Sending the Divine

Sending the Divine

Chapter 50 - An Instant

The swarm of Greedy Butterflies dispersed, but Shi Jingzhi managed to stay on his feet. 

He stubbornly held his spine straight, with a few Greedy Butterflies still perched on his head. Sensing his faltering breath, Yin Ci furrowed his brows and tightened his embrace.

Huilian Mountain was more than a single mountain, and Jianchen Temple was nestled on the main peak, surrounded by three slightly shorter peaks. It was precisely because of this three-layered structure that Huilian Mountain was called Huilian Mountain* even before Jianchen Temple was moved here.

*T/N: Huilian is made up of the characters for 'return' and 'lotus'. The three-layered structure resembles the petal layers of the lotus, hence the name.

The group was climbing the outermost and shortest mountain, which was clearly guarded by the Greedy Butterflies. Now that Shi Jingzhi had finally stabilized, they should leave this circle of mountains immediately to prevent another attack.

Su Si and Yan Qing were still able to move, and if they mustered up their strength and hurried, they might be able to escape before sunset. 

Yin Ci made a quick decision: "I'll carry you on my back, let's leave here first." 

But Shi Jingzhi didn't move. 

"No need, this place is fine, let's rest here," Shi Jingzhi's voice was unusually calm. 

He tried to stand up straight and comfortingly held Yin Ci's hand, "Besides, if I just collapse like this, who will lead you out?" 

Rest here? In front of the Greedy Butterfly's nest? 

Yin Ci laughed, "Shizun, a person's state of mind is not always the same. Just now, you seemed melancholic and not like someone who has overcome their desires. Your state is also unstable. If you get stuck again later, the Greedy Butterfly will build its nest on your head again... At that point, we won't be able to leave even if we wanted to." 

Shi Jingzhi's countless desires were only temporarily soothed, not disappeared. Moreover, this time, he relied on external help to clear his mind, which couldn't last long. 

Shi Jingzhi didn't immediately respond. 

He first released his embrace and took a step back, placing a hand on Yin Ci's face as if wanted to use touch to ingrain him in his memory. "Are you hurt? I remember hitting you several times," he asked.

"I managed to dodge and wasn't seriously injured. Perhaps your consciousness was muddled and you remembered incorrectly, Shizun," Yin Ci replied.

Was this person trying to change the subject? Yin Ci's expression darkened involuntarily.

Shi Jingzhi furrowed his brow and examined his disciple from head to toe. Yin Ci's clothes were torn in several places, but there were no obvious wounds or bloodstains on her body.

After a moment of silence, Shi Jingzhi changed the topic again. "...Ah Ci, that mantra you used was very effective. Where did you learn it from?"

"It's called 'Dustless Words,' a modified version of a Buddhist chant that's a somewhat obscure method of purifying the mind. My family taught it to me, and I believe it's also circulated outside."

And indeed, it was not a lie. The modification is real, and so is its circulation outside. In order to combat his state of being possessed, Yin Ci tried many techniques, among which "Dustless Words" was particularly effective.

However, the version he gave to Shi Jingzhi was his personal modification - back when he was teaching the young mute, Yin Ci modified the originally stern and imposing technique to be gentler and more soothing, specifically targeting the confusion of desires.

"Dustless Words" is not a cure-all, and there are countless calming mantras in the world. It just so happened that it circulated for hundreds of years in an ordinary and muddled manner, spawning countless versions that are difficult to trace back to their origins.

Sure enough, Shi Jingzhi no longer asked any more questions. He just planted the "Cure All With Medicine" flag into the ground, with an attitude of intending to camp there: "My state was not good just now, and I didn't remember all the acupoints. Ah Ci, please teach me the technique again." 

Yin Ci: "..." 

Yin Ci: "Shizun, why don't we move to a different location to learn the technique?"

Shi Jingzhi remained silent for a long time before letting out a sigh, "To be honest, I've been running away all this time."


"Ever since I was conscious, I've been running away. It doesn't matter how ugly I look or how slow my progress is, as long as I can get by...But now that you're by my side, I feel at ease. I suddenly realize that it wouldn't be so bad to walk forward with my head held high," Shi Jingzhi's voice was weak but carried a hint of laughter.

"I've lost control in the Ghost Tomb and forbidden area before. Maybe I could get by with a sudden burst of strength, but as you know, relying on brute force without strategy will never beat a true master," he explained.

"I don't want to run anymore. All my desires are what I think about, and I must fully control them. It seems that there is nothing more effective than the Greedy Butterflies for training."

"Ah Ci, teach me, okay?"

Yin Ci didn't know what to say for a moment.

The reason why the Greedy Butterfly is difficult to deal with is because it preys on people's nature to chase after hope and immerse themselves in pleasure. The more real the dream, the more desperate the awakening. If repeated over and over again, the gap between dreams and reality is enough to drive a person crazy.

Not to mention Shi Jingzhi's "natural addiction", even ordinary people will use alcohol to drown their sorrows and chase after temporary illusions and relief. Even Yin Ci himself is eager to move forward and escape from the darkness in front of him.

But this person tightly held his hand and smiled, saying that he wanted to stay.

To stay and face the deepest fears and despair, to shape the heart with a thousand arrows piercing through it. 

"Let's take a break and listen to Yan Qing and Su Si's opinions," suggested Yin Ci.

Perhaps he disagreed, or perhaps he simply couldn't bear it, but Yin Ci instinctively pushed away the topic. 

Sure enough, not long after Shi Jingzhi sat down, the Greedy Butterflies began to approach again. Yan Qing was on guard against the Greedy Butterflies and heated up the pancakes in his backpack, boiled the snow to make water for tea, and the four of them somehow managed to make a meal. 

Yan Qing and Su Si were unusually quiet. Yin Ci couldn't see the expressions of the two servants, but the solemn atmosphere permeated through the darkness, chilling the air and even the food became cold. 

"Has Sect Leader Shi ever had any contact with the Immortal Sect?" Su Si finally asked with a heavy heart, halfway through his pancake. 

Shi Jingzhi was slightly surprised, "The Immortal Sect? Are you referring to the Mi Mountain Sect?" 

In the world of martial arts, Mi Mountain Sect is the only one recognized by the people of the jianghu as an "Immortal Sect". Although the members of this sect dress elegantly, they are not particularly associated with the idea of "ascending to immortality". 

Compared to other sects, Mi Mountain Sect is especially skilled in exorcising demons, creating formations, and crafting weapons. Among them, there are also experts who have tasted immortal wine. Over time, people began to call them the "Immortal Sect". 

Many of the miraculous formations and techniques that are passed down in the martial arts world are created by the Mi Mountain Sect. The remaining ones were probably also modified from the techniques of Mi Mountain Sect. Their techniques are so profound that it takes at least ten or twenty years to achieve any level of success with them. 

As the saying goes, you can't have your cake and eat it too. People in the martial arts world value strength, so they are not willing to spend such a long time to gain strength. 

As a result, Mi Mountain Sect has become a unique sect, distinct from other martial arts sects, and deserving of the title "Immortal Sect". 

The Mi Mountain Sect was located in the far north of Dayun, in an extremely remote location. Its disciples liked to act mysterious and elusive, making it nearly impossible for ordinary people to encounter them.

Shi Jingzhi racked his brain but couldn't recall ever having any dealings with the disciples of the Immortal Sect. The only person who came to mind was the mysterious figure in black in the memories stirred up by the Greedy Butterflies.

After the dispersal of the Greedy Butterflies, Shi Jingzhi continued to ponder. However, memories were like shifting sand, slipping through his fingers and sinking into darkness.

Yin Ci was right, he had not been able to overcome his own desires.

He still couldn't remember that man's face or voice, but he somehow knew how he had smiled at him and how gentle his gaze had been. The blurry figure of that person was hidden deep in his memory, casting a thin shadow over his heart, making it impossible for him to see through it.

Could that person have been a member of the Immortal Sect? Who had tampered with his memories? 

Thinking to himself, Shi Jingzhi hid his thoughts as usual and smiled in response, "I have never met anyone from the Mi Mountain Sect, why do you suddenly ask?" 

"Just now, the Sect Leader used a technique with the power of heaven and earth. I thought it was some kind of special power and couldn't help but think of the Immortal Sect... I guess I was overthinking it." Su Si followed with a forced smile. 

"Uh-huh." Shi Jingzhi did not inquire further, "If you two are uncomfortable staying here, go for a walk around the area. Remember to bring back some meat, we need to save the dry rations in our bags." 

Su Si was surprised, "Aren't we leaving?" 

"You two don't attract much attention from the Greedy Butterflies, so there's no need to worry. I can't let this go incident go and plan to have a few more rounds with them." 

Su Si was speechless, but after a while, he lowered his voice and whispered, "...San-zi, this Ku Mountain Sect..." 

Yan Qing: "...Don't say anymore, I understand." 

He stood up and casually grabbed Su Si, saying, "Sect Leader, Su Si and I will go hunting now." 

Shi Jingzhi nodded approvingly, and several Greedy Butterflies landed on his head, making him look like he was wearing a hat adorned with spring scenery. 

The sun was shining and the mountain breeze was as pure as snow. The pond water was clear and the koi fish were leisurely as usual. 

Only two people were left in front of the pond. 

Seeing that Shi Jingzhi had made up his mind not to leave, Yin Ci sighed, "You're not going to ask Su Si anymore?" 

Shi Jingzhi replied confidently, "I know he must have seen something just now. If I push him too hard, he might run away. Su Si knows what's important, and when the time comes, he will speak up on his own." 

"Is it also for this reason that you didn't ask me?" Even though he had the backing of the Su family name, during their recent battle, Yin Ci's imposing presence was not that of an ordinary young person, which was enough to make Shi Jingzhi notice something unusual. 

"Ah Ci is different," said Shi Jingzhi with a smile.

"Even if you were the King of Hell, you've already accompanied me until now, and I have no regrets. Since I have no regrets, why bother digging deeper?" 

Yin Ci's fingers tightened, holding back all the deliberation and probing in his heart. 

Shi Jingzhi had changed. 

Compared to their first meeting, Yin Ci vaguely sensed the contours of a human being from Shi Jingzhi. 

It was a pity, he thought. With his eyes now shrouded in darkness, he couldn't see Shi Jingzhi's eyes. 

"Fine then, I'll teach you the 'Dustless Words.' This time, I won't help you. You can only rely on the acupoints, which will make the effort required twice as much. Have you thought it through?" 



The sunlight slowly crawled over his body, and Yin Ci could feel the passing of time. Besides that, he could only hear the rustling of clothes, the sound of footsteps on water and stones, and the gentle fluttering of butterfly wings. 

Shi Jingzhi was using all of his qinggong techniques and inner strength to fight against the Greedy Butterflies.

"I won't intervene this time," Yin Ci thought to himself. "Since Shi Jingzhi is willing to suffer, he must learn to bear the consequences."

Yin Ci sat on the stone platform, with Shi Jingzhi's flag standing beside him. The flagpole was smooth and warm to the touch, basking in the sunlight. 

On the other side, there was a teapot and sweet cakes, and Shi Jingzhi even prepared a cushion for him. The flames flickered nearby, and he didn't feel cold at all.

These items seemed to form a strange little formation around him. The smoke and fire surrounded him, and the darkness in front of him didn't seem so heavy anymore.

Unfortunately, the distance was too far, and Yin Ci couldn't feel the subtle air currents or know the progress of the battle. 

How is his cheap master doing? Has his mind been broken by the fickle desires, or is he still struggling? 

How nice it would be to catch a glimpse of him. 

Finally, the temperature around slowly dropped, and the unique chill of the night spread across the ground. From noon until sunset, several hours passed slowly. At this moment, the sunset glow should be shining over the mountains and fields. 

The sound of clothes fluttering stopped, and for the first time in several hours, Shi Jingzhi stopped moving. 

Yin Ci moved in place, subconsciously wanting to stand up. However, the coldness that had accumulated for hundreds of years held him down, keeping him in place. 

"Shizun?" After hesitating for a moment, he still asked. 

...He really wanted to catch a glimpse of him. 

In just an instant, the suffocation brought by the darkness was thrown out of his mind. The Greedy Butterfly that had stopped on the tip of Yin Ci's hair fluttered its wings. 

Without waiting for a response from Shi Jingzhi, the Buddha's Heart Formation gave him an answer first. For some unknown reason, in that brief moment, the darkness before Yin Ci's eyes suddenly dissipated.

Sure enough, the sun was setting in the west, casting its rays across the land. 

The small pond reflected the evening glow, shimmering like melted gold. The Buddha's head in the center of the pond had its eyes half-closed, exuding a sense of peaceful and compassionate tranquility between its eyebrows. The pure white stone statue was dyed dark blue by the night, with a touch of golden red border, adding a few more solemn airs out of nowhere.

Shi Jingzhi was standing right on top of the Buddha's head. 

This time, his head was not covered by Greedy Butterflies. 

All the butterflies were flying in the air, gathering around Shi Jingzhi in a few thin clouds, obediently flowing with his movements. The sunset was vibrant, and the evening glow was dazzling. The swarm of butterflies danced in this beautiful world, resembling the sparks flying in flames.

It was like the scattered red leaves of late autumn. 

Hearing Yin Ci's call, Shi Jingzhi turned around. A brilliant smile graced his face, his long hair flowing in the breeze, and his hair tips were tousled by a dozen Greedy Butterflies that flew by. His gray-white clothes were covered in red clouds, turning into a warm and cozy shade of red.

Yin Ci finally saw the other's eyes. They were filled with joy and contentment, without a trace of gloom, only vitality.

Just like the noisy world burning and crashing into view.

Yin Ci didn't know how long this brightness would last. He should have looked around, at least turned his head to see what kind of Heart Demon was behind him.

But Yin Ci couldn't turn back. His throat was slightly sore, and his gaze was fixed on the other person.

So that's it, he thought.

The moment he let go of his heart's worries, everything in front of him was once again enveloped in darkness. Yin Ci lowered his eyes, unable to see the terrifying mountain of a Heart Demon behind him. 

Shi Jingzhi had not realised it.

He had been floating in despair and pain for half a day. Finally, he learned to control his desires and firmly grasped onto his madness. Although they still caused him endless suffering and sleepless nights, they could no longer take away his focus.

The murky desires sank to the bottom, sleeping peacefully in the clear waters of his mind. They rose and fell with his thoughts, but even the Greedy Butterflies were powerless against him.

Shi Jingzhi was quite satisfied with his progress. When he heard his disciple's call, he turned around with a smile and swiftly leaped to Yin Ci's side on the breeze.

"Ah Ci, you've done a great job. That mantra really works, and I can finally get rid of those butterflies! I thought it would take two or three days." He patted the other's shoulder, feeling content. "Rest here for the night, and we'll continue on tomorrow."

Yin Ci didn't answer.

"Ah Ci?" 

"...It's nothing, congratulations, Shizun." 

Yin Ci smiled - a smile that was not calculated, but came from the heart. 

Perhaps he was truly a sinister creature from the depths of the earth, but he would never become the King of Hell. 

He wanted this person to live well. 

This time, Shi Jingzhi was stunned in place. He looked at this unfamiliar smile, and the overwhelming momentum he had just displayed suddenly dissipated. He felt a little uneasy in his chest. 

Shi Jingzhi cleared his throat twice and turned around, "I will go warm up some red bean cakes... Ah Ci, how many do you want?" 

At the same time, in Yi City, the National Teacher Jiang Youyue was practicing calligraphy with a pen when suddenly there was a light cracking sound behind him. He stopped writing and looked up, only to see a bonsai on the shrine shaking slightly, and a few small flowers blooming. 


He ran his finger over the flower buds. 

"Even though his 'original desires' have already been sealed, he still wants to break free on his own?... Master, you were right about him. This kid with the surname Shi is bound to achieve great things." 

"It's just that he has only recently left the palace and has already made such progress. His little disciple is probably involved as well." 

Author's note: 

The fox really is a character that grows☆-∑(>ω0)b 

His growth environment is such that he can control the three-hundred-year-old Demon Lord Yin right from the start, which is actually unreasonable... 

Demon Lord Yin: There are so many versions of 'Dustless Words', just bluffing my way through it will be fine. 

Fox Shi: I understand. With such precise wording, you can't escape being involved in this matter.


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