Sending the Divine

Sending the Divine

Chapter 44 - Counterattack

"Jianchen Temple is planning a 'Scripture Washing Ceremony.' They intend to take out all the scriptures and give them a thorough cleaning to celebrate the return of the precious 'Woodless Sutra' to the temple. It's probably because bald donkeys, cough, the masters are tired of the smell of the Ghost Tomb and want to get rid of the bad luck." 

Su Si spoke as he ate, quickly finishing off a plate of small pastries. The sect leader, with quick reflexes, snatched the last one and popped it into his mouth.

The three older members of the Ku Mountain Sect were not able to show themselves, so Su Si, being a new face, was sent out early in the morning to gather intelligence. Even so, Shi Jingzhi couldn't help but worry - Su Si was also in hiding, and although he couldn't attract the attention of the Ling Sect, if the Red Hook Sect found out, the result would be almost the same.

Fortunately, Su Si was able to hold his own and even returned in one piece, despite not bringing along Lord Bai. 

"In short, Yan Budu gave the entire Jianchen Temple a psychological shadow. To protect their precious scriptures, the entire Huilian Mountain was sealed off. The masters are stubborn as mules, and not even the Emperor himself could persuade them to open the mountain, let alone a small sect like ours."

Yan Qing interjected, "After all the 'Woodless Sutra' was returned by our sect leader. It's only fair to give some face to our sect."

Su Si sneered, "Forget it, Jianchen Temple is not like Taiheng Sect. The monks there don't care about personal relationships, they only care about their own rules. They won't let anyone in, no matter who you are or what your relationship is. They have their own sense of justice, and they won't budge."

Then he realized, "Wait, did you say the 'Woodless Sutra' was returned by the fox...Sect Leader Shi himself?! That thing is priceless, and he... cough, our sect is so poor, can we really afford to return it?" 

Yan Qing was excited: "Let me tell you, under the Ghost Tomb--"

"How long will this 'Scripture Washing Ceremony' take?" Shi Jingzhi finally swallowed the pastry and rudely interrupted the two chattering servants.

Su Si replied, "At least three months. During this time, they have to be self-sufficient for food, and they also compensated the contracted farmers for breach of contract."

Shi Jingzhi was immediately stunned.

Three months, after three months, even the wildflowers would have withered.

The Jianchen Temple was the largest temple in the world, if it were to be sealed, there would only be one way to go - break through the Buddha's Heart Formation on Huilian Mountain. Yan Qing had a point, considering the gift of the "Woodless Sutra," the masters would give them some leeway and not throw them out of the temple.

The premise was that they could break through the formation and meet them. 

Yin Ci calmly put down the plate, and the freshly cooked pastry was emitting steam. 

"Let's give it a try," he said. 

The temple rarely closed, and the last time it did was for a special ceremony for a high-ranking monk. Yin Ci was not in the Central Plains at that time, so he missed it. Now, the opportunity was right in front of him, and he couldn't let it pass.

Shi Jingzhi took another pastry and looked at his disciple with understanding. He knew his temperament well. 

Whenever there was a chance to risk his life, Yin Ci would be the first to charge forward, spreading his wings like a great roc on the brink of death. It was not just seeking excitement, but rather a mild symptom of nihilism. 

No wonder Yin Ci was fearless in the Ghost Tomb. He was not a normal person with ordinary courage, but rather a young person who did not understand the value of life.

Sect Leader Shi chewed the pastry carefully, his heart filled with the determination to break Yin Ci's bad habit. 

...And the pastries were so fragrant. How could someone who can make such delicious treats be so averse to the world? 

What a pity.

With these thoughts, Shi Jingzhi pondered for a moment. "Ah Ci is right, we don't have any other options. Let's go and try, maybe we won't even be able to get past the outer perimeter. If we can't break through the formation, we can just head to Yongsheng and continue our search for clues." 

After the leader spoke, the rest of the group spent the entire day preparing their luggage in an orderly manner. The surroundings were still peaceful, and it seemed like the pursuit from the Ling Sect was just a false alarm. 

However, calmness is often the calm before the storm. That false alarm turned into a real one that night. Zheng Fengdao was, after all, one of the strongest elders in the Ling Sect and had a knack for chasing after people. 

That night, the four members of the Ku Mountain Sect split into two groups - Su Si and Yan Qing went to the market to buy food. Only Yin Ci followed Shi Jingzhi, and the two of them secretly procured other necessary items.

When they finished shopping, Shi Jingzhi took his disciple to the medicine shop to restock their supplies. To avoid suspicion, he even asked a waiter from a nearby restaurant to make the purchase. However, who knew that the waiter would get caught by the minions of the Ling Sect and immediately revealed Shi Jingzhi's whereabouts.

As the situation escalated, the master and disciple had no choice but to flee and lead their pursuers to a dilapidated corner of the city.

"Look, look, look, isn't this the little bastard with no descendants?" 

Zheng Fengdao sneered, brandishing his Nine-Ring Blade. He stood on the roof of an abandoned building, looking down on the two of them. The moon shone down on the ruins, casting a pale light on the broken walls and debris. 

"On the first day after you left Zongwu Mountain, I had people squatting at all the nearby medicine shops, and finally caught you. Unfortunately for you, Sect Leader Shi, I saw everything in your medicine box when I was in the Ghost Tomb." 

Knowing the types of medicine, it was not difficult to pick the rarest one to keep an eye on. 

Yin Ci was not surprised. However they were about to enter a formation and had no choice but to buy medicine. They never expected that the Ling Sect would be biting on tightly, leaving them no chance for luck. 

Now, he didn't have to pretend to be powerless. But if he really killed Zheng Fengdao, using Shi Jingzhi as a smokescreen would be meaningless. 

This was the city, and countless people were watching. The news would spread to various places through the Yueshui Bureau that night. Killing a well-known elder of the demonic cult as a newly recruited disciple of a small sect would be big news. Tomorrow morning, he would have become the most eye-catching figure in the entire martial arts world. 

Yin Ci looked around, trying to figure out how to safely drag the fox away without attracting too much attention. 

Shi Jingzhi remained still. 

Last time he faced Zheng Fengdao, Shi Jingzhi was completely overpowered and had no ability to resist. Many days had passed since, and he was no longer trembling in fear and his eyes were filled with a subtle calculation: "Upon closer inspection, Elder Zheng is quite handsome." 

Zheng Fengdao: "..." 

Zheng Fengdao glanced at Shi Jingzhi, then at Yin Ci beside him, "Kid, did you just insult me?" 

Shi Jingzhi replied calmly, "How could I dare? I was just reminded of my last opponent and spoke without thinking." 

Under his laughing tone, there was no hint of weakness. 

Zheng Fengdao clicked his tongue and raised his eyes, "Head Leader Shi has a sharp tongue, and now that I look at him, his face is not bad either... No wonder you once said that you will leave no descendants, turns out the Ku Mountain Sect is full of sissy rabbits, of course you would have no descendants." 

He paused for a moment, and looked at the two of them with ill intentions, "It's quite a coincidence, I happen to have a good-looking male friend. How about I cut off your hands and feet and give you to him to play with?" 

Before Zheng Fengdao finished speaking, he swiftly descended from the rooftop and slashed his sword towards Yin Ci.

This kid was so young, yet he had such a face, and dared to kiss Shi Jingzhi at the city gate. He must not be a decent person.

The demonic cult always acted by eliminating those who had caught their eye, and killing those who were most important to them. There was no such thing as chivalry in the martial arts world, and they would use any means necessary to achieve their goals.

Unfortunately, Zheng Fengdao's target was also well aware of this fact. 

The clash of swords rang out, the sound piercing to the ears. Yin Ci calmly drew his sword and with one strike, he countered seventy to eighty percent of the strength of Zheng Fengdao's sword.

Zheng Fengdao was undoubtedly an expert, not someone who had survived on luck alone. At the moment their blades collided, he sensed that something was wrong - his foot had undoubtedly kicked on an iron plate.

Elder Zheng did not continue to show off his abilities, instead, he concentrated all his strength and retreated several zhang in an instant.

Yin Ci's sword tip cut through the night sky: "I think Elder Zheng looks more like a rabbit, hopping away quite far."

He scanned the surrounding streets and alleys with his peripheral vision, calculating even faster in his mind. Zheng Feng was cautious enough and should not pursue relentlessly. If he grabbed Shi Jingzhi, and escaped now...

"Ah Ci, stop. I'll deal with him." Shi Jingzhi unfurled the flag he had been carrying for many days, and the flagpole glowed with a faint golden light.

Yin Ci put away his smile. 

In these past few days, Shi Jingzhi had indeed made some progress, but unfortunately, it was limited. In terms of strength alone, Zheng Fengdao could previously take on five Shi Jingzhis, and now he could still handle more than two.

Zheng Fengdao was not a demon worm in a narrow cave, nor was he an aging goddess inside. The streets and alleys of the city were complex, and there was no cover overhead. 

Even if Shi Jingzhi used his old tricks and went all out to start a fire, he might not necessarily be able to burn Zheng Fengdao. Worse still, he might harm a large number of innocent people and attract the attention of the government.

It was true that this cheap master had amazing internal strength, but if pure strength could solve everything, then Yin Ci, a "powerless person," would have countless ghosts under his hands rise from the dead to curse him.

This kid had only learned some qinggong and had not yet mastered them, and he was trying to fly? 

Yin Ci shook his head secretly and warned, "Shizun."

"I know what you're thinking, and I have a plan."

Zheng Fengdao was not one to fear death, despite his cautious nature. He let out a shrill whistle, and over a dozen Ling Sect disciples emerged from the shadows, gradually surrounding the two of them.

Shi Jingzhi remained calm and collected. "To deal with Zheng Fengdao, would it be alright if Ah Ci helps me fend off those people?"

Zheng Fengdao took advantage of the situation to apply pressure. "Fend off those people? Sect Leader Shi, my pursuit of you is not just a personal grudge. The sect leader is very interested in the Buddhist beads in your hands and has lent me his Corpse-Raising team. Your little lover will soon be separated from their head."

Yin Ci's tone was somewhat impatient. "That's fine. I'll clear the way. If Shizun wants to fight, then let's fight. If you really can't win, we'll escape together."

Shi Jingzhi smiled and agreed. "Okay."

Zheng Fengdao, who was being ignored: "..."

Elder Zheng spat and didn't waste any more words, turning his attack towards Shi Jingzhi. Shi Jingzhi spun around and led Zheng Fengdao to leap onto the corner of the roof, distancing themselves from the other Ling Sect disciples.

Yin Ci sighed and jumped onto the nearby roof, separating himself from the ten or so lackeys and Shi Jingzhi. 

His lean stature often cause other to drop their guard around him. The Corpse-Raising team was full of skilled martial artists, and naturally some of them were arrogant. They thought that with their numbers, dealing with one person was a waste. 

The three of them rushed past Yin Ci, intending to assist their elder.

However, they never truly made it past Yin Ci.

In the blink of an eye, the three of them exploded into a bloody mess, their clothes and flesh torn apart. Three sets of bloody bones fell from the sky and rolled down the roof.

"Shizun told me to guard him," Yin Ci said calmly. 

"The Sweeping Bone Sword Technique..." 

The members of the Corpse-Raising team broke out in a cold sweat. 

It wasn't the sword itself that was terrifying, but the fact that this person had exposed the Sweeping Bone Sword Technique technique, clearly indicating that he had no intention of leaving anyone alive. 

After a brief moment of fear, a nearly insane desire to kill took over. The remaining ten or so people attacked together, their sword blades flickering with a dense web-like light in the moonlight.

Yin Cimu was bathed in the heavy atmosphere of killing intent, taking a deep breath. 

The Hanging Shadow Sword was raised. The sword body was as dark as a crow's feather, blending into the night, and as fast as a startled swan, leaving no trace of hesitation.

The disciples of the Ling Sect once again felt fear. The person in front of them was like a faint ghostly shadow, a fish swimming in black water. He had no inner strength, wandering among the crowd, leaving only emptiness behind. They truly felt as if they were entangled in a spider's web, with only a slow suffocating feeling remaining. 

He couldn't be called strong, as he didn't let out a strong intent to kill or intimidating pressure. But to call him weak wasn't right either, with him avoiding even the smallest injury. 

As if it were all just a game to him.

What is the origin of the Ku Mountain Sect? 

...This question was also swirling in Zheng Fengdao's mind.

Compared to their last encounter, Shi Jingzhi hadn't grown much stronger. Zheng Fengdao was certain that he had landed several solid blows, but to his surprise, the man across from him remained silent, his eyes filled only with fanaticism.

As the two fought, the roof, stone path, and walls were marked with countless bloodstains, and the pale moonlight took on a reddish hue. At first, Zheng Fengdao thought he was overreacting - after all, in terms of technique, Shi Jingzhi was not his match. 

But Zheng Fengdao did not relax because of this, instead he brought out his overwhelming fighting spirit, intending to end the battle quickly. However, the opponent's qinggong became more and more strange, the flag waving in more and more tricky ways, and the person became more and more difficult to deal with. 

Each move seemed to be specifically targeted at him.

Zheng Fengdao inexplicably thought of the precious battle puppet he used to practice with when he was young. It always struck his weak points fiercely, always one step ahead of him... and it would never fall.

Although he had the upper hand, Zheng Fengdao's movements became more hesitant. The night was dark, the opponent's clothes stained dark red with blood, their alluring facial features expressionless, only their overwhelming fighting spirit remained. 

The "thing" on the other side was more like some kind of beast than a human. The more they fought, the more focused they became, and the more focused they became, the less human they seemed.

He couldn't help but think of the human-shaped coffin in the ancient tomb. 

If it weren't for the hundred-year gap between Yan Budu and Shi Jingzhi, Zheng Fengdao would have suspected that the two were from the same sect. 

The gap between them was getting smaller and the pace of the fight was getting faster. Elder Zheng couldn't tell if it was Shi Jingzhi who had sped up or if he himself was slowing down. All he knew was that his swordsmanship was gradually becoming passive and he felt as if he was being sucked into a lump of sticky mud. 

Shi Jingzhi swam and danced around him, his hair and clothes fluttering like butterfly wings, and his qinggong had a hint of ghostly flavor. 

Every time Shi Jingzhi flashed past him, Zheng Fengdao would inevitably have a new wound added to his body. It wasn't until the coldness of blood loss spread to his back that Zheng Fengdao realized his opponent's strategy - Shi Jingzhi intended to grind him to death. 

With a body full of sword wounds and only half-baked qinggong, that man actually wanted to grind him to death using half of his life. 

It seemed as though Shi Jingzhi had planned everything from the beginning. He patiently calculated his wounds, waiting for every mistake he made. This sounded absurd, but what was terrifying was that his opponent was about to succeed.

No, this person was too abnormal, he had to escape. Forget about the Buddhist beads and dignity, his life was more important.

Zheng Fengdao bit his fingertip, smearing blood on his white jade hairpin. The hairpin emitted a faint glow, creating a thin layer of protection around him. The protection was better than nothing, but at a critical moment, it could also disrupt the rhythm of the battle and create a flaw.

Shi Jingzhi's eyes brightened, and for the first time, his face seemed like a human's: "Nice hairpin, where did you buy it?"

... This person must be crazy. Elder Zheng turned around and increased his speed to escape. Unexpectedly, he had not run even a few steps when a pressure that almost destroyed his sanity exploded. His mind shook, and he couldn't help but stop in his tracks. 

At the moment he stopped, Zheng Fengdao's mind went blank. 

It's over. 

Unfortunately, he had no chance. At the same time the thought flashed through his mind, a flagpole pierced through his neck from behind, coming out of his mouth and directly puncturing his throat. 

Shi Jingzhi broke his spine, but it wasn't a fatal blow. The man lowered his head, and his waterfall-like black hair hung down from his shoulders. A nearly sincere smile appeared on his face. 

"Thank you for your guidance, senior." 

That smile sent shivers down Zheng Fengdao's spine, and he fearfully spat out a mouthful of blood. Shi Jingzhi swung the blood-stained flagpole and pressed it against Zheng Fengdao's forehead. 

"Ah Ci is indeed powerful. I once used this sense of oppression to scare him, but he was only surprised. You, on the other hand, almost wet your pants. Although I don't know why he's hiding from the major sects... Well, as long as I treat him well, he will definitely tell me. Don't you think so?" 

The flagpole was lit with golden flames and once again pierced downwards. 

After finishing his fight, Shi Jingzhi noticed that Yin Ci was no longer being perfunctory. Sword energy surged and the entire Corpse-Raising team was wiped out. 

Seeing Yin Ci approaching, Shi Jingzhi instinctively raised his sleeve to cover up the twisted smile that had not yet dissipated. But as soon as he lifted his arm, Yin Ci grabbed his wrist. 

Yin Ci looked at him with a half-smile and asked, "You look good when you smile, why cover it up?" 

"...Everyone likes a more approachable master." 

"Is that so? Well, I prefer you like this." Yin Ci couldn't help but feel that this person's inner turmoil was ridiculous. The 'Cure All With Medicine' flag was still stuck on Zheng Fengdao's forehead, so why would he be afraid of a smile? 

Shi Jingzhi obediently put down his hand. He stood there for a moment, then mysteriously leaned in and said, "Ah Ci, come closer." 

"What are you doing, take a look at your injuries first. Don't push yourself too hard." 

"Come closer." 

Yin Ci sheathed his sword and reluctantly approached. Shi Jingzhi pulled out the blood-stained white jade hairpin and smiled, his eyes crinkling. He lifted his arms and reached over Yin Ci's face, carefully tying up his disciple's loose black hair. 

His movements were incredibly gentle, like touching the delicate smoke rising from a burning incense. 

"Hmm, I thought it would suit you...and it really does. Wear it." 

The faint scent of medicine mixed with the strong smell of blood, and for a moment, Yin Ci felt like he was being embraced. He instinctively took a deep breath, tasting a hint of bitterness in his mouth. 

The next moment, the embrace became real. Shi Jingzhi grunted a few times before collapsing, almost knocking Yin Ci to the ground. 

That's it, this dog-like logic had appeared again. When he saw Shi Jingzhi leisurely gifting things, Yin Ci thought he had strength remaining. But after so many days, it was clear that this person still hadn't learned to distinguish between what was urgent and what was not.

Yin Ci was angry and immediately struck Shi Jingzhi's acupoint, viciously bandaging the knife wounds. He didn't hold back at all, causing his master to scream in pain.

"Ah Ci! I knew I could win, so I... hiss, I planned it, ow, you're choking me to death--"

"You planned it? Did you calculate how we're going to dispose of the bodies later? Am I going to clean up the corpses all by myself?"


"Did you really plan everything?"

"...Next time, I definitely will."

The author's note: 

Demon Lord Yin: ? You still want a next time.


- Early Stage -

Shi Jingzhi: My possession.

Yin Ci: My possession.

- Present Day - 

Shi Jingzhi: My disciple. 

Yin Ci: My fox (?)

Both VIPs, please work hard towards the direction of "My person"!


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