Raising the Evil Spirit

Raising the Evil Spirit

Chapter 5 - Gachapon Coffin

In his daily life, although Su Kun had encountered many unclean things, he had never mentioned them to Geng Zimo.

Firstly, for people who couldn't see or touch those things, even if they heard about them, they would just treat them as ghost stories and rarely truly understand that kind of fear.

Secondly, the reason why Geng Zimo appeared quite brave, buying a coffin without batting an eye and opening it with great gusto and nonchalance, was completely because he subconsciously held a half-believing, half-doubting attitude towards these things.

In other words, he had never thought that those unclean things would intersect with his life. If he was really told that those unclean things existed and that Su Kun had personally seen them many times, he would definitely not dare to go to the toilet alone from now on! Bet on a truckload of cucumbers!

It was precisely because of this that when Geng Zimo saw Su Kun's series of unusual behaviors tonight, his first reaction was not "Ah! We've encountered a ghost!" but rather he thought that Su Kun was simply too timid and had been scared a little neurotic by this coffin.

People, after all, are always more inclined to believe what they see with their own eyes, and Geng Zimo was naturally no exception. He pointed at the coffin body held in his hands with a corner of the coffin lid, trying to comfort Su Kun: "See? Empty as can be, this is just for show... But the craftsmanship is really quite exquisite, the edges and corners are all finely polished, not sloppy at all."

His gaze swept over the coffin up and down, inside and out, finally stopping on a small recessed slot at the bottom inside the coffin: "The only flaw is this indented part here. Hey, look at this shape, it feels like it should be used to embed a jewel or something, why is it empty? Tsk—could it be that the maker embedded it, but the seller saw that the thing was not bad, so they pried it out to sell separately?"

If it were normal times, Su Kun would definitely mock Geng Zimo, saying "Over-imagination is a disease that needs to be treated early."

Unfortunately, all his attention was now on the inside of the coffin—

At this moment, a figure was lying in that shoebox-sized space, curled up on its side into a small ball. For some reason, its whole body was twitching badly, wrapped in a rag-like garment, crumpled and stained, with patches of darker and lighter colors. One could barely make out that it seemed to have originally been grayish-blue.

The tattered cuffs covered most of its face, and with the shadow of the coffin walls looming over it, its appearance could not be seen clearly for a moment. Only one ear was exposed, which for some reason, was flushed red from suffocation.

Its body's outline was somewhat ethereal, looking not very real. From head to toe, including the clothes, it was as if someone had adjusted its transparency to 80%. Su Kun could even vaguely see that small indented slot at the bottom of the coffin through its body.

So this damn thing wasn't a coffin at all, but a gacha capsule?! Twist it open and get a small doll or something...

And at this time, Geng Zimo was extending a finger, passing through the little thing's belly, poking that indented slot a few times: "Mm, not a mechanism."

Su Kun watched that finger going in and out of the little thing's semi-transparent body and twitched the corner of his mouth: "..."

Just as Geng Zimo finally withdrew his finger, the little thing curled up in the coffin, which had been silently twitching the whole time, suddenly burst into a fit of violent coughing. Its voice was hoarse and muffled, its arched body shaking badly like a shrimp.

After this bout of coughing, it finally caught its breath and sat up weakly, head drooping, its tied up hair scattered and messy with a few strands falling over its forehead, still covering its face. It stretched out its tiny palm to pat its chest, and even forcefully wiped downward a couple of times.

That action was as if it had accidentally swallowed something large that had gotten stuck in its throat and had finally managed to force it down.

Thinking of this, Su Kun really could see a coin-sized shadow vaguely through his body, rolling down its throat, then making a turn, and finally settling in a position slightly to the left of the chest.

Su Kun: "..." Holy! Shit! In all my twenty-some years, this is the first time I've learned that the esophagus actually leads to the heart!

Perhaps it was because of the jade pendant on his neck boosting his courage, or because that fierce and vicious evil spirit that had nearly killed him was now nowhere to be seen. As he looked at this little thing in the coffin that was also clearly not human, he actually wasn't that scared. Instead, seeing its series of actions and the rags it was wearing, a hint of saintly compassion arose in his heart.

Su Kun stared intently at the coffin, frowning one moment and pursing his lips the next, his expression extremely rich. Even someone as dumb as Geng Zimo finally noticed that something was amiss. He moved his gaze back to Su Kun's somewhat purplish neck.

Although he had been startled when he first saw it, perhaps because of some subconscious rejection, he had never associated these marks with anything unclean. But now...

His gaze went back and forth between Su Kun and the empty coffin several times before he finally hesitantly spoke: "You... don't tell me you really see something in there?"

"Yeah, a little kid." Su Kun twitched the corner of his mouth and looked at him, thinking in his heart: You can be even more slow-witted!

"There are too many issues with that statement!" Geng Zimo pointed at the shoebox-sized coffin, "Are kids in your family this small? Is it even human..."

"Obviously not human." =_=

"..." This was the first time in his twenty-some years that Geng Zimo had encountered a ghost at such close proximity. His mind was a bit slow to react. After being choked by Su Kun's words, he thought for a bit and said, "So, you were pressed on the bed and nearly died by something this small?"

Su Kun: "...Why do words sound so wrong coming out of your mouth even when you say them properly?"

He shook his head and gestured with his hand, "Something this small, its thighs probably aren't even as thick as my arms! The one choking me was a tall guy, fierce and vicious, reeking of blood."

"Where is he? Still in the room?" Geng Zimo subconsciously scooted closer to Su Kun, then swept his gaze around the bedroom, even though he wouldn't be able to see anything anyway.

"No, it seems the jade on my neck knocked him back into the coff—" Halfway through his words, Su Kun stiffened. He slowly turned his head to look at the little thing sitting in the coffin. It seemed to be restrained by some force, temporarily unable to get out of the coffin, but it still struggled to cling to the edge of the coffin, trying to climb up. However, its hands and feet seemed to have lost strength, unable to exert any force.

It raised its face in its struggle, staring straight at Su Kun. Although that face was no different from a normal child's, with chubby cheeks and even some baby fat, but those eyes—

His eyes, exuding a chilling and sinister coldness, were as fierce as a wild wolf's, brimming with boundless hatred and resentment...

Except for being rounder, larger, and more distinct in black and white... they were exactly the same as that murderous big fool's!

Upon seeing Su Kun, its struggling movements intensified, eyes fixed on him, opening its mouth as if wanting to say something.

However, before it could utter even a single syllable, the startled Su Kun snatched the coffin lid from Geng Zimo's hands and slammed it shut with a "snap," sealing it and its unspoken words inside the coffin. Then, with lightning speed, he opened the window and threw it out towards the garbage bin not far below.

The wooden coffin crashed onto the mountainous pile of garbage in the old residential area with a loud thud, then fell silent.

Geng Zimo: =口=

The little ghost in the coffin, who was fiercely hit on the head and tumbled around: "..."


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