Fake Slackers

Fake Slackers

Chapter 60 - Chapter 60

Every time exam results were released, there were always some who were happy and some who were sad. But after teaching for so many years, Wu Zheng had encountered someone like He Chao for the first time. Despite having "sad" grades, he managed to skillfully squeeze into the "happy" queue.

Wu Zheng was impressed. He was a talented person.

He was so impressed that he couldn't help but throw several chalk heads to the back row, saying as he threw them, "He Chao, your mental toughness...I can look through three years above you and still not find someone better than you."

"Thank you for your kind words," He Chao smiled as the chalk heads flew towards him, "I'm just an average talent."

"You brat, do you really think I'm praising you?"

One of the chalk pieces was slightly off and happened to hit the corner of Xie Yu's desk with a clatter before rolling onto the ground.

Xie Yu had been worrying about his boyfriend's poor test scores and whether he would end up operating a excavator in the future. But when he heard this, he couldn't help but laugh and prop his head up with his hand: "...Idiot."

"Alright," after the commotion died down, Wu Zheng clapped his hands to signal for everyone to quiet down and began analyzing the test. "One test score doesn't mean much, and this set of questions wasn't actually that difficult. So why was the average score so low? I looked at where you lost points..."

Wu Zheng held up the test paper and copied the questions onto the blackboard, effortlessly drawing a perfect cube with his hand.

Xie Yu lowered his head and stuffed the math test paper that scored only around 40 points into his desk. With nothing to do, he lay on the desk and planned to take a nap.

Just as he lay down, his wrist was poked twice by his psychologically strong desk mate.

Xie Yu's head slowly moved, resting on his arm as he turned to look at him.

He saw He Chao lying in a similar position, and the two of them stared at each other for a few minutes without saying a word.

Although they didn't speak, their eyes were intertwined, and a certain part of their hearts slowly calmed.

The young man had his back to the sunlight outside the window, looking relaxed with a slight smile on his lips.

After looking for a while, Xie Yu couldn't resist reaching out and pulling up He Chao's unzipped zipper: "Brother, who are you trying to seduce?"

"I wouldn't dare," He Chao lowered his head and looked at Xie Yu's hand still resting on his clothes. He didn't expect the little friend to have such a strong possessive streak. He smiled and said, "I'll only let you see."

The average scores for each subject in Class 3 remained the same as always - among first or second in the grade, but counted from the bottom.

Apart from Xue Xisheng and Xu Qingqing, who were both exceptional students, their scores were still not enough compared to the overall average.

The Chinese composition was a persuasive essay, and the test papers had just been brought over by the class representative from the teacher's office during lunchtime. Everyone rushed over, but not to check their own scores. "Where's Brother Chao's test paper? He's our source of happiness."

Xie Yu had just woken up and lifted his head upon hearing the commotion. He saw He Chao defending his test paper on the podium, chaos reigning supreme. Several papers had fallen to the ground and were even stepped on by others.

Then Luo Wenqiang and Liu Cunhao held him on either side and walked him out, shouting back as they went, "Quick, guys, flip through it!"

He Chao didn't fight back and was simply escorted out of the classroom. Standing at the doorway, he couldn't help but laugh and cry, "This is too much, can't people show a little respect for each other? What's so great about a zero-point essay?"

An argumentative essay, even if it strays off topic and goes beyond the bounds of reason, cannot be as nonsensical as "My Back View is Especially Handsome." However, throughout He Chao's essay, there was no connection between the thesis and the supporting arguments, and it was a spectacle of forced and awkward writing.

The test papers were passed around and finally made their way back before class started. Wan Da didn't dare give He Chao his paper, instead throwing it onto Xie Yu's desk and laughing until his stomach hurt, "Impressive, very impressive. I've witnessed someone who can tell lies with their eyes wide open."

Xie Yu scanned the paper and thought it was much better than the last one on the "Back View": "You've improved, bro."

He Chao asked, "Really?"

Holding a pen in his hand, Xie Yu gave a simple evaluation, "Putting aside the content of the argument, at least you know how to write an argumentative essay."

The first two paragraphs were indeed okay, although Xie Yu didn't know what the connection was between them and the thesis. He was about to praise and encourage He Chao when he suddenly saw the phrase, "As He Chao Fusiji once said."

Xie Yu fell silent for a moment, then folded the paper and handed it back to He Chao, "What a fraud. Take it and go. Zero points well-deserved."


On Monday, almost every class was discussing the exam papers. By the last class, everyone was already drowsy and in a dreamlike state. When the bell rang for dismissal, no one even realized it was time to go home.

Still, it was He Chao who stood up and shouted, "Old Xie, let's go eat!" Only then did the other students react and start packing up to leave. "Ah, let's go, let's go. We have to go home and prepare for our beating."

Liu Cunhao sighed, "I suddenly realized how great it is to live on campus...we could extend our lives for four more days."

Xie Yu stood up and said, "You should use this time to check out which crematorium is the best."

Liu Cunhao replied, "..."

He Chao and Xie Yu slipped out to grab a bite to eat. As they walked to the school gate, they noticed that the nearby restaurants had come up with new strategies. In particular, the famous Top Scorer Building had hung a banner in front of its entrance, shining bright red in the wind: Warmly celebrating the midterm exam results of the students from No. 2 High School! 20% off for all customers! Welcome new and old customers to taste our food!

"They don't understand the majority of the students at all," He Chao shook his head and said, "Did you see how Hao-zi was packing up just now? He wanted to stay with us for evening self-study."

"I saw it, he was so reluctant to leave," Xie Yu said, "He hasn't left yet?"

He Chao took out his phone and said, "I don't think so. He's probably still in the classroom picking a funeral home. Wait a minute...I'll take a picture and send it to him."

Liu Cunhao finally mustered up the courage to step out of the classroom, but receiving this photo made him feel like collapsing. These two big shots, one cold and the other playful, were intentionally making things difficult for him.

On the other hand, Wan Da took advantage of the opportunity and pressed the voice button to shout, "Brother Chao, can you bring me a cup of milk tea!"

A large group of parents gathered at the school gate to pick up their children. Car horns blared incessantly, and the surrounding environment was too noisy. Plus, Wan Da's speech was unclear, so He Chao had to listen twice to guess what he was saying: "What tea?"

Xie Yu didn't hear it, but he could guess: "Milk tea, right?"

Just as Xie Yu had never imagined that he would one day sit in Jin Bang Restaurant and eat, he also never thought that one day he would stand in line at the entrance of Fudan Milk Tea Shop.

"Boyfriend, let's make a deal," Xie Yu stood next to He Chao, surrounded by a group of little girls who occasionally glanced over at them. "You stay here to buy, and I'll go first."

He Chao held the order number in one hand and Xie Yu's wrist in the other, pulling him back. "Do you have no conscience? You're really going to leave?"

Xie Yu had originally planned to leave, but then a group of girls behind him started to stir. The one in the middle was a pretty girl who blushed and took two steps towards them, saying, "...Um."

Xie Yu raised an eyebrow and stood still.

The girl spoke while looking directly at He Chao, but when he looked back at her, she shyly averted her gaze. Her intentions were clear.

Xie Yu thought to himself that He Chao was lucky to live on campus, otherwise if he was attracting attention outside all the time...

Before Xie Yu could even finish his thoughts, He Chao apologized to the girl, "I'm sorry, no cutting in line."


The surrounding area was quiet for several minutes, so quiet that you could hear a pin drop.

The line had finally reached their number, and the girl in front of them stood stiffly, blocking the pick-up counter with her rigid back.

In this strange and quiet atmosphere, only the tea shop employee shouted, "Number 18, one signature milk tea."

He Chao naturally handed over the ticket in his hand: "Here."

If Shen Jie were here, he would definitely bring up He Chao's old stories again, it was practically an awkward repeat.

He Chao walked into the school with his milk tea, climbed two steps and found a little friend walking slowly, even falling behind him. He squatted on the steps and waited for a while, "What are you thinking about?"

Xie Yu casually said, "I'm thinking about how you found a boyfriend."

As he walked, He Chao had also realised what happened. He scratched his head and said, "Sometimes I can be quite...Shen Jie has nagged me several times."

This incident could already be considered alright. Back in middle school, a girl told him she wanted to be friends. Because she was shy, she didn't directly mention it was as a boyfriend and instead gave vague hints. He didn't pick up on it and replied on the spot, "Okay, from now on we're all brothers."

It wasn't until the girl cried that he realized what kind of "friend" it really was.

Two lights lit up at the corner of the staircase, and He Chao paused before saying, "But you're different. Because I like you so much...even if I'm slow to realize it."

Even if he was slow, he couldn't escape his feelings.

As He Chao spoke, he realized that his words were too cheesy, especially since they were in a public place. He stopped mid-sentence and stood up, ready to head back to the classroom. "Let's go, Wan Da is still waiting..."

Even though he didn't finish his sentence, even a fool could understand what he meant.

Just as He Chao turned around, Xie Yu came up behind him and said, "Brother Chao, can I have a kiss?"

He Chao almost tripped over his own feet.

After school, there weren't many people walking in the teaching building. They had been standing on the stairs talking for so long, but they hadn't run into anyone.

He Chao pulled Xie Yu along and led him up the stairs. Then, he turned to the right and pushed open the door to the nearest classroom.

Xie Yu only had time to glance at the empty and unfamiliar classroom before he was whirled around. When he regained his bearings, He Chao had already pressed him against the wall.

The door swung open wide, trapping the two of them in the narrow space between the door panel and the wall.

"It's a bit thrilling?" Xie Yu leaned in and whispered to He Chao, "Really, this place?"

"...," He Chao lowered his head and said, "Actually, this place isn't quite suitable, but I can't hold back anymore."


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