Nine Heavens

Nine Heavens

Chapter 5 - Chapter 5

The faces of Huang Wenjun and the other two instantly turned deathly pale.

Earlier, the other party was focused on seizing the treasure, and Huang Wenjun and the others had set up a barrier. The two sides were not close to each other, so they were not discovered for a while.

But Liu Xiaowan's unrestrained gasp instantly put them in an extremely dangerous situation.

After thousands of years, the spiritual energy on the continent had gradually become scarce, so it became increasingly difficult for cultivators to advance in later stages. If it could be said that 5,000 years ago in the era of Zhou Yin, nascent soul cultivators were everywhere and golden core cultivators were as common as dogs, then now, across the entire continent, let alone Deity Transformation stage, there were only a few dozen nascent soul cultivators in total, distributed among the major sects. As for a declining third-rate sect like Mirror Sea Sword Sect, there were at most a few golden core stage cultivators.

Take the outer hall overseer Ye Jingyun for example, he was only at the middle stage of Qi Refining.

At present, let alone there being only four of them, even if there were ten Qi Refining disciples standing here, they might not be a match for this person. Moreover, the other party had a magic weapon in hand and was ruthless, killing even former fellow disciples, let alone a few mere Qi Refining disciples.

Hiding was useless, so Zhou Yin simply stood up and walked out.

He Yun hated Liu Xiaowan for causing trouble, but at this time she had no time to settle scores with her. That person was bound to discover that there was more than one person here, so they had to follow and walk out.

The murderous treasure-seizing Lü Hanyuan was holding a lamp and examining it carefully. Seeing them appear, he was not surprised at all, but instead sneered: "I was wondering who was hiding on the side eavesdropping, turns out it's a few clowns at the Qi Refining stage!"

As soon as Huang Wenjun saw the other party's clothing color, he couldn't help but exclaim: "You are from Qinggu Sect?!"

"The little kid has some knowledge, so what if I am?"

"We are from Mirror Sea Sword Sect. If you kill us, you will be making an enemy of the entire Mirror Sea Sect!" As he said this, Huang Wenjun's voice trembled a little, and his palms kept sweating.

The other party's expression was as if he had heard a very funny joke: "I'm afraid that if I kill you few, not only will your sect leader not dare to make a fuss, in the future when he sees our Qinggu Sect, he will still have to bow and scrape like a dog, haha!"

Not only Huang Wenjun, but even the two girls He Yun and Liu Xiaowan became somewhat angry hearing the other party's arrogant words, but this was the reality. The other party was not killing them now only because he felt they could not escape his grasp, so it didn't matter to toy with them a bit longer.

He Yun bit her lower lip: "If we swear not to tell anyone, can you let us go?"

"If you are willing to follow me," his gaze circled between Liu Xiaowan and He Yun, with eyes appraising them like goods. "Then it can be considered."

The two girls shuddered all over. He Yun slightly lowered her head, her expression complex, as if she was really considering it.

Zhou Yin watched coldly from the side, not missing the murderous intent in Lü Hanyuan's eyes. He knew that this time the other party was determined to kill them to silence them, and there was absolutely no room for turning things around.

If they fought to the death, perhaps there was still a sliver of hope for survival. Therefore, while Huang Wenjun and He Yun were talking with the other party, he remained motionless, looking for an opportunity.

Lü Hanyuan seemed to have calculated that they could not escape, and was in no hurry to make a move. Instead, he was a bit impatient to lower his head and look at the Purple Mist Falling Shadow Lamp in his hand, his face filled with uncontainable joy.

This lamp was a family heirloom of the Fan family, a defensive magic weapon. It was said to be able to block a fatal blow from a nascent soul cultivator, but it needed to be nourished with the owner's blood. The longer it was nourished and the higher the owner's cultivation, the higher the degree of attack it could withstand.

Fan Ximu was in possession of a treasure while having low cultivation, naturally attracting the covetous eyes of others in the sect. This led to Lü Hanyuan's master instructing him to hunt down Fan Ximu. However, Lü Hanyuan had his own schemes. Having obtained the magic weapon, he no longer intended to hand it over, nor did he plan to return to Qinggu Sect.

Now was the time!

While Lü Hanyuan lowered his head to look at the lamp, his attention drawn by the brilliance surrounding the magic weapon, Zhou Yin made his move.

He scattered the Snake Scorpion Beauty from his sleeve.

Snake Scorpion Beauty was a common medicinal herb. Its pollen could make people temporarily dizzy and blind. When Zhou Yin went out to gather herbs, he had specifically paid attention to it and collected some to be prepared. He didn't expect it to actually come in handy today.

The other party obviously did not expect a mere little Qi Refining disciple to dare launch a sneak attack on him. Before he could put up a defense, he felt a burning pain on his face and couldn't help but retreat several steps.

But Zhou Yin did not give him a chance to catch his breath. Almost at the same time, he made a hand seal and shouted: "Chi!"

The wooden sword on his back flew out as if spiritually assisted, stabbing towards Lü Hanyuan.

This was a sword control technique that should have only been learned at the middle stage of Foundation Establishment. At the critical moment, Zhou Yin disregarded the backlash from using a higher-level technique and used it.

Huang Wenjun and the others had no time to ponder why Zhou Yin could use a Foundation Establishment cultivator's technique. They stared blankly at this scene, seemingly also not expecting Zhou Yin to be so bold and reckless.

"Don't just stand there, make a move!" Zhou Yin's voice was ice-cold, but his chest was surging with blood and qi, barely able to support himself. His current cultivation was too weak, and it was already so strenuous to use a higher-level sword control technique.

Huang Wenjun reacted and quickly added a Water Cascade Technique to the wooden sword. He Yun also silently chanted an incantation, summoning a sky full of ice arrows stabbing towards the enemy.

Although Lü Hanyuan was only at the initial stage of Foundation Establishment, he had just fought with Fan Ximu after all, consuming quite a bit of his energy. Now with Zhou Yin and the others making a move, he instantly spat out a mouthful of blood.

But Zhou Yin knew very well that their current attacks were only taking advantage of Lü Hanyuan being caught off guard. Once he reacted, it would be the end for them.

So he did not linger in battle at all. As soon as his move landed, he immediately retreated, shouting "Run!" and turned to flee.

At a critical juncture of life and death, Huang Wenjun and the others had no time for the slightest hesitation. Almost at the same moment Zhou Yin shouted to run, they also summoned their flying magic tools and escaped.

The facts proved that human potential was limitless. Their usual flying speed practice might not even reach one-tenth of their current speed.

Lü Hanyuan was both shocked and enraged. He had never expected to have misjudged the situation. Not only did he fail to silence them, he was instead ambushed. He could naturally catch up to them now, but he had already injured his vital energy.

If he let them escape back to the sect and see the elders, his conspiracy would be exposed and it would not be easy for him to extricate himself then. Although the Mirror Sea Sect had declined, they could still find two or three golden core stage cultivators, which he certainly could not match.

He looked at the Purple Mist Falling Shadow Lamp in his hand and snorted coldly.

Let them be at ease for a few more days!

Huang Wenjun and the others drew down their spiritual power and ran a long distance before discovering that the other party had not caught up. Only then did they let out a sigh of relief.

Zhou Yin's face was pale, his eyes tightly closed, his body supported only by a wooden sword stuck in the ground.

"Ah Yin, are you alright!" He Yun was full of worry, her eyes brimming with tears.

Liu Xiaowan cried out in alarm: "Ah Yin, your back is covered in blood!"

When they had fled earlier, Lü Hanyuan had swung his Fiery Cloud Sword after them, slashing Zhou Yin's back.

Her cry had an adverse effect. As soon as she shouted, Zhou Yin vomited a mouthful of blood and collapsed to the side.

"Ah Yin!"


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