Our Second Master

Our Second Master

Chapter 5 - Chapter 5

For that thing, the Second Master had been angry for half a month. Later, he was too busy and he forgot to be angry.

I hardly see the Second Master now.

He leaves early and comes back late every day, and sometimes he only comes back to sleep every two or three days. The Second Master's originally white face has also darkened a lot.

However, there is one change that I think is good, that is, the Second Master has become strong. In fact, the Second Master's body was not thin before, but because of the injury, his body bones looked weak. In the past few months, the Second Master's back has widened, his chest has become thick, and his arms have also become strong.

One night when the Second Master came back late, he asked me to eat together. I said that I would clean up the table immediately, but the Second Master said no, we would eat directly in the kitchen. The Second Master sat on a small stool, holding a bowl and eating big mouthfuls.

I was stunned.

The Second Master put down the bowl and said inadvertently, "What are you looking at me for?"

My head was blank, and I said, "This servant is looking... looking at the Second Master's change."

"Oh?" The Second Master was full and lazy. He looked at me and said, "What changed?"

I said, "It's just different from before."

The Second Master was stunned and then pressed his legs lightly. He said in a low voice, "It's indeed different."

I knew he misunderstood, and I waved my hand vigorously, "Not because... not because of this."

The Second Master looked at me and didn't say anything. I was only busy explaining, "What this servant said changed, is... is other areas."

The Second Master said, "What places?" I thought for a long time and blurted out, "The Second Master is darker." As soon as I said it, I really wanted to slap myself.

The Second Master was stunned and laughed out loud. He touched his face and nodded,

"Yeah, it's dark." He touched it and touched a dead skin on the side of his face. He threw it away and said, "It's also rough."

I looked at the Second Master's straight chin and distinct eyebrows. He was wearing thick cloth clothes and a belt around his waist. He just bent slightly, and the wide and thick back stretched the clothes tightly.

Suddenly, I felt that the person who wore loose silk and satin long gown and hugged the beautiful girl to play in the painting boat on West Lake only existed in dreams.

While I was in a trance, the Second Master looked at me and said, "Which master do you think is better?"

The Second Master's voice has also changed, it is more low and steady than before. Sometimes I have the illusion that I am serving the old master.

After hearing the Second Master's words, I didn't think about it and said, "The current one is better."

The Second Master seemed to be nervous about something. After I finished speaking, his shoulders relaxed, and he touched my head with his hand. "Go and rest."

I went back to the room in a daze and fell asleep.

After a while, the Second Master couldn't go outside every day.

Because the plum rain season has come.

At first I didn't notice anything, I just felt that the Second Master liked to stay in the room recently. Later, one night, when I went out to relieve myself, in the crackling rain, I heard movement in the Second Master's room.

I crept over and listened at the window. It was the Second Master's voice. The voice was too painful, so I didn't know what to do for a while.

I put the umbrella aside and opened a small gap in the window to look in.

In the dark room, the Second Master was curled up, holding his legs with his hands, biting the quilt, and roaring in bursts.

The rain outside was still falling, and the cold wind blew into the room. The Second Master suddenly raised his head.

Under the moonlight, his face was full of pain, just like it had been raining. Seeing me, he didn't come back to his senses. His gaze was scattered.

My mind was blank, and I turned and rushed out. I didn't take an umbrella or wear a coat. I ran to the pharmacy and knocked on the door.

The shopkeeper was about to hit someone when he came out, but when he saw my appearance, he stepped back in fright.

I knew I looked no different from a female ghost.

The old man woke up from his dream in a bad mood. I knelt down to him, kowtowed, and incoherently begged him to save our Second Master. After half an incense stick, he finally opened a prescription and grabbed a package of medicine for me.

I was afraid the medicine would get wet, so I wrapped it up in my clothes and ran madly home.

Carefully, I fed it to the Second Master. Then, the Second Master who had become strong and sturdy in my eyes, fell asleep in my arms like a fragile child.

The next day, the Second Master was better. He looked at me for a long time without saying anything.

After the mess last night, my clothes were still wet, my hair was sticking to my head strand by strand, and there was mud and blood on my knees and forehead. Perhaps due to the injury, the Second Master's eyes were a bit red.

He waved to me and said softly, "Come here." I was so dirty I didn't dare to go, so I said to the Second Master, "Let this servant go change clothes first." The Second Master looked at me, his lips trembling, and finally nodded.

I became more and more confused about the Second Master.

Later, the Second Master recovered from his injury and became more active.

At this time, the Eldest Master also returned. The Eldest Master was even more miserable when he returned than when the Second Master returned home from his injury.

He was supported by Yuan Sheng and returned home in a haggard state. I was shocked, and Yuan Sheng pulled me aside and said in a low voice, "The Eldest Master was deceived and all his money was taken away."

After saying this, he looked around curiously and said, "Eh? Why are there so many things in the house?" I unconsciously straightened my back and said, "The Second Master bought them!"

Yuan Sheng was shocked. I told Yuan Sheng what had happened in the past few months, and his eyes were almost bulging out of his head.

Just when he was about to say something, the Second Master returned from outside and saw me and Yuan Sheng standing in the corner talking. His face instantly turned green.

I quickly patted Yuan Sheng's hand, meaning that the master had come, and we couldn't talk anymore. When the Second Master saw this, his face became even greener.

So the consequence of gossiping about the master behind his back was that Yuan Sheng did not have dinner that night.

Why could I have dinner?

I don't know either.

The Second Master knew that the Eldest Master had been deceived and his mood was not very good. He called the Eldest Master into the room and spoke for a whole morning. When he came out, the Eldest Master spoke to the Second Master in the same way as he used to talk to the old master.

I watched from a distance and felt that although the Second Master was half the height of others, I always felt that the one who needed to be looked up to was our Second Master.

After that, the Eldest Master stayed at home to take care of things and let the Second Master go out. In this way, he went out for one or two months at a time.

Gradually, things changed at home. At the end of the year, we moved to a new house.

Although it was not as big as the Yang family's mansion before, it was much brighter and more servants were added. Unfortunately, the Second Master was not there when we moved.

I don't know what the Second Master said to the Eldest Master when he left, but the Eldest Master did not let me work and gave me a lot of new clothes to wear.

Yuan Sheng said to me, "You have made a name for yourself."

I didn't really understand what it meant.

Later, the Second Master came back once, it was late at night, and he left before it got light.

When I woke up, Yuan Sheng told me that the Second Master had stayed in my room all night. I don't know why the Second Master didn't wake me up.

Half a year later, the Second Master came back.

This time when he returned, the whole city of Hangzhou was talking about the Second Master.

They gave him a nickname - "Half God of Wealth." I wanted to say that the God of Wealth is the God of Wealth, why add the word "half".

However, the Second Master didn't care about this at all.

When he returned, it was late autumn and I was tidying up the yard.

Although the housekeeper didn't let me do anything, I remembered that I was a loyal maidservant and had to work every day to sleep. I swept the leaves on the ground, and when I looked back, I saw the person sitting on the stone bench.

I don't know when the Second Master sat down, and there was even a pot of tea next to him.

He was wearing a white silk satin dress, with a black robe outside, his hair was tied up high, and a jade bracelet was worn on his thumb. Although it was simple, the whole person was indescribably noble.

I said, "Second master, you are back."

He gave a faint "hmm" and still looked at me. I looked around and said, "This servant will go find the housekeeper."

He didn't let me go, he said to me, "Come here." I walked over, and the Second Master looked at the broom in my hand and said, "What is this?" It turned out that the Second Master still liked to ask this question.

I said, "It's a broom."

The Second Master said lightly, "Throw it away."

I would never throw something in front of the master, so I put the broom aside. Then I respectfully stood next to the Second Master.

The Second Master gave me a glance and said, "Change into a different outfit tonight and go out with me."

I said yes.

When it was evening and I stood in front of the Second Master, he said to me rigidly, "I didn't ask you to change from one tattered outfit to another."

I sighed, hesitating to go back and change, but the Second Master waved his hand and said, "No need, let's go."

The West Lake was bustling, and I was mesmerized by the beautiful painted boats in the lake.

The Second Master led me to the biggest one. Before we even boarded, a few people emerged from inside, laughing so hard their eyes were gone.

"Oh wow, Second Master, you've made us wait." The few people welcomed the Second Master onto the boat and I followed behind.

It was my first time on a painted boat, and it was spacious and bright inside, decorated with a magnificent golden and jade glow. There were two tables, and many beautiful singing girls playing music.

I glanced around and saw that the maids and servants were all standing respectfully on the side, dressed neatly.

I finally understood why the Second Master asked me to change, and I felt embarrassed.

Although I was embarrassed, I had to fulfill my duties as a maid. I went to stand in line with the other maids and servants, bowing respectfully and waiting for instructions.

When I passed by, the other maids all looked at me strangely.

Sure enough, I didn't belong here. I looked guiltily towards the Second Master, and just happened to catch him looking at me. His gaze was strange too, as if he was saying, "What are you doing here?"

He raised his hand, "Come here."

I had no choice, so I stood behind him.

The Second Master wasn't done yet, patting the seat next to him.

I didn't understand.

The Second Master was too lazy to explain it to me, and the man observing us noticed. He quickly smiled at me and said, "Miss, please sit."


I sat down expressionlessly.


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