Lie Huo Jiao Chou

Lie Huo Jiao Chou

Chapter 8 - Chapter 8

Xuan Ji's first reaction was: "Fat girl, go out and notify the field team downstairs."

Ping Qian answered plainly: "Director Xiao should have notified them already. The outside personnel at Chiyuan are now being directly commanded by the headquarters. You can rest assured."

Xuan Ji: "..."

There was still less than fifteen minutes left. In case Xiao Zheng and his waste of a field team didn't catch the curse-caster, this would be the first line of defense in the face of the heavenly demon. 

The two of them were like guarding a bomb. The emphasis of what Xuan Ji said just now was "go out", not "notify". In order to prevent a "you should go quickly" and "no, I can't leave you" type of melodrama, he deliberately arranged a task for her as an excuse, so that she could have an excuse to flee.

If this girl was a little smarter, she should know that she should hurry up and run quickly.

But this fat girl was a little dull, and didn't understand the leader's good intentions at all. She still worried about Bi Chunsheng who was with the suspect, and comforted herself half-heartedly: "Sister Bi has been working for almost thirty years and is still in the second line of the Security Department. Well, she is experienced and will definitely be fine! Stay calm, we can win."

Xuan Ji: "..."

Stay calm my ass! Video games have ruined the youth nowadays!

"I'm telling you to go out!" In desperation, Xuan Ji didn't beat around the bush. "Don't bother me here!"

Ping Qianru was a little aggrieved and a little afraid when she was yelled at by him. The young girl with her social fear did not dare to refute her boss. She lowered her head, picked up her tablet computer, and turned around to the stairs. The thick white fog outside the window poured into the broken window, and the broken glass stuck to the window sill shook, covering Qianru's footsteps.

At this time, several "tourists" who illegally broke into the Chiyuan Grand Canyon were on a minibus. After the intern of the local branch, Xiao Li, withdrew, he began to help evacuate the people in the hospital and was escorting these people to the nearest county hospital with Bi Chunsheng. They still need to stay in the hospital for one night to make sure that their memories are all gone.

The driver drove very steadily. Xiao Li was drowsy in the copilot. When he received the call, his eyes were still closed.

The injured were sleeping in a mess in the back car. Sister Bi Chunsheng was energetic and was still knitting. Her last sleeve was at the closing and was about to be completed.

Xiao Li rubbed his face dazedly, rubbed his eyes, and glanced at the incoming call display: "Hey, captain, uh... We are almost at the county hospital. We will be there soon..."

The field team leader on the phone interrupted him: "Xiao Li, listen to me quietly."

Xiao Li closed his mouth, put his ear close to the microphone, and after a moment, he was so awake that he couldn't be more awake.

The car lights swept across them as a car passed by in the opposite direction. The young intern held the phone stiffly and glanced at the rearview mirror. In the pale car lights, he met a pair of eyes -- in the back seat, the small-mustached leader, who woke up at some point, was looking at him with three white eyes, and Bi Chunsheng next to him was still counting the knitting buttons on the wool without noticing.

Sweat slid down from Xiao Li's forehead.

Over the phone, the young team leader felt the intern's tension and lowered his voice: "Don't show it, walk forward normally, the placement point at the county hospital has been communicated, our people will ambush at the door, don't panic, don't scare the snake out of the grass."

Xiao Li bit his tongue and tried to act as if nothing had happened: "I know, captain, you can rest assured."

Unfortunately, the field training did not teach acting skills, and Xiao Li was a mess as soon as he appeared, his voice was tense and his tone was exaggerated, and he even broke the tone at the end!

Oh no!

At this moment, Bi Chunsheng suddenly raised his head, looked at him faintly, and asked kindly: "Xiao Li, is it cold?"

Xiao Li had not finished his internship and had just started working. First, he almost had an intimate contact with the big demon, then he was forced to stay in the same car with the vicious suspect, and he didn't know what kind of luck it was. His calf began to twitch, and he showed Bi Chunsheng a face uglier than crying.

"Hey, look at you, I said what, just close the window, but you didn’t listen! Got a cold now? You kids now, if you don't listen to the elderly, you’ll suffer losses without making money!" Bi Chunsheng's mother-like words scolded him endlessly, "Ah, later, after sending these people off, you can go home quickly - I said, how far is it from the placement point?"

While speaking, Bi Chunsheng raised her eyelids imperceptibly and exchanged a glance with Xiao Li through the rearview mirror.

She noticed something was wrong!

Xiao Li's heart fell back into his stomach with a "thud".

"Ah, soon!" Xiao Li cleared his throat and said to the team leader over the phone at the same time, "There is a corner left, I can see the building."

"Just a few stitches," Bi Chunsheng snorted, her face showing no clue, while slowly collecting the wool, he also woke up the few "tourist friends", "Wake up, we’re almost here."

Then she took out a bag of wet wipes from her pocket and divided them among several people: "Wipe your face quickly, wake up, don't get blown on by the wind and catch a cold."

At 10:52, the car slowly drove past the intersection and entered the placement point. Xiao Li looked at the plainclothes officers standing at the door with his eyes wide open, and his sweaty palm made him almost unable to hold the phone.

"Get off slowly," Bi Chunsheng stood up and pushed out the girl with broken legs who had the most inconvenient movement first. "Let the seriously injured go first, Xiao Li, give someone a hand and help them."

Xiao Li was tense all over, and he clenched his teeth tightly as he snatched the girl away like she was a kidnap victim.

"Ouch!" the girl with the broken leg stumbled as he dragged her away, "What are you doing, be gentle!" 

"Gently," Bi Chunsheng's gaze shot out from behind the mirror, and she said to Xiao Li with a deep meaning, "Don't be in a hurry." 

Then, she quickly helped the others get off the car, either intentionally or unintentionally blocking the little mustached man. At the same time, Xiao Li's gaze caught a glimpse of the plainclothes agents from the reception center approaching this side. 

Bi Chunsheng pushed the last person off the car, and only then seemed to have noticed the little mustached man: "Hey, there's still one person here, hurry and get down." 

While speaking, she was about to jump off the car, as if to make room for the little mustached man. 

The plainclothes agents had moved–

Somehow, the little mustached man suddenly sensed something, and his face showed a fierce expression. Just as Bi Chunsheng was about to jump down, he grabbed her neck from behind and lifted the thin middle-aged woman onto the car, tightly grabbing her neck. 

"Don't come over here!" 

"Don't move!" 

Bi Chunsheng's flower mirror was smashed, forcing her to raise her head while standing on tiptoe. The little mustached man had a fierce expression on his face and large patches of text began to appear on his bare neck and face. It was ten fifty-six.

He lifted Bi Chunsheng up and blocked his head and neck with his body, only exposing a crazy eye.

The two sides were in a stalemate.
"I'll strangle her... I'll strangle her! If you dare... dare!" The little mustached man mumbled incoherently, his cheek muscles twitched, as if he was having a seizure. He dragged Bi Chunsheng into the car, and Bi Chunsheng opened her mouth with difficulty, trying to say something, but the little mustached man suddenly twisted her neck, blocking her windpipe. Bi Chunsheng's breathing became difficult, her face turned red, and her feet struggled. 

The little mustached man roared: "I know what your special ability is, shut up!" 

"Where's the sniper?" 

"No good, can't get an angle, the hostage is blocking him!" 

Xiao Li anxiously said: "But the mithril bullets are able to dodge ordinary people, right?" 

"Dodge what! Didn't you see that the female receptionist is also a special ability? The mithril can't distinguish between them!" 

10:56:59... 57. 

Every second that the second hand moved forward was like a countdown. 

57:10, 57:20–

"Director Xiao, the field commander asks if you... " 

Xiao Zheng's eyebrows pressed heavily on his eyelids. 

"If... er... if..." The plainclothes agent stuttered many times, unable to say the sentence, but everyone understood– would he decide to sacrifice a common employee, to break up this desperate and dark ritual?

The Bureau of Paranormal Control’s headquarters was brightly lit, in the conference room, all eyes turned to Xiao Zheng again, and at the same time, the heads of all branches around the world were waiting for his command. 

They all wanted him to oversee this "big picture," but they all felt sorry for him.


"Director Xiao, one minute left!"

Xiao Zheng had no choice but to accept his fate.

Though the goal of the Yin Sacrifice was unknown, the extent of the damage to be caused by the demons was unknown, and the ancient studies department couldn't give a reliable explanation; though the "thousand people sacrifice" is questionable as to whether a thousand people were really killed, and the the horrifying legends and murals need to be discussed...but the fourteen-year-old infected with the Mirror Flower Water Moon Butterfly is real, the boy's brain is already controlled by the butterfly, and if the caster is not resolved, he will become a sacrifice under the gaze of the entire Bureau in one minute.

"In order to ensure the safety of the hostages as much as possible," Xiao Zheng felt that his voice was cold, he didn't know if it was his speech or his heart that was cold, "immediately execute the suspect, no matter the cost."

In the Chiyuan Hospital, Sheng Lingyuan seemed to have smelled the arrival of midnight, he slightly raised his head, glanced at the dim sky, and suddenly asked Xuan Ji: "You are from the Qingping Division?"

"The Qingping Division disappeared over seven hundred years ago." Xuan Ji's heart moved, and he asked in return, "You...know the Qingping Division? You said you couldn't even remember who you are?"

Sheng Lingyuan's expression was a bit blank for a moment, his gaze spread out from the foggy mist, as if searching for some very faint memories, which made him look a bit human. But that little bit of humanity was thin, it disappeared in a blink of an eye, then he lazily smiled: "Vaguely remember something, when I saw you, a word suddenly floated in my heart — you were raised by someone since you were little, otherwise why would such a pure-blooded creature be so devoted to mortals?"

"What pure-blooded or not, it's all in the past," Xuan Ji replied vaguely, seemingly acknowledging the words "pure-blooded" and "raised by someone", then he asked again, "You said 'mortals' one moment, and demons' the next, so what are you? Not human, not a demon — a god?"

"Childish talk," the heavenly demon was amused by him, "where do the gods come from in this world?"

Xuan Ji: "......"

He never expected that the heavenly demon would be an atheist.

"Gods are just people's projections." Sheng Lingyuan paused and after a while, he said softly, "Me? I'm probably a delusion of the people...what happened before my life is too long ago, I can't remember."

He said this, the smile on his face faded, a cold disdain flashed, as if suddenly feeling a little bored: "Forget it."

Xuan Ji felt something, his pupils slightly contracted, and then, all the locks tying up the heavenly demon broke, metal fragments like bullets flew in all directions, Xuan Ji was pushed back by the force and smashed into the ice wall behind him.

Sheng Lingyuan raised his hand towards the window, and half of the wall of the hospital responded with a sound and shattered, he swept away the smoke, about to go out from the window. The wind flew from behind him, Sheng Lingyuan waved his hand without looking back, the coins thrown at him strangely curved collectively and passed him by.


Xiao Zheng's command was passed to the front line in an instant, the sniper who held the mithril bullet felt a heavy burden on his shoulders, and the intern Xiao Li opened his eyes incredulously, as if he could condemn the cold-hearted command with his eyes.

Just then, as Bi Chunsheng struggled, he suddenly hooked two fingers together and made a subtle gesture outside the scene, signaling for assistance.

“Wait! Big Sister Bi gave a signal that the target has been caught.”

At 59 minutes and 20 seconds, the girl with the broken leg who had been cowering in fear behind the assistant suddenly shook twice before collapsing to the ground. Soon after, the other "tourists" also fell down one after another, unconscious.

Xiao Li widened his eyes - he remembered, before they got off the car, Bi Chunsheng had given them a pack of wet wipes!

Xuan Ji, from the Chiyuan Hospital, frowned and reached back to touch his own back. Just then, a burst of electric sparks crackled in mid-air, and a huge electric net descended from above, enveloping Sheng Lingyuan's head. The electricity collided with the black mist surrounding him, creating a burnt smell in the air. Sheng Lingyuan was momentarily halted and lightly landed on a shattered window. Seven or eight figures dressed in deep gray uniforms, each with "Wind God" written on their collars, sealed off every possible escape route for the demon. The reinforcements from the special forces had arrived!

Xuan Ji paused and wiped off the water on the back of his neck with his hand before lowering it.

“Wind God Two, Gu Yuexi.” 

The leader of the reinforcement team, a pretty girl with slightly drooping eyelids and a somewhat listless look, called out to Xuan Ji, carrying a rocket launcher that had taken over the high ground of the opposite building. 

"Is the person inside the director of the Post-Disaster Relief Department? Are you okay?"

"Thanks, alive and well, tail and whiskers intact!" Xuan Ji replied.

The "Wind God" team was truly the ace of the Bureau of Paranormal Affairs. In the time it took Xuan Ji to reply with just eight words, the Wind God team had already launched three waves of attacks. First, the climbing ivy downstairs in the hospital erupted and quickly "sewed" the wall that had been breached by the demon shut. In an instant, a dense and intricate net was woven. The black mist around Sheng Lingyuan took the shape of a big sickle, slicing through the vines more than half a foot thick. Meanwhile, the mithril bullets that covered the sky also arrived. Although the demon was not afraid of "mithril," he was momentarily dazzled by the rain-like bullets and slightly turned his head, giving the opportunity for the Wind God team to launch an attack.

What came out of the barrel was not fire or powder, but a water ball, which had a miniature "Penrose Triangle" inside

As soon as it was fired, the water ball shattered into countless water droplets, dispersing and attaching to the dense mithril bullets, which were scattered all over the black mist on the demon's body. As those small water droplets dispersed, every brick and stone in front of Xuan Ji began to twist and distort rapidly. He immediately realized that it was a space-folding array that was tailored to this demon's high attack and defense, almost entirely immune to physical attacks.

At this moment, it was already 10:59:30.

On the other side at the safe house, the small mustached man also stumbled visibly. Despite seeming to have no strength left to retaliate, Bi Chunsheng suddenly curled herself up and fiercely bumped backward.

The small mustached man grunted in pain, grabbing Bi Chunsheng's hair and wrestling with her in the cramped space.

Bi Chunsheng hoarsely shouted, "You have no strength left!"

As her voice fell, the small mustached man instinctively loosened his grip, and then he roared and contorted his features almost beyond recognition as he fiercely seized Bi Chunsheng's throat. At this point, there were only ten seconds left until midnight!

Ten, nine, eight…

Not enough time!

At that moment, the truck suddenly started up, and a field agent who had snuck to the front of the car suddenly grabbed one of the wheels. This was a special ability of the power type. His neck veins bulged as he yelled loudly, and he held onto the several-ton minibus with one hand, causing it to shake violently. 

Little mustache, who was already at the end of his rope, suddenly lost his balance.

Five, four…

At the last moment, Little Mustache held onto the door and struggled to death.

He used his last remaining strength to lift Bi Chunsheng!


At this moment, a knitting needle flew out of thin air and pierced Little Mustache's wrist. Little Mustache screamed.


A silver light tore through the night sky, Bi Chunsheng fell to the ground, rolled and coughed, unable to catch her breath - Little Mustache had a mithril bullet in his eyebrow.

It was time!

The mithril bullet exploded instantly, and Little Mustache's whole body was swallowed by the blinding silver light.

At Chiyuan Hospital, Sheng Lingyuan quickly flew out. The figure flashed, and he had already arrived at the opposite building where Gu Team Leader was hiding. However, it was already late, and when he was just a hair's breadth away from Gu Team Leader, he inexplicably returned to the original point.

The spell folded the local space into a higher dimension, infinitely looping and infinitely extending, trapping the heavenly demon inside.

For a moment, all sounds were quiet.

Until a voice broke the silence of the Bureau headquarters.

"Director Xiao, the child is alive, the vital signs are stable, prepare to send him into the cryotherapy room for surgery."

Xiao Zheng swayed on his feet.

He had made it just in time and the dark ritual was interrupted!

At the scene, Xiao Li's feet softened - his special ability had always been very useless and he could only move some small objects through the air. Although he was an agent, he could only do some auxiliary work in the local area.

The knitting needle that flew up just now was the first time he had successfully attacked someone in his life. He was so nervous that he was sweating all over and he had no strength left.

Bi Chunsheng hadn't breathed out yet when he was lying on the ground and couldn't say anything. She just gave Xiao Zheng a thumbs up from afar.

In the Chiyuan Hospital, a "Wind God" special forces raised his electronic watch at eleven o'clock exactly.

Although the demon was successfully captured, Gu Team Leader's eyes stayed on Sheng Lingyuan's body. Her expression was puzzled and solemn, as if she had seen something incomprehensible from the demon.

Before Xuan Ji had a chance to take a breath, he heard a faint voice from the corner of the stairs: "Director Xuan! The placement point sent a message, they’ve successfully killed the caster!"

Xuan Ji stumbled: "What are you still doing here! Didn't you say to let you not be here to get in the way?"

Ping Qianru was confused and said: "But... But you are here, where should I go, Director Xuan? Even Old Luo is waiting downstairs."

Xuan Ji: "You... "

For some reason, Xuan Ji always felt that there was something wrong with her sentence, but before he could think about it carefully, an inexplicable sense of crisis suddenly flashed through his mind.

The next moment, he heard a light laugh.

At the same time, the Gu Team Leader changed color in shock: "All retreat!"

Only to see that in the space folding array, the white robe stained with blood on Sheng Lingyuan's body suddenly crawled with sacrificial text, and the dense sacrificial text made him look like he was wearing a black robe.

Even the air seemed to tremble.

On the top of the hospital building, a huge black vortex rose from the sky, engulfing all the faint stars, thick clouds covering the top, lightning flashing and thunder striking. Everywhere eyes could reach, all the street lights seemed to be like candles swept away by the wind, and the silence fell in large areas. The hibernating birds in the canyon could no longer bear it, fleeing into the sky in groups.

Sheng Lingyuan smiled lightly and looked at Xuan Ji from a distance: "I wanted to let you go, but you don't know your place."

Before the words fell, the array that pinned him seemed to faintly appear, and all the things in the space of the array were distorted, like a kneaded clay, a sound of glass shattering, and the space collapsed!

Immediately afterwards, the thick black fog suddenly dispersed in the Chiyuan Hospital, swallowing all the lights and all the lives - the lawns, plants, and even the snails that had just emerged on the walls were all silently submerged in the black fog and quickly decayed and withered.

"Heavenly demon" is equivalent to flood, plague, war…

The heavenly demon's descent is like a disaster.

The local field team guarding the periphery of the hospital and the ace of the special forces, in the face of such power, suddenly became helpless ants.

The ants ran frantically in great fear, and strangely, a mysterious smell entered Xuan Ji's almost frozen sense of smell, accompanied by a chilling sense of murderous intent.

It reminded him of a warm palace on a snowy night.


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