Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight

Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight

Chapter 54 - Chapter 54

Winter break came early for the university students, with still a long time to go before the Spring Festival.

Recently, Cheng Jinjin fell ill and although she has been discharged from the hospital, she still lacked energy and enthusiasm. Her family, who cared for her deeply, cancelled their trip to Switzerland for the Lunar New Year.

A few days ago, there was a heavy rain that made the already damp and cold air feel like it could drip water.

But this morning, the sun came out and the sticky dampness finally dissipated.

The family driver took Cheng Chu to the airport.

"Miss, we can't park here for too long," Uncle Wang helped her with her luggage.

Cheng Chu nodded, "I'm leaving now, please go back quickly."

The car behind them honked, and Cheng Chu quickly carried her luggage into the check-in hall.

As the automatic doors opened, a warm breeze greeted her. A big hand helped Cheng Chu lift her luggage. The familiar scent of clean soap wafted over, and Cheng Chu turned around in surprise, asking, "How did you get here so early?"

The dazzling sunlight shone through the glass door, and the young man stood in the morning light, his black eyes shining brightly with vitality. 

"I woke up early," he said seriously, looking down at the girl.

The truth was that he was so excited about tomorrow's trip that he had hardly slept all night. He only forced himself to close his eyes when he saw the faint light through the curtains. But he woke up after only a few hours of sleep.

Cheng Chu looked down at her watch and said, "Let's go check in our luggage first. Hurry up and choose seats, I want to sit with you."

A hint of warmth shone in the young man's eyes as he carried the girl's luggage and walked inside. 

"Hey," Cheng Chu followed behind him and suddenly grabbed him, lowering her voice and saying, "We're going the wrong way, that's the area for business class and first class."

Gu Miao stopped and turned around, saying, "We're not going the wrong way, just take out your ID."

As he held Cheng Chu's hand and pushed the luggage, they walked forward in silence.

There weren't many people at the check-in counters for business class and first class, and soon the two of them had checked in their luggage.

Cheng Chu remained silent the whole way, silently calculating the cost of two first class tickets in her mind.

It was peak season now, and first class tickets were at least three or four times more expensive than economy class.

After passing through security, they entered the VIP lounge. It was only then that Gu Miao noticed something was wrong with her.

He turned his head and asked softly, "What's wrong? Are you hungry? I'll go get you something to eat."

Cheng Chu shook her head. 

The VIP lounge was quiet in the early morning, with only a few people around. Gu Miao gently held her hand and whispered, "I made some money from recent projects, so buying two plane tickets is not a problem." 

His fingers curled slightly as he reached out to comfort the girl by patting her head.

The gentle light from the ceiling fell softly, and Gu Miao looked at the girl's dark hair, feeling his heart melt. He understood that she was worried about him.

"The hotel bill was paid by you, right? I didn't spend much money," he said in a low voice.

Cheng Chu nodded silently.

"If you're still worried, I can show you my pay stub another day," Gu Miao said.

Cheng Chu blinked and replied, "I'm not worried, I just don't want to waste money." She knew how hard he worked to earn money. 

"It's really okay. Going out to have fun is all about enjoying yourself, right?" 

Gu Miao knew that the girl came from a wealthy family and had never flown economy class before, so even if it was expensive, he had to grit his teeth and buy it. 

Cheng Chu sighed, "Okay, okay, I can't argue with you." 

Suddenly, a hint of laughter appeared in her eyes as she looked directly at him and teased, "Didn't you used to have to split every sentence into several parts? How come you're better at persuading people than I am now?" 

The boy awkwardly rubbed his nose and quickly changed the subject, "I'll go get you some food." 

The small cakes prepared in the VIP room were delicious. Cheng Chu originally had no appetite, but after smelling the aroma, she ate several of them. 

By the time she finished the plate of snacks that Gu Miao handed her, it was time to board the plane. 

First class passengers were given priority boarding. As soon as Gu Miao boarded the plane, his eyes couldn't resist sinking down, and finally couldn't support it and closed.

The flight to Pingcheng only took three hours. When he woke up in a daze, he found himself covered with a soft cashmere blanket, and the tip of his nose seemed to be brushed with the light fragrance of a girl.

"You're awake." Cheng Chu closed his book and turned to look at her.

The plane roared, and Gu Miao's ears were a little sore. He frowned slightly and responded in a low voice.

"Does your ear hurt? Drinking some water might help." Cheng Chu handed over the juice that the flight attendant had just brought.

The transparent plastic cup still had a faint pink lipstick mark on the rim, and Gu Miao stiffened his fingers and moved them.

The air conditioning was on in the plane, but his ears were inexplicably hot. His dark eyelashes hung down, and he took a sip of juice, his dry lips meeting the faint lipstick mark.

"Feeling better?" The girl leaned in and whispered in his ear.

The boy looked up.

The light shield wasn't completely closed, and the clouds outside crept in, reflecting in the girl's watery peach blossom eyes. The clear spring water in her eyes seemed to be immersed in the dazzling starlight.

The stars blinked in his eyes, heating up the boy's heart.

Suddenly, he remembered the faint lipstick mark, like the first red plum blossom blooming on a branch in early winter, stirring up the hidden desire in his heart.

The loud roar of the plane entered his ears, flowing into his heart through his blood.

The girl thought he didn't hear her and moved closer.

"Feeling better... um."

The cherry red was attached to his lips. It was a brief kiss, but the tremble in their hearts slowly spread.

The girl's cheeks turned red, but a sweet and shy ripple spread across her lips.

"I've noticed that you've changed a lot," she bit her lip, her eyes full of playful joy as she looked at him.

The boy clenched his hand, feeling a hint of regret in his heart.

Was he being too frivolous?

He lowered his eyes, his voice tinged with uncertainty and caution, "I'm sorry, if you don't like it..."

Before he could finish, he was interrupted, "I like it."

He suddenly looked up.

Those beautiful eyes that made his heart flutter curved into a small crescent moon, and the shimmering light in her eyes instantly dispelled the gloom in his heart.

The girl lowered her voice and whispered, "I like it when you take the initiative." 

After taking the initiative to kiss her, he looked away and blushed, looking so cute that her heart melted.

"You should be more proactive in the future."

Cheng Chu leaned over and lightly kissed the boy's cheek, whispering, "This is a reward for being proactive."

With a "swish," the redness behind the boy's ear instantly spread to his cheeks.

His dark eyes seemed to be filled with fireworks, exploding with bursts of light.

He lowered his eyes, his eyelashes fluttering slightly, "Mm."

From now on, he would try to be more proactive.


The three hours on the plane passed in a flash.

After leaving the airport, a private driver greeted them and eagerly helped them with their luggage.

Cheng Chu said, "Take us to the Seaside Hotel."

The streets of Pingcheng were not as wide as those in the coastal cities. The branches on the roadside were covered in a layer of white snow from last night's heavy snowfall, and the chill was palpable. 

"Look at that," Cheng Chu said, peering out the car window.

The car twisted and turned onto a small road, and in the distance, the park was covered in glistening white snow. Several huge snowmen stood tall in the icy landscape.

"What's that?" The driver, with a thick northern accent, spoke gruffly. "Are you two here for sightseeing? You must go to the ice and snow world in the south of the city. The snow sculptures there are much more magnificent than these small snowmen."

"No need, we already made a plan," Cheng Chu said with a smile.

The girl was dressed in a down jacket, wrapped up tightly. Only her delicate face was partially exposed, with her bright peach blossom eyes, which were very alluring.

The driver couldn't help but take a few more glances at the beautiful girl in the rearview mirror while waiting at the red light. It was the first time he had seen such a pretty girl. 

"Do you want to switch seats?" Gu Miao furrowed his brows and suddenly spoke up. "Are you too hot sitting in front of the heater?"

"No, I'm fine," Cheng Chu turned to look at him with innocent and clear eyes.

Gu Miao let out a muffled "oh" and the car fell silent. The driver, sensing the sharp gaze of the young man, dared not look back frequently.

Cheng Chu had booked a suite in a five-star hotel, surrounded by shopping malls and subway stations, very convenient. When she went to the front desk to check in, she realized that she had booked a couple's suite, which was different from a regular suite with multiple rooms. The couple's suite only had one large bed inside.

The young man stood dumbfounded beside her, his body unconsciously stiffening like a stone.

After calming his heart rate for a few seconds, he finally asked, "Do you have any other rooms available?" 

"Sorry, our hotel is fully booked. The couple's suite you booked with a sea view is the most popular one." 

Cheng Chu nodded, "No problem, let's complete the check-in process quickly." 

They obtained the room key smoothly, and she dragged the dazed boy into the elevator. 

The elevator slowly ascended, emitting a faint hum. 

"I, I, I'll sleep on the sofa later," the boy nervously stuttered, stealing a glance at the girl beside him. 

Cheng Chu glared at him but didn't say anything. 

"Ding!" The elevator door opened, and the two of them entered the room one after the other. 

The couple's suite was spacious, and standing in front of the wide and bright floor-to-ceiling windows, they could see the boundless sea. 

The evening sea was sprinkled with a clear radiance, and the setting sun was hiding, revealing only half of its head. 

Gu Miao didn't know where he found the blanket from. He buried his head in it and walked towards the living room sofa. 

Cheng Chu watched his back and sighed, "The room is too big, I'm afraid to sleep alone." 

She walked slowly towards him, lowered her head, and spoke softly like a cloud in the sky, slowly embedding herself into the boy's heart. 

He stiffened for a moment with his back facing her. 

Cheng Chu continued, "Why don't you sleep on the sofa in the room?" 

He pursed his lips and hesitated, furrowing his brows. 

"Is that okay?" The girl walked over, tugging at the boy's clothes and gently shaking him. 

"Miao Ge, I'll be scared sleeping alone at night." 

Her voice was soft and gentle, but it carried an electric current that shattered the hardest part of Gu Miao's heart. 

He resisted and resisted, but in the end, he couldn't resist her coquettish "Miao Ge". 

The warm heating made his face not flush, and finally, he nodded reluctantly.

Author's note: 

Gu Miao: Just made up his mind to take the initiative, but sharing a bed is absolutely not possible.

Cheng Chu: You can never sleep on the sofa, not in this lifetime.


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