Lie Huo Jiao Chou

Lie Huo Jiao Chou

Chapter 70 - Chapter 70

Xuan Ji's tongue could produce enough reeds to form an entire orchestra, and he had the unique ability to rap while munching on melon seeds.

But suddenly, he was at a loss for words, his mind racing.

After a while, he finally regained control of his tongue and said with difficulty, "This is too much... Aren't they afraid of being bitten back?"

"Of course they're afraid," Sheng Lingyuan replied calmly. "After the Demon King's death, for the sake of long-term stability in the mortal world, I naturally had to hide my strength as a heavenly demon. If it weren't for Dan Li trying to kill me first, I wouldn't have had the chance to uproot his power."

"These things probably won't be recorded in your history books," he continued. "But I can tell you a few things.

"You younger generations are too used to peace, you haven't seen the world. A few demons can already stir up trouble. But it was different back then, even the Heavenly Demon was nothing.

"During the Battle of Pingyuan, when the Chiyuan fire burned the earth, which human cultivator who survived wasn't a powerful being who could fly and escape? If they can create a Heavenly Demon, they can easily nail me back into the abyss."

"After Aluojin's death, Dan Li and I knew that our paths were different. As time went on, our differences grew due to various trivial matters. It was just that the war was intense, and everyone was pretending to be peaceful. He was my teacher, and everything I know was taught by him.

"Whenever I made a move, he could see my entire strategy with just a blink of an eye. Moreover, he had no desires, no weaknesses, and I couldn't defeat him. It would be too easy for him to take my life. I am not as strong as you think."

This was true, Xuan Ji thought, otherwise he wouldn't have been unable to keep even his own sword.

During the war, the various clans under his command worked together, but after the war, they all had their own hidden agendas.

The power of the previous dynasty's Dan Li was great, and there was even the Empress Dowager Chen, who wished for his immediate death. He had an older brother above him, and he himself came from such a background.

Dan Li was able to knock him out with just one cup of wine, not because the medicine was so powerful, but because it reflected the difficult situation of the young emperor who was constrained everywhere.

He probably didn't have many trustworthy people around him, and his ears and eyes were heavily shielded, making it impossible for him to resist Dan Li.

Xuan Ji couldn't help but ask, "Dan Li has no weaknesses, how did you defeat him?"

Sheng Lingyuan replied, "Isn't there the Empress Dowager Chen?"

Xuan Ji was stunned, "The Empress Dowager Chen?"

Isn't she on the same side as Dan Li?

Sheng Lingyuan smiled and said cryptically, "Empress Chen is the only one who knows my true identity. This 'knife' of mine can only be wielded until the day of the country's restoration, and the throne will be left for her son, Sheng Wei. She knows this well.

"However, when I was put in power years ago, the excuse used was that the Crown Prince was weak. Many members of the royal family didn't take the Crown Prince seriously, but now that the tides have turned, they are all scheming. Even if she hasn't thought of these things, as her adopted son, how could I not help her think ahead?"

As a modern person, Xuan Ji may not have experienced the life-and-death struggles of power struggles, but he was still a shrewd individual with a surplus of insight.

As soon as Sheng Lingyuan finished speaking, he immediately understood.

The power struggle among the royal family was a domestic affair for the imperial relatives, and it was Chen Empress Dowager's arena. As an outsider, Dan Li's control was inevitably weaker.

In addition, Sheng Lingyuan was secretly stirring up trouble and fueling the fire, so the Empress Dowager was definitely singing triumphantly in the palace struggle. In no time, she eliminated all the stumbling blocks to the future ascension of the Prince Ning.

While she was triumphant, she also gave Prince Ning a shining moment.

No matter what kind of tomb Dan Li ultimately dug for the Heavenly Demon, the key figure in "this plot" was definitely none other than Prince Ning. Sheng Lingyuan kept a close eye on his half-brother, and that was enough.

"When I personally led the expedition to Gaoling, they took advantage of my absence and set up a demon-sealing formation in the capital city. They even prepared sacrificial offerings and had eighty-one voluntary experts ready...I must say, the 'informed individuals' of the human race are truly willing to sacrifice everything for the greater good. They spared no expense in sealing me away, shifting the blame onto the Mountain assassins, and putting the Prince Ning on the throne.

"Everything was in place, just waiting for the right moment. But they never expected that Prince Ning had secretly pledged himself to a witch, and they had a child together. Despite this arrow already being on the bowstring, they were sold out. This was a case of losing both the wife and the army."

Prince Ning was the most crucial piece in the game, knowing that even if he ascended to the throne, he would be powerless against the overwhelming force of the extermination of all races.

For the sake of his wife and children, he betrayed his own side on the battlefield, tearing apart the seamless net.

This allowed the demons to break free and launch a counterattack, resulting in rivers of blood flowing through the royal court.

When the Heavenly Demon was summoned using the Heaven and Earth Cauldron, the human race lost a large number of elite soldiers.

Coupled with the twenty-year war, how many outstanding individuals could withstand such losses if the demon was to be sealed again?

No wonder the Qingping Division took over and Sheng Lingyuan covered the sky with one hand.


Xuan Ji asked softly, "Did the Crown Prince's deep affection for the Princess happen naturally, or was it arranged without him realizing it?"

"You have a bad habit. Children who are too clever for their own good usually don't live long." Sheng Lingyuan looked at him with a smile that wasn't really a smile, then waved his hand. "These trivial matters are like sesame seeds and grains of rice. Just listen to them as stories and you'll understand the ins and outs."

But Xuan Ji didn't take his joke. He remained silent for a full minute before speaking up.

"Your Majesty, if the Demon King had died a few years later, your situation wouldn't have been so passive."

When Sheng Lingyuan defeated the Demon King, he was only in his early twenties. If he were living in the present day, he would be a young adult struggling with job hunting and graduate school exams.

Although he was forced to mature quickly in a chaotic era, even with exceptional talent, it would be impossible to establish a solid foundation in just a few years.

If the war continued for another thirty years, he would have had the opportunity to develop and eliminate dissidents. Even if he couldn't rule the world alone, at least he wouldn't be forced to give up his sword right after ascending to the throne.

Sheng Lingyuan casually smiled and said, "I was young and reckless back then."

Xuan Ji looked at him deeply.

All of this was planned since the massacre of the Witch Clan.

Sheng Lingyuan was so sharp that even if he didn't know he was a demon, he probably already knew something was fishy about his identity.

"If he had anticipated the outcome between him and Dan Li back then, would he not have known that the longer the chaotic times lasted, the more advantageous it would be for him? Even someone with no political knowledge in the future could understand this logic.

Suddenly, Xuan Ji remembered the profile of a person standing by the window in Dongchuan Hotel, gazing at the city's night scene.

When the Emperor's gaze fell upon the bustling city lights, his eyes were calm, rare without any hostility or gloom.

As a mixed-blood child born into a life of conspiracy, carrying a demonic body that could never be reincarnated, what supported him and opened up the prosperous era of three thousand years in the mortal world, leaving a way out for the orphans of all races?

Was it the countless insane women holding back their tears, dead infants, nameless guards like a revolving lantern... and the black-eyed milk goat?

He knew he was just a worn-out puppet, but he refused to let go of the faint hope that kept the desperate people going.

Did he really want to add another thirty years of chaos to the world?

As the mist of history cleared, Xuan Ji finally saw the true emperor shrouded in the shadow of a thousand feet of demons.

"So...what effect does the Vermilion Bird Bone Seal have on you?" Xuan Ji asked.

"Chiyuan and I connected. If Chiyuan is sealed, then of course the Heavenly Demon will also be buried with it," Sheng Lingyuan said nonchalantly. "Didn't I bring you along to seal two heavenly demons already?"

"But Chiyuan will cool down year by year," Xuan Ji said.

"Ah, yes, my five senses have also dulled with age," said Sheng Lingyuan. "It's not a big deal, but dealing with court officials every day had made it difficult for me to hear and see clearly. That's why I've relied on the power of the Heart-Penetrating Grass to move around in later years. I never thought it would become a curse."

"Luckily, the Crown Prince is diligent," he continued. "If I had to wait a few more years, I might not be able to keep my mind clear. The boy has shown filial piety by helping me withdraw from my duties in time."

As Sheng Lingyuan spoke, Xuan Ji's hand trembled in his pocket.

The loss of the five senses...that means not being able to see, hear, smell, taste, or touch, cutting off all connections with the outside world, and turning the body into a plant or a stone.

Chiyuan was his source of power and the foundation of his life.

As the Vermilion Bird Bone Seal took shape, Chiyuan gradually declined...for Sheng Lingyuan, it was like injecting a slow-acting poison into his heart, counting the days until he cooled off.

No wonder he said that only when the Vermilion Bird Bone Seal was loosened could he be awakened by the Yin Sacrifice.

What is this?

Digging your own grave and lying in it?

Are you a demon or a saint?

Are you here to fulfill your destiny or to save all beings?

In a daze, Xuan Ji felt as though he could hear the furious voice of the heavenly demon sword spirit in his sea of consciousness. It was as if the soul of the sword spirit was still alive, residing within his body, and not just a faded memory.

Xuan Ji felt his spine involuntarily shiver and quickly took a deep breath, clenching his fingers around the coin in his pocket.

The coin transformed into a thin needle in his palm and pricked his fingertip.

The pain reminded Xuan Ji of who he was and he forcefully shook off the emotions of the heavenly demon sword spirit, focusing on the important question, "What is your current state?"

"Fortunately," Sheng Lingyuan curled his fingers and felt his body, "thanks to your clan's warmth, my body and senses have recovered somewhat. Plus, with the loosening of the Chiyuan seal, I can hold on for a year or two without any problem. If this matter cannot be resolved within a year or two, it won't be just my problem anymore, but rather Chiyuan will be in big trouble."

Xuan Ji walked half a meter away from him and followed him towards the Yuyang branch bureau.

He remained silent for a while until they could see the small building of the Yuyang branch bureau from afar, then he couldn't help but speak up, "Since you have defeated all your political enemies, weren't you free already? Why were you in such a hurry to seal yourself?"

"Once I restored the country, the people will return home and live in peace for fifty years. I will establish the Qingping Division to serve all beings, and all my promises will be fulfilled. Dan Li and Empress Dowager Chen will be killed, and Wei Yu will be cut into 108 pieces. Those who once opposed me will have their entire families executed. The troublesome orphan left by the Prince Ning will also be raised by me, and all debts and grudges will be settled. Is there anything else?"

All my promises have been fulfilled, and all debts and grudges have been settled...

Xuan Ji trembled as these two sentences seemed to transform into a tidal wave of sorrow that crashed into his chest, almost knocking the breath out of him.

Sheng Lingyuan looked at the dumbfounded little demon inexplicably, "Why are you thinking about me for no reason? You are the only one left of the Vermilion Bird bone seal. If you don't want to be crushed to pieces, you better focus on your cultivation."

The emperor would get angry every time this matter was brought up.

If the Vermilion Bird bone seal was just an inanimate object, then it would be his own fault for not making it sturdy enough.

If it comes back to haunt him, he has no right to complain.

However, since the seal has come to life and gained sentience, it should be a good thing. After all, living creatures can cultivate and grow stronger and repair themselves.

In theory, they should be more stable than a lifeless seal.

But these useless bird creatures only care about indulging in worldly pleasures and cannot withstand any disturbance.

They all die after only two hundred years, and they have almost completely destroyed the thirty-six bird bones that were painstakingly collected from the Vermilion Bird tomb!

"Languages of mermaids and tomb-robbing techniques are all considered unorthodox and useless to you. Don't waste your energy on them," said Sheng Lingyuan with a slightly admonishing tone.

"Your family's heritage...well, forget it. Your ancestors and relatives were all useless and couldn't pass down anything valuable. Don't listen to them. From now on, I will teach you a set of techniques every day. If you don't understand, just ask me."

Xuan Ji's chest was filled with intense emotions from the heavenly demon sword spirit, but he could only maintain his composure by pinching his fingers.

He forced a bitter smile and said, "Can you take this heritage away then? I'll light three incense sticks for you on holidays and bow to you morning and night."

Sheng Lingyuan stood there talking without any hesitation: "Your foundation in divine consciousness is unstable, that's why you were influenced by external inheritances. During the War, even a little cub would have been stronger than you, who only had physical strength. Don't sleep anymore in the future, even in your dreams, your spiritual platform can easily be breached. Practice more at night, you're not an ordinary mortal who needs sleep."

Xuan Ji: "..."

Although his body was intact at this moment, his spirit had already split in half.

One half was accompanied by the sorrowful and resentful Heavenly Demon Sword Spirit, and he felt heartache when he saw Sheng Lingyuan. The other half just wanted to smash the old demon's head with a hammer...

He arrived at the Yuyang Branch Bureau with a resentful heart.

The detention center of the Yuyang Branch Bureau was located underground, and no one knew what kind of aesthetic taste Manager Du had, perhaps it was for sun protection. Everywhere was gloomy, like a dungeon.

At the moment, Wang Ze was focused on the interrogation, while Manager Du was focused on Wang Ze.

Manager Du was in charge of the search and rescue operation at sea, and had been working tirelessly for a day and night, coordinating with others and taking care of the injured.

Despite this, she showed no signs of fatigue. Her makeup was neat, and she followed her idol with a radiant glow.

Earlier, she had even gone into the bathroom to wrap a heating pad from her takeout box around her baton, giving herself a trendy look and always ready to take a photo with her idol.

The interrogation of Silver Shadow was not going smoothly, as the old blind man was also a spiritual-type ability user. The interrogators from the Bureau took turns trying to break his mental barrier, but after a day and night, they still couldn't shatter it.

"Thirteen years as a wanted criminal, the file on him is half an inch thicker than anyone else's..." Wang Ze casually held a cigarette in his mouth and waved the folder at Xuan Ji.

But when he saw Sheng Lingyuan following behind, he immediately straightened up and even put out his cigarette, greeting him almost formally, "Hey, you're here?"

Sheng Lingyuan could disguise himself as a human and blend into the crowd for a short time, but the deeply ingrained things on him couldn't be hidden.

Veterans like Wang Ze and Luo Cuicui... regardless of whether their experience was genuine or not, they had seen enough to instinctively pay attention to him.

Even especially sensitive-types like Gu Yuexi and Yang Chao would try to avoid being alone with Sheng Lingyuan as much as possible.

Unlike Captain Yan's foolish little brothers who were willing to risk their lives for him, Xuan Ji suspected that Wang Ze never believed in the existence of "the sword spirit" from the beginning.

Believe it or not, he had already signed the entire liability agreement.

Feeling bitter, Xuan Ji reached into his pocket and grabbed his phone, asking Wang Ze, "Who is this blind man? He only goes by the code name 'Silver Shadow', what's his real name on his ID?"

Wang Ze waved his hand dismissively, "What ID? You're thinking too much. Many of our wanted criminals are like this, especially those from the True Nature Sect. They don't even acknowledge themselves as human, why would they need an ID?"

"Maybe not necessarily. Even those who don't consider themselves as part of the people, I haven't seen anyone refuse the RMB," Xuan Ji said as he took the file from his hand and flipped through it.

With a click of his tongue, he saw the impressive achievements of this Mr. Silver Shadow.

Mr. Silver Shadow, despite his physical disability, was determined and became a cross-border fraudster. He had used his exceptional spiritual abilities to shuttle back and forth across the southwestern border, committing seven or eight major crimes.

He came into the view of the Wind Gods because he switched from being a fraudster to a murderer.

A few years ago, the blind man used his abilities to manipulate a car driver, causing the driver to suddenly turn towards the mountain while driving on a winding road. The car collided with a tourist bus next to it, resulting in the deaths of sixteen people, including the car driver.

The surveillance footage was like something out of a horror movie, causing a huge uproar at the time.

Xuan Ji asked, "What was the relationship between the car owner who died and him?"

"We've investigated, but I think it's unlikely to be related," said Wang Ze. "The true nature of the True Nature Sect emphasizes mutual assistance. They probably took care of the matter themselves to avoid suspicion from us and the police through social connections. That blind man could have taken the job from anyone and needs to be interrogated. The problem now is that the young comrades in the spiritual department have not been able to break through his mental barriers."

Manager Du immediately lowered her head in reflection, "The equipment at the sub-bureau is not good enough."

"It's not a problem with the equipment, it's that the current spiritual-types have been too reliant on the devices," Wang Ze glanced at Sheng Lingyuan from the corner of his eye, "I've always said that the power of the spiritual-types cannot be ignored and should be emphasized in training. They didn't listen to me, and now these young comrades can't even wash their own socks, let alone brainwash others..."

Xuan Ji suddenly felt that the dark, suspicious gaze on Sheng Lingyuan was bothering him.

Without thinking, he turned to block him. Immediately, Sheng Lingyuan understood and slightly bent his eyes, taking a step back.

Wang Ze's expression also changed slightly, as if lost in thought.

It was only then that Xuan Ji realized that his action just now seemed to express a lack of trust.

The realm of the spiritual-types was very deep and difficult to explain.

Xuan Ji was speechless for a moment and could only roll up his sleeves and say, "Do you trust me? I can try it."

Wang Ze asked, "What did you say?"

Du Ruo asked, "Director Xuan, are you a spiritual-type?"

She remembered seeing it on his work ID on the ship...

Xuan Ji honestly replied, "Oh no, I registered for Thunder-fire."

Du Ruo was speechless.

"No, brother," Wang Ze quickly grabbed Xuan Ji, "this won't work. Listen to me, we're not a gang, we have discipline! Torture to extract a confession is absolutely not allowed. The bureau has clearly stipulated that except for 'reasonable and necessary' spiritual-type abilities, no other forms of special abilities can be used during interrogation. Steaming, braising, stir-frying, deep-frying, all of it is illegal!"

"I know what to do, don't worry." Xuan Ji patted the interrogator's shoulder, "Bro, can I borrow some paper and a pen?"

Wang Ze became even more desperate.

They had prepared flammable materials, were they going to set up a barbecue stand?


As soon as he finished speaking, Xuan Ji quickly drew a series of circles on the paper after a moment of thought.

He used a black ballpoint pen that was meant for office use, but the ink turned into a dazzling flame color as soon as it touched the paper.

It was a clever trick of the spiritual types, and he was quite skilled at it.

Feeling the gaze of Sheng Lingyuan on him, Xuan Ji couldn't help but show off his skills.

He grabbed the note as if he had rehearsed it, and with a flick of his wrist, the spell immediately took shape. His movements were incredibly graceful.

Du Ruo said, "This is a pretty cool move."

But Wang Ze didn't dare to act like a fanboy.

After all, he was a senior Wind God.

When Xuan Ji drew the "big and small circles," although he didn't understand what kind of mosquito coil the director was drawing, he inexplicably felt his hair stand on end.

He arched his back and took a half step back, holding onto the mithril at his waist.

Sheng Lingyuan was not in the mood to appreciate his actions.

He frowned.

This was the witch's curse - the evil curse of "Retracing"!

When he was in Dongchuan, Xuan Ji was once swept up in the curse as an innocent bystander.

Just because you've eaten pork doesn't mean you know how to run like a pig.

The curse is not easy to control, otherwise it wouldn't have been sealed in the altar.

This little demon really dares to try it!

At that moment, Wang Ze felt a cold wind blowing past him.

He turned around and saw Sheng Lingyuan, who had just been standing at the door, suddenly appear behind Xuan Ji.

And then, the paper covered in circles and lines began to float in the air without any wind.

Suddenly, the fiery lines on the paper jumped off and twisted and tangled in the air...

The witch's curse had taken effect!

Sheng Lingyuan was taken aback.

He grew up in Dongchuan and knew just how complex the language of the witch people was.

It was a completely different system from Chinese, and even ordinary people couldn't accurately transcribe it onto a crystal board.

But Xuan Ji, who had never learned the language, was able to write it with just one stroke.

Could this kid be a genius?

"Um..." Xuan Ji showed off for a bit with his tail held high, but then he stared at the curse with big eyes and realized he didn't know what to do next.

He had no choice but to send a message through telepathy, "Can you give me some pointers and maybe a cheat sheet so I don't embarrass myself in front of my colleagues?"

Sheng Lingyuan: "..."

Even someone as experienced as the emperor was shocked and couldn't help but shudder at the thought that the fire-keepers were short-lived and were basically digging their own graves.

As soon as Xuan Ji's attention wavered, the thin thread floating in mid-air darted towards him like a needle threading through fabric.

A chilling aura seeped into him through his extended spiritual awareness, causing Sheng Lingyuan to snap, "Don't lose focus! The curse preys on the weak and fears the strong, it will backfire...hiss!"

Perhaps the curse written by the fire-type demon was too bright, as Sheng Lingyuan was irritated by the flames.

Coincidentally, his chronic headache flared up, this time more intense than ever before, causing him to nearly black out from the pain.

Xuan Ji heard the change in his voice and turned to look at him, "What's wrong?"

"What are you looking at? I told you not to lose focus!" Sheng Lingyuan broke out in a cold sweat, panting heavily.

It felt like there was a twisted nerve in his brain as he transformed into a wolf-toothed club and began pounding his own temples, determined to make a grand spectacle of himself.

The golden thread of the witch's curse wrapped around Silver Shadow, and the blind man seemed to sense it.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes, which were covered in white film, and stared at them like a hanged ghost.

The atmosphere in the underground interrogation room of the Yuyang sub-bureau was just right, with the lighting angle creating a dramatic effect.

It was as if Xuan Ji had been caught off guard and someone had interrupted a terrifying little animation. His hand trembled, and the fiery golden thread of the Retracing curse was directly bounced back by the blind man.

When Xuan Ji was in college, he was naive and accidentally joined a horror movie club. Since then, he has developed a habit of being scared but unable to stop watching, and the more he watches, the more scared he becomes.

Even when he was surrounded by dozens of corpses at sea, he didn't feel much, but he was terrified of these movie-like scenes, and his face turned pale at the sight of Silver Shadow.

Sheng Lingyuan, on the other hand, thought that Xuan Ji's tremble was due to his inability to control the curse, so he reached out and grabbed his wrist.

Xuan Ji: "..."

It felt like his wrist was on fire.

Sheng Lingyuan's head was pounding, and the witch's curse was too complicated for him to guide on the spot.

He had no energy left, so he could only hold his hand and draw a string of witch's words in mid-air. The flames and black mist intertwined and were difficult to separate.

However, Xuan Ji didn't know why, but when he looked at those witch's words, his nose suddenly felt sour.

The person holding his hand to write seemed to be the unattainable wish that had been pressing on his heart for thousands of years, and his long-standing wish suddenly became a reality, causing his vision to immediately blur.

"Go!" Sheng Lingyuan just finished writing a stroke and pushed the witch's curse out with Xuan Ji's hand.

The retracing curse, who had been slouching on the side due to its master's inability, received a reinforcement and immediately straightened up. The dazzling flames suddenly burst out, almost exposing the underground interrogation room, and pierced into Silver Shadow's eyes.

Silver Shadow fell backwards, all the probes connected to his brain screaming in unison. The interrogation equipment's screen flickered and then suddenly a picture appeared!

Du Ruo was stunned, reflexively pressing the shutter button on her phone.

Wang Ze almost spoke at the same time, "Don't post it on your social media!"

"I won't, I promise not to! Leader, please trust me," Du Ruo held up her phone and looked towards Sheng Lingyuan, "I mean, boss..."

The Emperor slapped Xuan Ji's hand with a crisp sound, a sharp slap.

Du Ruo lowered her voice and said, "Please ease your anger."

Sheng Lingyuan's headache was getting worse.

He vaguely heard Xuan Ji say something, but he didn't really catch it.

However, he wasn't in the mood to pursue it, and the veins on his forehead were throbbing.

Sheng Lingyuan vaguely remembered the last few years of his life, when he had to hit his head on a pillar every night to relieve his headaches.

Later, the headaches became more and more severe, but his sense of touch became more and more numb... It was really a torment that only death could stop.

Thinking of those days, Sheng Lingyuan had an unprecedented desire to leave this world.

For a moment, he wished he could throw the True Nature masterminds behind the Yin Sacrifice ritual, as well as the useless "Qingping Division," into a pot and feed them to the dogs.

Xuan Ji held his hand that had been hit, and was stunned by the slap.

At this moment, an interrogator who had leaned in front of the screen exclaimed, "Mirage! Look, this seems to be the mirage that Captain Yan's team encountered back then!"


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