Our Second Master

Our Second Master

Chapter 7 - Chapter 7

But I told him, "Second Master, I can't stay."

Second Master had his hand over his eyes, and after hearing my words, he didn't open his mouth nor let go.

I said, "Second Master, tell the steward whatever needs to be done, or he might not attend to it properly."

Second Master didn't move.

I took the initiative to call the steward in, and he bowed his head and stood to the side.

I said to him, "Steward, remember what I say."

The steward nodded and said, "Miss, what do you want to say?"

I said, "Second Master's leg is almost healed, but it often hurts on rainy days, so prepare hot towels in advance. There was an old pharmacy on the old street, called 'Huichun Hall', although it was a small shop, the doctor there was skilled, and he had been taking care of Second Master's leg for these years, so if there's any problem, you can go find him. The bamboo tube for the leg splint needs to be changed every three months, the woodworking shops in the big and small cities all know, and the cloth used to wrap the leg can't be too soft, silk won't stay, it needs to be wrapped with rough cloth. For the clothes Second Master wears, add an extra layer under the right sleeve, and as for the size of the pants I’ve informed the Madam accordingly.

"Second Master doesn't mind what he eats, but his taste is a bit heavy. The old doctor has instructed not to eat spicy food, so tell the kitchen to not put too much chili in the food.

"Pay attention at night, sometimes the Second Master can't sleep and likes to sit in the yard and drink. But he doesn't drink a lot, don't disturb him, secretly hide behind the house and watch, don't let him get hurt... steward?"

I had just said a few words when I saw the steward crying, and he knelt down again.


I didn't know what was wrong with the steward, I hadn't seen him cry like this when the old master was still here.

I turned my head, wanting Second Master to say something comforting to the steward, but Second Master hadn't moved, his palm still covered his eyes, only leaving a tightly shut mouth.

The steward said from the side, "Since Miss left, the master hasn't eaten anything for three days."

I widened my eyes and said to the Second Master, "Second Master, why don't you eat?"

The steward knocked his head and then stood up, saying, "Miss, I'm old and can't remember all these things, you should remember them yourself." After that he left.

I was stunned, is this how a steward should act?

"Little Monkey..." Second Master opened his mouth, and I quickly focused my attention. I said, "Second Master, what do you want to eat, I'll go call someone to make it."

Second Master seemed to have really thought about it, saying, "Noodles."

"Okay! You wait."

I quickly went to the kitchen and got a bowl of noodles, and on the way out, everyone was looking at me with extremely eager eyes. I was infected by this eagerness, thinking that no matter what method I use, this bowl of noodles must be fed to the Second Master.

I thought of how I had forced the Second Master to eat before when he refused.

That wouldn't do now, Second Master's arm, if I pinch it, I'll break.

But this time, the Second Master was particularly cooperative, I bought the noodles over and he ate them after a few pulls.

Seeing him eating with strength, I felt very relieved in my heart.

Second Master stopped eating while looking at the bowl of noodles, he said in a low voice, "Do you remember when we ate noodles before."

I said I remembered, he would come back late and we would often sit in the kitchen and eat noodles together at night. Now although we still eat noodles, this bowl is already made of jade porcelain.

Second Master said, "These few days when you were away, I was always thinking of this bowl of noodles."

I said, "Second Master, if you love to eat noodles, just tell the steward." Starving himself isn't an option.

Second Master smiled bitterly and said, "Sometimes, I really don't know if you're really stupid or pretending to be."

I didn't say anything.

The Second Master leaned on the bed and said softly, "There was a time when I went to Jiangsu, I encountered heavy rain, and the caravan was trapped in the mountain and couldn't get out."

I didn't know why the Second Master suddenly mentioned these things to me, but I still listened quietly.

The Second Master patted his leg and looked at me, saying, "At that time, even my bamboo tube was gone. We were so cold in the cave at night, afraid that we would die like this, so we talked to each other to encourage each other. The person sitting next to me asked me, 'You are like this, why are you still going out?' I told him that I had to make money. He laughed and said, 'That's right, who would run out and work hard if not for money?' I also told him that I was making money, but not for money. He asked me what I meant..."

the Second Master recalled the past, gently patting his leg, his voice was very calm.

"I told him that after I lost my legs, I looked back on my life and felt that it was meaningless. I didn't want to live originally. But one day I suddenly found that there was still someone in this world who was willing to work hard for a disabled person like me. But that person was so stupid, I was thinking, if I die like this, what can she count on? "

"Things that are treasured by the disabled are still worthless. So I told myself that I had to move forward and be a better person. I only have half of myself left, but I have to hold her up high. "

"No matter how bitterness I experience, I wander around outside, eating cold wind and swallowing sand, but as long as I think that she is enjoying in Hangzhou City, my heart will be relieved, and I will be able to go on."

I don't know when, the Second Master's eyes were red again, so red that I couldn't even look at it.

"Little monkey..." He grabbed my hand, bent down, and said beside my lowered face: "Do you know what I regret most in my life?"

I shook my head, I didn't know, I didn't know anything.

The Second Master trembled: "It's not remembering you."

He lifted my hand and put it on his chest. The hot tears dropped on my wrist, and I felt that my heart was about to die.

"What I regret most in my life is not remembering you." He tapped his chest with my hand. "You stayed in my yard for two years, but I couldn't remember you. I can even remember how many rockeries are in that yard, but I can't remember you. The only person who didn't leave me in this life, I can't remember her. Are you lying to me, did you really stay in that yard? "

I suddenly felt wronged to death, crying loudly: "I didn't lie to you, I stayed!"

The Second Master suddenly hugged me, and said in a low voice: "You didn't lie to me, I know you didn't lie to me. Now my retribution has come. There was you before, and I couldn't see it. Now I want to see, you are going to leave. Little monkey, do you still want me to live?"

I wailed and the Second Master smelled good, dry and warm. I cried for a long time and fell asleep directly in the Second Master's arms.

When I woke up, I found that the Second Master was also asleep. He was lying sideways, holding me in his arms.

As soon as I moved, the Second Master's hand tightened, and he opened his eyes.

I am a yellow-flower monkey, this is the first time I have woken up in a man's arms, I struggled to maintain my innocence.

The Second Master's arm was like an iron hoop. How could I break free, I asked the Second Master to let go. The Second Master looked at me, his face expressionless, and said: "If you let go, let me crawl to chase you."

I didn't move.

After all, the Second Master's embrace was so wide and warm.

After lying down for a while, I whispered, "I won't be a chambermaid."

The Second Master smiled low on my head and said, "Why?"

I said, "Chambermaids have to be stepped on..." That was all I had seen before.

The Second Master probably didn't understand the deeper meaning of my words, so he thought for a while and said, "You mean I'm going to hit you?" Then he quickly added, "I've never hit any other chambermaids before."

I nodded, "Yes, the Second Master has hit me."

The Second Master's arm stiffened, "What?"

I looked up at him and recounted the incident when I had acted like a monkey. The Second Master's face grew darker and darker as he listened, and by the end, he was trembling and sat up, looking at me with a hint of fear in his eyes.

"So... so you hate me, right? I hit you and you hate me, right..." It was the first time I had seen the Second Master so flustered. He turned away, and I thought he was about to grab his crutch, but instead he took a step forward.

I hurriedly called out to the Second Master, but he had already stumbled to the ground.

I rushed off the bed and saw that his leg had been scraped and was bleeding. I wanted to go out and get some medicine, but the Second Master grabbed my hand.

"Don't go, little monkey, don't go." The Second Master lay on the ground, not caring about propriety, and gripped my hand tightly. "Hit me back, hit me. I hit you, so hit me back."

Finally, I figured out what was going on.

I crouched down and supported the Second Master's shoulder, carrying him back onto the bed.

I said to him, "Second Master, the past is in the past, just forget about it."

The Second Master hung his head, looking very pained.

My foolish monkey mind suddenly had an idea, and I quickly said, "Second Master, I don't want to be a chambermaid."

The Second Master still hung his head and muttered, "Will being the Madam of my chamber do it?"

I was taken aback, what was a chamber Madam?

I cautiously asked him, "Second Master, how many chamber Madams are there?"

The Second Master suddenly raised his head and glared at me. He growled, "How many Madams were there in the Yang estate before?!"

I thought for a moment and replied, "There was only one Madam."

I was about to make a fool of myself.

Then I suddenly realized what was going on. The Second Master saw that my monkey eyes had lit up, and he knew that I had probably understood. He snorted and turned away.

I looked at him and said, "Second Master, your face is so red."

The Second Master turned around and gave me a cold smile.

I immediately knew that I was in for a sad ending.

Sure enough, in the next moment, the Second Master pushed me lightly and I fell back onto the bed like a dead monkey. The Second Master leaned over me and lightly pressed down on me.

I shivered and asked him, "Second Master, what's that smell on you? Why does it smell so nice?"

The Second Master propped himself up and looked at me, saying softly, "It's the smell of a man."

I didn't dare say anything else.

That day, I personally experienced the "heavenly pleasure" that the chambermaids had talked about.

It really was heavenly pleasure.

What's sad is — I'm no longer the little yellow monkey.

I looked at the Second Master, who was sleeping soundly beside me. He often asked me when was the first time he saw me, and I said I had forgotten.

But I was lying.

How could I possibly forget that day.

He was wearing a white robe and sitting in the hall, his slender hands holding a teacup, and he said to me, "Lift your head."

I lifted my head and saw him first frown and then laugh, saying, "You look just like a monkey." All the chambermaids around laughed, but I didn't care.

I just kept looking at him, looking at him high above me, like looking at a fairy in my heart.

Before, I thought that someone like the Second Master, I would probably never be able to touch even a finger in my entire life.

Later, when the Second Master got injured, I stayed to take care of him. Even though it was a little tough, at least he had come down from the altar, and I was able to touch him.

Who would have thought that the Second Master was so powerful, and he had crawled out of hell by himself. I thought he would go back to his previous lofty place, but instead he came back with me, holding my hand.

Later, the Second Master often asked me to tell him stories from the past. If I didn't, he would get angry, and after I told him he would be in a bad mood. At first I felt sorry for him, but then I thought it was quite fun.

However, I only dared to tell him stories of when he was angry. I never said anything about when he was calm and passed by me without a word.

Because I was afraid that if I talked, some feelings would be revealed.


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