Sending the Divine

Sending the Divine

Chapter 62 - Self-Examination

Abbot Juefei gave the members of the Ku Mountain Sect the utmost hospitality. He breathed heavily and got off his bed, insisting on leading the way himself.

The chubby monk wrapped his robe around his body and secured his wobbling belly. Then, he turned to Yan Qing, who was pretending to be blind with his eyes closed, and said, "Kid from the Yan family, don't keep your eyes closed. The scenery outside is beautiful, and it's a pity not to see it."

Yan Qing opened his ghost eyes, looking incredulous.

Abbot Juefei burst into laughter and said, "Amitabha, my temple has always had a good relationship with Taiheng Sect. Your Senior Shi knew that the Ku Mountain Sect was going up the mountain, so she specially sent a letter, asking me not to make it too difficult for you.

"After all, even in my temple, someone with the level of wisdom of Elder Kongshi was rare. If it weren't for him being killed by Yan Budu, he would have been the youngest abbot in the history of Jianchen Temple."

Yan Qing stood frozen in place, unsure of how to respond. Su Si was tense, his back stiff, and he looked ready to pounce at any moment.

But the Abbot simply sauntered over and patted Yan Qing on the shoulder.

"As they say, everyone has their own destiny. Since Yan Budu was able to bring the stone sword up the mountain, this fate has been fulfilled. When you go out like this later, if any monk violates the precepts against showing anger, I will throw them into the Buddha's Heart Formation for reflection."

With that, he even winked at Yan Qing.

"The little kid in town from back then has already grown so big. Have you still been playing with the apricot kernels I taught you?"

Su Si interjected, "Did this old baldy...I mean, did the master teach him back then?"

"Amitabha, I'm not glued onto Huilian Mountain. Every ten or twenty years, I still go down the mountain to travel."

Yan Qing stood quietly for a moment and gave Juefei a sincere gesture of thanks. "Thank you very much, Master Abbot, for taking care of me."

"It's nothing, it's nothing," Juefei waved his hand and then turned to Shi Jingzhi and Yin Ci with a smile.

"You two also don't need to cover your faces, just hold your heads up high. When I grab my stick, forget the precepts aginast anger, if any little rascals dare to violate the precepts against lust later... hmph."

Shi Jingzhi and Yin Ci: "..."

The Scripture Washing Ceremony was held in the courtyard. Buddhist flags fluttered, and the scriptures were hung under the warm winter sun, with the fragrance of medicinal smoke slowly wafting through the entire temple, creating a bitter and soothing aroma that calmed the mind.

As the gentle breeze blew, the pages of the scriptures rustled, creating a mysterious and profound feeling.

Juefei led the group through the courtyard in a carefree manner, even taking a few laps around the yard.

It was proven that the monks at Jianchen Temple had exceptional concentration. Most people looked upon the master and disciple with admiration, but a few young monks avoided their gaze and continued to recite their scriptures. Not a single person crossed the line.

Compared to beauty, the lethal power of the Yan family's ghost eyes was greater for the monks. Two monks couldn't resist and glared at Yan Qing with anger. They were then lifted up by Juefei as if they were small chickens and thrown out of the Scripture Washing Courtyard. "Go, go, go! Meditate on the mountain of Anger for eight hours. Not a minute less!"

It wasn't until all the monks in the courtyard had their eyes on their noses and their noses above their hearts, treating the Ku Mountain Sect as four potted plants, that Juefei finally nodded in satisfaction and led everyone towards the Pagoda Forest.

The sun was warm and the sky was clear. Although the Pagoda Forest was a burial ground for many monks, it was peaceful and devoid of any eerie atmosphere.

Like a pair of hemp poles, the two monks were waiting in front of the tower, accompanied by the young monk who often spouted the phrase "form is emptiness". When they saw Yin Ci, their expressions became serious.

"Don't mind my junior brother, he just likes to worry. There are many treasures in the underground palace besides the stone sword... Your sect's master and disciple can barely be handled separately. If you work together, this old monk will surely not be your opponent."

The Abbot glanced at Yin Ci and spoke candidly, "Amitabha, treat it as giving this old monk some face and just ignore my junior brother."

Juefei was round-faced, with fewer wrinkles on his face, while Juehui had a face full of wrinkles. Even if he was youngder than Juefei, it didn't seem fitting to call him a "junior brother".

After hearing the words of the Abbot, Juehui lowered his head and bowed to them.

The members of the Ku Mountain Sect had no ulterior motives, and Shi Jingzhi graciously returned the gesture. As they entered the underground palace, he even invited Monk Juehui to follow behind them as a sign of goodwill.

Upon arriving, Juefei used his immense Buddhist true energy to knock on the stone door, which slowly creaked open.

The underground palace of the Jianchen Temple was spacious and clean, with no hint of decay. Instead, it was cool and well-ventilated, with a faint scent of incense. The large ceramic jars containing the bones of monks were arranged neatly, exuding a sense of solemnity.

At the innermost part of the palace, an Eternal Flame Lamp burned, and various high-ranking monks' weapons were placed on a stone platform, each one free of dust and peacefully still.

Kongshi's stone sword was placed in the exact center, leaning against the wall.

The passage of time had not left any marks on the sword, it remained the same as it was in the inner realm. The stone sword had an ancient style, with a grayish-green color and an unsharpened edge. Upon closer inspection, one could see the intricate inscriptions carved into the blade.

At first glance, no one could tell that there was anything unusual about the stone sword.

However, the relaxed expression on Shi Jingzhi's face gradually disappeared as he furrowed his brow and carefully examined the sword. His face turned slightly bitter.

"This is troublesome," he whispered to Yin Ci, "given Yan Budu's level of malice, he's likely to use some sinister means to leave a clue."

Yin Ci nodded calmly. It was clear from Shi Jingzhi's words that, based on Yan Budu's usual methods, no matter what "solution" he had set up for his clue to appear, it was definitely not something that could be attempted in a Buddhist sanctuary.

If they didn't want to cause trouble at the graves of the various high-ranking monks and offend the Jianshen Temple, they had to find a way to take the sword away.

"This sword is called 'Compassion', made of Muyan stone by the hands of Elder Kongshi himself. The inscriptions on it were also carved by him personally," said Juefei with a smile, his round face now showing a hint of respect.

"Perhaps you have heard that Muyan stone is the hardest stone in the world, and it is extremely heavy and difficult to cut. Except for this Elder, no one uses it to make weapons... Anyway, feel free to take a look. Even if you want to damage this sword, it will take some skill," Juefei continued.

Shi Jingzhi asked, "Can the Abbot lift it?"

"Nowadays, I can still lift it, but my body shape is not suitable for it. Even if I lift it, it won't be easy to wield. It's not fated, it's not fated," Juefei lamented, patting his belly.

Shi Jingzhi took a deep breath and said, "Okay, Su Si, you go try it."

Su Si replied, "Oh."

But the next moment, Su Si suddenly came back to his senses and asked, "Wait, why me first?"

Shi Jingzhi looked serious, "First use force, then use etiquette. First prioritize the important, then the trivial. Who knows, after seeing your skills, the stone sword might be more polite to all of us."

Su Si: "..."

Su Si he looked like he wanted to scream, "If Yan Budu can do it, why can't I?" However, with Abbot Juefei watching, he swallowed his words and took a deep breath before grabbing the sword obediently.

He had been running away for ten years because of one obsession, and when it came to "obsession," he might be the most extreme one.

The stone sword clearly agreed with his opinion.

As soon as Su Si grabbed the hilt of the sword, he let out a miserable scream. A bright light flashed, and he was actually thrown two or three zhang away.

On the stone platform, the sword's aura suddenly became more imposing. If it had arms and legs, judging from this aura, it would have stepped down from the platform and beat up Su Si.

Abbot Juefei was amazed and exclaimed, "Amitabha, young man, you are impressive!"

Yin Ci: "..." After Kongshi, had being weird become a tradition of Jianchen Temple?

However, Shi Jingzhi's deduction was correct. Su Si's obsession was far greater than that of an ordinary person, and he really couldn't handle that big sword.

Su Si got up with a grimy face, and his expression was somewhat distorted. He clenched his own knife and gritted his teeth, "Tsk, anyway, I have my own knife."

Yin Ci sighed and glanced at Juehui, who had been staring at him all along, "I'll go next."

With Su Si in front and Shi Jingzhi behind, even if the stone sword's reaction to him was excessive, it wouldn't attract too much attention.

...He didn't indulge in greed, anger, or ignorance, and maybe his "ego" wasn't that heavy.

Yin Ci remained calm and empty-minded, then took a few steps forward and grasped the sword handle.

This time, the stone sword's reaction was not as sharp as before. It did not send Yin Ci flying, but the handle of the sword was extremely cold, like thousand-year-old ice. Yin Ci had no doubt that if he continued to hold it, his palm would be severely frostbitten in no time.

The stone sword was strongly rejecting him.

Before letting go, Yin Ci stubbornly pulled at it. Sure enough, the stone sword was as heavy as a thousand catties and did not budge even a little.

As expected, he couldn't rely on luck. His "obsession" was not as flamboyant as Su Si's, but it was a hundred-year-old obsession that could not be easily overcome.

"I can't lift it. It seems that my determination is not enough." Yin Ci clenched his fist, hiding the frostbite, and showed no sign of discomfort on his face.

Abbot Juefei looked at him with a smile, not saying a word.

"It's my turn now."

Shi Jingzhi handed the "Cure All With Medicine" flag to Yin Ci and rubbed his hands nervously. Two of them had tried, and two had failed, and the situation was not looking good. If this path did not work, they would have to rack their brains to find another way and continue to maneuver with the Jianchen Temple.

...In other words, they would waste a lot of unnecessary time.

Taking a deep breath, Shi Jingzhi carefully grasped the sword handle as if touching a sleeping beast.

But as soon as his fingertips touched the handle, he immediately vomited a large amount of black blood. The brilliance of the prohibition flashed by, shining brightly enough for everyone to see.

Under the stone sword's self-examination, his desires were also an obsession.

Shi Jingzhi gritted his teeth, veins bulging on his forehead, his expression full of pain. He stubbornly refused to let go of the sword handle, almost torturing himself.

Gradually, he not only vomited black blood, but even the smell of burnt flesh emanated from the hilt of the sword. Shi Jingzhi's whole body was tense, and his internal force gradually reached its peak, exerting a pressure as if the sky was collapsing and the mountains were falling, but the stone sword still did not move a bit.

At that moment, Yin Ci didn't know whether Shi Jingzhi's lesson from the Greedy Butterflies was a good thing or a bad thing - he was no longer in a state of confusion, but was soberly controlling his desires and aspirations. That desire and determination had condensed into a single thread, and this person's madness had instead reached a new level.

Half an incense stick later, the pressure released by Shi Jingzhi had reached its limit.

Before the stone sword, his hairtie shattered, his long hair flying, and the sleeves of his robe moved without wind. Shi Jingzhi's lips were still stained with black and red blood, his eyes fixed on the hilt of the sword, and there was no trace of retreat on his face.

It was almost foolish persistence.

This time, Yin Ci didn't plan to laugh at him.

At this moment, it was unclear whether this person'e eyes was looking at the stone sword, or at his unshakable destiny.

What Shi Jingzhi held was undoubtedly his hope of survival. However, the stone sword was merciless. It was like a mirror, reflecting back all the burning thoughts.

"Kid, let go!" Juefei's smile disappeared, and he shouted on the spot.

This shout contained a deep true energy, ringing in people's ears. Shi Jingzhi's eyes went blank, and his strength dissipated. Just as Yin Ci thought he was going to let go of the sword handle, Shi Jingzhi gritted his teeth and held on.

At the same time, the stone sword emitted a deep hum, like a temple bell. Despite the pressure of Shi Jingzhi's momentum, it remained motionless in its original position, not having moved even an inch.

Yin Ci withstood the pressure and took a few steps forward, gently covering Shi Jingzhi's hand with his palm.

"Shizun, that's enough."

His voice was unusually serious, devoid of any hint of joking.

"We've come this far, I'll help you figure something out. Remember, too much of anything is never good."

Finally, Shi Jingzhi averted his gaze. He hesitated as he looked at Yin Ci, the pain in his eyes gradually settling into a normal sense of loss.

He slowly released his grip, his voice hoarse. "...Mm, I remember."

"That's good enough," Yin Ci said, gripping his wrist. Shi Jingzhi's palm was blistered and bloody, causing Yin Ci to furrow his brow.

Seeing that Yin Ci looked unhappy, Shi Jingzhi emphasized, "I remembered to hold back. We agreed to continue our sand table battle tonight..."

Yin Ci interrupted him directly, "You didn't hold back enough. No sand table tonight. I'll apply some medicine for you when we get back. Since you can endure so much already, you can endure it later on too."

After a moment of silence, Shi Jingzhi spoke uncertainly, "You're really angry."

"That's right."

"You're angry because of me."

Yin Ci glanced at him, "So what?"

"This is the first time I've seen you so seriously angry." Shi Jingzhi continued solemnly and awkwardly, "You're right, I can think of more solutions when we go back...I won't do it again."

Looking at Shi Jingzhi's pale face, Yin Ci couldn't hold onto his anger any longer, "Shizun, you should rest for a day and properly reflect on your own 'limit'."

"Sect Leader Shi was injured by the Buddhist scriptures. It'll be better to let me take care of him." Seeing the two of them speak as if no one else was around, Juehui coughed dryly twice.

"Thank you, Abbot." Yin Ci finally let go of his hand.

A few steps away, the constant Maitreya-like smile on the face of Abbot Juefei was no longer present. He furrowed his brows and looked up and down at Shi Jingzhi.

Shi Jingzhi sat down on the ground, and Juefei sat behind him. He concentrated and sent several streams of true energy into Shi Jingzhi's acupoints. Shi Jingzhi spat out several mouthfuls of black blood, and the colour of his face, as pale as gold paper, finally improved a bit.

After a while, Juefei sighed deeply, "Sect Leader Shi, the scriptures of my temple are not so easy to handle. The scriptures are inanimate objects and do not have the concept of refraining from killing. Even if Master Yin did not make a move just now, I would have had to intervene. If you continue to be stubborn, it won't just be a few superficial injuries."

"It was my misjudgment," Shi Jingzhi wiped the blood from his mouth and turned to look at Yin Ci, honestly admitting his mistake.

"Of the two things you wanted to ask me, is one of them about the prohibition from the Immortal Sect?" Juefei asked.


"After the matter with stone sword is settled, I can help you take a look. Okay, next." This time, instead of waiting for Shi Jingzhi to say it, Juefei spoke up directly.

Yan Qing reflexively took a step back. "This junior doesn't need it. Not to mention Senior Shi and Senior Yin, even Ah Si is much stronger than me."

Shi Jingzhi's tone was flat, obviously not holding out much hope. "There's no harm in trying, Yan Qing. Our sect only has you left...Lord Bai's small frame can't handle a sword no matter how you look at it."

"This is Master Kongshi's sword. No matter what, I..."

"Yan Qing, are you obsessed with fame, fortune, alcohol, sex, and money? Are you obsessed with past loves, hatreds, and grudges?" Suddenly, the Abbot Juefei raised his voice and asked sternly.

"This junior..."


"Not obsessed."

"Then are you obsessed with aging, sickness, death, or the four emotions of happiness, anger, sorrow, and joy?"

"Not obsessed, but..."

"Since you don't obsess over these, don't blame others, and are only angry at yourself, why not let go of those ghost eyes and go with the flow?"

Yan Qing's expression changed. He was no longer cautious and his tone became heavy as if he had already thought about this question: "I was born with these eyes, I had no choice. The heavenly fate is innocent, it's not my fault if others don't like it. I haven't done anything wrong, why hurt myself?"

"Not humble, not arrogant, very good. Then let me ask you, why are you angry?"

Yan Qing took a deep breath and quickly glanced at Su Si. "Because I am 'powerless'," he replied.

"You have no obsession with yourself, and you don't blindly trust others. Even if you get angry, it's for the sake of others. Why not give it a try?"

The true energy in Juefei's voice grew stronger and there was already a hint of reprimand.

"You just said that heavenly fate is innocent, yet admit that your bloodline is tainted, hence you can't touch this sword?"

Yan Qing remained silent, deeply looking at Juefei before performing a serious bow. "This junior has learned from you."

With that, without waiting for Shi Jingzhi's urging, Yan Qing took the initiative to approach the stone platform.

His breathing became rapid and his outstretched hand trembled. After hesitating for a moment, he finally grabbed the hilt of the sword.

The stone sword remained still, without any incident. All eyes were fixed on him as Yan Qing's palms became sweaty and his fingers numb. It took him a while to muster up the strength to hold onto the hilt firmly.

After taking a deep breath, he exerted all his strength and pulled.

With a soft "crack," the sword tip scraped across the stone floor, the sound not loud or pleasant, but enough to awaken a long dormant cause and effect - it had traversed a hundred years of time and was now in motion once again.

As the fine dust hidden in the crevices was stirred up, a hint of bitterness filled the air.

Yan Qing was startled when he realized he could actually lift the stone sword, causing him to slip and hit his own ankle with it.

Yan Qing cried out in pain and almost shed tears on the spot.

Juefei was taken aback for a moment, then burst into laughter and said, "You little rascal! Even if you're not bound by the scriptures, that's still a stone sword. If you use a usual force to lift a heavier object, won't you slip?"

Yan Qing was a bit dazed by the reality of the situation, "I..."

"A few days ago, I asked a friend to divine my fortune and learned that I would meet someone destined to cross paths with me this time. I never thought it would be you...sigh, fate is a funny thing, fate is a funny thing," Juefei laughed heartily and then chanted a Buddhist mantra with folded hands.

"Sect Leader Shi, take the Compassion Stone Sword and go. The outside world isn't peaceful, and I don't want any clue to the Shi Rou left in the temple."

Juehui also breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Amitabha."

Only the young monk was stunned. He looked at Yan Qing's ghost eyes for a while, then looked at the stone sword and said, "Master, that's still Elder Kongshi's..."

Juehui slapped the back of his disciple's head and emphasized, "Amitabha."

The young monk folded his hands with a grievance and muttered, "Maybe he just moved it a little."



Juefei regained his usual smile and said, "Be gentle, junior brother. Don't hit the child too hard. It's better to talk about it than to worry our little friend Yan. If it was just luck earlier, then his foot would have turned into meat paste. Now it seems to be just a minor bone fracture, a small matter, a small matter."

Yan Qing: "..."

The abbot was undoubtedly a master at comforting people, and Yan Qing was almost comforted to the point of losing his soul. He painfully pulled out his foot and found that the top of his foot was swollen.

On the other side, having gotten their hands on the stone sword, Shi Jingzhi's whole body relaxed, and he let out a relieved breath, "Yan Qing, well done. Your monthly pay will double this month."

Su Si looked at Yan Qing in a daze, his excitement nowhere to be seen, "...San-zi, I told you that you don't need to worry about these things."

"I have to worry."

Yan Qing stared at his injured foot, not looking at Su Si.

"Every time I encounter danger, someone kind-hearted has to lend me a hand. It was like this when I was a child, at Taiheng, and even at the Ku Mountain Sect. I don't want to continue like this. Besides, I am at least a descendant of Yan Budu. I shouldn't be completely without talent in martial arts...right?"

As he spoke, he became uncertain again.

Abbot Juefei furrowed his brows and asked, "Are you looking down on the Compassion Stone Sword of our temple?"

Yan Qing immediately shook his head like a drum, "I wouldn't dare, I wouldn't dare."

With determination in his heart, Yan Qing picked up the stone sword. Unfortunately, his injured foot prevented him from leaving as gracefully as Kongshi did with the sword slung on his back. He had to use the sword as a crutch and limped out of the underground palace.

Upon entering the Scripture Washing hall, the monks' expressions were particularly amusing. Abbot Juefei smilingly pulled and threw them around, sending a dozen monks to the Anger's area to meditate.

After dealing with them, Abbot Juefei felt refreshed and clear-minded. When he arrived in his room, he drank three bowls of vegetarian wine in a row and exclaimed, "Ah, that was satisfying!"

Juehui shook his head helplessly and said, "Amitabha."

"Sect Leader Shi and our little friend Yan are both injured, so I'll get straight to the point. Sect Leader Shi's prohibition  is a skill of the Mi Mountain Sect, and only elders or higher can perform it."

"This technique is too complex, and I am unable to help. It involves the mind and requires extremely delicate execution. Even a slight mistake can lead to insanity or death. If you're not in a hurry to find the Shi Rou, I suggest you go to the Mi Mountain Sect first."

Su Si furrowed his eyebrows, "Isn't that walking into a trap?"

Abbot Juefei let out a belch, "Little Friend, you're mistaken. The members of the Mi Mountain Sect are scattered all over and are dedicated to their studies. They usually don't get involved in worldly affairs. I have a senior brother who is obsessed with studying techniques and even left the sect to to join the Mi Mountain Sect... Today, I'll write you a letter of introduction, and he will most likely be willing to see you if you bring it along."

The Abbot seemed to be in a good mood and poured himself another bowl of wine.

Shi Jingzhi asked, "Why does the Abbot want us to go to the Mi Mountain Sect first?"

"The prohibition on you has been alarmed and will only become more troublesome - even if it causes headaches to the point of going crazy, losing your ability to walk, it wouldn't be strange."

"..." Shi Jingzhi's relaxed expression tightened again.

On the other hand, Yin Ci nodded calmly, "Thank you for your guidance, Abbot."

"You should go back first, and deal with your injuries and rest well. We can leave the trivial matters to be discussed tomorrow. Oh, little friend Yin, stay for a moment. As a disciple, you have to take care of Sect Leader Shi, right?

"As for the way to counter the prohibition, this old monk will explain it to you... Oh, you few injured people don't have to stay, hurry back."

As soon as Juefei finished his messy gestures, Juehui immediately understood and sent the other three members of Ku Mountain Sect out of the room. Shi Jingzhi saw Yin Ci's calm expression and finally left the room reluctantly.

After the door closed, Abbot Juefei's casual laziness could no longer be seen. He put down his wine bowl and sat up straight.

Yin Ci also remained composed and sat upright.

"After the Buddha's Heart Formation was set, I had hidden monks on the peaks of various mountains. I know about everyone's Heart Demons. Juehui has also told me everything about the Ghost Tomb incident."

Juefei's voice lost its kindness and became extremely serious.

"Amitabha, I don't know your origin. But your Heart Demon is undoubtedly the most terrifying I have ever seen, with the appearance of the rumoured demonic possession."

Yin Ci stared directly into Juefei's eyes and responded calmly, "What is the Abbot's plan?"

He remained seated in his original position, without showing any hostility. The various martial arts factions knew that the Jianchen Temple was the most hospitable and never acted recklessly with violence. Juefei even helped him find an excuse to stay behind, and it didn't seem like he wanted to make things difficult for himself.

Releasing hostility hastily would only tarnish the impression of the monks.

As expected, Abbot Juefei shook his head and said, "Those with demonic inclinations should, according to reason, be sent to the dungeon and isolated from all living beings. However, your Heart Demon is quite peculiar, and I cannot judge the cause of it at the moment. I cannot make a rash decision... Alas, it is shameful to say, but my skills are not up to par."

Juefei's round face showed a hint of desolation for the first time.

"I cannot see through your situation, so I can only ask for a promise in exchange for my sincerity."

Yin Ci understood in his heart: "No wonder the Abbot was so straightforward about writing a letter of introduction for them. May I ask what kind of guarantee the Abbot wants?"

"Elder Kongshi was able to make Yan Budu carry the stone sword up the mountain, which must have been a perfect and peaceful passing, not a wasted death. Yan Budu killed countless people, but in the end, he was able to let go of his attachment to himself. As for you, you are still young and have your own destiny and karma, and cannot be said to be unable to be saved.

"But from what I have seen along the way, your only attachment is to Sect Leader Shi. Sect Leader Shi is in poor health and the prohibition also harms his body. You must promise me that if Sect Leader Shi unfortunately dies, you will still hold onto that worldly attachment and not harm the living."

As he spoke, the abbot added more true energy to his words, each word heavier than the last.

Yin Ci smiled, his smile growing more and more radiant. He was truly handsome, with a smile as fragrant as orchids, but there was a hint of distortion in his beauty.

Juehui frowned and was about to approach him, but he was stopped by a gesture from Juefei. Abbot Juefei raised his chubby hand and asked Yin Ci, "Why didn't you answer me?"

Yin Ci stood up, his smile undiminished. "Because whether I answer or not, you will still help Shi Jingzhi. A high-ranking monk like you would never resort to threatening innocent lives."

It was more of a test than a sincere exchange. He was testing whether he was willing to follow the path of kindness and return good for good. Unfortunately...

"My kindness only goes as far as 'not lying.' Abbot, I cannot promise you something I may not be able to deliver."

Yin Ci walked towards the door, his tone calm.

It was too late.

Juefei's request came a little too late. If Shi Jingzhi was a boring and mediocre person, or even just like he was when they first met, he could have easily withdrawn himself and calmly fulfilled his promise.

However, that person's passion for life burned too purely, and he even voluntarily shed layer after layer of defenses. Besides flying into the flame like a moth once again, he seemed to have no other choice.

Twenty-four years ago, he was left in the world by the little mute child and gained a bit of clarity, but he failed the child. Now he made the same promise again, that if Shi Jingzhi were to "die" in front of him again...

For him, going crazy is easier than dying, but it's also more dangerous.

Yin Ci walked to the door and stopped.

"When things reach an irreparable point, remember to build me a top-quality dungeon and seal it with the Muyan stone. From then on, I will be cut off from all living beings and never see the light of day again... That will do."

Abbot Juefei, feeling speechless for a moment, clasped his hands together and asked, "For 'you'?"

"For the 'living'."

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Yan Budu is angered √

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