Happy Ending with the Second Male Lead

Happy Ending with the Second Male Lead

Chapter 9 - Tsundere Emperor Dog × Salted Fish Queen 9

Outside the Furong Palace was a clear pond, with white jade steps leading into the water and railings carved in the shape of hibiscus flowers surrounding most of the palace. Sima Jiao brushed past those white jade hibiscuses, listening to the Grand Protector Gao beside him speak of matters in Xingzhou.

"Your slave has already investigated clearly. The governor Wang Lingyu indeed has private dealings with the Lord of Southern Qin. That Wang Lingyu even used his family connections to forge weapons for the Lord of Southern Qin, with the workshop located in Xingzhou. Besides Wang Lingyu, several other officials also have contact with the Lord of Southern Qin.

"The Lord of Southern Qin's territory has practically become an independent state... Your Majesty, how do you plan to deal with this?"

Sima Jiao viciously curled up the corner of his mouth, his pitch-black eyes like bottomless wells. "Since they've all pledged allegiance to the Lord of Southern Qin, what's the point of keeping them around? Kill them all."

He said it lightly, as if he wasn't ordering the deaths of many officials across several prefectures. The listener showed no surprise at all. Grand Protector Gao's expression didn't change, only smiling and nodding. "Your slave understands. It's just that some people can be killed openly, while others cannot. Your slave will arrange it well."

Sima Jiao rubbed the wooden beads on his wrist and grunted. "That Wang Lingyu, I want his head cut off and sent to the Lord of Southern Qin's desk."

"Yes, Your Majesty." Grand Protector Gao was still smiling.

The two walked to the front of the jade steps. Grand Protector Gao suddenly spoke, "Since returning this time, Your Majesty seems to be in much better spirits. I heard it's all thanks to Consort Liao?"

Hearing him mention Liao Tingyan, Sima Jiao's expression softened a bit. "You also saw her just now. How is she? Indeed a beauty, right? I brought her from Hexia." His tone held a hint of childlike pride in showing off to an elder.

Grand Protector Gao smiled and nodded. "Indeed an excellent woman, not overly scheming. Since Your Majesty likes her, why not have her attend to you at night?"

Hearing these words, Sima Jiao's face darkened. If it wasn't Grand Protector Gao saying this, anyone else probably would have been dragged away by now on his orders.

"Gao Mi, you know, this lord doesn't want to leave behind a bloodline."

Hearing him refer to himself not as "I" but as "this lord", Grand Protector Gao knew he was extremely displeased. But even so, he still had to say it.

Sighing inwardly, Grand Protector Gao spoke in a gentle tone, "Your Majesty, if you don't want to leave a bloodline, then don't. It's just that Your Majesty doesn't sleep well at night, often unable to fall asleep. Your slave was thinking, if you let the Consort accompany you, perhaps Your Majesty would be happier, and maybe even sleep better."

Sima Jiao blinked. "But I often get headaches at night. What if one day I'm unhappy and kill her?"

Grand Protector Gao was startled. He shook his head and smiled wryly in his heart. If he really would kill her, why would he be troubled over this? It seemed there might truly be a turning point for His Majesty.

His tone grew even more amiable, "Your Majesty need not worry. Your slave guarantees nothing will happen."

Sima Jiao looked at this person who had accompanied him since birth, like a father figure, and scrutinized him for a moment before finally nodding. "Then so be it."

After leaving the Furong Palace, Grand Protector Gao summoned a eunuch and instructed him.

That eunuch was surprised and fearful. "This! If His Majesty finds out..."

Grand Protector Gao glanced at him. "That's why you need to find the right opportunity. Besides, you don't need to do too much. Just give a light push at the appropriate time. Although His Majesty seems muddled, he is actually clear-minded. The palace, inside and out, even the vastness of the world, are all in his heart. No one can scheme against him and emerge unscathed."

"However, I'm not scheming against His Majesty. I'm just thinking His Majesty who I watched grow up should have reached this stage. I have to help him." Grand Protector Gao's smile became more genuine, his voice suddenly dropping to almost inaudible. "This vast world, how can there be no successor? Bloodline... even if it's... His Highness' bloodline must continue."

Happening to pass by the Taiji Palace, Grand Protector Gao couldn't help stopping in his steps, gazing at that majestic palace. Even now, he could still clearly remember over a decade ago, that expanse of raging flames and the mad laughter within the fire. Fresh blood meandered down the white jade steps. Corpses collapsed everywhere, burning to ashes along with the magnificent palace.

Unknowingly, more than ten years had passed. That child sitting by the edge of the sea of fire, covered in blood, had long since grown up, becoming a... terrifying monarch.


"Congratulations Consort, His Majesty has summoned you to attend to him tonight."

"...Say that again?"

"His Majesty just sent down an edict, for the Consort to attend to him tonight."

Ever since hearing this news, Liao Tingyan had been in a state of doubt. Doubting if the original story was toxic, how could every plotline be off. Doubting if Sima Jiao was toxic, how he never followed the normal path. Doubting if she herself was toxic, having replaced the original and actually making the emperor want to sleep with her.

Was it because her charm was too great? In the end, Liao Tingyan started doubting her life. Back when she was working like a dog every day, how could she have imagined that one day, she would actually need to go sleep with the emperor?

On the way to the emperor's bedchamber, Liao Tingyan kept cursing in her heart. When she first entered the palace, she had prepared for the worst. At that time, Sima Jiao didn't sleep with her.

But now when she had relaxed and thought she wouldn't have troubles in this aspect, Sima Jiao suddenly announced he wanted to sleep with her. This man was really sick. And the thing she was most worried about now was actually whether Sima Jiao could even perform.

If he was just in the mood now, but halfway through the deed it stalled, would he fly into a rage out of humiliation and want to kill her?

Being slept with was a small matter, being killed was a big deal.

Very quickly, Sima Jiao once again used his actions to tell Liao Tingyan that overthinking was useless, because she could never guess what he would do.

A man and woman alone together in a room, a legal husband and wife. The woman was also devastatingly beautiful, dressed alluringly. But Sima Jiao actually showed no intention of sleeping with her. Sitting on the edge of the bed, the look in his eyes as he gazed at her even held a hint of disdain.

Liao Tingyan: Disdain my ass! Weren't you the one who told me to attend to you?

Sima Jiao: "Why are you dressed like this?"

Liao Tingyan: "The maids prepared it." Get this straight, she didn't want to wear it either. Wasn't it because she thought this was his preference and special instructions? That's why she steeled herself and put it on despite the embarrassment!

The two lay on the same bed. Sima Jiao had no intention at all of sleeping with her.

Liao Tingyan was nervous and nervous, but when it reached her usual bedtime, sleepiness naturally welled up and her eyes slowly closed. Sima Jiao still couldn't sleep as usual, but hearing Liao Tingyan's breathing slowly even out beside him, he couldn't help but sit up and shake her awake.

Startled, Liao Tingyan woke up. "Your Majesty, what's the matter?"

Sima Jiao looked at her. "Nothing, go back to sleep."

Liao Tingyan waited a bit. Seeing that he really seemed fine, she suspiciously closed her eyes to sleep again. Just as she was drifting off, she was shaken awake again.

Liao Tingyan forced a smile. "...Your Majesty?"

Sima Jiao sat beside her. "It's nothing, you sleep."

The third time she was shaken awake, Liao Tingyan could no longer muster a smile. She really had bad morning temper, and being repeatedly woken like this, if not for a shred of sense telling her it was Sima Jiao beside her, that despite his pretty boy looks he was actually a great white shark, she would have lost control and pummeled his dog head already.

"Your Majesty, are you unable to sleep?" Liao Tingyan gritted out.

Sima Jiao twirled a lock of her long hair, wide awake. "Mm, can't sleep. How did you fall asleep? The moment I wasn't paying attention, you were out."

Liao Tingyan: "Why doesn't Your Majesty lie down first, close your eyes, and you'll fall asleep soon."

Sima Jiao said unhappily, "Are you coaxing a child? If only it was that easy to fall asleep."

Liao Tingyan: "Shall this concubine sing a lullaby for Your Majesty?" Liao Tingyan threw caution to the wind, all for the sake of sleeping in peace.

Hearing this, Sima Jiao found it quite novel. Propping his head up, he lay down beside her. "Sing then."

Liao Tingyan cleared her throat and began to sing. Truth be told, her voice was befitting of a female lead, pleasant to the ear. Liao Tingyan herself felt very satisfied listening to it.

But the more Sima Jiao listened, the more alert he became, even having the sudden whim to summon some musicians for accompaniment.

Damn, wrong skill. Liao Tingyan now wanted nothing more than to sleep. She was even emboldened by desperation, wanting to tire this annoying guy out until he had no energy to make trouble, regardless of whether he was impotent or mentally ill. Fortunately, her remaining reason stopped her.

After some internal flailing, Liao Tingyan sat up listlessly, ready to keep the tyrannical emperor company at the expense of her life. How long had it been since she last stayed up? She wasn't used to it anymore.

Yawning twice, she said, "Since Your Majesty wants to hear music, let's call the musicians. This concubine shall accompany you."

Sima Jiao glanced at her expression and suddenly said, "Don't want to listen anymore. Let's sleep instead."

Liao Tingyan no longer believed this scoundrel. Chuckling hollowly, she lay there waiting for him to continue his antics. But she slept through to dawn and woke on Sima Jiao's bed, only to find that he really hadn't harassed her again last night.

However, Sima Jiao was long gone from the bed. This man didn't sleep or eat, where did he get so much energy to cause trouble every day? Liao Tingyan really couldn't understand.

From that day on, Liao Tingyan reported to Sima Jiao every night, sleeping in his bed, under his covers. Waking her after she fell asleep each night became Sima Jiao's special routine. As for how many times he woke her, it all depended on his mood that day.

If he was in a good mood and feeling generous, he would wake Liao Tingyan once and let her continue sleeping without further disturbance. If he was in a bad mood, it wouldn't be as simple as just waking her a few times.

One midnight, Sima Jiao startled awake from a nightmare, his head throbbing with a familiar pain. He opened his bloodshot eyes and sat up, irritably massaging his aching forehead. Hearing the movement inside, the eunuch Jin De quietly entered the hall, looking at Sima Jiao on the bed with some trepidation.

He wore black sleepwear, his equally jet-black hair hanging beside his face, making his complexion appear even more pale. His bloodshot eyes were as red and ominous as a demon from hell.

No matter how many times he saw it, Jin De's heart would instinctively fill with dread upon seeing His Majesty like this. Each time His Majesty fell ill, he would be unable to control his urge to kill. If it wasn't too severe, it would be fine after a day's rest.

But if it was serious, those eyes would turn almost completely red and those around him would suffer... The Noble Consort was still sleeping there, oblivious.

Jin De watched nervously as His Majesty turned his gaze to the Noble Consort beside him. When he raised that hand with bulging veins, reaching for the Noble Consort's neck, Jin De nearly cried out.

But the next moment, Jin De slowly gaped, staring at the bed in shock.

Liao Tingyan was dreaming of her roommate's silly dog. That silly dog was called Big Baby and was very lively, often jumping onto its owner's bed in the early morning to nuzzle and lick.

Sometimes when Liao Tingyan forgot to lock her door, that silly dog would even open the door by itself, run in and wake her. Liao Tingyan had lost count of how many times she complained to her roommate about this, but in the end she always lost to the dog's pitiful expression.

In her daze, she felt an itch on her neck, as if something was rubbing against it. Reaching out to grab it, she gave it a few strokes, mumbling, "Alright, Big Baby, don't make a fuss."

Her face also felt itchy, as if some fur was brushing past. Liao Tingyan casually ruffled 'Big Baby's' fur and gave it a couple of kisses. "Be good, don't bother me, I'm sleeping."


Sima Jiao extended his pale hand, slowly smoothing his mussed up hair. He then used the back of his hand to wipe his cheek, staring at the dead-to-the-world Liao Tingyan with a strange expression.

He stared for most of the night without doing anything.


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