Fake Slackers

Fake Slackers

Chapter 48 - Chapter 48

A certain person whom God had closed the window on was feeling truly frustrated.

The frustration was so intense that he couldn't sleep all night, and even doing practice papers was useless.

He gradually realized that the feeling of something being off was accumulating, and before he knew it, it had completely taken over him.

He had countless moments of heart palpitations, but each time he didn't know what to do.

His hands didn't know where to go, and he didn't dare to look at the other person, but there was a voice in his heart that kept shouting.

He liked Xie Yu. 

Not just any kind of liking, but the kind that made his heart suddenly overflow with emotions, making him feel both anxious and uncertain, as if there was still something missing in his affection.

But then what? 

For over a decade, He Chao had been single and relied on his own abilities. But when faced with this historic dilemma, he felt like a wild beast, running around aimlessly and unable to find his direction.

Finally, the wild beast in his heart stopped and sat down with a sigh. He wondered, would the little friend find him...annoying?

As someone who frequented the school's online forums and knew about CP theories, he had some understanding of both straight and gay relationships. 

But what if Xie Yu was straight?

At this age, when emotions ran high, he instead didn't dare to act recklessly.

In the end, He Chao threw down his pen and didn't know what to do. He decided to open Xie Yu's social media page and scroll through it post by post.

Xie Yu's social media page was like a dividing line, separating him from the Xie Yu he knew. He saw glimpses of Xie Yu's past life, social circle...and the gentle side of him that he rarely showed. 

Xie Yu's daily posts were always simple, usually just a short sentence. When he was angry, he would say, "Go fuck yourself," and when he was happy, he would post pictures of flowers and plants. The most frequent subject of his posts was a big, fat orange cat, with captions like "Eat, I'll fatten you to death."

Sometimes, the orange cat would lie on its back in front of a small convenience store, basking in the sun with its eyes closed. 

The store looked run-down, with shelves full of cheap toys that kids loved. 

In the top left corner of one of the photos, there was a sign that read "Blackwater Street," which sounded familiar to He Chao.

However, posts about Blackwater Street had become less frequent in recent years, and He Chao wondered if Xie Yu had moved away?

As he was flipping through the photos, he came across a close-up shot of an orange cat with its nose almost touching the camera. On the cat's head was the hand of Xie Yu, and just by looking at that hand, one could never imagine how fierce he could be when fighting.

Xie Yu was sitting on the steps by the roadside, and the cat seemed to be enjoying the attention as it lazily closed its eyes.

After staring at the photo for a while, He Chao quietly saved it to his phone.

In these photos, Xie Yu looked a bit different from the Xie Yu he knew at school, but he was still the same little friend he recognized. 

He put on a thick and unapproachable shield all the time, and everyone thought he was invincible.

"Fuck," He Chao couldn't help but exclaim as he flipped his phone over, "...How is he so cute." 

Xie Yu finished his evening self-study and returned to his dormitory after taking a shower, only to receive a phone call from home. He thought it was Madam Gu asking him if he was coming home for the weekend, and was planning to use the upcoming mid-term exams as an excuse to focus on studying.

But when he answered the phone, he heard Zhong Jie's unmistakably drunken voice, stuttering as he spoke: "Xie Yu, I'm telling you, don't you fucking think..."

Zhong Jie's voice abruptly cut off, as Xie Yu decisively hung up the phone.

Two minutes later, Zhong Jie called again, his tone haughty: "You're just a lowly commoner, how dare you hang up on me?"

Xie Yu's temples throbbed as he listened.

What the hell, is he playing the role of a domineering prince with a script he wrote while drunk tonight, calling me a damn commoner? 

He Chao was still immersed in the emotion of "my little kid at home is so damn cute" and couldn't help himself. Suddenly, he heard the real little kid cursing loudly in the hallway, "Fuck, are you not done yet?"

He Chao: "..."

"Everyone owes you, you're the most pitiful," Xie Yu pushed open his door and walked out, planning to continue talking in a deserted corner of the hallway with no one around. He said expressionlessly, "Yes, I've been coveting your family's property for a long time. You'd better guard it like a dog."

Xie Yu had only taken a few steps when the door opposite also opened, and He Chao leaned against the doorway watching him.

Xie Yu didn't change his expression and walked past him, cursing all the way without repeating himself.

After he finished cursing and hung up the phone, he walked back and He Chao finally asked, "Who was that? Asking for a scolding."

Without even asking what was going on, a normal person would assume that Xie Yu was the one bullying others. But He Chao immediately took the side of the guy who had been scolded for so long, showing an extreme bias.

Xie Yu had no intention of discussing the matter, but upon hearing this, he stopped and stood at the door of his room. He muttered, "Ah, he's just an idiot."

Xie Yu was full of frustration and anger. If Zhong Jie appeared in front of him now and handed him a stick, he would not hesitate to beat him into a severely disabled state.

He Chao turned to the side and said, "Do you want to come in and sit down?"

Xie Yu didn't move.

He Chao then said, "I'll treat you to some candy."

Xie Yu explained the situation in a very concise manner, never using more than two words if he could use a single word to express himself. 

After listening carefully, He Chao finally understood and suggested, "Your stepbrother, is he mentally disabled child? Shouldn't he go see a neurologist?"

Xie Yu laughed, "Yes, a mentally disabled child."

As he spoke, He Chao remembered the orange cat he had seen on his friend's social media and showed it to Xie Yu, "How did this cat get so fat from eating?"

"It's because everyone on the street is feeding it, how could it not be fat?" Xie Yu glanced at it and asked, "Why were you scrolling through my social media?"

"I..." He Chao hesitated, "Just browsing."


The two chatted for a while, from the mentally disabled child to new equipment in games, and finally the topic landed on Liu Cunhao's birthday, "Hao-zi's birthday is next weekend, are you going?"

Xie Yu thought for a moment, "Birthday?" 

"Have you not noticed how he's been dropping hints like crazy these past few days?" He Chao dragged his chair closer. "That scheming boy, he's just too much."

Liu Cunhao had been dropping hints everywhere lately, afraid that people wouldn't know what to get him for his birthday: "Lately, I haven't really been into anything in particular. If I had to say, I guess the new album from XX band...is still okay."

Aside from Wan Da, who was already close with him, so there was no need for him to beat around the bush like this. He was sent a Taobao link directly.

With He Chao's reminder, Xie Yu finally understood what Liu Cunhao was up to. "I thought he was crazy."

He Chao leaned back in his chair and laughed. "It's really obvious, you couldn't tell? That Hao-zi was being so awkward, wasn't he?" 

Xie Yu remembered the misunderstanding he had with Liu Cunhao a few days ago and couldn't help but chuckle, "If he didn't explain clearly, how would anyone know?"

The two of them rarely had the chance to sit down and chat about their classmates. As they talked, the conversation suddenly died down, leaving an awkward silence. Xie Yu felt uneasy for no reason and sensed a strange atmosphere around them after the silence.

Unable to sit still, Xie Yu stood up and said, "I'll go..." Go back now. 

Nefore he could finish, his clothes were suddenly grabbed by He Chao.

The young man was wearing a shirt and had a carefree look about him, always smiling as if many things were worth celebrating. 

He Chao's Adam's apple bobbed up and down, and then he said, "These matters will pass." It was unclear if he was saying it to himself or Xie Yu.

Things will get better. 

Even if you're currently stuck in a rut, just put in a little effort and if necessary, use a little more force, and you can walk out of it. 

The life and answers you want...will be there for you. 

"Go back now," He Chao said, letting go of his hand and smiling. "Goodnight, little friend." 

Xie Yu was stunned for a moment before finally saying goodnight and leaving.

The next day, the boy who had been considered crazy finally formally invited everyone to his birthday party next weekend, complete with a well-written invitation. 

Xie Yu also received one, which stated the time and location of the gathering on Central Avenue at 9am next Sunday. 

He Chao pretended to be hesitant and said, "Hey, Hao-zi, um, the gift..." 

Liu Cunhao waved his hand, suddenly becoming righteous, as if he wasn't the one who had been hinting crazily just a few days ago. "The gift isn't important. What's important is the sentiment behind it. In the face of our friendship, material things are just ephemeral clouds." 

Xie Yu said, "...Do you have any shame?"

After Liu Cunhao finished speaking, Xu Qingqing and Wan Da couldn't stand it anymore and picked up their things to hit him. "You're talking nonsense! What ephemeral clouds! You're shameless for saying such things!"

Wan Da said, "Do you want me to remind you of the Taobao link you gave me? Hao-zi, touch your link before you speak."

Liu Cunhao covered his head and dodged, "You're so rude, especially you, Brother Qing. You won't be able to get married if you act like this."

He Chao stirred up trouble, "Hao-zi, why are you talking to Brother Qing like that?"

Xu Qingqing was about to go to the teacher's office to get her English homework after hitting him, and when she heard this, she rolled up her sleeves and gritted her teeth, "Come here, if you dare."

Liu Cunhao ran straight out of the classroom, "I'm stupid if I go over there." 

On Liu Cunhao's birthday, he invited everyone to go out and have a meal together.

Xie Yu didn't want to go, but seeing Liu Cunhao's excitement, he hadn't figured out how to refuse when He Chao patted his head and said in a tone that he had already anticipated, "Going, he's going."

Xie Yu thought to himself, what the fuck am I going for.

For this classmate's birthday party, Madam Gu was even more excited than Liu Cunhao.

Xie Yu used to know people in Blackwater Street, but after moving away, he didn't make any new friends.

It took a lot of time for him to play with Zhou Dalei and the others. Since the family had problems when he was young, and everyone pushed them out, relatives and friends all drove them away. Gu Xuelan now thinks that in those years, when Xie Yu was running around with them and being looked down upon by others, they thought he didn't understand what was going on, but in fact, the child saw everything. 

Therefore, Xie Yu gradually stopped talking and instinctively guarded himself when meeting people. The defenses around his heart were heavy.

"Your classmate, the class representative," Gu Xuelan smiled and said, "Have you bought the gift? Be polite, wish him a happy birthday, and be sweet about it. It's so good to go out and play with your classmates more often, take more photos...Do you have enough money?"

Xie Yu was nagged before leaving, feeling a little annoyed. He wore his shoes and walked out, saying, "Enough, I'm leaving, Mom."

Usually, everyone wears school uniforms at school, and even hairstyles have strict rules. All they talk about was homework and exams. 

This time, everyone went crazy.

Xu Qingqing wore overalls, her long hair draped over her shoulders, and she carried a small shoulder bag. When she appeared, everyone was surprised: "Wow, who is this? Did we have such a person in our class?" 

Xu Qingqing smiled and said, "I'm your Brother Qing."

He Chao had arrived early and was squatting on the side of the street, playing with his phone.

Liu Cunhao and his friends quickly realized that bringing this guy out with them would attract a lot of attention. Almost every little girl they passed would steal a few glances. They couldn't even imagine what would happen if Xie Yu showed up.

Xie Yu hadn't even left the subway yet and this guy was bombarding him with text messages.

- Have you arrived?

- We're at the subway entrance, the one to the north.

- Where are you?

Xie Yu lowered his head and replied while exiting the station: Stop bothering me or I'll block you.

He Chao didn't say anything more.

But after a few steps, this guy sent another message: I look especially handsome today. You'll be able to spot me as soon as you exit the station. I'll be the most eye-catching one in the crowd.


Wan Da got a new haircut and was bouncing on the steps. When he jumped, he caught a glimpse of Xie Yu: "I see Brother Yu! Wow, Brother Chao, you two are matching today - black and white." 

Everyone turned to look towards the subway entrance when Wan Da said this.

Today, He Chao wore a black jacket and Xie Yu wore white. He was looking down and nobody could tell what he was doing. 

Xie Yu's finger was hovering over the "block friend" option, but before he could press it, he heard cheers from ahead. He looked up to see his classmates from Class 3 waving at him: "Brother Yu, over here!" 

He Chao stood at the front, calling out "Old Xie" with a smile, and he was definitely the most eye-catching one in the crowd.

Not everyone from Class 3 was there, only twelve people came. The other classmates were either attending extra classes or couldn't make it. 

"Shall we go sing karaoke after we finish eating?" Liu Cunhao said as he received gifts, his hands almost too full to hold anything else. "Hey, don't give me anything yet. Let's wait until we have cake later. It'll add to the ceremony, and I don't want to carry anything right now."

This meal was like a battle. 

They had to fight for every dish that came out, and Luo Wenqiang didn't even try to hide the fact that he skipped dinner last night just to prepare for this feast.

Xie Yu frowned as he watched, not joining in on the battle, but instead taking out his camera to snap a photo.

"...Come on, guys, this is too much," He Chao said as he fought for a piece of fish, almost getting oil on his sleeve. Finally, he managed to grab a piece of fish and put it in Xie Yu's bowl. "Are you trying to starve my desk mate?"

Just as he was about to take the photo, his hand shook and the shot came out blurry. 

The camera failed to capture any faces, only a tangled mess of six or seven pairs of chopsticks and a plate of steamed fish that looked pitifully unappetizing. "..."

He Chao was like a wolf sneaking meat into his den, except this den was Xie Yu's bowl.

It was unclear where He Chao had snatched a piece of sweet and sour pork from, but as he threw it into Xie Yu's bowl, he said, "Old Xie, don't burden yourself with being like an idol. Kids who carry too much idol baggage won't have anything to eat."

Afterwards, he emphasized, "My chopsticks are clean...hurry up and eat, can't you see the way the sports committee representative is eyeing us like a wolf?"

Xie Yu opened his mouth, unsure of what to say, and in the end, he only called out to He Chao, "He Chao."

He Chao was still competing with Luo Wenqiang for the last piece of cornbread and didn't pay much attention, so he asked absentmindedly, "Hm?" 

Xie Yu paused for a moment before calling out again, "Brother Chao."


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