Happy Ending with the Second Male Lead

Happy Ending with the Second Male Lead

Chapter 1 - Tsundere Emperor Dog × Salted Fish Queen 1

"Quick! Hurry and protect the Lady's escape!" a guard roared, raising his sword to block a bandit's attack.

Inside the ox cart surrounded by guards sat a veiled lady with a pale face, accompanied by a sturdy maidservant. Hearing the guard's shout, a guard standing at the shaft of the cart anxiously pulled open the curtain, "My lady, please come down quickly and let us escort you away!"

The sturdy maidservant hastily helped the veiled lady off the ox cart, carrying her on her back. Led by a few guards clearing the way, they escaped the battle circle.

Several guards quickly led them away from the chaotic battlefield. A few bandits tried to give chase but were blocked by other guards.

The live slaughter right before her eyes, the smell of blood, and the corpses and severed limbs lying on the ground made the veiled lady feel a bit uncomfortable, and she turned her head away. The tall, sturdy guard standing to the side with a sword noticed and said in a gruff voice, "Rest assured, my lady, as long as we reach the official road and shake off these bandits, we'll be fine."

The veiled lady softly murmured her assent and then said, "Are there bandits following us?"

The guard replied, "Those bandits have all been held back, they won't catch up so quickly."

The lady said again, "There might be an ambush, it's better to be careful."

The guard acknowledged, but seeing that they were not far from the official road, he relaxed quite a bit. The veiled lady, lying on the sturdy maidservant's back, took advantage of the veil covering her face so others couldn't see, and secretly rolled her eyes.

At this moment, she was already screaming wildly in her heart - how the hell did the plot start so suddenly? She was completely caught off guard!

It had been nearly eight years since she transmigrated to this world and became a young lady. Ever since she realized this was a novel she had read before, she had been pondering what to do when the plot began. Who knew the plot would descend so abruptly?

She was merely going to the neighboring county to visit her maternal grandfather, but on the way back, she actually encountered bandits. Heaven knows where this group of bandits came from. She had traveled this road countless times over the past few years without incident, but something just had to happen today.

Yes, that's right, in the novel, the male and female leads met because the female lead encountered a bandit attack. But the book didn't specify which day the female lead was going where when she encountered the bandits on her way back.

So she had wishfully thought that it definitely wasn't this time, and even brought along quite a few extra guards, hoping to intimidate the bandits. Seriously though, why were there so many bandits on this small, crappy mountain?


An arrow suddenly shot out from the bushes. A guard standing on the right side was caught off guard and hit in the chest, immediately collapsing.

"Not good, there's still an ambush!" the guard exclaimed in alarm.

Just then, several more arrows shot out in succession from the bushes, scattering a few guards. Then a few bandits emerged from the bushes. One of them, with a large saber hanging from his waist, leered at the veiled lady and said with a sinister laugh, "The daughter of Prefect Liao, the renowned beauty of Hexia? Hahaha, if you know what's good for you, leave her behind and we'll let the rest of you go!"

"Scoundrel, cease your nonsense!" the guard angrily shouted and stepped forward with his sword to engage.

The clashing of blades was accompanied by agonized screams as men were slashed. The sturdy maidservant was also a heroine among women. Seeing that the other guards were all tied up and the situation was not optimistic, she said nothing, picked up the veiled lady on her back, and continued to flee.

In this panicked flight, the shouts and killing behind them grew more distant. But before the maidservant could relax, a bandit suddenly gave chase. The maidservant had no choice but to put down the lady on her back and give her a push, "My lady, run quickly!"

She herself randomly picked up a tree branch from the ground, intending to confront the bandit.

However, the veiled lady quickly grabbed her hand and, without a word, pulled her along to escape in a certain direction.

The bandit behind them was getting closer and closer, so close that they could hear his panting breaths. The maidservant wanted to sacrifice herself to block him for a while, to secure a path of life for the lady.

But the lady held her so tightly that she couldn't break free, so she had no choice but to continue fleeing with her. Seeing that her delicate lady was struggling a bit, she half-carried, half-dragged her as they frantically ran through the forest.

As for this Lady Liao, Liao Tingyan, she was inwardly cursing. These soft-soled shoes were indeed comfortable to wear, but they were truly unsuitable for running. In just this short distance, she felt like the soles of her feet were about to wear through.

As a damned feudal bureaucratic family's young miss, making her act out a jungle extreme survival scene, wasn't this just bullshit!

Although she didn't want to start the plot, now that things had come to this, according to the original plot, wasn't the male lead supposed to appear and heroically save the beauty?

Just as she was thinking this, she felt a whoosh of wind. A dark figure suddenly leaped down from the big tree beside them. Then with a muffled groan, the bandit was knocked out by the man who abruptly appeared.

The maidservant, still shaken, warily eyed the plainly dressed youth while shielding her lady behind her.

The youth held a firewood chopper in his hand and had a bow and arrows on his back. Judging by his attire, he was an ordinary commoner, but his appearance was very handsome. Even in plain clothes, it was hard to conceal his outstanding bearing.

He had broad shoulders, a straight back, and a tall stature. His eyes were clear and righteous, and his temperament was steady, easily evoking a good impression in others. This level of looks, different from the average passerby, made Liao Tingyan instantly certain that this guy was definitely the male lead.

After getting a clear look at his attire and appearance, the maidservant relaxed a bit and bowed, saying, "Many thanks to this chivalrous hero for the rescue."

The youth smiled, "No need for thanks. I saw that this person seemed to be a bandit, and I'm afraid there are more than just him nearby. This place is probably unsafe. Why don't you two come with me and I'll lead you to the official road. Oh right, I haven't introduced myself. I'm Chen Yun, a hunter from the nearby Chen Village. I came to the mountains to hunt today."

His gaze swept past the silent lady behind the maidservant without much notice. As for Liao Tingyan, upon discovering this situation, she tugged her veil even more cautiously, covering her face tightly.

Thank the heavens and thank the earth, thank the male lead for his lack of interest in her. She clearly remembered this first meeting scene between the male and female leads in the original work.

The male lead killed the bandit chasing the female lead. As he turned around, the female lead's veil was coincidentally snagged off by a tree branch. The two locked eyes and the male lead was instantly stunned by her beauty. Then the female lead blushed from his gaze, and their illicit affair began from there.

Also, in the original text, only the male and female leads were present at this initial encounter, without the maidservant. But Sister Lu had taken care of Liao Tingyan for two years, and Liao Tingyan couldn't possibly let her die like in the original story. She had used almost all her strength to keep Sister Lu with her, and now at least one life was saved.

As a female protagonist who was transmigrated halfway through the story, Liao Tingyan couldn't understand the original female lead's mentality. The male lead was indeed very handsome, but she had just witnessed so many people die before her eyes and was still on the run. Her legs felt weak, her head was dizzy, and she felt like throwing up. If it weren't for gritting her teeth and enduring it, she would have fainted by now.

She really wasn't in the mood for romance.

The key was that knowing the plot, she didn't dare to fall in love with the male lead.

Thinking about this dog-blood plot that tortured her heart and lungs all the way, Liao Tingyan wished she could part ways with the male lead every minute, the farther apart the better.

Who would have thought that this male lead, who was still a commoner, would soon lead the rebel army to revolt and eventually become the founding emperor? As for her identity, the most famous beauty of Hexia, the daughter of Lord Liao, a standard noble lady, she was the female lead, the future empress.

Although the ending was a happy one, before that, she and the male lead fell in love and broke up, broke up and got back together, were interfered with by the female supporting character countless times in the middle, causing misunderstandings and even a miscarriage. This male lead who loved the female lead had no choice but to marry the female supporting character because of the military power support from her family, and even had a child.

In short, the male and female leads were entangled in a painful and deep love. When she first watched it, her heart ached. If it weren't for watching the vicious female supporting character being tortured in the end, she definitely wouldn't have been able to endure it.

Oh, the ending was that the female supporting character finally died, her son also died, and then the female lead forgave the male lead. Their son became the next emperor, the end.

Just thinking about the female lead's rich experience of being abused, Liao Tingyan couldn't help but tremble, so she refused to follow the plot and fall in love. It was depressing enough to be transmigrated into this unknown dynasty in some time and space. She just wanted to lay low and wait for death. Damn those dog-blood plots, stay away.

The ambiguous two-person walk in the original work turned into a three-person walk. The atmosphere was very serious. There was a sturdy maidservant who could kill pigs with her bare hands between the male and female leads. The two didn't spark any chemistry at all.

Then they successfully reached the official road and stopped a patrolling guard. They took out a token to prove their identity, and soon someone from the Lord's mansion came to pick them up.

Until she was helped onto the ox cart, Liao Tingyan didn't say a word to Chen Yun, perfectly performing the role of a noble lady who believed silence was golden.

It didn't matter if she was polite or not. The most important thing was not to arouse any interest or affection from the male lead. Very good. Although the plot had begun, she had already derailed it.


Because he unintentionally saved the famous beauty, Lady Liao, Chen Yun received gratitude from the Liao family. The chief steward of the Liao family personally brought generous gifts to his home to express thanks, attracting countless onlookers.

This was a sensational piece of news in Chen Village, and the nearby villagers couldn't help but come to ask Chen Yun about it.

"Qi-lang*, I heard you saved that Lady Liao yesterday, and the Liao family sent you a generous thank-you gift. Is that true?"

*T/N: A nickname for Chen Yun, as the seventh son of his family.

Chen Yun smiled helplessly, "It was just a small favor. It's not worth so many gifts. I have already declined."

The person asking looked completely disbelieving, "How is that possible? That's a generous reward that could let you live comfortably for the rest of your life. Who would be so foolish to refuse it all? If you don't want to tell the truth, forget it. Why bother making up such a story to fool me!"

Another person beside him said, "Others might not, but Qi-lang is different. Everyone knows what kind of person Qi-lang is. How could he lie to people? By the way, Qi-lang, did you see Lady Liao? Is she really as beautiful as the rumors say?"

Chen Yun thought of that silent lady from yesterday and was a bit dazed. Although she was wearing a veil, when she was helped onto the ox cart, a gust of wind happened to blow open a small part of the white gauze, revealing half of her face. Her skin was like congealed cream, dazzling like a bright pearl. Although he hadn't seen her entire appearance, just that one glimpse left a deep impression on Chen Yun.

She was indeed a beauty as perfect as a pearl like the rumors said.

"Qi-lang? Why aren't you talking? Did you really see her?"

Chen Yun hesitated for a moment, but still said, "Lady Liao was wearing a veil. I didn't see her appearance. This matter is not a good thing for a lady after all. Let's not discuss it further."

The crowd dispersed. Chen Yun shouldered his newly hunted game, preparing to go to the city to sell it.

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