Fake Slackers

Fake Slackers

Chapter 25 - Chapter 25

He Chao was lost in his own emotions, feeling moved by himself, but he didn't manage to feel the nearby presence of the math teacher.

The math teacher was in the middle of grading homework, and wanted the class representative to help take his triangle ruler from Class 5, as he needed it for class later. As he looked up, he saw He Chao holding his exercise book up to block the sun for his desk mate.

The teacher put down his red pen and calmly observed for a while. Other students who noticed something was off followed the teacher's gaze and also looked over.


It was a heartwarming scene of a student's love for his classmate.

Touching the heavens and earth.

Just as He Chao was considering whether to switch his exercise book for the math book to provide more shade, a small piece of white chalk flew out from the direction of the podium and hit him squarely on the head. 

The chalk hit the board and bounced off, landing on the ground and rolling slowly towards the trash can.

The math teacher didn't know whether to be angry or amused. "Do the two of you in the back row think I don't exist?" he asked.

Hearing this, He Chao's grip loosened and his exercise book fell, hitting Xie Yu squarely in the face.

Xie Yu was jolted awake by the impact.

He had just dozed off and was still a bit groggy. Forgetting that they were still in the morning self-study period, he didn't even open his eyes before snapping at He Chao, "Do you want to die?"

As soon as Xie Yu finished speaking, another piece of chalk came hurtling towards them.

Wu Zheng had been teaching for nearly ten years and was a master at throwing chalk. Those who dozed off or daydreamed in his class were always jolted awake like this.

He never missed his target. 

The results were remarkable, and no classroom time was wasted.

Xie Yu had not yet figured out what was happening when he was hit for the second time.

He Chao dodged and said, "Teacher Wu, I think we should both calm down..."

"Calm down my ass," Wu Zheng almost let out a string of curses, but managed to hold them back. After suppressing his anger, he didn't want to waste any more time talking to the two of them. He pointed his finger towards the door and said, "Get out. You two can calm down outside. If you want to calm down, then calm down properly."

Early in the morning, Xie Yu couldn't even nap. He and He Chao leaned against the window and stood outside the door of Class 3.

The first class also happened to be the math class, and Wu Zheng's anger was slow to dissipate. He made them wait until the bell rang before they could return to their seats. So during break time, they stood at the door like doormen.

People came and went in the hallway. 

"Before I lose control," Xie Yu said, "explain yourself."

He Chao replied, "If I explain, I'm afraid that you would be too moved."

Xie Yu's temper was not good. He had always adhered to the theory of not reasoning with idiots and just beating them up. He had endured and decided to give He Chao another chance. "...Will you explain or not?"

He Chao had not yet spoken when Wan Da leaned out the window and said, "This is truly a touching story with a tragic ending. You're amazing, Brother Chao. You even blocked the sun for Brother Yu, but this love is destined to only move you."

He Chao said, "Dada, why do you speak like that? You're making it worse."

Wan Da replied, "No, no. Look at Brother Yu's expression. I think he really wants to twist your head off and use it as a ball to kick." 

He Chao is confidently saying, "That's impossible. Although my desk mate usually looks like he's inhumane and merciless, I believe he is very kind.'"

Xie Yu understood what was going on from the few words Wan Da said. He slowly exhaled a breath, rolled up his sleeve to reveal half of his arm, and then directly grabbed He Chao's collar and pulled him towards the bathroom.

"What are you doing?" He Chao cooperated and followed him for a while. "Are we going to the bathroom together, brother?"

"I'm going to beat you up in a different place."

Wan Da was so happy that he leaned against the window and laughed for a while.

Shen Jie happened to walk over from the end of the corridor, feeling for the cigarettes in his pocket and preparing to hide in the bathroom to smoke a couple. When he reached Class 3, he habitually stopped and greeted his Brother Chao. With a glance, he saw that there was no one in He Chao's seat. 

He leaned in next to Wan Da and asked, "What are you laughing at, where's Brother Chao?"

Wan Da explained the situation to Shen Jie, whose nicotine craving half-disappeared. "...I'll go, I'll go and take a look," he said.

Xie Yu threatened to beat him up, but it was just playful banter and no one took it seriously.

Before they even reached the bathroom door, the two turned back around.

"Okay, okay, I give up," He Chao hugged Xie Yu from behind and pushed him forward, coaxing him like a child. "Let's stop fighting."

Xie Yu wasn't really angry.

When Wan Da mentioned blocking the sun, he hesitated for a few seconds.

Then strange emotions flooded his mind, and he didn't know why he was getting more and more agitated, feeling incredibly annoyed. Finally, there was only one simple solution left in his mind.

...Beat him up. 

Shen Jie looked worriedly at the two of them, "What are they doing?"

Although He Chao usually didn't like to get physical, he was still quite skilled. He had hoped to witness a showdown between the two bosses of their year, something so cool it would come with special effects.

Wan Da had already accepted the fact that these two were best friends to the point of having no other friends, and he muttered one word, "...flirting?"

Shen Jie: "..."

Today's eight classes were mainly focused on explaining unit test papers, consolidating all the key points learned in the past month, and preparing for next week's monthly exam.

It was very boring.

He Chao buried his head in his phone, resting when his phone and power bank ran out of battery, and folding paper cranes.

He threw the folded paper onto Xie Yu's desk.

There were all kinds of designs, from roses to jumping frogs. 

"I'm not running a garbage dump here," Xie Yu reminded him.

He Chao didn't say anything, he just lowered his head and continued folding.

Xie Yu tossed the things he had thrown over to the side.

He had to pretend he wasn't paying attention in class while also multi-tasking on his phone game while listening to the teacher, so he didn't have time to deal with He Chao.

He Chao was very focused on folding things, his fingers pinching small pieces of paper and folding them over and over again.

Compared to the ugly things he had folded, his fingers with distinct knuckles were more aesthetically pleasing to look at. 

"So in the end, we followed the interval we had previously obtained and eliminate one of the answers. Do you know which one to eliminate?" Wu Zheng held a large teaching ruler in his hand, and every time he pointed it at the blackboard, it made a loud banging sound. "If you don't understand, just give up. This question is beyond the scope and there is actually no need for you to do such difficult problems..."

No one spoke below, obviously not interested in this troublesome and unrewarding type of question.

Only Xue Xisheng raised his hand: "Teacher, which one should we eliminate? I still don't understand some parts."

"Come to my office during break time, and I'll explain it to you," Wu Zheng said. "We'll finish discussing this test paper here. Once you've corrected your mistakes, submit it to the class representative before school ends."

As soon as Wu Zheng finished speaking, the bell for the end of class rang. 

"Hey," He Chao leaned over and shouted in Xie Yu's ear.

Xie Yu was looking down, eliminating one of the two answers he had just solved in his phone's memo, deleting the negative one and leaving only a zero. "What's up?"

The next class was physical education, and although He Chao's foot injury had not healed and he couldn't exercise, standing on the basketball court and breathing fresh air was still something to look forward to. It was better than staying in the classroom.

Xie Yu didn't plan on going. He hadn't been sleeping well lately and was planning to sneak back to the dorm to sleep.

"You're really not going?" He Chao asked.

Xie Yu closed his phone and habitually ended the conversation, "What's it to you?"

"What's the point of staying in the dorm? Is there anyone as handsome as your Brother Chao in there to keep you company?"


The culprit was really shameless.

That night, they did their English test paper until two or three in the morning. 

As it was time to leave, He Chao tried every trick in the book to keep him from going. He even offered to sleep on the floor so he could have the bed, but in the end, he snuck onto the bed himself. 

It was almost 4 o'clock when he climbed up, else with his poor sleeping habits, there was no way he would let He Chao climb up smoothly.

Wan Da and the others were waiting downstairs with their jerseys, asking He Chao to come down and play. "Brother Chao, are you coming or not? I can't wait any longer. I feel like I'm in great shape today," said Wan Da.

He Chao got up and prepared to go to the field. Before leaving, he bent down and stretched out his hand in front of Xie Yu, holding a crooked and twisted paper crane in his palm. "For you," he said.

It was really ugly. 

And it was even warped and loose.

Xie Yu had just pinched the wing of the crooked-necked paper crane when it fell apart in his hand. "...What the hell is this."

Since it was already like this, Xie Yu simply dismantled the object and restored it to a piece of paper. He was about to casually stuff it into He Chao's math book when he unintentionally saw a very sloppy circle drawn on the back of the paper with a black pen.

When He Chao returned from the physical education class, he didn't seem as happy as when he left. With his hands in his pockets, he lazily strolled into the classroom.

Wan Da, on the other hand, was very excited. As soon as he entered, he stood on the podium and shouted, "Friends who are staying for evening self-study today, I have an important announcement to make. I suddenly came up with a great idea, let's spend an exciting and fun weekend at school!"

He Chao sat back down in his seat without saying a word.

After Wan Da finished speaking and saw that no one was paying attention to him, he felt a bit embarrassed and turned to his friend in the back row for help, "Brother Chao, won't you applaud for me?" 

He Chao finally took his hand out and weakly clapped twice. "Good, well said."

He Chao's demeanor was off, and Xie Yu asked, tilting his head, "What are you up to now."

"Well..." He Chao didn't really want to say.

"Ghost hunting."


He Chao scratched his head. "Wan Da said he's organizing everyone to go ghost hunting this weekend, looking for the one that climbs up and down the dormitory building every night, knocking on doors."

Wan Da had hidden under his covers last night and read a supernatural novel. The story was very exciting and he couldn't put it down.

As he read, a bold idea came to mind.

The more he thought about it, the more thrilling it seemed.

Xie Yu thought this was a stupid idea that only Wan Da and his friends could come up with.

What exciting and fun...

He Chao was feeling troubled when suddenly Xie Yu blurted out, "Then you should hurry up."

"Hurry up with what?" He Chao asked.

"Hurry up and take another look at those ghost exorcism methods," Xie Yu replied.


Xie Yu thought about the image and couldn't help but laugh. He laughed so hard that he couldn't stop himself. "Just review it, you never know when you might need it," he said.

He Chao: "...Fuck, why are you like this."


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