic cubicles. 

Many people stopped their work and respectfully greeted him, "Good morning, Mr. Jiang."

The man nodded friendly.

As his figure gradually disappeared, a few programmers wearing plaid shirts were puzzled, "Is he going to see Mr. Gu?"


"I hope they're not going to argue again. Last time, Mr. Jiang's voice was almost shaking the heavens because of a technical issue."

"To be honest, I find Mr. Jiang's emotional outbursts easier to handle. I'm really afraid of Mr. Gu's cold face." 

"However, it seems like Mr. Gu has been in a good mood these past few days. He even smiled at me yesterday, which scared me." 

"Are you kidding me? Just hearing that is enough to scare me." 

"No, no, no, let's not talk about it. Someone's coming." 

Jiang Xing quickly walked up to the closed office door, hesitated for a moment, and knocked on it with his finger curled. 

"Come in." The voice inside the door was deep and slowly drifted out, wrapped in the coolness of winter. 

Jiang Xing put on a smile and pushed open the door. "Hehehe, good morning, Chief Gu." 

Chief Gu thought it was just another subordinate and didn't expect it to be Jiang Xing, who had argued with him a few days ago. 

He glanced at Jiang Xing but didn't say anything. 

Jiang Xing licked his smile and looked obsequious. "Chief Gu, I was wrong. Last night, I suddenly had an epiphany and realized that you were right about that point you made." 

Gu Miao murmured a soft "mmhmm". He glanced up at Jiang Xing and added, "It's nothing."

"Wow, you're so easy to talk to today," Jiang Xing exclaimed, rushing in from the door and plopping down in the chair opposite Gu Miao. He chattered on, "Let me tell you, you better be prepared for the upcoming press conference. This is your first appearance as the CTO, so you have to be serious about it."

After his long-winded speech, Jiang Xing realized he was a bit thirsty and asked, "Is there anything to drink?"

Gu Miao pressed a button on the phone and told the secretary outside, "Bring in some drinks."

Jiang Xing was completely shocked by his behavior and asked with a stiff hand, "Are you possessed today? Why are you being so nice to me?"

Gu Miao pursed his lips and sheepishly rubbed his nose, "I need a favor." 

"What's up?" Jiang Xing suddenly became interested.

Gu Miao cleared his throat. "I have an important event in a few days, but I'm missing a suit."

"I thought it was something big, but it's just this? Alright, I'll cover you. I've been telling you, your meticulousness doesn't match your lack of dress sense."

After Jiang Xing finished speaking, he suddenly realized something and asked, "Oh, but what's the important event?"

A mischievous smile appeared on his lips as he half-jokingly and half-teasingly said, "Is it to meet your girlfriend?"

The sun shone through the floor-to-ceiling windows on this high floor office in the winter, dazzlingly bright.

Jiang Xing looked at Gu Miao, who was usually serious and efficient, but now had his head lowered and his eyelashes trembled as if he was embarrassed.

He froze, feeling like he was almost blinded by his own eyes. 

After a moment of disbelief, Jiang Xing exclaimed, "Holy crap, is it true? When did you get a girlfriend?"

Grasping his pen tightly, Gu Miao faced Jiang Xing's astonished gaze and a hint of pride appeared on his usually stern face. "I've had one all along."

On that day, Jiang Xing, a single dog who accompanied Gu Miao to pick out clothes, felt like his world had collapsed.


In mid-January, the harsh winter had arrived.

Before the sky even turned dark, Gu Miao woke up and the haze in his eyes disappeared almost instantly.

The day had finally come.

He put on the clothes he had picked out a week in advance, drove himself to the airport, and arrived at five in the morning.

The airport was cold and empty, with the howling wind blowing in through the automatic doors.

With three hours left until the plane landed, Gu Miao sat in the McDonald's next to the airport. In the cold winter, his coffee gradually turned cold in his hand. But he lowered his gaze, and his pitch-black eyes sparkled as if there was a raging fire burning within. 

As time passed by, passersby couldn't help but glance at the man sitting in McDonald's, dressed in a sharp suit. 

His hair was neatly combed back, revealing a smooth and full forehead. Even sitting in the cramped seat with his legs slightly bent, his perfect body proportions were evident. 

At exactly eight o'clock, he stood up, facing the bright morning light. He solemnly adjusted his suit, and his dark eyes still shone brightly in the daylight. 

Amidst the crowd, he stood straight at the waiting area, his head held high with anticipation. 

Time seemed to slow down in that moment. 

Gu Miao could hear his own heartbeat, thumping slowly and rhythmically, one beat after another. As he scanned the crowd, his eyes landed on a girl who was shining brightly. 

She wore a loose, off-white sweater, and her delicate cheeks glowed under the airport lights. 

Suddenly, Gu Miao felt his heart skip a beat, and a surge of longing erupted from within him like molten lava, flowing wildly in all directions. The girl looked up and their eyes met. 

She beamed a smile, opened her arms, and like a honey-coated missile, crashed into Gu Miao's warm embrace. The honey melted with the heat and flowed into his cold, lonely heart. 

Holding the girl in his arms, Gu Miao's eyes welled up with tears. 

"You're back," he whispered, kissing her hair. The girl looked up, and her peach blossom eyes sparkled with radiance. 

"Mmm." She stood on her tiptoes and kissed his lips, murmuring, "I won't leave again."

The airport was bustling with early morning crowds of weary travelers returning home, their hearts filled with warmth as they witnessed the embrace of the young couple.


"Have you had breakfast?" Gu Miao asked, his eyes fixed on the road ahead as he gripped the steering wheel.

"Not yet," Cheng Chu replied.

The car's heater blew gently, providing just the right amount of warmth without feeling stuffy.

She held a paper bag in her hand.

"I just bought this," Gu Miao said. "Have a little something to eat now, and I'll make you something delicious for lunch."

Cheng Chu opened the bag to find potato cakes and porridge. She ate quietly, her head bowed, and asked, "Are we going to your new home?"

Gu Miao tightened his grip on the steering wheel. "Yes."

He didn't know if she would like it. Cheng Chu tore open the bag of potato cakes, and a delicious aroma filled the car.

The holly trees along the road were lush and green. She watched the rapidly receding trees and scenery, her heart beating faster and faster.

This road...

Gu Miao drove the car steadily, with almost no bumps, but her hand still trembled uncontrollably. Half of the potato cake fell onto her clean, off-white sweater, leaving a small oil stain.

"Let me wipe it off for you." Gu Miao handed her a tissue, his tone concerned. "Are you feeling a bit absent-minded? Did you not sleep well?"

"It's nothing, really." Cheng Chu smiled and brushed it off.

The black Mercedes-Benz van sped through the bustling streets, gradually becoming quieter as they went.

The winter wind blew gently, and he stopped the car.

Cheng Chu got out of the car and looked at the familiar yet unfamiliar villa in front of her, feeling a complex mix of emotions. This is the villa where they lived together in their past life.

Guiding her inside, Gu Miao was filled with anticipation.

The living room was spacious, with sunlight streaming in through the floor-to-ceiling windows, casting clear shadows on the smooth marble floor.

In the corner, there was an antique wooden piano.

For some reason, Gu Miao felt that the girl's hands were a little cold.

He quickly instructed the housekeeper to turn up the heat.

"I'll take you upstairs to have a look." His calm voice was tinged with excitement.

The wooden floor creaked under their feet, echoing like in their past life.

The man's warm body temperature seeped through their skin as they walked, gradually warming her up.

Cheng Chu's cold body also began to regain some warmth.

The hallway was a bit long, and Gu Miao pushed open the tightly closed door. 

"This is the room prepared for you." 

The painful memories that had long since faded away suddenly flooded back into her mind.

"So where do you sleep?" She stood motionless in front of the door, not curious about anything, just staring straight at Gu Miao.

The man was momentarily stunned, but quickly recovered and pointed to the room at the end of the hallway. "There."

Cheng Chu pursed her lips and said, "I don't want to sleep in that room."

"Well, then take a look at the other rooms. You can stay in whichever one you like."

Cheng Chu interrupted him, "I want to sleep in the same room as you."

The man seemed to have been choked, his voice suddenly stopped. 

"S-sleep, sleep in the same room as me?" He stuttered, his voice becoming more and more strained.

The girl raised her eyes, her clear peach blossom eyes shimmering with a hint of water. 

"Miao Ge, I'm scared." 

His heart skipped a beat as he reached out to wipe away her tears, his voice low and soothing, "What are you afraid of? I'm here, don't be scared."

He could tell that the girl was genuinely frightened, not just teasing him like she usually did.

The hallway was quiet as Gu Miao held the girl close to him, closing his eyes as he spoke in a restrained, hoarse voice, "If you're really scared, you can stay in my room."

He could endure it, no matter what.

His strong arms wrapped around her, and the hidden memories of coldness melted away like frost meeting the sun in this moment.

Cheng Chu reached out to embrace him in return, feeling the warmth and heat radiating from his body, and her restless heart gradually calmed down.

'You don't have to be afraid,' she told herself, 'this life is different.' 

Cheng Chu came back early, and her family didn't know yet, but her friends already did.

At noon, Lu Jiaojiao and Ji Mingyue sent her a message, inviting her to go to a concert tomorrow night.

Gu Miao was cooking in the kitchen when he heard the news, and his hand holding the spatula paused.

Cheng Chu had only been back for a few hours, and she was already making plans with someone else.

The man hung his head, his solemn face revealing his obvious disappointment.

Cheng Chu playfully wrapped her arms around his waist, "Why don't you come too?"

He smiled and immediately agreed, "Sure."

"Don't you need to check your schedule first? Is the CTO's schedule really that open?" she teased.

Gu Miao smiled and replied, "No need."

As long as it's for you, my schedule will always be open.

Cheng Chu laughed and rubbed his back, "You're starting to feel like a domineering Chief now." 

Gu Miao pursed his lips and asked awkwardly, "What do you think of me?"

"What?" She paused, and a faint blush crept up her ears. Her voice was clear and cold, like flowing water, but wrapped in a thick layer of sugar coating.

"I like both versions of you." The girl continued, seemingly unaware of Gu Miao's heart racing abnormally. "Whether it's the shy Miao Ge from before or the domineering Chief Miao Ge now, I like them both."

Gu Miao felt like his heart was being held in someone's hand, and even his breath stopped. He was cutting potatoes at the moment, and his hand trembled, almost cutting his fingertips. 

The girl didn't notice and let out a soft chuckle, her clear voice filled with joy, "But I think, Miao Ge is still Miao Ge, his ears are always shy and red."

"No, no, that's not true?" Gu Miao felt the abnormal warmth on his ears, but still tried to deny it.

"If you don't admit it, I'll kiss your ears." The girl pouted.

His already trembling heart completely lost control and began to beat wildly. It seemed like it was okay not to admit it.

But was this a bit too shameless? He lowered his gaze, his dark eyes revealing a hint of embarrassment.

Before he could say anything, the girl stood on her tiptoes and kissed his earlobe.

In the cold winter, that warm breeze with a sweet fragrance brushed past Gu Miao's ear.

He surrendered completely, his heart beating faster than ever before. 

"Still not admitting it?" She whispered quietly in his ear.

"I, I admit it," he finally surrendered.

The girl had finally won, and she smiled as she let go of him. "It would have been better if you admitted it earlier."

The weather outside was perfect, and the restaurant was quiet. Gu Miao turned to look at the girl, who was still beaming with joy. A long-lost sense of satisfaction surged in his heart.

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