Lie Huo Jiao Chou

Lie Huo Jiao Chou

Chapter 61 - Chapter 61

Sheng Lingyuan uttered something quickly, and the waves responded by rolling and crashing down on the flesh and bone remains in the water. 

A humanoid figure with a fish tail emerged from the water, like the vengeful spirit of a mermaid who had died centuries ago and come back to life, biting at the demonic shadow in the water.

Wei Yuxuan burst into laughter, "Using the mermaid language, what a mighty emperor of humans!"

The sounds that humans can hear and produce are limited, unless they have a special bloodline. Otherwise, learning a foreign language can only be a rough imitation with varying degrees of success. Tricks like "searching for people in the sea" can be used occasionally, but they may or may not work. 

What effect would using mermaid language have in a serious battle of magic? To put it disrespectfully, it was like learning to bark like a dog during a fight, attempting to scare the enemy with fierce barking. 

Sure enough, the giant mermaid made of frozen waves looked fierce. 

As soon as it appeared, it directly dispersed the demonic shadows in the sea. Dozens of child corpses were swept away by the waves, losing their human form and becoming lifeless swords sinking into the sea. 

However, after sinking only thirty meters, they were caught by the reassembled demonic shadows. They transformed back into human form, revealing their white, grimacing teeth, and rushed out of the water towards the "sea mermaid." 

The "sea mermaid" was quickly entangled by the children's corpses. 

Sheng Lingyuan's face darkened, and a small hurricane rose under his feet. The cold seawater around him transformed into various ancient water monsters, guarding this sea god's throne like an impenetrable barrier. However, they were powerless against the demon. 

"The Heavenly Demon is limited by the heavenly ways, Your Majesty. Are you now bound by nine of your ten fingers? Even the sound of your breathing could bring down heavenly calamity. And this one next to you, with the scent of the Vermilion Bird, is he your jailer?" 

King Wei Yu controlled the corpse of a child and laughed sharply. 

"Back in the day, the Emperor of Humanity destroyed the witch people, severed my Mountain bloodline, exterminated the Shadow clan, and made all the demons bow their heads. What a mighty power... Who would have thought that you are nothing but a tool of the Human race? In the end, you are trapped in your own cocoon, hiding your bow when the birds are gone. Ha! Imprisoned in the Fire Prison for three thousand years, your minions all dead, and your body still serving others. Do you have a fetish for humiliation?"

Gu Yuexi was thrown to the side by the rocking boat. 

In order to protect Yan Qiushan, she didn't care about herself and hit her lower back unprotected on the corner of the speedboat, causing her to black out. 

A Wind God next to her quickly caught her and exclaimed, "Team Leader Gu!" 

Gu Yuexi's overuse of her X-ray vision caused it to bleed uncontrollably. Several lines of blood ran down from her temples to her chin, a horrifying sight. 

The cold sea breeze took away Yan Qiushan's body temperature, and she watched in horror as death swallowed him whole. 

The numbness began to spread towards his heart and brain, his heart beating slower and slower, his blood vessels becoming weaker and weaker...

Seeing her expression, everyone's hearts sank. Zhang Zhao tightly held onto his stopwatch, instinctively wanting to press it, but knowing it would be useless.

Wang Ze lowered his head, his shoulder muscles bulging like an enraged cat. 

"Wind God... Wind God agents, " he first squeezed out a few words from his throat, then Wang Ze jumped into the sea with a leap, and countless small bubbles instantly enveloped him, like wearing a suit of armor. 

Wang Ze fired a mithril bullet into the forehead of a child's corpse blocking his way and roared, "Who cares if it's a typhoon or a tsunami! Bring it on!" 

As a freshwater expert, Wang Ze's combat effectiveness was reduced in the sea, but there was still plenty of water vapor in the air. Water droplets quickly condensed in mid-air, and before they could fall, they continued to drop to freezing point, turning into countless ice knives and arrows, smashing towards the group of corpses. 

The dense mithril bullets, hidden under the "ice rain," rushed towards their targets, hitting some child corpses in the head and splitting others in half. For a moment, they cleared a space in the group of corpses surrounding the speedboat. 

"Ants!" sneered King Wei Yu with a sharp voice. The broken child corpses turned into sword fragments, weaving a deadly net that wrapped around the speedboat, tightening suddenly. 

Just as the boat was about to be turned into minced meat, Zhang Zhao paused a second. 

In an instant, Wang Ze wrapped the speedboat with seven or eight layers of water film outside, which froze into a "frost flower," temporarily separating the flesh and blood from the swords. 

Then, a bright blade of light descended from the sky, tearing apart the sword net. Xuan Ji held his curved blade like a full moon. The blade that had previously been a child's corpse dared not disobey him. 

He had a lit cigarette in his mouth and pinched the end to brush it against the blade. With a "sizzle," a flame shot out, extending the blade by a good length. 

Even before the blade's edge touched them, the flames, like banners, had already clashed with the short weapons of the child corpses.

The flames seemed to have a life of their own, spreading wherever they touched and even burning on the sea. King Wei Yu, who occupied over a hundred bodies, had hit the jackpot and felt the pain of over a hundred burns. 

All the child corpses screamed in unison, and the swords and blades scattered in all directions like sparks. The whole process was slowed down, and the sea surface was a magnificent sight with shimmering waves.

The ice protection layer around the speedboat melted and fell back onto the sea. 

Zhang Zhao was stunned, "What kind of fire is this?"

"It's the 'Evil-Expelling and Home-Protecting Divine Fire', a must-have for home and travel. When consumed..." Xuan Ji put the cigarette back in his mouth, squinting from the smoke. 

He covered the darkness and sadness that flashed in his eyes and avoided Sheng Lingyuan's gaze. 

With a flick of his wrist, he unsheathed his curved blade with a crisp sound. It was as if he had been coiled up for thousands of years, never having the chance to stretch his muscles and bones. 

He chuckled softly, feeling a little sore but not bitter. 

"It can also enhance male vitality. Want to try some? If it doesn't work, it's on me."

These winged creatures seemed to have a special ability - no matter what they had in their mouths, they could still speak rubbish nonstop. No wonder they were better at cracking sunflower seeds than others.

Zhang Zhao quickly declined, "No, no, no. I'm still young and haven't reached the legal age for cremation." 

"Be careful," Xuan Ji said, "don't let the child's corpse run away in the chaos."

The Wind God on the speedboat shuddered. This was the sea, with no boundaries to the east or west, and no limits to the north or south. There was no cover, and if even one child's corpse slipped away, the great demon King Wei Yu would take advantage and escape into the crowd!

Sheng Lingyuan and Xuan Ji were constrained by each other, so they could only carefully control the powers they used to maintain a delicate balance. 

Sheng Lingyuan dared not freely release his black mist, and Xuan Ji dared not summon the power of the Vermilion Bird that seemed capable of destroying the world. 

They could only barely maintain their powers at a level slightly higher than that of ordinary special abilities users - relying mainly on experience and combat awareness to win.

Xuan Ji and the Wind Gods spoke in Mandarin, which King Wei Yu couldn't understand, but he clearly had the same idea. The child corpses split into two groups, with a large number of white bones and already broken bodies forming a defensive formation around the Wind Gods' speedboat and Xuan Ji, while seven or eight child corpses with intact appearances and preserved body shapes quietly slipped into the water and fled in all directions!

The heavenly demons were either insane or crazed, but most of them were trapped by obsession. Generally speaking, even the most detestable people have some pitiable aspects, but King Wei Yu is a very special case - he is not a "normal" person, he is simply a bad embryo.

If there were gods in charge of "greed" in the world, King Wei Yu would be the embodiment of the "god of greed".

Unfortunately, this kind of person was born in troubled times. 

During the chaos of the Nine Provinces, even ordinary people were filled with blood and energy, let alone King Wei Yu, who was like a "vicious dragon" stirring up trouble. 

Before his death, King Wei Yu lived a life of extreme luxury and desire. He had a white jade palace in the East Sea, known as the "place where wind and rain do not enter, and cold and heat do not invade." Because he had a strange aversion to wearing shoes, every inch of the white jade palace had to be spotless and have a roof overhead. 

To prevent the palace from becoming a "black house of white jade" on his thousand-acre estate, he enlisted the help of thousands of skilled craftsmen from his clan to create an artificial "sky" filled with "Blue Sea Pearls" set in large crystals.

Blue Sea pearls were extremely rare deep-sea pearls, and even the Emperor Sheng Lingyuan had only seen 100,001 of them in his lifetime. One of them was set in his coronation crown, passed down from his family's ancestors, while the remaining 100,000 were in King Wei Yu's white jade palace. 

Crystal covers hung mermaid lamps around the deep-sea pearls, and the snow-white light refracted through countless deep-sea pearls, presenting a vividly realistic blue sky on the ceiling of the White Jade Palace.

The mermaid lamps never go out, so day and night are indistinguishable in the entire White Jade Palace.

The mermaid clan was burned alive in this palace because one person did not want to dirty his foot.

Sheng Lingyuan coldly said, "Wei Yu, did we allow you to leave?" 

Then, a series of mermaid language flowed out of his mouth.

In an instant, Xuan Ji's goosebumps rose. He understood the general meaning of the mermaid language: the sky is the coffin, the sea is the grave, blood feud is deep, and a million resentful spirits are lined up. There are some people who, even if their hands and feet are tied and they only have the skill of barking like a dog, can still use it to create a powerful sonic wave that can shatter their enemies' livers and gallbladders. 

As the thick black clouds rolled over the sea, shadows of people with fish tails could be seen swimming and flashing in and out of the turbulent waves. 

For a moment, all the souls who had died tragically in the sea, those who had been wiped out, and those who still harbored resentment even after death, were all stirred up by this emperor and forced to do his bidding. 

The most sinister language of the merfolk spread far and wide, echoing as if countless deep-sea merfolk were responding to it. 

Suddenly, the fastest swimming child corpse shot out of the water, jumping dozens of meters high. 

The black sea water beneath him formed the shape of a mermaid, and with a tsunami-like force, it flew up and bit the child corpse's neck. The child corpse struggled fiercely, and black mist seeped out of the seawater, "biting off" half of his neck.

Then, more black mist rolled up and formed into mermaid shapes, each taking a bite and chewing the child corpse to pieces, leaving behind only a rusty halberd on the spot.

Around Sheng Lingyuan, the sea water began to freeze in the continuous waves, and a floating iceberg appeared out of nowhere on the intersection of tropical and subtropical waters. 

Not far away, a speedboat was completely covered by the ice and stranded. 

The blind man hanging on the side of the boat was frozen halfway into the iceberg and after a moment of reaction, he screamed in agony. Everyone on the ship was stunned. 

Zhang Zhao murmured, "He... he's really a sword spirit?" 

This mermaid language was insane. Even though Sheng Lingyuan didn't use any demonic energy, thunder still rained down from the sky.

Without hesitation, Xuan Ji flew over to rescue Sheng Lingyuan. He spread his wings and wrapped Sheng Lingyuan inside them. At the same time, he threw nine coins wrapped in flames into the air, which stopped the thunderbolt just twenty meters above the ground. 

The collision of thunder and fire was blinding. Xuan Ji was pushed down by the immense pressure, and his knee shattered a piece of floating ice. He and the broken ice were thrown into the sea of corpses. 

The corpses were armed and ready to attack, but Xuan Ji tightened his arms around Sheng Lingyuan, protecting him with his wings. 

Little did Xuan Ji know, Sheng Lingyuan was immediately overwhelmed with a splitting headache upon seeing his fiery red feathers. 

Without any gratitude, he grabbed Xuan Ji's wrist and forcefully threw him off his body, exclaiming "Mind your own business!" 

The furious King Wei Yu roared as the demonic shadow expanded in the sea, spreading black mist in all directions. Every living being felt the suffocating pressure, as if something was devouring their life force. 

A Wind God who was watching over Yan Qiushan was shocked as he looked up and exclaimed, "Yan Qiushan has stopped breathing!" 

The howling wind on the sea surface was accompanied by a piercing cry, thunder and lightning were rampant in the sky, and schools of fish panicked and fled in all directions. They were trapped here, with no way to seek help and no strength to struggle. 

The life and death of mortals were so insignificant, not even worth mentioning. 

At this moment, a faint voice came from the sea, "Save him!" 

Sheng Lingyuan lowered his gaze and saw that the thunder that had just struck him had landed not far from Zhi Chun. 

The sword spirit, wrapped in layers of gloomy sacrificial text, looked at him sadly from five or six meters away. "I...I don't know who you are, but can you save him? Please..."

Sheng Lingyuan raised an eyebrow in surprise - this sword spirit understood ancient language.

Zhi Chun pleaded, "Please, whatever you want, as long as I have it, even if you want my life..."

"Okay," the black mist lifted Sheng Lingyuan from the sea, and he dodged a steel sword that was transformed from a child's corpse. He let his wet hair hang down, like the countless legends of a demon that leads people to eternal damnation. "Then I'll take your life."

Zhi Chun was stunned. 

Half of Xuan Ji's heart was frozen, while the other half was burning with anger that threatened to consume him. 

The totem on his forehead, shaped like a flame, seemed as though it would burst through his skin. He thought he had briefly connected with this person's mind and soul in his distant childhood, but it was all just a damn illusion. 

This beast had no heart or liver.

"Sheng. Ling. Yuan!" 

Sheng Lingyuan ignored Xuan Ji and eagerly gazed at Zhi Chun. "The Yin Sacrifice was caused by you. While the heavenly demon power is not yet established, the sacrifice can still be stopped if you violate the contract. Will you dare to bear the backlash of a thousand cuts?"

"Zhi Chun, don't do it! Don't listen to this demon..." Xuan Ji's voice suddenly choked, and he saw the bloated shadow of King Wei Yu suddenly freeze as if it had solidified. 

From a distance, Zhi Chun glanced at the people on the speedboat, and a deep vortex of seawater swirled around him. In the center of the vortex, the sword spirit's hand turned into a blunt long sword, and the blade illuminated Zhi Chun's pale face as his eyes met Xuan Ji's.

He politely smiled at Xuan Ji and shook his head. In the next moment, his hand slashed through the thick, calloused sacrificial text.

The sacrificial person cut the text, and Zhi Chun broke his promise! 

Xuan Ji only had time to cut his finger and draw a protective formation with his blood on the surface of the sea, then savagely pressing it into the water. The next moment, Zhi Chun shot up into the air. A lightning bolt, ten times more severe than the one that came down on Sheng Lingyuan, directly engulfed his body.

Under the wrath of thunder, the people lost their senses, almost blending into the shadows, disappearing without a trace. 

The Yin sacrificial text surged on the sea, exploding in patches amidst thunder and lightning. 

The lightning that pierced through the air sent all living creatures around flying, regardless of whether they were gods or demons. The demonic energy dispersed with a loud boom, causing the icebergs on the sea to crack inch by inch. 

The stranded speedboat slipped into the water, and the icy seawater engulfed people's heads and bodies.

Sheng Lingyuan laughed heartily as the black mist rushed towards Yan Qiushan like fish breaking through the water's surface. 

He froze the dying man in place as promised. 

Yan Qiushan's entire body stiffened like a specimen, with only a metal fragment on his chest floating in the seawater. 

It emitted a faint light, forming a thin protective layer that gently enveloped him, just like the foolish merfolk who cherished a pearl in their mouths thousands of years ago.

The backlash of the Yin Sacrifice ritual was so powerful that it could even obliterate Sheng Lingyuan's incarnation, let alone a mere Sword Spirit. 

After what seemed like an eternity, everything finally calmed down. 

The debris of swords and the speedboat floated silently on the water, while the dark clouds and storm dissipated, revealing a sky full of stars. 

On the surface of the sea, there was no longer any trace of the Yin Sacrifice ritual or Zhi Chun.


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