Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight

Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight

Chapter 58 - Chapter 58

The autumn wind rustled as a group of children gathered in a small sand pit in the park.

"Let's build a castle," one child suggested.

The others agreed, "Yes, let's do it!"

"Should we invite Little Bookworm to join us?" someone asked.

Another child objected, "No, don't invite him. Little Bookworm only knows how to read books, he doesn't know how to build a castle."

A little boy sat alone on a swing nearby, his head down and a pencil in his hand, completely absorbed in the book on his lap.

The gentle autumn breeze blew, causing the empty swing next to him to sway slightly.

"What are you doing?" a soft, childish voice asked. 

Gu Miao paused, his hand holding the pencil still, and looked up. The autumn in Haishi was cool, but the sunshine was still dazzling.

In front of me stood a little girl wearing a pure white fluffy skirt, with a few sparkling pearls sewn onto the hem. Her chubby face was very fair, and her eyes were bright and shining like little stars. 

In her delicate hands, she held a small yellow dog, and the sunshine shone on her, making the pearls on her skirt sparkle like a fairy tale princess. 

Gu Miao looked at the "little princess" with clear eyes and whispered, "I'm reading a book." 

"Oh." The little princess blinked her eyes, and the stars in her eyes twinkled. "Can I see it?" 

"Sure." Gu Miao held the book with both hands and handed it over. 

The little princess tied the small dog to the railing next to the swing and reached out to take the book, glancing at it a few times. 

"Oh, it's Sudoku!" She flipped through a few pages and exclaimed softly, "You're so good at it! We learned it in kindergarten, but I'm not very good at it. You've done so many!" 

The little boy's ears turned red in an instant. 

The little princess praised him for being talented! His black eyes sparkled as if he had just received his favorite candy. 

"I can teach you," he said. 

The little princess blinked, "Okay, let's have Little Hu listen too. It's not very smart, it ran around today and made me lose my way." 

The little boy asked, "Who is Little Hu?" 

The little yellow dog next to them barked loudly, as if answering his question. 

The children playing with sand in front of them heard the dog's bark and turned around, shouting in unison, "There's a little dog too, it's so cute!" 

"Is that the little girl? She's so pretty, let's invite her to play with us." "Sure, sure." 

A few bold little boys ran over, their cheeks slightly flushed and their hands covered in sand. 

They didn't mind as they scratched their heads and shouted, "Do you want to come over and play with us?" 

Little Gu's heart sank, and he lowered her head, tightly pursing his lips. She must go play with the sand, those people were building a castle, just for a little princess like her to live in. 

The autumn breeze blew gently, very tenderly. 

The little princess raised her head and said in a childish voice, "I don't want to play with sand, it's dirty." 

The little boy in front of her turned pale in an instant and angrily said, "No one wants to play with that little bookworm, the little bookworm has no friends." 

"Who said that?" The little princess jumped off the swing and stood tall, saying, "I am his friend, and I love playing with him."

In the distance, a child shouted loudly, "Forget it, Xiao Qiang, we won't play with Little Bookworm, or with Little Bookworm's friends."

Xiao Qiang felt supported and said proudly, "Yeah, we won't play with you guys, two Little Bookworm."

He turned his head and ran back to the small sandpit, grumbling all the way.

Cheng Chu's face turned red with anger. 

She turned to the little boy and said, "Let's ignore them, they're all little fools."

The little boy obediently nodded, "Ignore them."

Last month, he moved to the seaside city with his parents and didn't have any friends here.

His mother asked him to go to the park to play every evening, hoping he could make some friends, but it had been a month and he still hadn't made any.

The little princess was his first friend, not only did she not dislike him, but she also liked to play Sudoku games just like him. 

The little boy's face lit up with excitement and turned red as he exclaimed, "Why don't you come over and play Sudoku with me?"

The autumn wind rustled the trees beside the park, and the little princess ran over, lifting her skirt and loosening the dog leash enough for the puppy to come over.

"Go ahead and teach me," she said, sitting on the swing and gazing at him with her peach blossom eyes, her skirt swaying slightly.

The little boy blushed and began to speak earnestly, "To solve this puzzle, we first need to..."

As the sun began to set, the little boy gave his first lesson, stumbling over his words, but the little princess in her princess dress listened intently.

"You're so smart! So we fill in a 5 here?" the little princess asked, batting her eyes.

After a moment of thought, the little boy replied, "Yes, that's right." He paused, his ears turning even redder, hiding his embarrassment, and stuttered, "You, you're also smart."

The little princess suddenly burst into laughter, her white and tender face adorned with two small dimples.

"I know, my kindergarten teacher praises me every day," she said, sitting on the swing, the setting sun casting its glow on her pristine princess dress, making her look like a painting.

"I'll push you on the swing," the little boy said, jumping off the swing.

"Okay," she happily agreed, chattering away, "I have a swing at home too, but no one pushes me."

As the swing soared through the air, the little girl's long hair danced in the wind.

She laughed joyfully, her sweet voice echoing softly.

"Brother, push harder."

The tip of little Gu's finger suddenly froze.

"Okay," he said, pushing even harder. The sun gradually set and the dim streetlights flickered on.

The children playing in the sand have all gone home, and the little boy pushing the swing came to a stop.

It was time for him to go home too.


He looked down at the little princess, feeling reluctant to leave.

"Will your parents come to pick you up?" he asked softly.

Or, do you want to come home with me?

The little princess blinked, about to speak, when a blinding light shone upon them.

A black car had stopped in front of the swing, and a handsome young man got out of the car and quickly picked up the little princess, shouting, "Where did you run off to? Do you know how worried your family was? Your mother thought you were lost and almost fainted at home."

Little Gu Miao raised her eyes and only saw the little princess gently hugging the young man's shoulder, coquettishly saying, "I'm sorry, brother. Xiao Hu is so naughty, she keeps running and running, I can't catch up with her."

The young man sighed, seeming to be unable to bear to scold her anymore, and only gestured for someone to bring the dog over before he hugged the little princess and got into the car.

Little Gu Miao still held the Sudoku book in her hand, staring blankly at the closed car door.

It turned out that her real brother had come to find her...

The night wind was cold, and Little Gu Miao's heart trembled along with it.

The car window in front slowly rolled down, and the little princess stuck her head out, her white and tender little face becoming even more delicate and beautiful in the moonlight.

"Goodbye, brother." She reached out her little hand and waved.

The car slowly started moving, and Little Gu Miao pursed her lips, reluctantly waving goodbye to her.

"Goodbye, little princess." 

The black car gradually disappeared into the moonlight, and Little Gu Miao turned back home. He held a small book and knocked on the door. His mother was cooking in the kitchen, and the warm aroma of food filled the house. 

"Ah Miao is back," his mother turned around and asked, "Did you make any new friends today?" 

"Yes," Little Gu Miao's dark eyes lit up, "I met a little princess today." 

His mother nodded happily and asked him to wash his hands and eat. Today's meal seemed particularly sweet and delicious. After dinner, the TV happened to turn to the children's channel. A princess in a snow-white wedding dress was walking hand in hand with a prince into a church. 

Little Gu Miao looked up and asked his mother with his dark eyes, "Mom, do you think I can be a prince?" 

"You are our little prince," his mother replied with a smile. 

His eyes instantly lit up. 

So, does this mean that when he grows up, he can marry the little princess?

The stars twinkled in the sky and playfully blinked their eyes. 

That night, little Gu had a sweet dream. In his dream, he held hands with the grown-up princess and walked into the church. 

Author's note: 

Gu Miao: I always loved dreaming when I was a child. 

An extra little story with no responsibilities, wishing everyone a happy Children's Day~~


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