Lie Huo Jiao Chou

Lie Huo Jiao Chou

Chapter 73 - Chapter 73

Xuan Ji carefully rubbed his fingers together, creating a cluster of almost pure white flames.

The fire could actually burn in the seawater, its light refracting back and forth, softly spreading out and illuminating the "coffin" on the seabed.

Sheng Lingyuan's body was surrounded by a black mist that seemed to never dissipate, maintaining a low temperature.

The seawater continuously washed over the outer layer of ice, with the melted parts quickly being replenished by the black mist.

The remaining section of the tomb passage just happened to wedge the ice block in place, preventing it from floating to the surface.

He left an air bubble in the middle of the ice block, about the same size as the coffin, sleeping soundlessly... or rather, unconscious.

Xuan Ji felt like something had been smeared on the inside walls of the coffin and leaned in closer. He was horrified to discover a large patch of bloodstains.

Sheng Lingyuan's long hair was unusually messy, and his powerful demon body had already healed the wounds. Only the dry bloodstains on his forehead hinted at where the blood in the coffin came from.

For a moment, Xuan Ji felt like his airway was being choked, perhaps from holding his breath for too long underwater.

Without thinking, white flames rose from his hands and began to slowly melt the outer layer of ice on the block. He had to remove this block of ice from the tomb.

As soon as the flames were released, Xuan Ji snapped back to reality and realized he had made a mistake.

He had acted impulsively.

A master like Sheng Lingyuan must have some self-protection mechanism when he faints.

As for Chiyuan and the Fire-keeper, they are completely incompatible.

Using his fire to melt the ice layer Sheng Lingyuan created from melting the black mist was like shouting a high-decibel fire alarm in someone's ear when they were completely unconscious, screaming "the natural enemy is here" several times - it would be strange if he didn't cause a stress response.

Xuan Ji quickly retracted his hand at the fastest speed, arched his back, and prepared for the backlash of the demonic energy.

At the same time, he quickly calculated in his mind, planning to endure a beating and find a chance to escape, trying to preserve the precious breath he was holding.

If there was even a hint of thunder-fire type in his brain, he wouldn't fight alone underwater.

However, just as he was nervously anticipating a beating, it never came.

Xuan Ji was filled with suspicion and waited anxiously. After a while, he timidly created a tiny flame.

He cautiously peered at the surrounding darkness and was surprised to find that the menacing demonic energy not only did not attack, but instead obediently retreated back into its master's body, ceasing its chilling effect.

The tropical seawater around them flowed over the surface of the ice, causing it to rapidly melt. The ice block that were once stuck in the tomb passage soon became loose and began to float upwards, carrying the person inside with it.

Xuan Ji was not a good swimmer, but he quickly used his unique dog-paddle technique to chase after the floating ice.

He almost lost it several times, but finally managed to grab onto the huge coffin-shaped ice that had melted enough to be carried by his hands.

However, Xuan Ji couldn't control his strength and with a loud "crack," he shattered the thin layer of ice.

Oh no!

This damn demon really was a handful, such a simple problem that could have been solved with a brick, he had to go and act out his own version of "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea!

In a flash, Xuan Ji didn't even have time to worry about the blood that had splattered onto him. He searched his mind and finally remembered a very obscure mermaid language.

Taking advantage of his racial advantage, he quickly stuck his head into the bubbles in the ice and spoke as quick as a rocket.

Then, he pinched Sheng Lingyuan's nose and blocked his mouth.

The sea water beneath their feet surged like a fountain, and in the next moment, a tremendous acceleration lifted them upwards.

Xuan Ji spread his wings and held Sheng Lingyuan in his arms.

He felt as if he had turned into an arrow, with his head as the tip, piercing through the water without hesitation. If his skull were made of flesh and bone, it would have shattered into pieces long ago.

Despite his Vermilion Bird bones, he still couldn't open his eyes for a moment. The sound of the rushing water filled his ears, and the exposed skin on his body was numb from the impact of the water.

All his senses were temporarily lost, except for his lips...

Xuan Ji knew that this was just a temporary measure, and he shouldn't think too much about it. However, the more he tried to suppress his thoughts, the more he couldn't help but think about it.

Who knew how long Sheng Lingyuan had been frozen at the bottom of the sea. His lips were as cold as a piece of icy stone, but there was still a hint of warmth deep inside him.

It was so faint that it seemed precious, and it made Xuan Ji involuntarily explore it.

Xuan Ji tightened his hands, feeling as if a thousand years of longing had been fulfilled.

Even if he died now, he would have no regrets.

That one breath seemed to last forever, yet it also seemed to only last a second.

In the next moment, the fierce roaring sea water suddenly sprayed the two of them into the sky.

Xuan Ji's wet wings quickly spread out and he flapped them a few times to stabilize himself.

The thunderclouds at sea had dissipated at some point, and the long-awaited starlight and moonlight extravagantly sprinkled down.

The splashing droplets and sparkling waves made Xuan Ji unable to open his eyes for a moment, and he involuntarily leaned back... as if possessed by the crazed sword spirit.

He was momentarily deaf, only able to hear the rapid beating of his own heart like a marching drum in his chest.

Xuan Ji pursed his lips, feeling his heart slowly give up resistance and sink to the bottomless sea. He still hadn't figured out his own origins and history, but in that moment, he felt his own heart stirring.

Sheng Lingyuan was like a potent poison, and Xuan Ji knew all too well and had cautiously guarded against it, but in the end, he still took a bite.

"Damn it," Xuan Ji exclaimed in frustration as he carried this toxic and harmful object towards the shore.

"What a messed up situation!"

Xuan Ji had been hospitalized a few days ago, but since the hospital didn't find any major health issues, his colleagues at the sub-bureau had left him a standard room at a hotel.

As he flew over, the seawater on his body had already dried up from the night wind. Although he had helped the emperor wash his hair before, given his inappropriate thoughts now, helping him wash up would be taking advantage of him.

Since the demon king had no worries of catching a cold, Xuan Ji casually found a blanket and rolled up the body of Sheng Lingyuan like a corpse, placing it on the bed.

He covered up that face, which he didn't want to see, and let out a sigh of relief. He paced around the room like a donkey pulling a millstone, then dragged his luggage out of the cabinet and rummaged through it, hoping to occupy himself and calm his restless mind.

"At least I brought enough clothes to change," Xuan Ji thought to himself as he wiped his face with his white T-shirt, planning to wash up later.

Suddenly, he noticed blood stains on his clothes. Xuan Ji was taken aback, remembering how he had crushed Sheng Lingyuan's "coffin" in a hurry, causing the blood to splatter all over him.

In other words, he was now connected to Sheng Lingyuan via "Bluetooth."

Xuan Ji held a shirt he was planning to change into, half-squatting on the ground with an open suitcase at his feet.

He froze in place for a while, then cautiously lifted his head to steal a glance at the person whose long hair was the only thing visible from the bundle he had rolled up.

He breathed a sigh of relief that he had discovered the person early, or else the consequences would have been unimaginable once the old demon woke up later.

Xuan Ji was drenched in cold sweat and didn't care about personal hygiene anymore.

He quickly pushed aside the clutter and made room for himself, sitting cross-legged on the ground and using his newly learned meditation technique to examine his own sea of consciousness.

After clearing his mind of external distractions and stray thoughts, he forced himself to calm down and discovered an unexpected guest in his sea of consciousness.

Xuan Ji observed nervously for a while, but then he relaxed a bit.

The seawater was flowing fast, and he didn't get much blood on him. The little bit of blood he had on him was fading visibly at a rapid speed, and it should break off soon.

The old demon thought he wasn't working hard enough, so Xuan Ji could consider this as an extra meditation lesson.

In case Sheng Lingyuan woke up during this time, he could block his consciousness since he had learned how to meditate.

He stretched his muscles in his own consciousness and waited for the "Bluetooth" to expire.

He often sneaked a peek at the "uninvited guest," but as he did so, Xuan Ji felt that something was wrong.

The "uninvited guest" didn't make a sound.

From the time they were in the sea until now, Sheng Lingyuan had no consciousness, no perception, and no dreams... as if he were already dead.

Xuan Ji cautiously gathered his thoughts and approached Sheng Lingyuan's consciousness.

With a gentle dip, he only grazed the surface, but even that was enough to make him feel like he had fallen into an endless abyss.

It was as if he had entered a primordial world of chaos, with no light... just a vast emptiness.

The boundless darkness was a huge test of one's willpower, and Xuan Ji was startled, quickly retreating.

Even severely injured patients like Yan Qiushan still had some activity in their consciousness.

Who falls asleep without even dreaming?

After hesitating for a moment, Xuan Ji leaned in again, trying to imagine a spring garden with the shared empathy between them, attempting to weave a dream for Sheng Lingyuan.

It wasn't for any particular reason, but his heart was easily moved. He thought of the large patches of blood on the ice and wanted to help the person sleep better.

But it seemed that the person was not appreciative.

Before Xuan Ji could even prop up the rose trellis, he turned around to find that the artificial mountain and pond he had just set up had disappeared.

The flowers in his hand, still wet with dew, had been impatiently devoured by the darkness in Sheng Lingyuan's mind.

What was going on? Did he not like it?

Perhaps the design was too Westernized, and the old-fashioned person couldn't accept it.

Then... what about Du Ling Palace?

Xuan Ji recalled the appearance of Du Ling Palace.

As soon as he thought of it, the lonely snow under the palace lamp on New Year's Eve appeared in his mind.

However, this time, the dream was devoured even faster.

The carved beams and jade pillars of the Du Ling Palace flashed for a moment and immediately disappeared into nothingness, as if the person didn't even want to take a second glance.

Xuan Ji furrowed his brows and pondered for a moment. He tried to conjure up Dongchuan - the ancient one.

Xuan Ji had seen the ruins of the Dongchuan Witch Clan in his dreams under the Retracing curse and the Heavenly Demon Sword Spirit. They were all seen through the eyes of Sheng Lingyuan, and he didn't know if they were real or not.

Sheng Lingyuan had many layers of filters.

Gradually, the round and rolling forests and wooden houses of Dongchuan appeared, taking shape through the filter.

This time, the swamp-like darkness in Sheng Lingyuan paused for a moment.

He still liked Dongchuan... Xuan Ji let out a sigh, but before he could finish his thought, the exquisite pastoral landscape suddenly collapsed into countless pieces like shattered glass.

At the same time, a violent storm surged from the depths of Sheng Lingyuan's consciousness, sweeping Xuan Ji away like a knife and even crashing into his own mind.

The connection between the two was instantly severed, and Xuan Ji suddenly opened his eyes, only to see Sheng Lingyuan's hand twitching beside him.

Sheng Lingyuan raised his hand and felt the unfamiliar bedding, coming face to face with the snow-white ceiling of the hotel.

His forehead was heavy with anger, and he sat up, throwing off the blanket and catching sight of the little demon on the carpet doing who knows what kind of meditation.

As soon as their eyes met, the little demon recoiled in fear and embarrassment, but then something seemed to click and he forced himself to meet the gaze, his feathers ruffled in defiance.

Sheng Lingyuan wasn't in the mood for a staring contest, though.

With a quick glance around, he could tell that the little demon was just being nosy and disrupting his rare moment of peace.

Luckily, his headache had subsided and his mind was clear again, so he didn't bother getting worked up over such trivial matters.

He simply rubbed his temples wearily and asked, "Are you finished with your interrogation?"

"," Xuan Ji awkwardly cleared his throat. "Silver Shadow has been with this organization for a long time, and being interrogated for too long can cause mental harm him. But since his mental defenses have already been breached, we'll be taking him back to headquarters tomorrow morning on a special plane. The entire Wind God team will be there, and we've thoroughly scanned him from head to toe, adding over ten layers of protection. There's no way the situation in Dongchuan black market, where people were silenced, will happen again."

Sheng Lingyuan used his fingers as a comb to tidy up his messy hair and ignored him.

He knew that the current situation with the Bureau was far less capable than the Qingping Division in the past, and Sheng Lingyuan didn't expect anything from them.

As soon as Silver Shadow appeared, he sent a strand of demonic energy into the blind man's heart, allowing him to know immediately if anyone tried to kidnap or silence him.

Even if someone tried to behead Silver Shadow, he wouldn't allow it.

"Your Majesty," at this moment, Xuan Ji asked with some indescribable nervousness, "Are you... Are you coming back to Yong'an with us?"

A cluster of black mist solidified into a tangible form, binding his hair.

Sheng Lingyuan lifted his head and gave him a glance, asking with a smile that was not a smile, "What's wrong, not welcoming me?"

Xuan Ji almost felt like he was being teased, his mouth dry and his words incoherent as he explained, "No... I didn't mean anything else..."

Step by step, Sheng Lingyuan approached him and slowly lowered his head, asking in a deliberate tone, "What does 'no other meaning' mean?"

Xuan Ji's throat moved, but he was speechless.

Suddenly, he realized that the old demon seemed to be an expert in the affairs of the heart, having seen through all the true and false emotions.

With just one glance, he could easily see through Xuan Ji's hidden thoughts and play with them in the palm of his hand.

Meanwhile, Xuan Ji had wasted ten years in the mortal world, indulging in food, drink, and pleasure, without gaining any useful knowledge.

He was completely defenseless.

In the next moment, Sheng Lingyuan pinched Xuan Ji's chin with two fingers, forcing him to lift his head.

"Since you are so anxious and couldn't wait to dig me out of the sea overnight, I cannot disappoint your ambition."

Xuan Ji: "..."

Wait a minute, where is this situation heading?

"Still two or three hours before dawn. I can teach you a bit of the 'Concentrating Technique' so you won't be clueless all day," said Sheng Lingyuan with a smile that quickly faded.

Without hesitation, he took a pair of pants from Xuan Ji's luggage and snatched the shirt from his hand.

"I'll go freshen up and take these two pieces of clothing from you." Sheng Lingyuan held Xuan Ji's clothes in his hand and noticed that this guy's clothes were mostly light-colored, well-maintained, and soft to the touch.

He lived his life like a womanizing pretty boy, wasting countless effort on it.

It's no wonder his character is so fragile. His embarrassing appearance of searching the ground with his eyes was due to being swayed by his superficial appearance, and is clearly evidence of his incompetence.

He deserves a good slap.

Xuan Ji: "..."

What nonsense! How dare he slander him like that!

If he was really a womanizer, wouldn't he just admire himself in the mirror?

Wasn't that more convenient and energy-saving?

This was ridiculous!

No wonder the old demon lord ruled over thousands of miles of territory, with empty palaces and harem, not even a wife and child to his name.

He was a master of being alone, a true champion of loneliness!

And so, Xuan Ji didn't even have time to fully process the fact that Sheng Lingyuan had worn his clothes before he was angrily dragged into a luxurious one-on-one tutoring class.

This so-called "Concentrating Technique" was used in the past to train young men who lacked mental fortitude. It trained the heart to "see through the six desires and remain unmoved."

Xuan Ji was pressed into a hallucination, forced to use his spiritual consciousness to thread a needle with a single thought.

The hallucination was filled with seductive sights and sounds, with each woman more beautiful than the last, shamelessly vying for his attention and trying to distract him from threading the needle.

It wasn't until Xuan Ji's phone alarm went off in the early morning that he was finally released from his "temporary tutoring" ordeal.

He was exhausted and had become a shell of his former self with sunken eyes.

However, there was a silver lining - his restless heart from the previous night had been worn out to the point of paralysis, and he couldn't even muster the energy to face Sheng Lingyuan, let alone feel any anxiety.

The Emperor was quite pleased with this outcome, believing that without discipline, one cannot achieve success.

This careless younger generation needed to be dealt with harshly, and it seemed to have worked like a charm.

After enduring the inhumane tutoring, the two of them had achieved their desired results and maintained this mindset as they boarded the plane back to Yong'an.

Before leaving, Xuan Ji didn't forget to retrieve the things he had stored at the hospital.

Sheng Lingyuan watched coldly, feeling that this little demon was probably someone who lacked love and care since childhood, like a hungry sparrow that would peck at anything, reluctant to waste any kindness shown to him.

Yan Qiushan was temporarily unable to move and had to stay at Yuyang for treatment and recuperation. Wang Ze left Gu Yuexi and Zhang Zhao to take care of him, while he took the other Wind God operatives and Xuan Ji from the aftermath department, along with his doubtful sword spirit, to escort Silver Shadow back to headquarters.

This special plane was sent by the headquarters, and the bottom cargo hold was renovated to the standards of a Class A prison, specifically for transporting important and dangerous suspects.

Having learned from the lesson of the black market in Dongchuan last time, no one was alerted except for the head of the sub-bureau, Manager Du, and Wang Ze. Even the staff of the aftermath department who were currently carrying out their tasks in Yuyang were not notified.

In their last flight, the emperor was still in his sword body, and Xuan Ji had carried him up as a sword. This time, it was the first time he personally boarded the plane, and he looked out the window with great interest the whole way, not worried at all about falling out - after all, he was sitting next to a big bird.

He even curiously asked Xuan Ji, "Since you have wings, why don't you fly back yourself instead of taking another bird?"

Xuan Ji was speechless, feeling that the emperor's words were off and sounded like he was scolding him. He couldn't pinpoint the problem for a while.

Wang Ze happened to pass by and burst into laughter, then went on to explain to Sheng Lingyuan what "air traffic control" meant. The emperor heard that ordinary people who were neither powerful nor wealthy nor cultivators were flying in the sky all day long and didn't quite believe it.

But he couldn't tell if it was the carp's nonsense or his own lack of knowledge, so he remained calm and skillfully began to question Wang Ze.

Wang Ze, a crazy people-person, was thrilled to be asked by a big shot. He talked non-stop, from the sky to the ground, and quickly revealed his family background. He even wanted to share a rare video from his phone, but Xuan Ji interrupted him because some of the content was too vulgar.

"What is this?" Sheng Lingyuan's gaze fell on the online shopping page on Xuan Ji's phone.

The emperor from ancient times had no idea that "mobile phones" were like modern people's underwear, and thought he could casually look at them without any taboos.

Xuan Ji didn't hide it in time, and with a trembling hand, he accidentally clicked the "place order" button...

...For the more than thirty pieces of men's clothing he had just put in his shopping cart, as well as a bunch of miscellaneous household items he had picked out.


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