Death Progress Bar

Death Progress Bar

Chapter 9 - The Traitor

When they arrived, the medical staff had already made it to the door and were working together to move Number One onto a stretcher. Number Four stood to the side, his clothes stained with blood and his arm injured. He looked grim and disheveled.

"What happened?" Number Two stepped forward anxiously. "Didn't you go to deliver a message? How did you come back injured?"

Number Four's expression turned dark with near-tangible anger. 

"Our cover was blown, and we were ambushed on the way back. Number One took a bullet in the shoulder trying to save me. It's all my fault. I let my guard down." 

"Don't overthink it, it's not your fault," On hearing that Number One had only been shot in the shoulder, Number Two breathed a sigh of relief. He saw the doctor pushing Number One away on a stretcher and quickly gestured towards another mobile stretcher for Number Four and said, "You too, get on and have your wounds properly treated. We'll deal with everything else once the injuries are taken care of."

But Number Four refused to budge, saying, "When I was attacked, I learned some very important information that I must tell Young Master Jun immediately."

"I'll help you convey the message, you go get your wounds treated first," Number Two offered.

"The message must be delivered by me personally to Young Master Jun," Number Four interrupted Number Two. Seeing Number Two frown at him, he subtly gestured towards the people around them and emphasized, "This message is very important and must be delivered by me personally and alone to Young Master Jun." 

After understanding his hint, Number Two stopped talking and scanned the people around him. After a few seconds of contemplation, he said, "You go ahead, I will notify Number Three to open the door for you. I'll stay here and watch over Number One, don't worry."

"Thank you." Number Four smiled gratefully and dependently at Number Two before walking towards the courtyard where Lian Jun lived.

Number Two watched him leave and then gestured for the people gathered at the door to disperse. As he turned to go check on Number One's condition at the infirmary, he realized that the little tail following him had disappeared.

Puzzled, he grabbed a familiar person nearby and asked, "Did you see the new guy who was following me? Where did he go?" 

"Seems like he followed Mr. Number One's stretcher," the person who was stopped answered, looking hesitant. He added, "That's what it seemed like, but I'm not entirely sure."

"Okay, got it," Number Two breathed a sigh of relief and continued walking with big strides.

At that moment, Shi Jin, who Number Two was searching for, was running towards the small building with all his might, on the verge of a breakdown. Ever since he heard Number Four say he was going to the small building, he knew something was wrong. 

When he saw the progress bar for Lian Jun's level continuously increasing, he felt like he couldn't breathe.

"F*ck, is Number Four trying to kill Lian Jun?!" He screamed in despair, increasing his speed once again.

Xiao Si was also going crazy, desperately giving him a speed buff while shouting, "840! Jin Jin ah ah ah!" 

"Don't shout, I'm running hard, aren't I? We'll definitely get to the small building first by taking a shortcut given Number Four's path!" Shi Jin yelled, spotting a bike parked by the side of the road. He quickly ran over and hopped on, pedaling hard while reaching into his pocket.

"Jin Jin, you were in a hurry, and didn't bring your phone!" Xiao Si cried out.

"Damn it!" Shi Jin withdrew his hand, scanning the area for someone to borrow a phone from. But to his despair, the orchard that was usually patrolled by guards was eerily quiet tonight. Not a single soul was in sight along the way.

This was definitely not right! 

As he approached the small building, Shi Jin's heart sank. He regretted not shouting at the top of his lungs at the door, calling out Number Four as a traitor and alerting others. He never expected Number Four to be so heartless, not even giving a hint before coming to take the life of Lian Jun!

Turning the final corner, the small building came into view. The door was tightly shut, with only a few night lights on. It seemed that Number Four, who took the small path, had not arrived yet.

Shi Jin breathed a sigh of relief, quickly braking his bike and not bothering to knock on the door. He was afraid that Number Four, who could arrive at any moment, would become suspicious if he saw any movement in the small building. Instead, he ran towards the wall, jumped up, and grabbed onto the edge, flipping over into the courtyard.

"Who's there!" The guard immediately pulled out his gun and aimed it at Shi Jin. Shi Jin quickly raised his hands in surrender and said, "I am a newcomer following Number Two. Number Four is a traitor and he is coming this way. The patrolling personnel in the garden are missing, and I suspect there may be an insider working with Number Four. Where is Number Three? I need to find him!" 

The guards recognized Shi Jin and were shocked by his explosive words. They furrowed their brows and quickly dialed Number Three's phone number on their mobile phones, but they still kept their guns trained on Shi Jin, being cautious. 

Shi Jin was getting anxious. The progress bar in his mind, belonging to Lian Jun, had already reached 940. He was worried that there might be a spy from Number Four around Lian Jun. He couldn't wait for the guards to slowly report to Number Three. 

With one swift step, he grabbed the hand of the guard holding a gun and used his other hand to skillfully snatch the guard's phone. 

Pointing the phone at the guard, he shouted, "Number Three, take Young Master Jun to a safe place. From now on, don't let anyone get close to him, even if they are familiar! I suspect there are other traitors around Young Master Jun!" 

After hanging up the phone, he immediately called Number Two. As soon as the call was connected, he quickly said, "Send people to guard the four gates of the orchard. Isolate the car that just returned from Number Four. From now on, try to stay with trustworthy people and don't be alone! Don't ask anymore, Number Four is a traitor!" 

After throwing the phone back to the stunned guard, he snatched the gun from his hand and strode to the gate. He opened a gap with his hand and found Number Four, who had already appeared more than ten meters away from the gate. He loaded the bullet directly and shot him down with one shot.


With a gunshot, Number Four couldn't react in time and fell to the ground in disbelief. The black bag he had somehow gotten hold of fell to the ground as well. The guard finally snapped out of his daze after witnessing the chaos of his phone and gun being snatched. 

He was infuriated and marched towards Shi Jin, grabbing his shoulder and shouting, "What are you doing?! The investigation hasn't even started yet, and you're already--"

"But by the time the investigation is done, everyone will be dead!" Shi Jin shrugged off the guard's grip and saw that the progress bar in his mind, belonging to Lian Jun, had stopped at 970. 

He felt slightly relieved and rushed to Number Four, who was lying injured on the ground. He kicked the gun out of his hand and opened the black bag beside him, only to find explosives inside. 

He couldn't help but give Number Four a harsh kick and curse, "You lunatic!"

Number Four was already shot and now, after being kicked in the head, he was dizzy and unable to speak. The guard finally noticed that Number Four was outside and followed him out with a scowl, shouting, "Shi Jin, what exactly--?" 

"Shut up!" Shi Jin kicked his bag over to the guard and made him look at it. Then he bent down and flipped Number Four onto the ground, binding his hands with a belt. Just as he was about to drag him off to Lian Jun, he noticed that the progress bar in his mind belonging to Lian Jun had started to rise again. 

"Damn it!" Shi Jin cursed and threw Number Four to the ground before turning and running towards the small building. 

The guard was both angry and confused, shouting, "What are you doing now?" 

"I'm saving your boss's life!" Shi Jin shouted back, also extremely angry. "Keep an eye on Number Four! This isn't over yet!" 

975, 980, 985... 

The progress bar was rising at lightning speed. Shi Jin was running hard, his heart beating just as fast as the progress bar's movement. 

He was screaming in his mind, "Locate your Dearest's position! Don't tell me you can't do it! If you can't, your Dearest is done for!"

Xiao Si was so anxious that he broke into a falsetto voice, "Right away, right away... in the study at the end of the left corridor!"

Shi Jin turned sharply and ran towards the study. As soon as he entered the corridor, he saw a person in a white doctor's coat holding a medical kit standing at the door of the study. The door was half open, and the Number Three was lying face down on the ground, life or death unknown.

"Call 995! Jin Jin!" Xiao Si screamed. 

"Damn it! Didn't I say not to let anyone near Lian Jun?!" Shi Jin's mind was about to explode. He raised his hand and aimed at the doctor's hand, which was about to push the door open. 

With a burst of speed, he charged forward and tackled the doctor to the ground, grabbing his hand holding the medical kit and twisting it. With a final twist and kick, he sent the medical kit flying to the other end of the corridor.


The medical kit hit the wall, and the metal clasp came loose, revealing a gun and explosives inside.

"More explosives! Do you bastards just love hurting people with this kind of thing?!" Shi Jin was furious. He aimed a blow at the struggling doctor's head, knocking him unconscious. Then he pushed open the study door and shouted, "Lian--" 

A muffled gunshot rang out, and Shi Jin's pupils shrank as he dodged the attack with a swift side step. 

Suddenly, a scream from Xiao Si echoed, "Ah ah ah ah, Jin Jin!" 

"It's you?" In the study, Lian Jun lowered his gun, surprised by Shi Jin's appearance. 

Shi Jin's tense body relaxed as he wiped the sweat from his forehead and said, "Who else could it be? Look at your subordinates, one is a traitor, one is disobedient, and the guards at the gate are all idiots. It's a miracle you're still alive!" 

Lian Jun raised an eyebrow and gave him a deep look before sliding his wheelchair towards the tall bookshelf. He moved a small decoration on the lower level and with a click, the seemingly heavy bookshelf slid open, revealing a secret passage inside. 

With a face that looked like he had just been choked by an egg, Shi Jin couldn't help but feel anxious. While he was panicking over here, it seemed that Lian Jun had other means of escape. Was he worrying for nothing? 

Of course, Lian Jun was a master at this game, and he probably had other tricks up his sleeve. Shi Jin realized that Lian Jun's progress bar hadn't been that close to its maximum, so he didn't need to be so frantic. How could someone like Lian Jun not have other ways to protect himself?

"Jin, Jin Jin..." Xiao Si timidly spoke up, trying to calm him down.

Shi Jin held his chest and couldn't speak.

Lian Jun was amused by Shi Jin's angry and frustrated expression. He smirked and said, "Come on in. Number Four suddenly attacked, so he must have been well-prepared. Let's go meet up with the others first." 

Shi Jin rolled his eyes and was about to bend down to lift up Number Three, who had fallen at the door, when he was shocked to see the supposedly unconscious Number Three suddenly move. 

He quickly got up and gave Shi Jin a look that said "not bad, young man", before pushing Lian Jun into the secret passage ahead of him.


Shi Jin's hand froze in mid-air as he quickly replayed the events of the night in his mind, and howled in his head, "We've been played! Played by Lian Jun! He knew all along that there was something wrong with Number Four. This is infuriating, I'm done with him!"


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