Fake Slackers

Fake Slackers

Chapter 44 - Chapter 44

After He Chao finished speaking, the classroom fell silent. 

The Mad Dog had been in the education industry for over ten years and had never encountered such students before. It was obvious that these two had been up to something more than just holding hands, but he was momentarily blinded by He Chao's actions and didn't even bother to check under the desk. "Alright, very good, holding hands, right?"

He Chao moved his lips, perhaps about to say something even more provocative.

Taking advantage of the Mad Dog's distraction, Xie Yu kicked He Chao directly. Xie Yu's kick showed no mercy, and He Chao, who was holding Xie Yu's hand, unconsciously tightened his grip, wincing in pain. "Little cripple, so ruthless?"

Xie Yu whispered, "If my fucking foot wasn't injured, it wouldn't be just like this right now." 

The Mad Dog couldn't hear what they were saying, but he saw the two male classmates holding hands and not only did they not let go, they held on tighter and tighter.

It was like they were protesting against him.

He felt that his authority as a teacher was being disrespected.

"Since you like holding hands so much, then keep holding on, hold on for me until class is over!"

The Mad Dog's chest was heaving, he was quite angry with these two people and wanted to regain his authority. After he finished speaking, he turned his head to the other students and said, "You guys keep an eye on them. If the bell hasn't rung yet, they are not allowed to let go. I will come back later to check."

He Chao: "..."

Xie Yu: "..."

The other students who were given this important task: "..."

After the Mad Dog left, Liu Cunhao poked Wan Da and hesitantly asked, "Are we really going to monitor them?" 

The way the Mad Dog punishes people is always bizarre and creative. Once, he was late and climbed over a wall. Other classmates told him the wall was easy to climb, so he mustered up the courage to try. However, on the other side of the wall, the Mad Dog was eating breakfast and drinking soy milk. He caught him and made him climb the wall back and forth more than 20 times.

But this time, it was even more bizarre...How could they really go and supervise? And it was to supervise their handholding.

Compared to Liu Cunhao, Wan Da seemed much calmer. He calmly opened his English book and said, "Actually, I think there's no need for supervision."

They sat in the back row of the classroom. Although one of his legs wasn't quite up to par, Xie Yu's fighting ability was still quite impressive. As soon as the Mad Dog left the classroom, Class 3 immediately became lively. With a clanging sound, Xie Yu and He Chao's chairs had already overturned and fallen to the ground. Passersby who didn't understand the situation thought something had happened.

"Old Xie, you can hit me, but we have to consider the other students. If the Mad Dog comes back to check later, we can't implicate them...Do you understand what I mean?" He Chao said as he dodged Xie Yu's attacks.

No matter how angry Xie Yu got, He Chao never let go. Xie Yu couldn't shake him off and was getting annoyed to the point of a headache. "I don't understand a damn thing," he said.

At first, Liu Cunhao didn't understand Wan Da's statement of "no need for supervision." 

After watching for a while, he finally understood and patted Wan Da on the shoulder, saying, "You are truly amazing...you can predict things like a god."

Wan Da bowed and said, "I am humbled by your praise. I just happen to know a lot."

The fight didn't last long.

He Chao was too busy helping the little cripple stand steady, afraid that he might fall.

The youth was dressed lightly, leaning against the wall with one hand holding onto Xie Yu, while the other hand was on his waist. He lowered his head and said, "Okay, okay, don't move around. I won't dodge, you can hit me however you want."

His tone was like he was coaxing a child.

And so, as he wished, He Chao was held down and beaten. 

"Let me take you into Class 3, I am your most beloved class representative," Liu Cunhao said. He had taken many photos and short videos during the sports meet, and even brought his camera from home. He first took a few selfies, then turned the lens towards the class, sweeping from left to right before finally settling on the corner of the back row of the classroom. "...In this corner, we have our Brother Chao, who is constantly getting beaten up."

Liu Cunhao hadn't been filming for long when Wan Da suddenly leaned in, filling up the entire frame with his face. "Hello everyone..." he began.

But before Wan Da could finish his sentence, Liu Cunhao pushed his head to the side with disgust. "Go have fun by yourself at the side," he said.

There were still nearly ten minutes left until class was over. 

The teachers from all subjects came and assigned homework, filling up almost half of the blackboard. It was a relief from the frenzied atmosphere of the two-day break for the sports meet.

"There's so much homework."

"Isn't there too much homework..."

After finishing writing on the board, the English teacher put the chalk back in the box and clapped her hands, dusting off the chalk powder from her fingers. She said, "I just want you all to be clear-headed, so you don't go crazy from playing around."

The English teacher gave a few more reminders before heading back to the office. Just before leaving, she suddenly remembered the set of papers assigned two days ago that some students had not turned in. She stopped at the classroom door and asked, "He Chao, where's your homework?"

He Chao raised his voice and said, "Give me a little more time." 

The English teacher wanted to say "Then you might as well not do it," but was caught off guard by the sight of He Chao and Xie Yu holding hands. "...What's going on with you two?" 

Xie Yu remained expressionless and coughed, while He Chao wisely stayed silent. 

In the end, it was Liu Cunhao who spoke up. "Teacher, they're holding hands. Head Teacher Jiang asked them to hold hands until the end of class." 

The English teacher asked, "Why? Are they in love?" 

"Yes, yes, it shows the spirit of unity and friendship in our class." 

Although He Chao was quick to back down in a fight, to the point of losing his dignity, he was still very persistent about holding hands and refused to let go. 

Xie Yu was exasperated: "The Mad Dog isn't around anyway." 

"He comes and goes like a ghost," He Chao said. "We have to be ready at all times." 


After a moment, Xie Yu moved his fingers and found an excuse, "Let go, I haven't finished copying yesterday's homework yet."

Xie Yu sat on the left, his right hand was held, and he couldn't write with his left hand.

But He Chao demonstrated a principle to him in action: you have no idea how shameless Brother Show-off can be!

"I'll switch seats with you," He Chao said. "You sit here."

In the end, the two really switched seats.

Xie Yu sat in He Chao's seat, holding a pen and copying a few lines of Wan Da's math homework. When he finished copying a question, he realized he had made a mistake.

Meanwhile, He Chao sat on the side, playing with his phone with his left hand.

Neither of them spoke.

But the atmosphere...why was it so strange. 

The noisy sounds in the classroom seemed to be getting farther and farther away. Xie Yu felt that his hand holding He Chao's was getting hotter and stickier, not knowing whose palm was sweating.

Xie Yu stared at the problem that he had copied incorrectly for a while, and finally closed his workbook.

He Chao wasn't doing any better, his phone screen was showing a game interface, but he died within ten seconds of starting and had been stuck on the game over screen ever since.

Shen Jie was playing with him in a team, and seeing that he died, he sent several private messages: Brother Chao, why are you so bad today? Are you going to leave me alone to face this dangerous world? Huh? You're too cruel.

Never had ten minutes felt so long, but when the bell rang for class to end, He Chao felt that ten minutes were really damn short. 

He Chao stared at the palm of his hand for a while before looking up to see that his desk mate had already made his way to the back door of the classroom, leaning against the wall. "Where are you going?" He asked.

"To the bathroom," Xie Yu replied.

He Chao had just started to say "I'll come with you," but before he could finish, Xie Yu interrupted, "No need."

As cold as ever.

He Chao sat with his legs crossed, looking at him and casually asked, "Is it convenient for you to pee?"

Xie Yu also casually replied, "Do you want to hold it for me?"


Neither of them had thought too much about what they were saying until they finished speaking and realized the topic was a bit strange.

He Chao didn't know what he was thinking, suddenly feeling his throat dry. He opened his mouth and took a while to say, "Then...you go ahead." 

After a while, He Chao quit the game and opened the QQ app. He contemplated on the string of "ah" in his personal signature for a long time, and decided to add a few more "ah"s after it. He clicked on the edit button and published his new signature.

After publishing, He Chao went back to his friend list and noticed a small red dot on the contact section. 

He clicked on it and a notification popped up.

――"Your Grandpa Jun" has requested to add you as a friend.

He Chao's finger hesitated on the screen.

Meanwhile, after using the restroom, Xie Yu went to the cafeteria for a meal. Although his foot injury wasn't severe enough to prevent him from walking, he still walked slower than usual. He didn't want to see He Chao's face for a short while, as it annoyed him for some reason. He couldn't quite put his finger on why, but the annoyance made him want to punch someone.

For the sake of He Chao's safety, Xie Yu decided to leave the building directly. 

When he returned, there was no one in He Chao's seat.

"Oh, Brother Chao received a phone call and went out," Wan Da came back early, holding a Fudan milk tea. He saw Xie Yu staring at He Chao's seat and explained, "He said he left a note for you."

Xie Yu glanced at the desk and saw a piece of paper pressed against the edge of a textbook.

Wan Da watched as Xie Yu, the big shot of their class, saying, "What's it to me?" while pulling out the note and staring at it for a long time.

"What does it say?" Wan Da leaned over and asked.

Xie Yu put down the note and thought, what the hell is this, it's better not to leave anything at all.

Seeing that Wan Da was really curious, Xie Yu folded the note and said, "I don't know, I can't understand it."

Wan Da: "..."

Xie Yu couldn't help but sneer, "What is this rubbish." 

"Your Grandpa Jun" is Lei Jun's online pseudonym, a small character that surfs the internet and travels the world. It has never changed over the years.

After Er Lei dropped out of school, Lei Jun also blocked him and they didn't contact each other for three years.

After adding him as a friend, Lei Jun only sent one sentence: What's your phone number?

Then a phone call came.

"I'm at the back door of your school, the particularly run-down place," Lei Jun was probably smoking, his breath heavy, and his voice rough, "Come out for a bit."

There are two back doors at No. 2, one is always closed and deserted, and the iron gate is gradually rusting.

Since he said it was particularly run-down, it should be this one.

Lei Jun came alone.

He squatted at the back door and only pressed the cigarette to the ground and crushed it twice when he saw He Chao approaching.

He Chao approached and asked, "Why did you arrange to meet here?" 

Unable to leave or enter, fighting was also inconvenient.

Lei Jun was still squatting on the ground, his eyes a little bloodshot. Looking at him through the iron fence, he said, "I'm not here to fight with you, He Chao. I just have two questions to ask and then I'll leave."

Lei Jun then asked the first question, "Why did you come to No. 2?"

He Chao's body stiffened and he didn't speak for a while.

Lei Jun lowered his head, his hands in his hair, and pressed the cigarette butt on the ground again. Lei Jun asked again, "Are you...in your second year of high school?"

This time, He Chao didn't remain silent and made a sound of agreement.


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