Raising the Evil Spirit

Raising the Evil Spirit

Chapter 10 - Furious Little Ghost

First, a hand stretched out and tightly gripped the edge of the coffin.

The curled fingers were thin and short, like a baby's, and although there wasn't much flesh, the joints were not visible. The entire hand, when spread out, was probably not even as big as Su Kun's palm. However, from Su Kun's position, he could only see a rough outline, because the hands were transparent, and through them, the edges of the coffin could still be seen.

Next was the head. The originally tied-up hair was disheveled, with strands covering one side of the eyebrows and eyes. The small face was stained with dirt and blood, and with the semi-transparent blurring effect, the original skin color could not be seen at all.

The only thing that was clear was the exposed eye. Even from a distance, Su Kun could still feel the chilling intent emanating from that eye, which appeared particularly large due to the small face - cold, resentful, and venomous. Such eyes, paired with his doll-like small body, looked extremely incongruous, but matched perfectly with the blood-stained rags of clothing.

Its first reaction after crawling out of the coffin was to look towards Su Kun's bed, but found no one there. So it turned its head, its gaze sweeping towards the door, and immediately fell on Su Kun. If that gaze were something substantial, Su Kun might have already been nailed dead to the wall.

Geng Zimo, who was being strangled to the point of seeing stars, only felt that Su Kun, who was clinging tightly to his body, was getting softer and weaker, and was barely hanging on. His appearance, wearing nothing but underwear, was simply unbearable to look at directly. He seemed to be frightened by something, shuddering violently, and then slowly slid down while clamping Geng Zimo's legs.

Geng Zimo, who could see nothing but the open coffin lid: "..." He so wanted to slap the guy hanging on him dead against the door frame, but considering the bizarre situation, he endured it.

Su Kun only saw the little ghost staring at him intently for a moment. He wasn't sure if it was an illusion, but he felt that it seemed a bit more transparent than last time [...]. He could even clearly see the wall and a corner of the curtain behind it.

Just as his gaze focused through the little ghost's body and fell on the corner of the curtain, the little ghost moved and pounced over with a whoosh. This guy, who once again misplaced his attention except for his instinctive fear, didn't have time to react before he felt a blur in front of his eyes.

He subconsciously loosened his grip, closed his eyes tightly, and let out a howl, startling Geng Zimo, who had no idea what was going on, and making his legs go weak.

Su Kun slid to the ground, feeling something hit his chest. The impact made him lean back a little, and a tingling pain spread from the surface of his chest all the way inside and to his back, accompanied by a chill that made him break out in goosebumps even in the middle of summer, as if something wrapped in a thin layer of ice had penetrated through his chest.

However, that slight pain disappeared almost instantly, but the cold feeling lingered. Su Kun felt as if his internal organs had been taken out, rinsed in ice water, and stuffed back into his chest cavity. The feeling was truly unpleasant, making all the hair on his body stand on end.

Su Kun looked at his chest and found that the skin was completely intact, without even a small wound, and of course, the little ghost was not there either. He abruptly turned his head and glanced behind him, just in time to see it seemingly unable to stop, rolling straight ahead, flipping twice, and then disappearing into the wall of the living room, rolling directly into the neighbor's house.

Su Kun stared at the wall for a moment, then thought of the feeling in his chest just now, and came to a realization: "Holy shit, it passed through me?!"

Geng Zimo, still not knowing how to react: "..."

Just as they were stunned, the little ghost that had rolled into a ball floated out from the wall again. Its semi-transparent body looked somewhat eerie and somewhat comical. It looked down at its own palm, seemingly agitated and angry that it couldn't actually touch Su Kun.

The small hand closed tightly into a fist. When it raised its head again, although it was impossible to see clearly, Su Kun still instinctively felt that its eyes must have been burning red. He seemed to be able to see the surging anger and unwillingness swirling in those two black pupils.

Perhaps it was because the little ghost's emotions were too intense, the lights in the living room dimmed at the same time, and the tubes made a sizzling sound.

The originally cold white light was faintly tinged with a greenish hue, while the warm light in the bedroom was turning more and more towards a blood color. They seemed to be flickering with the fluctuations of the little ghost's emotions, getting darker and darker.

The wind poured in through the screens from all directions, sounding like the wailing of fierce ghosts. Even though it was a hot summer night, the wind carried a chilling coolness, like the feeling of being suddenly startled by a basin of ice water before having time to change into warm clothes.

Geng Zimo finally experienced firsthand the feeling of a haunted house in movies, instead of just watching Su Kun jumping around like a lunatic alone. He looked around with a complex expression, feeling that if the painted white walls started oozing blood, it would be complete.

It proved that anyone who could hang out with someone like Su Kun was not quite right in the head either. Of course, this could be seen from the day he bought the coffin online.

The light grew dimmer and dimmer, but the outline of the little ghost became clearer and clearer.

Su Kun, who was already sitting on the ground, was so frightened by the atmosphere and met the little ghost's black eyes that his own eyes welled up with tears. He wanted to run out, but the door was right next to the little ghost.

He could only let out a "Mama" and roll into the room on all fours. Anyway, the farther away from the little ghost, the better. Geng Zimo, who was already a bit confused about the situation, seeing Su Kun run, also rolled into the room. Crouching in the corner by the head of the bed, his hand was tightly pulled by Su Kun.

"Let go of your paw..." Geng Zimo said through gritted teeth, his expression distorted, "Your nails are almost digging into my flesh!"

Su Kun, looking like a frightened rabbit, glanced at him with teary eyes, let go of his paw, moved down and hugged his thigh, as if by hugging a person, he wouldn't be killed by the little ghost. He stared with wide eyes, holding his breath and watching the door of the room, then glanced at the window, with the air that if the little ghost dared to come in, he would dare to jump out the window directly. After all, their room was on the second floor.

He stared for a few seconds, but there was no sign of the little ghost at the bedroom door.

How could it take the little ghost so long to walk from the living room to the bedroom? Who was it trying to fool?! Could it be... could it be that the little ghost had come to its senses and decided not to make trouble anymore?

Just as Su Kun was feeling a bit doubtful, he suddenly felt something brush against his ear, making it a bit itchy. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a wisp of black.

He reached up to brush it away, eyes still not daring to leave the bedroom doorway, and said to Geng Zimo, "Your hair is tickling my ear! At a time like this, can't you keep your head--" Before he could get the word "hair" out, he froze.

Leaping up, Su Kun felt like the number of times he had screamed tonight was almost equal to the amount he had screamed in the past month. He turned his head so quickly and forcefully that he almost twisted his own neck.

Sure enough, he saw the little ghost peeking its head out from the corner of the wall he had just been leaning against. Its face was cold and gloomy. Seeing it up close against the pale wall, with the blood-red lamplight, it looked extremely eerie no matter how you looked at it.

Su Kun seemed to feel that the little ghost's transparency was indeed a bit lighter than before, and its features and eyes were a bit clearer, not just because of the dimmer light. With each step it took closer, Su Kun retreated a bit, until he felt the small of his back hit the corner of the computer desk in the room.

The desk was right under the window. He glanced at it out of the corner of his eye, fingers tightly gripping the edge of the desk, as if ready to leap onto the desk, pull open the screen, and jump out at any moment.

The little ghost seemed to really enjoy seeing him trembling in fear like this. Its eyes were surging with overwhelming hatred, so thick that Su Kun almost didn't dare to look.

"L-let's talk this out, big brother! This is definitely a misunderstanding! You can't wrongfully kill an innocent person, I-I... I'm being wronged! Please spare me!" TAT

Su Kun didn't even care how incongruous it sounded for him to call such a little thing "big brother." He just kept trembling his lips, putting on a smile uglier than crying, trying to get the little ghost to cool down first.

The little ghost seemed unable to understand all his words, but some word in there had touched a sore spot. Its face suddenly changed, eyes flaring with surging anger. From this distance, Su Kun could even see its pale, chapped lips trembling slightly with rage.

A hoarse voice came from deep in its throat, tone filled with deep mockery: "Innocent? Spare? Did you think of innocence when you wiped out my entire clan? Did you think of sparing me when you ordered me flayed alive in the city square?"

It pressed closer. Su Kun kept leaning back until his waist was about to break, but he stared straight into those increasingly cold, dark eyes, not daring to look away for even half a second.

"One hundred and seventy-nine lives, not one to be spared; one thousand eight hundred and twenty-four cuts, not one to be missed. You should have thought there would be this day when you gave the order. Innocent? Hah!" It seemed to recall those events and let out a cold snort, eyes filled with the utmost grief and hatred. "The word 'innocent' - anyone might be worthy of it, except you alone--"

"Smack!" A crisp sound.

A dark brown shadow flashed. Before the little ghost could finish speaking, it vanished without a trace. In its place was that thick, evenly lacquered coffin, its lid fitting seamlessly with the body, held in a pair of slender, refined hands. The rounded, smooth fingernails faced Su Kun, clearly carefully manicured.

"Geng... Geng Zimo?" Su Kun stared dumbly at the person in front of him who had covered the little ghost from behind with the coffin, and for the first time since knowing him, felt he was so handsome that heaven and earth paled in comparison, his head crowned with a halo!

After being stunned for a moment, Su Kun hugged Geng Zimo's thigh with teary eyes and wailed, "You're my real dad!!"


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