Fake Slackers

Fake Slackers

Chapter 17 - Chapter 17

They found a secluded spot - a lawn near the equipment room with a large rock piled on top, resembling a fake mountain. The three of them squatted together next to the "mountain."

Xie Yu wanted to stand up, but was pushed back down by He Chao. "Stay put and continue talking," he said.

In fact, there wasn't much to tell. 

Xie Yu didn't even know who Liu Yuan was, he only remembered the girl crying with her face buried in her hands.

Yang Wenyuan was too scared to face the situation and ran away after receiving two hits. Xie Yu didn't have the heart to comfort the girl and felt that he had done his duty by grabbing a wooden stick from the bathroom stall and preparing to leave. 

As soon as he took a step forward, a hand grabbed his pants leg and the girl weakly said, "Please don't tell anyone, I beg you."

"That's right, that's definitely her," Shen Jie said. "She's so timid that she'd rather be bullied than speak up."

Shen Jie continued, "So, you were the one who chased Yang Sanhao away?"

He Chao couldn't quite understand, "Then why did that jerk only bite me? Was he jealous of how handsome I am?"

Xie Yu calmly replied, "...I was wearing a mask."

Although the restroom didn't smell too bad, the strong scent of disinfectant was enough to make one uncomfortable. He had brought a mask with him on purpose and it came in handy.

He Chao let out an "ah" sound, lost in thought. 

Shen Jie directly exposed his unrealistic ideas: "Don't even think about it, Brother Chao. Wearing a mask won't help - Big Boss Xie only hit him. Think about what you did yourself."

"What did I do? I didn't even hit him," He Chao said, "I was very merciful."

If stripping someone's pants off, standing next to them and mocking their small penis, and making them run naked for two or three hours counts as merciful, Yang Wenyuan would probably rather be beaten.

After hearing the whole story, Xie Yu also fell silent.

He Chao said, "I really don't like violence. I usually choose to solve problems peacefully."

Peaceful...it's really peaceful. 

No wonder Yang Wenyuan couldn't forget about it. It was practically the most shameful thing in his life. Especially for someone as arrogant as him, who had never experienced anything like this before. 

When Liu Yuan transferred out, he felt that there were no more witnesses, and immediately jumped out to cause trouble.

What really impressed Xie Yu was also this deskmate of his. For the sake of a girl's reputation and her pleading, even though Yang Wenyuan was barking like a mad dog all the way to his doorstep, he still managed to hold back from saying anything.

"Otherwise, how could he still be alive?" He Chao picked up a small stone and threw it forward, hitting a piece of sports equipment and rolling away. He continued, "I've really fucking held back." 

In the second half of class, it was time for the boys in Shen Jie's class to practice dribbling on the soccer field. Before he could even say anymore, Shen Jie had to get up and leave, saying, "Our class is gathering, I'll talk to you later. Stay calm, Brother Chao, stay calm."

He Chao didn't even lift his head, but waved his hand dismissively, "Just go already."

With the outdoor temperature at 32 degrees Celsius, Xie Yu didn't really want to be out in the sun. 

Just as he was about to leave, He Chao suddenly pulled him down onto the grass. The afternoon sun was so intense that it was hard to keep your eyes open. Xie Yu squinted and hesitated, wondering if he had been too easy-going these past few days and if his desk mate had misunderstood him. Then, He Chao casually said, "Anyone can be a teacher, huh."

A few clouds lazily drifted by. 

He Chao instinctively reached into his pocket, but only found a piece of candy. The weather was hot and the candy had melted a bit, with the surface feeling soft when he squeezed it.

An indescribable emotion swept over him as a few words circled around in his head, from Xu Xia's nonsense all the way to Yang Sanhao's remark about his poor grades.

He turned his head to the side and asked Xie Yu, "Do you have a cigarette?"

Xie Yu replied, "No."

He Chao reluctantly peeled open the candy.

Xie Yu smelled it, it was fucking strawberry again.

The two of them lay on the grass without speaking for a while. As He Chao crunched on the candy, Xie Yu suddenly sat up and kicked him, saying, "Let's go."

He Chao asked, "Go where?"

Xie Yu said, "If this teacher isn't good, then let's get another one."

The weather was too hot, so as he spoke, Xie Yu casually grabbed his collar and fanned himself. 

From his angle, He Chao could just catch a glimpse of a large expanse of skin flashing before him, with a deep indentation at the collarbone. Xie Yu had a great figure, not particularly tall, but with all the right curves and not skinny bones when his clothes were lifted up. At this age, the boy had not fully grown, still beautiful and tough, even with sharp teeth and claws.

He Chao was a little distracted.

He didn't know if it was because of Xie Yu's inexplicable and wild words, or the person in front of him.

He Chao and Xie Yu climbed over the iron fence outside the dormitory building and went in from the other side, bypassing the guard room. 

Due to the large number of students living on campus, the school has special regulations for students entering and leaving the dormitory building. Anyone who returns to their room during class time, whether to retrieve something or because they are feeling unwell and need to rest, must present a signed note from their teacher and register at the gatekeeper's office.

Although the iron fence is not difficult to climb, no one has the courage to do so. The head teacher is nicknamed "mad dog" and his office window faces the dormitory area. If he catches anyone, they will be in big trouble.

"Toilet, stall, cellphone," Xie Yu flipped over the wall, propped himself up with his hands on the ground, and without looking back, provided the necessary keywords. "Think about it," he added.

He Chao thought for a moment. "What are you doing? Are you trying to make a sentence like a primary school student?"

Xie Yu: "..."

The two of them were skilled in their movements, with standard wall-climbing techniques and lightning-fast speed, as if they had trained specifically for this. 

On the court, Shen Jie saw two figures tumbling in from afar. He vaguely felt that he recognized them, but before he could confirm, the two figures had disappeared.

"How strange," Shen Jie rubbed the back of his head. "...Why did that person look so much like Brother Chao."

"You stay in the dorms too?" He Chao followed him upstairs and noticed that they were getting closer to his own room, until Xie Yu stopped in front of the door across from his.

Xie Yu reached up to feel for the spare key on the door frame. "Too? Where do you live?"

"Look across from you," He Chao pointed. "Right across from you."


Xie Yu thought to himself, so you're the idiot who put up the 'Studying for the College Entrance Exam, Do Not Disturb' sign on your door?

He Chao took the initiative to introduce the paper on his own door. "Most teachers won't come in to check on me, they're afraid of disturbing my studying. It's really useful. You can try it sometime if you have the chance." 

"No, thank you," said Xie Yu as he entered the room and began rummaging through the box under the bed.

Most of the items inside were miscellaneous things like flashlights, spare batteries, and tape.

He Chao sat on the chair watching him: "What are you looking for?"

He ignored He Chao.

Bored, He Chao looked around the room. The dormitory was quite clean, with a computer on the desk. He glanced over the computer and noticed a Rubik's Cube next to the pen holder.

By the time Xie Yu found his old phone, He Chao had already solved the Rubik's Cube, with each side having the same color and arranged neatly.

"I don't know if it's still here," Xie Yu said as he pressed the power button. "I recorded it."

He Chao's hand holding the Rubik's Cube suddenly stopped, wondering if he had misheard. 

Xie Yu repeated again, "That day in the bathroom, I recorded it. I caught everything that Yang-something said. I almost forgot about it."

This kind of thinking might be too progressive for a high school student, especially at such a reckless age where they charge forward with fists raised in emergency situations. Who would have such convoluted thoughts?

But when Yang Wenyuan dragged Liu Yuan into the bathroom, Xie Yu's first reaction was to grab his recorder.

Afterwards, he wanted to ask Liu Yuan if she wanted the evidence to expose the truth, but her desire to keep the peace was too strong. If she had wanted to resist, she wouldn't have ended up like this.

She was afraid of being found out, even though she was the victim.

"Expelled...wow, the school acted so quickly?" 

A few days later, a notice was posted on the school bulletin board, and a crowd gathered around it. Liu Cunhao arrived late and could only stand on the outer edge with his friends, tiptoeing and squinting to read: "Ex...Expulsion..."

When Liu Cunhao saw the next line, he was shocked: "What the hell, it's Yang Wenyuan?!"

"Yang Wenyuan is the one being expelled? What about He Chao?" A boy standing next to Liu Cunhao was also shocked. "What's going on?"

The situation developed beyond imagination, and not just for these students. Even Xu Xia was still in shock.

Yang Wenyuan, whom she had taught for a year, was one of the top students in the class and had a good chance of getting into a prestigious university. 

As she looked back on the guarantees she had made for Yang Wenyuan in front of the school before, and the words she had said, her head buzzed and spun. Finally, two words came to mind: it's over.

He Chao had processed the backup recording he had given to the school, removing Liu Yuan's voice. However, every single one of the despicable words Yang Wenyuan had said was still there. 

Yang Wenyuan immediately put on a show, changing his tune. Then, his whole family followed suit, abandoning their previous domineering attitude from a few days ago. They even tried to hold He Chao's hand and plead for their son: "I know you're a good kid..."

He Chao couldn't help but want to laugh. "Oh, are you doing a comedy skit? So now I'm suddenly a good kid?"

The school authorities pressed for the identity of the female student, but He Chao countered with a question: Can you guarantee that the victim's privacy won't be violated? 

The whole thing was only known by the higher-ups at the school, and the information was kept tightly under wraps.

But Yang Sanhao's guilt was confirmed.

On the day the punishment of expulsion was handed down, Shen Jie was so happy that he bought drinks for the whole class. When he came to find He Chao, he saw the class representative of Class 3 apologizing to him.

Except for the class representative, the entire Class 3 was hiding behind the curtains, peeking out to watch.

The scene was grand.

Liu Cunhao's face turned red as he said, "I'm sorry, He Chao, I didn't understand the truth of the matter..."

He Chao patted Liu Cunhao's shoulder with a serious tone, smoothly picking up where he left off, "It's okay, it's okay. Life is always full of surprises. I'm not only handsome, but also very magnanimous."

Liu Cunhao: "..."

Shen Jie: "..." He couldn't bear to watch. 

Xie Yu probably also couldn't stand it anymore. He held his phone in one hand and reached for a pen case with the other. He threw it directly at He Chao, hitting him and saying, "Shut up."

The so-called school bullies were somewhat demonized, and their deeds were mostly hearsay. Rumors spread through word of mouth, and the truth was often mixed with falsehoods. In the end, no one knew how the legends had evolved.

But the students in Class 3 of the second year realized for the first time that these two school bullies were different from the legends.


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