Fake Slackers

Fake Slackers

Chapter 7 - Chapter 7

This is just asking for a beating.

Listen to the arrogant tone of his words.

The two groups immediately started fighting, with no holds barred. Zhou Dalei wished he could strip off his shirt and unleash all his strength to show them the consequences of angering him. "Stealing my Ziwu? I'll make you regret it!"

"You call that stealing? If you can't match up, then just admit defeat. F*ck your mum don't hit the face!"

Amidst the chaos -

Xie Yu watched helplessly as the masked teenager who had started the conflict, exuding an air of dominance, calmly snuck away without a sound. His escaping skills were incredibly advanced, and no one noticed as he slipped away.

As he walked out of the fighting circle, he even took the time to tidy his hair. 

Very conscious about his image.


In the middle of summer, this person was wearing long sleeves and pants, with a mask covering his face, making it difficult to see his features.

He clearly wanted to walk towards the shade of the trees, looking around, and only the area where Xie Yu was standing had no sun. So, another person quickly joined Xie Yu's side.

The masked guy was quite tall, half a head taller than Xie Yu.

He stood beside Xie Yu to watch the show, and then he slowly took out a lollipop from his pocket. It was pink and had a strawberry flavor. He peeled off the candy wrapper in a few strokes, and because the temperature was too high, the candy had melted a bit. Xie Yu smelled a sweet and greasy scent in the air. 

Then the person pulled down his mask, letting the loose black fabric dangle under his chin as he nibbled on the lollipop. He didn't have much patience for candy, crunching it with his teeth after only a few moments. 

When he went to find a trash can to dispose of the wrapper, he belatedly realized that the person standing next to him might also be a competitor from the opposing team, here to claim the coveted Ziwu.

Xie Yu did his best to hold back but couldn't resist after a while: "What do you think you're looking at."

The person didn't seem bothered by being caught staring and calmly pulled his mask back up, his fingers hooking onto the edge of the fabric. The black material contrasted sharply against his pale skin, giving him an almost unearthly appearance. "Are you on their side too?" he asked.

Xie Yu replied, "So what if I am."

The person thought for a moment before suggesting, "Hey friend, how about we spar for a bit?" 

The battle across from him was fierce, and to be honest, Xie Yu felt quite embarrassed over the situation and didn't really want to fight. "Friend, I advise you to cherish your life."

The masked man folded up his sleeve to reveal a thin wrist. "Funny, I like to seek death."

After two rounds of fighting, Xie Yu had to admit that this person's skills were unexpectedly good.

His fighting stance was extremely agile, seamless, fast, fierce, and accurate. Accidentally getting hit would make the pain go all the way to the bone.

Xie Yu had been fighting in crowds since he was young, getting beaten up a lot as a child. After he turned ten, he was basically the one doing the beating, rarely experiencing the feeling of being suppressed by others. 

But it was only a momentary situation. After Xie Yu used a sneaky move to trip the masked person, the two of them ended up on the ground. The masked person struggled for a while before finally managing to pin Xie Yu's arm down, but just as he was about to get up, Xie Yu unexpectedly lifted his knee and hit him in the stomach.

"Wait a minute," the masked person said. "Do you know how hot it is today?"

Although there had been a red warning for high temperatures these past few days, people were still doing the egg-frying experiment on the ground every day.

Xie Yu wanted to say, 'Aren't you a grown man? You're not that weak, are you?'

But just as Xie Yu was distracted, the masked person flipped him over and their positions were instantly reversed. the masked person raised an eyebrow - his eyes were deep-set, his eyebrows close together, and his gaze was profound.

He leaned in close, one hand propped up beside Xie Yu's neck, and said, "It's quite warm. Feel it for yourself."

"I feel like telling you to f*** off." 

The two of them didn't have a chance to fight on the ground.

Suddenly, Xie Yu felt lighter and saw that the masked person had quickly climbed off him. He patted the dust off its clothes and extended a hand to help him up. 

Then, he started babbling, "...Friend, why are you so careless? You can even fall on flat ground. Be careful when you walk. How can I trust you to wander around the park alone like this?"

Xie Yu couldn't understand this behavior. "Are you stupid?" he asked.

The masked person replied, "You're the stupid one."

After speaking, the masked person shouted to the other side, "Stop - don't fight anymore, the police are here." 

At this moment, Xie Yu vaguely heard the sound of police cars. Soon after, he saw five or six fully armed police officers getting off the car on the opposite side of the road. They pointed ahead and shouted across the street, "Get down! Cover your head! Don't move! Gathering to fight! You guys are really bold, ah!"

The two of them were a bit far from the fighting scene, and the masked person had been quick to react. He had pulled Xie Yu up before the police got off the car. The police did not expect that there would be two fish that had slipped through the net, lounging under the tree and picking fights. 

With his arm draped over Xie Yu's shoulder shoulder, Xie Yu and his companion looked like a pair of good brothers strolling through the park at 10:30 in the morning. "No need to thank me, my ears work better. Let's get our stories straight. What kind of identity do you want? As for me, I'm just an innocent bystander who ate too much for breakfast and came to the park to digest."

Xie Yu responded coldly, "I don't feel like talking to you."

The masked person: "......"

Xie Yu continued, "Are you afraid of the police when you come out to fight?"

"It's not that I'm afraid," the masked person shrugged indifferently, "I just think it's troublesome."

Originally, they should have been lucky enough to just watch the police take away a dozen or so people. But things don't always go as planned. 

One of the guys with poor mental resilience lost it. He looked left and right, but couldn't find his big brother. When he turned his head, he saw his big brother standing under a tree. In a panic, he shouted like a little chick looking for its mother, "Chao-ge!"


He Chao was cursing in his heart.

Xie Yu asked, "Chao-ge? Is it you?"

He Chao replied, "Do you believe me if I say I'm not?"

Xie Yu pushed away He Chao's hand on his shoulder. The brotherly love scene was over, and he immediately turned his face and denied knowing him, "You should ask the police if they believe you."

Naturally, the police didn't believe him.

They couldn't afford to make a mistake, so they decided to arrest them first and ask questions later. 

The police stood in front of the two of them, looked at one and then the other, and for a moment, they weren't sure which one was "Chao-ge". 

"Who is Chao-ge?" 

He Chao took the initiative to claim his name: "Me, it's me. My surname is He, given name Chao."

Xie Yu didn't even have a chance to distance himself from them before the person who had just helped him up from the ground and offered to matches stories with him and introduced him to the police: "Police Uncle, he's my fighting partner."

Xie Yu: "......" Thank you so much.

"Take them both away, arrest them all!"

At the police station.

There were too many of them, about seventeen or eighteen people, walking in a long line like walking on a red carpet. After arriving at the designated location, they split into two rows, facing each other and squatting down, holding their heads, looking particularly like criminals on TV. 

Zhou Dalei felt a bit of novelty and nudged Xie Yu with his elbow. 

"Old Xie, do you think we look like drug dealers now? I've only seen this kind of treatment on TV. Thinking about it, the police comrades in Blackwater Town are really kind. At least they'll give us a chair to sit on."

Xie Yu replied, "You still want a chair? Just keep thinking about it."

He Chao squatted opposite Xie Yu and couldn't help but laugh.

The police officer sitting in the middle of the conference table knocked on the table and said, "What are you doing? Do you think you're here for a tea party? And you, why are you laughing? Why are you still wearing this thing on your face? You know it's embarrassing. Take it off."

He Chao cooperatively took off his mask and said, "No, I'm allergic to UV rays."

The police officer responded, "Well, you're still quite brave to come out and fight." 

He Chao said, "There's no other way, it's for the team. Actually, I'm a peace-loving person and don't like fighting."

Zhou Dalei nudged Xie Yu with his elbow, then he couldn't hold back any longer and cursed, "Damn, what a fucking boss."

Xie Yu retorted, "Zhou Dalei, do you think it's appropriate for you to be drooling over a man while you're locked up in jail?"

Hearing this, He Chao responded in a good mood, "Brother, you're pretty handsome too."

Zhou Dalei chuckled and found this guy interesting, "Hey, are you mixed-race? You look a bit foreign." 

The person before them was exuding an unyielding aura even though he was squatting. His hairstyle is neat and tidy, with most of his forehead exposed. His nose is high and his eyes are narrow and elongated, with a deep double eyelid that seems to speak when he looks at others. They are unfathomable, dangerous, and careless.

"I am a mixed-blood of eight countries. My ancestors mixed for three generations in Europe before moving to Southeast Asia. My father is Arab, and my mother is French." 

Seeing the increasingly admiring expression on Zhou Dalei's face, He Chao paused and said incredulously, "Do you believe this too? I am a purebred Chinese, not mixed-blood."

As the two seemed to be on the verge of establishing a friendship despite their animosity, the police finally cut to the chase and killed this budding friendship: "Who will tell us what happened? Why did you fight?" 

Zhou Dalei immediately jumped up and exclaimed, "Because they stole my stuff! My Ziwu, that's my courage and faith!"

The police signaled for him to stop, "Ziwu? Stealing things?"

Xie Yu felt a headache coming on, he thought the next part was a bit embarrassing.

Sure enough, Zhou Dalei earnestly said, "It's Divine Sword that Pan Gu used during the creation of the world, with 999+ defense and attack values. With it, I can rule the world and sell it for money. The most important thing is to sell it for money."

"We didn't steal it," the other group of people were unhappy and expressed, "How can you say it's stolen? The Pan Gu Divine Sword was just lying on the ground, and there was no name on it."

The police suspected that they had caught a group of mentally ill people. 

In order to uncover the true motive behind the fight and gain a deeper understanding of the situation, several police officers downloaded the online game "Genesis".

The story behind it was both amusing and ridiculous.

They were accused of fighting in a group, but no one was seriously injured. When the police arrived, they had already stopped and there was no sign of any violent behavior.

"Who has the Pan Gu Divine Sword?" asked one of the officers.

"I, I do." someone raised their hand and replied.

The police officers now had a standard for sentencing: "Log into your account."

"I'm logged in, it's in my backpack, the purple one, yes..." 

The police officer took the mouse and clicked on the right button, then clicked on "properties".

"I want to tell you all that in the face of a harmonious society, Pan Gu's Divine Sword is nothing," the righteous police officer turned around and faced a group of "juvenile delinquents" who were on the verge of tears, speaking passionately, "No matter how valuable it is, can it be more valuable than the peace of our motherland?"

Zhou Dalei: "......!?"

Xie Yu: "......"

He Chao: "......"


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