Royal Descendants

Royal Descendants

Chapter 11 - Chapter 11

Bairen was almost stunned. Qi Xiao had been so agreeable just now that Bairen almost thought Qi Xiao was a reasonable and kind person. But unexpectedly, his words took a sudden turn, leaving one baffled in an instant.

It took Bairen a while to realize he should refuse, and he said sternly, "The Crown Prince should have some self-respect!"

Only after holding the person in his arms did Qi Xiao realize how worthwhile these days of planning and endurance had been. Bairen was half a head shorter than him, and at an age where he was growing taller but not putting on weight, holding him like this made one's heart ache a little.

Qi Xiao sighed inwardly: Too thin...

Seeing that it took Bairen a long time to come to his senses, Qi Xiao found it amusing. He twisted Bairen's arms behind his back and said with a smile, "Self-respect? Where have I lost my self-respect?"

"You came to me time and again... Isn't it just to make me let your sister go?" Bairen struggled desperately. It took Qi Xiao some effort to keep him trapped in his arms, his breathing slightly heavy. "Bairen is a smart person and should know... Don't move! Should know there's no such thing as a free lunch..."

Qi Xiao lowered his head and affectionately kissed Bairen on the ear, laughing softly and panting, "To be honest with you... I don't care at all which princess is coming, whether she's of the first wife or a concubine, beautiful or ugly... But Bairen... You can't even make decisions about your own future marriage, yet you presume to dictate Roujia's marriage. One shouldn't be so greedy in life."

Being taken advantage of like this, how could Bairen listen to what he was saying? Although he had secretly developed feelings for Cen Chaoge since childhood, the few instances of intimacy between them had been brief and restrained. He had never experienced such a situation.

For a moment, his eyes turned red with anxiety. He simply couldn't match Qi Xiao's strength no matter how he struggled to break free, nearly exhausting himself. Seeing Bairen like a trapped little beast, Qi Xiao found it amusing but also couldn't bear to truly hurt him.

He loosened his grip on Bairen's hands and sighed softly, "Don't waste your energy... Why are you doing this? I just like you and want to be close to you. Who are you putting on this act for?"

"Who wants to be close to you?!" Bairen pushed back with all his might and reprimanded harshly, "If the Crown Prince has so little self-respect, aren't you afraid I'll impeach you before the Emperor? When that time comes and the Crown Prince's reputation is ruined, don't blame Bairen for being ruthless!"

Seeing that Bairen still dared to threaten him, Qi Xiao's hands became even more unruly, caressing Bairen's waist while teasing in a low voice, "That's a good idea. The young prince is willing to destroy himself to ruin me. Let's not mention whether this little trick can topple me, but you should think carefully. The marriage alliance between the Imperial City and Lingnan is inevitable. Even if it's not me, there are still many princes who can marry your sister. Can you stop it?"

Bairen glared fiercely at Qi Xiao. Qi Xiao laughed coldly, "I know what you're thinking... Anyone is better than marrying me, right? Hehe... You just don't know about the character of those princes. I admit I'm not a good person, but they're not much better than me! At least I..."

Seeing that Bairen was stunned by his words, Qi Xiao smiled and lowered his voice, "At least I don't mistreat people in bed. Bairen... Do you want to try? Let me cherish you once... And you probably won't be able to hate me anymore..."

"Try your ancestors!" Bairen could no longer endure it. Mustering all his strength, he finally pushed Qi Xiao away. Taking a step back, he grabbed the precious sword hanging on the wall and angrily reprimanded, "Qi Xiao! Although Bairen is a hostage, I will not debase myself to this extent! If you really want to force yourself on me today, I would rather die than let you succeed!"

Bairen was both hateful and fearful, his hands trembling. But Qi Xiao was very relaxed.

He tidied his clothes and laughed, "My ancestors? You respectfully worshipped them a few days ago, and now you're cursing them? Enough, sit down. Look at you, sweating profusely..."

How could Bairen listen to his coaxing? He was fully on guard, wishing he could immediately draw his sword and strike Qi Xiao down. But unexpectedly, Qi Xiao, who had just been acting like a scoundrel, now smiled with refined elegance, "Bairen, I just like you. I don't want to harm you. Why are you so guarded? Come sit..."

"If the Crown Prince has something to say, just speak plainly..." Bairen's voice trembled as he threatened in a low voice, "But if you try to do what you did just now again..."

Qi Xiao chuckled, "I was too rash just now... Just consider it as me being unable to control my feelings. Since you don't like it, I won't do that again. Alright... Tell me, what exactly do you want? Don't be so anxious. Seeing your bulging veins, I feel distressed."

"I..." Bairen considered himself to have experienced ups and downs, but at this moment, he was left dizzy and confused by Qi Xiao. One moment ago, he was humiliating him, and now he was pretending to be a good person.

Bairen knew he was no match and tried his best to calm his tone, "What I want, the Crown Prince knows. I don't want Roujia to come to the Imperial City. As long as the Crown Prince is willing to agree, I..."

Bairen originally wanted to say he could promise anything, but thinking of the situation just now, he didn't dare to make promises easily. He paused and said in a low voice, "Whether the Crown Prince wants silver or objects... Or wants me to help with something, as long as it's not like what happened just now, Bairen will not refuse."

Qi Xiao smiled faintly, "You see, even you don't sound confident in what you're saying. Silver and objects... Hehe, although you haven't been in the Imperial City for long, you should know that when it comes to these things, the Emperor has never stinted on me. As for having you help with something..."

Qi Xiao couldn't help but laugh, "My dear young prince, what can you help me with?"

Bairen was filled with great hatred in his heart, but he also couldn't help feeling resentful. What Qi Xiao said was the truth. What could he possibly do to help Qi Xiao?

Qi Xiao smiled faintly, "Bairen, I won't bully you. You can choose this path yourself. If you choose to protect yourself, then don't mention the marriage alliance again. I will definitely take Roujia as my concubine. I won't mistreat her in terms of status, and she will at least have the title of a side concubine. Although I'm not a righteous gentleman, I won't make things difficult for a mere woman. However... In the future, when I take a principal wife, concubines, and consorts, whether your sister will live well or not in my rear court will depend on her own abilities. I can't be bothered to manage that, and you have no say in it either."

Bairen was furious, "You dare?!"

"You'll see if I dare or not!" Qi Xiao laughed coldly. "There's another path. You protect Roujia and offer yourself to me... I'll handle the marriage alliance. Regardless of the outcome, I can definitely protect her and prevent her from marrying into the imperial family."

Bairen's teeth itched with hatred, but upon hearing those words, he couldn't help but feel tempted. Qi Xiao saw through it at a glance. He stepped forward, pushing away the long sword Bairen held in front of him, and laughed softly, "If you are obedient enough and make me happy... in the future, whoever you want your sister to marry, I can make it happen. If the husband's family dares to mistreat her, I will intervene on your behalf. How about that?"

Qi Xiao slowly walked up to Bairen. Bairen tried his best to suppress the urge to run, for no other reason than the fact that what Qi Xiao had just said was too tempting. Roujia was growing older day by day, and her marriage had always been a concern for Bairen and the King of Lingnan's concubine.

Roujia was not favored by the King of Lingnan, and with Lady Xia whispering in the King's ear every day, it was almost impossible for her to have a satisfactory marriage in the future. But if they had Qi Xiao's guarantee...

Qi Xiao could see that Bairen was hesitating and laughed inwardly. He knew that for the sake of Princess Roujia, Bairen would agree to anything. Qi Xiao smiled gently, "If you are unwilling, once you leave this door, I will never mention this matter again. I will apologize for what happened earlier, it was my presumption. But as long as you say no, I will never be so rash again. Bairen... there are two paths, you choose for yourself."

Did Bairen have a choice?

Bairen steeled his heart. What was there to fear! For the sake of his mother and sister, he had even become a hostage, not knowing how many years he had left to live. What was there to worry about? He was already stuck in the mud, could it get any worse? Could it get any worse?!

Roujia was different from him. As long as he could endure, maybe he could secure a good husband for Roujia, so that his mother could be at ease. Bairen took a deep breath. At this moment, he was somewhat relieved that he had already severed ties with Chaoge yesterday, otherwise today would be another burden...

Chaoge... something flashed through Bairen's mind. He suddenly looked up at Qi Xiao. Qi Xiao had already seen through Bairen's thoughts and smiled, "I know you are not fond of this, and I am sorry to put you in this position..."

Bairen laughed helplessly in his heart. What was he thinking? How could Qi Xiao know about him and Chaoge? Besides, what virtue or ability did he have for Qi Xiao to go to such great lengths?

It was Chaoge who wanted to leave of his own accord... Bairen shook his head. In just one night, the world had turned upside down. The person he had grown up with as childhood sweethearts was about to leave, and he had to...

Bairen looked at Qi Xiao and took a deep breath, saying hoarsely, "Crown Prince... please keep your word and protect Roujia."

Qi Xiao walked a step closer. Bairen involuntarily clenched his fists, but Qi Xiao did not take liberties as he had before. He only gently embraced him, his voice unconsciously carrying a hint of doting, "Don't worry."


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