Picking Up Stars

Picking Up Stars

Chapter 8 - Chapter 8

Feng Zhe was a bit of a chatterbox, his mouth never stopping for a moment, talking endlessly beside them. After all, it had been a long time since he had seen Qin Fang, so he always had something to say. He talked about his own matters, and Qin Fang would occasionally respond with a sound or a smile.

Later on, it was Hua Tong who couldn't stand it first: "Zhe ah, drink some water and give your mouth a rest."

"I'm not thirsty," Feng Zhe said.

"Have a drink," Hua Tong unscrewed the water and handed it over, "just listening to you makes my throat feel dry."

"Get lost," Feng Zhe took the water and had a sip, "I wasn't talking to you anyway."

"But I can still hear it," Hua Tong said with a laugh, "if you don't quiet down or just mumble, you'll affect my watching the game."

Qin Fang reached out to block between them, chuckling: "Alright, both of you shut up."

The moment of tranquility was hard-earned. Qin Fang watched Fan Linyi on the court. He had especially loved playing basketball since high school, persisting until now, joining the school team and still playing. It was great.

Boys playing basketball were very handsome, sweating on the court. Teammates could understand each other's intentions with just a glance or a raised hand. It was a youthful tacit understanding and collision.

The occasional ear-piercing squeaks of basketball shoes rubbing against the floor would penetrate through the noisy cheers of the spectators and reach people's ears.

Qin Fang's gaze would occasionally linger on Zhou Siming. After all, they had a history of fighting. He didn't really like this person. Although they got to know each other for similar reasons, if it was Zhou Siming instead of Xing Yan that Qin Fang met in the library, Qin Fang probably wouldn't have greeted him like that. If he saw him, he would likely have turned and left.

People have different auras. Sometimes the choice of how to interact with someone is not based on each other's positions, but on intuition.

Zhou Siming played quite well, running very fast. It was hard to intercept him when he was dribbling. At the end of the first half, Fan Linyi's team was trailing by seven points. Fan Linyi lifted his jersey and wiped his sweat with the hem, causing a small commotion among the girls in the stands.

"Look, Xiao Fan is so popular at school," Feng Zhe couldn't help but start talking again after holding back for a while, "a harvester of young girls."

"Basketball boy, rich family's son, male lead character setting, hahaha," Hua Tong continued his words, "it's a good thing the school forum is in decline now, otherwise Xiao Fan would definitely be a forum star at your school."

"Even with the forum in decline, he's still a star," Feng Zhe glanced at Qin Fang, "probably about the same as Qin Fang at your school."

"Don't drag me into this," Qin Fang said.

"Can't compare," Hua Tong said with a smile, "our school is too big, each department has its own little stars. It's not the same as Xiao Fan's status at your school."

Qin Fang clicked his tongue: "I said don't drag me into this."

"Okay, won't drag you in," Feng Zhe nodded, "won't drag, won't drag."

In the second half, Fan Linyi's team kept chasing the score. The point difference was very close, mostly just a two-point gap.

"Oh, so nervous," Feng Zhe acted strange and put on airs, "why doesn't Xiao Fan put in more effort."

No one paid him any attention. Qin Fang and Hua Tong were from this school. Although they didn't know anyone on the basketball team, they still had to have some sense of collective honor.

Fan Linyi was indeed fierce, the main force in chasing the score was him. His shots were very accurate, and he even scored two three-pointers. But after playing for so long, he must have been quite tired. Later, whenever he got the ball, there would be screams from the girls in the stands, loudly cheering him on.

On the court, Fan Linyi made a jump shot under the basket, scoring another two points, tying the score once again.

The girls from their school were about to go crazy, but before the cheers and screams could start, a little situation occurred on the court.

When Fan Linyi landed, he stepped on the foot of an opposing team member. That person pushed him, causing Fan Linyi to fall.

Xiao Fan was after all a rich family's son, not someone to be trifled with. After being pulled up by his teammate, he stared at the person who pushed him. One could only see him say something, but naturally couldn't hear what he said.

"What an underhanded move, that idiot," Feng Zhe cursed angrily beside them, "where did this idiot crawl out from! Even pushing? Why didn't Xiao Fan stomp his foot to pieces!"

It was indeed underhanded. Although there was an element of carelessness, stepping on someone's foot when landing and taking a fall was a small matter. If unlucky, one's ankle could get sprained.

Hua Tong glanced at Qin Fang and said, "This despicable person."

Qin Fang frowned as he watched Fan Linyi and Zhou Siming on the court, not saying anything.

In the end, Fan Linyi's team still lost, trailing by four points.

Feng Zhe had already gone to wait by the side of the court before the game ended. Qin Fang and Hua Tong were also there. After the game ended, Fan Linyi had to go back to the locker room with his teammates first. After about ten minutes, he came to find them.

"Is your foot okay?" Hua Tong asked him.

"It's fine," Fan Linyi was still wearing his jersey, not having changed. The other teammates would change clothes and return to school together later. Fan Linyi didn't go with them.

"Let's go, take a shower in my dorm first," Qin Fang saw him covered in sweat and said, "you can't change clothes like this."

"That's what I thought too, so I came out like this," Fan Linyi said.

Qin Fang and Hua Tong were very familiar with the sports arena. There were many people now, so they didn't go out through the main entrance. There was a small door at the back, slightly closer to Qin Fang's dorm.

There weren't many people walking that way. The few of them walked and chatted. Feng Zhe asked Fan Linyi, "How do you feel about losing?"

"I feel your mouth is really asking for it," Fan Linyi glanced at him and said.

"Winning or losing doesn't matter, as long as you tried your best," Hua Tong said on the side, "after all, one can't always be winning in life, right?"

He suddenly became so serious that the others all turned to look at him.

"...Socrates Hua has such high enlightenment," Feng Zhe patted Fan Linyi, then felt a bit disgusted, "patting you got my hand all sweaty."

Because they had a ball game in the afternoon, they only ate something simple at noon. In the evening, they would definitely have a good get-together. Qin Fang asked the two from other schools what they wanted to eat. Fan Linyi said, "You decide, I'm hungry."

Feng Zhe asked, "Go out and play after eating?"

Qin Fang said, "Not going to the bar."

There were few people on this small door side, but not completely none. There were still a few people behind them. Before Feng Zhe could say anything more, a voice suddenly came from behind, causing Feng Zhe to immediately shut his mouth and turn around to look.

Someone behind spat out a sentence - "Cheap bitch."

When Feng Zhe and Fan Linyi turned their heads to look, Qin Fang and Hua Tong didn't hurry to turn around. They both knew who this person was without having to think.

Feng Zhe stopped and turned his face to ask Fan Linyi, "The idiot who stepped on your foot earlier was this one, right?"

Fan Linyi didn't say anything, also stopping, slightly raising his eyebrows as he looked at Zhou Siming opposite them.

He cursed something dirty on the court just now. The young master couldn't hold his temper, and the other party's push made Fan Linyi very angry. Fan Linyi stood there looking at Zhou Siming, not yet speaking, but it was very obvious that he was already angry.

Zhou Siming stood at a distance that was neither far nor near from them, looking at the four people in front of him. He was indeed quite tough, not afraid at all even when facing four opponents alone. His eyes didn't avoid or dodge, and he didn't seem to be intimidated when looking at them.

Fan Linyi pursed his lips, pulled up the hem of his jersey again to wipe the sweat, and then took a step to walk over.

Qin Fang beside him suddenly blocked him with his arm. Fan Linyi stopped, and Qin Fang walked towards Zhou Siming in silence.

Zhou Siming looked at him with a very contemptuous look. Qin Fang had no expression on his face and asked, "Were you cursing at me or my friend?"

Zhou Siming glanced at him, then glanced at Fan Linyi, and said, "What difference does it make whether I cursed you or him?"

Qin Fang said, "There's definitely a difference."

Zhou Siming snorted.

"If you cursed me, then you didn't get beaten up enough last time, so let's have another fight." Qin Fang squeezed the water bottle in his hand and casually threw it to Hua Tong. He turned his head and continued, "If you cursed my friend... then no matter whether you want to fight again or not, we have to fight."

Zhou Siming was about to speak, but Qin Fang didn't give him a chance. He kicked him right in the stomach.

It was a heavy kick. After Qin Fang kicked him, Zhou Siming bent over. Qin Fang said to him, "In my opinion, the matter from last time is already over between us. Don't be so cheap again."

Zhou Siming glared at him, his eyes a little red, looking fierce. With that kick from Qin Fang, Zhou Siming definitely wouldn't fight him today, as that would clearly put him at a disadvantage and he couldn't beat him anyway.

Qin Fang was also too lazy to get entangled with him further, saying, "No matter who you cursed today, this kick is for you. If you want to get even, find me anytime."

After saying that, Qin Fang turned and left. Hua Tong also pulled Feng Zhe and Fan Linyi away. These two young masters would make things difficult to settle if they really started making a scene regardless of the consequences.

It was a small episode. Feng Zhe asked a few questions about what had happened before between Qin Fang and that person. Qin Fang didn't say, and he didn't ask again later.

In the end, Qin Fang and Hua Tong were still dragged out to play by these two that day. Feng Zhe was too good at making a fuss when he got drunk, flirting with any pretty girl he met in the bar.

Before he got completely drunk, Hua Tong took Qin Fang back to school, leaving Feng Zhe to Fan Linyi, fearing that this guy would make an endless scene if he got totally drunk and wouldn't let them leave.

Last time, Zhou Siming had kicked Qin Fang in the stomach. Qin Fang really hadn't intended to return the favor, considering the matter completely over for him. But Zhou Siming came forward asking for this kick, and Qin Fang's temper wasn't that good either. Since he was so restless, Qin Fang wouldn't go easy on himself.

Zhou Siming was lying on the sofa with his upper body bare, a pillow under his neck. Si Tu brought over a bottle of medicinal oil and handed it to Xing Yan, saying, "Rub it on for him."

Xing Yan glanced at it but didn't take it, saying, "No time."

"Aren't you free now? Help him massage it, he's in a lot of pain." Si Tu asked him with a light laugh.

Xing Yan got up and went to sit on the side, not even glancing at Zhou Siming, only dropping a light sentence: "He deserves it."

Zhou Siming glanced at him and muttered, "What a character..."

Si Tu couldn't stand the smell of the medicinal oil. Just as Zhou Siming was about to take it and casually rub it on himself, a hand reached out from the side, took the medicinal oil from Si Tu's hand, and came to sit on the carpet next to Zhou Siming.

That hand, with some medicinal oil on it, suddenly pressed on Zhou Siming's bruised skin. Zhou Siming couldn't help but hiss.

"Look at how little you can handle," the person rubbed Zhou Siming's stomach hard while snickering, "It's obvious at a glance that he's not someone to be trifled with, but you just had to let him kick you to feel good?"

"It hurts," Zhou Siming frowned, "Why are you using so much force?"

"I'm strong and healthy," the other party not only didn't reduce the force, but added a bit more, "If you think it hurts, don't use me. Do it yourself."

"Damn, be gentler, I said it hurts," Zhou Siming pushed that hand, looking angry, "It freaking hurts."

Si Tu came over and pressed on his stomach with his fingers, coughing a few times before asking, "Do you want to get it checked out?"

"No need, it's just the flesh that hurts." Zhou Siming was still frowning, looking like he was really in pain.

There were a total of four people in the room: Xing Yan sitting in front of the computer, Si Tu standing and watching, plus one baring his stomach, and one helping to massage the stomach. Zhou Siming would cry out in pain from time to time. Si Tu said, "It will probably take a few days to heal."

Zhou Siming was in so much pain that he cursed Qin Fang, his mouth still so cheap.

No one in the room responded to him, only Xing Yan glanced at him.

After this kick, Qin Fang didn't see Xing Yan on the fourth floor for quite a while. He figured that this kick had returned their positions to a state of opposition, and the other party didn't want to run into him again.

Qin Fang thought to himself, if he couldn't see him then so be it, otherwise it would be awkward again. This was really helpless. Last time, he had just gotten the other party to help save a seat, but that very afternoon he had another conflict with Zhou Siming.

Ah, fate toyed with people.

There were too many people in the library on Friday morning. Qin Fang felt that he had gotten up quite early, arriving before 9 o'clock, but after going around a few times, he didn't see any empty seats. They were either occupied by people or books.

Qin Fang sent a message in the group: Dengke, it seems I didn't make it for early food today, there are no seats.

Shen Dengke hurriedly replied: No problem, no problem, no problem! It's been hard on you already! I told you not to go, just sleep!

Qin Fang stood against the wall sending messages, feeling something flick at his head. He put down his phone and looked back, catching sight of Xing Yan raising his arm at him.

Qin Fang raised his eyebrows, and Xing Yan leaned back in his chair looking at him.

Qin Fang laughed, picked up the pen cap from the ground, and walked over.


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