Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight

Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight

Chapter 51 - Chapter 51

In the city by the sea, the transition from summer to autumn seemed almost imperceptible. Soon after the start of the school year, the ground was covered in yellow leaves.

"Ugh, this is so hard. I'm starting to doubt how I even got into Haiyin," complained Lu Jiaojiao as she walked out of the music building with Cheng Chu.

The sky outside was dyed a deep red by the sunset, and the leaves of the parasol trees swayed gently as they fell. A tall figure stood in front of the building.

When he saw her come out, a gentle light shone in his phoenix-like eyes.

Lu Jiaojiao suddenly tugged on the corner of her friend's clothes, her face filled with surprise and excitement. "It's Zhou Yanshi! Do you know him?"

Cheng Chu sighed. "He's a former classmate from our middle school. Jiaojiao, you go back to the dormitory first. I think he's here to see me." 

"Okay." Lu Jiaojiao nodded disappointedly, but couldn't help her gossiping heart. She took a few steps and turned back quietly.

It was already evening, but many diligent students were still practicing tirelessly in the piano room, and the chaotic sound of the piano drifted from afar.

"Cheng Chu." Zhou Yanshi's mouth curved into a gentle smile. "Are you free tomorrow?"

Cheng Chu pursed her lips. "I have a date with my boyfriend tomorrow."

The smile on the boy's face froze for a moment, and he asked softly, "Boyfriend?"

"Yeah, he's studying at Haishi University, my high school classmate."

Zhou Yanshi looked a little disappointed and lowered his gaze. "Oh, okay."

He felt flustered in his heart, and his words became incoherent. "Someone gave me two tickets to a music concert, and I thought... oh well." 

The wutong tree beside them shed a few leaves, and the girl's gaze passed through him and landed not far away.

Under the sunset, her beautiful peach blossom eyes suddenly lit up.

"Gu Miao, I'm here." She turned her head and said to Zhou Yanshi, "My boyfriend is waiting for me. I'll go first, okay?"

The cold wind blew gently, and Zhou Yanshi looked at the girl's lively figure in a daze, but his gaze suddenly met a young man not far away.

Those dark eyes pierced through the bleak wind, as if still carrying the chilly autumn of October, and lightly fell on him.

Not far away, the girl's voice was clear and crisp: "Shall we wait and go eat hotpot? I heard from Jiaojiao that the new one opened at the school gate is really good."

Zhou Yanshi's heart quietly shattered into pieces. 

He saw the girl take the initiative to hold the boy's hand and coquettishly shake it. 

And the boy, who was just cold and distant, turned around and gently tidied up her slightly messy hair, saying in a warm voice, "I just went to get the number, we should be able to make it in time now."

As the autumn wind blew, the dejected boy stood still, covered in fallen yellow leaves.


The newly opened hot pot restaurant was exceptionally popular, with the air filled with spicy fragrance and crowds of people. The boy silently cooked the dishes, and the fresh fatty beef was already cooked after just a few seconds. He put all the meat into the girl's bowl.

Cheng Chu said, "You should eat too, don't just keep serving me."

The hot steam blurred the boy's eyes, and he nodded, lowering his head and silently picking up some big white cabbage with his chopsticks. 

Cheng Chu gave him half of the fatty beef in her bowl and said, "Why aren't you talking today?"

The girl's lively eyes turned and suddenly she smiled, "I know, you're jealous, aren't you?"

The boy's hand holding the chopsticks moved slightly, shaking his head stubbornly, "No."

But the shallow sourness in his heart couldn't deceive anyone. However, he shouldn't interfere with who she talked to.

"Really?" The girl raised her eyebrows, a smile on her face. "Don't you want to know what I said to him?"

Gu Miao pursed his lips, a mixture of sourness and possessiveness quickly spreading.

A faint pain rose in his heart.

No one understood the look of someone who liked another person better than him.

The pale mist gradually rose, and the heat rushed towards him.

But Gu Miao remembered the look in that boy's eyes as he looked at her, and his eyes gradually grew cold. The desire to possess was like a devil that seized the boy's heart, but he tried his best to suppress it, not wanting to reveal even a hint.

The girl in front of him propped up her head, her peach blossom eyes filled with clear and pure water, reflecting his jealous and ugly appearance.

The boy dared not speak, afraid that if he did, he would not be able to hide the terrible possessiveness that surged up from the bottom of his heart.

He was afraid of scaring her.

The red hotpot bubbled and boiled, and the surrounding noise seemed to gradually fade away.

The oil droplets had gradually cooled and solidified in the bowl.

In the end, Gu Miao shook her head.

The girl pouted and whispered, "Okay."

They were clearly eating a steaming hotpot, but this meal was unusually silent.

Leaving the restaurant, the street was lit up with colorful lights, and the slightly cold night wind rustled the fallen leaves. The young man strolled with the girl's hand in his on a cool autumn night, the warmth of their palms gradually melting away the chill in their hearts.

He curled his fingers for a moment, hesitated, and finally asked, "Are you free tomorrow?"

"Yes," the girl turned her head, the twinkling lights reflecting in her eyes, "Are you free tomorrow?"

Tomorrow was the weekend, and at this time, the young man would usually be busy with work. After college, he took on a few coding jobs, which were not as physically demanding as working in a Western restaurant, but required more mental effort.

"I am," Gu Miao nodded, "I'll finish up my work and then we can go wherever you want."

Cheng Chu happily pulled his hand and said, "I want to go to the amusement park. Mingyue and Lin Qifeng went a few days ago and said it was really fun."

"Great," Gu Miao agreed decisively, "I'll go buy the tickets now." 

The two walked down the long path covered in fallen yellow leaves, their shadows gradually stretching under the moonlight.


The next day was a beautiful day with clear skies. The autumn sun was no longer dazzling, but gently sprinkled on their skin.

The amusement park was packed with people, with long lines at every ride. Cheng Chu held the map and looked at it for a while, but still couldn't figure out the way. 

"So we are here now," she pointed to the small star on the map, "and then we need to go to the roller coaster, which is to the right, right?"

Gu Miao leaned over and whispered, "I don't think so, it's to the left."

"What?" Cheng Chu turned around with the map in her hand, and suddenly realized, "Oh, right, it's to the left."

She handed the map to Gu Miao, "You hold onto it, I suddenly realized that I'm a bit directionally challenged. You lead the way from now on." 

The boy obediently took it and led the way, never making a wrong turn. The crisp autumn air blew away the heat, and the amusement park was decorated with childlike whimsy. 

Afraid of getting separated, the two held hands tightly. 

"Hey, don't push!" Someone stumbled and pushed Cheng Chu several steps away. 

Fortunately, Gu Miao held on tightly and quickly pulled her back. "Are you okay?" 

He looked down, his tone a little anxious. 

Cheng Chu smiled and shook her head, "I'm fine." 

She gently let go of the boy's hand. Several children next to them were crying loudly, and Gu Miao's heart suddenly tightened. But then those warm little hands touched his again, weaving through his fingers and gently holding on. Ten fingers tightly intertwined. 

"Hold it tighter like this." She looked up, her clear eyes blinking, and her long eyelashes swept over the boy's heart like a small fan.

His Adam's apple rolled, and the warmth of his fingertips slowly spread in his heart.

"Mm." He exerted a little force and pressed his palm tightly against hers.

The clouds scattered in the sky quietly gathered together.

When the two arrived at the high-speed roller coaster, the queue had already formed a long dragon.

"Ah, how long do we have to wait?" Cheng Chu tiptoed and looked at the endless queue, sighing.

Gu Miao took out his phone from his pocket and held it up to Cheng Chu like a treasure. "I bought a fast pass, we can use the express lane."

"There's such a thing?" Cheng Chu's eyes lit up and she looked up, "That's amazing!"

She had never been to an amusement park before, so she didn't know that such a thing existed. The young man knew that the girl's admiration in her tone was not directed at him, but he felt like he had a mouthful of candy, sweetness spreading through his throat and gradually spreading in his heart.

His ears were a little hot, and he lowered his gaze to hide the joy that had risen in his heart. 

"Yes, there is. We can enter from the small path next to us."

Their hands, still interlocked, walked into the fast lane.

In less than five minutes, the two successfully entered the waiting area.

The roller coaster flew by like a gust of wind, the whistling wind mixed with deafening screams.

"What should I do? I'm a little scared." Cheng Chu leaned close to the young man's arm.

Her voice was soft and gentle, with a hint of rare tenderness, but like a spark, it ignited a fire in his heart. 

"I'm not afraid," he said, looking down and hesitantly reaching out to stroke the girl's hair. "If you're scared, just keep holding my hand."

The girl bit her lip and leaned in closer, nodding.

But when they got on the ride, the staff member with the megaphone shouted, "Everyone, put your hands up!"

Thinking back to the last time the ride ended and the people's unsteady footsteps, Cheng Chu's heart began to race with nervousness.

"Miao Ge," she slowly let go of his hand and called out to him softly.

"Don't be afraid," the girl's dependent gaze softened his heart even more. "I'll be right here."

The safety harness slowly descended, tightly gripping their shoulders, and the bell rang for the ride to begin.

Before Cheng Chu could say anything, they were suddenly launched into the air with a whoosh. The howling wind mixed with a strong sense of weightlessness, causing her heart to feel like it was floating in the air before suddenly plummeting.

"Ah ah ah ah ah--"

Cheng Chu couldn't help but scream in terror.

The young man raised his voice, his low and hoarse tone spreading in the wind.

Cheng Chu's mind was scrambled from being tossed around, but she could still hear his voice clearly.

"It'll be over soon, don't be afraid."

She heard the young man's trembling voice, constantly comforting her.

Her racing heart gradually calmed down as the flying car slowed down and finally came to a stop at the starting point.

Cheng Chu felt like her legs were weak, but the young man walked over and held her shoulders. "Are you feeling better?"

He helped her down the stairs and took out a bottle of mineral water from his bag, feeding it to her. "Drink some water and take it easy."

She took a sip of water and her wildly beating heart calmed down a bit. "Feeling better," she gasped, "Ji Mingyue lied to me, it wasn't fun at all."

Gu Miao gently patted her back and whispered, "Then let's wait for something less exciting."

He didn't know that the girl had never played these games before, and thought she liked thrilling activities, so he had prepared many strategies.

"Okay," Cheng Chu nodded.

The noon sun grew stronger, and Gu Miao bought some food. The two sat at a snack stall and rested for a while.

After finishing their food, Cheng Chu became lively again. She pointed to a small shop in the distance and said, "Let's go take a look."

Gu Miao naturally had no objections.

The shop's decor was very cartoonish, with various stuffed toys, stationery, and ornaments on display.

Cheng Chu picked up a pair of rabbit ears and asked, "Do I look good in these?" 

The girl's cheeks were still flushed, and her pert nose was dotted with glistening beads of sweat. Her bright eyes blinked with anticipation, radiating a hopeful light.

Her long bunny ears swayed slightly with every movement, making her look incredibly adorable.

The boy's Adam's apple bobbed as he whispered hoarsely, "Adorable." 

He gazed at her with a hint of obsession, unable to take his eyes off her.

The girl's cheeks grew even redder at his words, and she trembled as she reached for a pair of cat ears from the shelf. Standing on her tiptoes, she placed them on his head.

The cool boy now sported a pair of fluffy cat ears that swayed gently in the breeze. 

"Adorable," Cheng Chu smiled. Even though it was autumn, the air conditioning was on in the store. The young man's cool gaze was filled with shyness as he blushed, his ears turning red. 

He lowered his head, trying to hide it, and his cat ears twitched slightly.

In the end, the little rabbit and the little cat walked out of the store hand in hand.

The amusement park seemed to have a magical power, bringing out the inner child in everyone. In the bustling crowd, many people wore various animal ears, but the two of them were so attractive that they caught everyone's attention.

"I want to go to the restroom," Cheng Chu said.

The young man obediently took her bag and his cat ears twitched again. 

"I'll wait for you here," he said with a gentle look in his eyes, like a little cat waiting for its owner to come home.

Cheng Chu couldn't resist standing on her tiptoes and poking the fluffy cat ears with her finger. "I'll be right back," she said.

The autumn breeze blew gently. The young man bought a strawberry-flavored ice cream and stood still, waiting. He was wearing a clean white shirt, with a tall and handsome figure. 

His clear and handsome face revealed a hint of coldness, but he had a pair of light pink cat ears on his head and held a strawberry-flavored cone in his hand.

A nearby girl couldn't help but turn her head and exclaimed in a suppressed voice, "Ah, did you see that handsome guy with cat ears? So cute!"

"He's even holding a strawberry-flavored ice cream, too adorable!"

"Should we ask for his WeChat?"

"He's probably waiting for his girlfriend, it's not appropriate to go over."

"Maybe he's waiting for his little sister, why not give it a try? You never know."

The girl was suddenly pushed by her friend and stood in front of Gu Miao.

"Um, hello."

The young man lowered his eyes slightly, his eyes revealing the coldness of autumn. The girl trembled slightly, but when she saw the cute cat ears on the boy's head, her fear subsided a bit.

She bit her lip, gathered her courage, and asked softly, "Can I have your WeChat?"

The air seemed to freeze for a moment.

Before the boy could answer, he was interrupted.

"He doesn't have WeChat," said Cheng Chu, crossing her arms and speaking coldly. "I'm her girlfriend. If you need anything, you can add me on WeChat."

The two girls turned around and saw a beautiful girl with soft and adorable bunny ears on her head standing in the crowd, stunning and eye-catching.

They chuckled awkwardly and said, "Sorry, never mind," before slinking away.

The girl walked over, silently took the bag, and said calmly, "Let's go."

The boy offered her the strawberry ice cream in his hand, but she didn't take it. 

"I don't want to eat," she said, slinging her bag over her shoulder and not holding his hand, walking ahead alone.

Gu Miao's heart was in a panic, and he quickly ran up, explaining anxiously, "I don't know those two people, and I don't know why they came over."

His voice lowered, and he seemed a bit helpless. "Don't be angry."

Cheng Chu turned her head.

In the autumn day, the boy lowered his head, and the cat ears on his head drooped slightly, looking pitiful.

She pouted and took the strawberry ice cream from his hand, licking it once.

"It's okay, you didn't do anything wrong," she said softly, holding out the hand with the strawberry ice cream and saying in a low voice, "You should have a bite too."

The boy's face suddenly turned red, and he obediently lowered his head, taking a light lick.

The sweetness of the ice cream instantly spread to the bottom of their hearts, and with the breeze blowing around them, it rippled gently. 

The joy in Gu Miao's heart had not yet dissipated when he heard the girl's soft voice say, "I was just jealous." 

He suddenly looked up and met her clear and bright peach blossom eyes. 

They sparkled and shone, but only reflected his own shadow. 

The girl pursed her lips and said, "I can bravely admit that I'm jealous, what about you?" 

She knew that the young man always kept things hidden in his heart, but last night, when his dark eyes met Zhou Ran's, he was clearly unhappy. 

But he was unwilling to admit it and chose to keep it buried in his heart. 

Amidst the noisy surroundings, a balloon was released from someone's hand and slowly floated up into the sky. 

Gu Miao lowered his gaze, his fingers trembling, hesitating before taking the girl's hand. 

He spoke, admitting his jealousy for the first time, "I'm jealous too." 

The girl's lips curved slightly, her voice light and cheerful like a bird dancing in the sky. 

"In the future, if you feel jealous, just admit it, okay? It's no big deal," the girl said, shaking her head.

The boy replied softly, "Okay, I understand."

The corner of his heart that was filled with unease gradually calmed down.

His eyes trembled and he pursed his lips, but he still hesitated before finally asking, "So, what did he say to you yesterday?"

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Gu Miao: What did he say, what did he say!


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