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Chapter 64 - The Morgue

Any floor they wanted.

Shi Jin walked out of the simple office, lost in thought. He observed his surroundings and realized that the location of this office was really good. It was close to the stairs and next to the elevator, but also located in the corner of the entire building. If people didn't intentionally look over here, they wouldn't notice any activity.

Moreover, because the Lishui Hospital only had one exit, the patients were accustomed to using the stairs and elevator near the entrance. The ones on this side were deserted and rarely used. The office location was great, but there was a glaring flaw - it was situated in a corner and diagonally opposite the storage room of Lishui Hospital, which was quite far away. It would be foolish to transport goods from here to the storage room, as the elevator and stairs only moved up and down and could not be moved horizontally.

So why were the people from the pharmacy delivering goods here? Were they planning to transfer the goods somewhere else?

Could it be that there was another hidden storage room in Lishui Hospital? And this storage room was only connected to the pharmacy, independent of the hospital's main storage room.

Was this the real reason why Long Shi was hiding here?

Shi Jin felt like he had discovered the truth. He walked over to the elevator and recalled the layout of the floors in the entire Lishui Hospital. He couldn't find any place big enough to be the second storage room. As he looked around, his gaze landed on an unexpected place - the morgue.

Not every hospital has a morgue, but Lishui Hospital had one. It was located on the underground floor and could only be accessed through the stairs and elevator near the doctor's office. According to the people who had previously investigated, the morgue at Lishui Hospital was very small, with only two rooms - one for the bodies and the other for miscellaneous items. Normally, only an old caretaker is there, and there is nothing that could attract anyone to investigate.

However, now Shi Jin felt that this morgue was worth taking a look at. He reached out and pressed the elevator button, sharing his thoughts with Number Two.

Number Two considered for a moment and gave him the freedom to do as he pleased.

The tall and thin man had been keeping an eye on Shi Jin's movements from the corner of his eye. When Shi Jin suddenly pressed the elevator button, he quickly raised his voice and called out, "Captain Shi?"

Shi Jin had never been called that before and it took him two seconds to realize that the tall and thin man was calling him. He turned around and looked at him and the other team members, thought for a moment, and said, "I'm going to check out other places. 9 to 12, come with me. The other two can move freely, but be careful of any activity in the area."

So everyone followed his orders. The 9th to 12th members got into the elevator, leaving the other two outside.

"Where are we going?" the tall and thin man asked after they got into the elevator.

Shi Jin pressed the button for the basement and asked, "We're going to the morgue. What are your names?"

The morgue?

The tall and thin man was taken aback, but quickly replied, "Just call us by our code. I'm 9, and they are 10 to 12. It's easier to remember that way."

The other three also chimed in and introduced themselves by their code numbers.

Shi Jin memorized their numbers and looked at the floor display in the elevator. As they descended, he heard static in his earphones and furrowed his brow. He called out to Number Two a few times, but received no response.

"The signal is bad down here," said the tall and thin man, who was number 9. He also pressed his earphone and said, "I have no signal either."

Shi Jin let go of the button and said, "Later try to stick together and follow me closely."

Everyone agreed in unison. As they were talking, the elevator came to a stop. The doors opened, revealing a dimly lit corridor outside.

Shi Jin was the first to step out and survey the situation. He reached for his weapon and made his way down the hallway towards the only two rooms at the end.

The corridor was quite long, with strange and eerie symbols and patterns painted on the walls, which were unique to the local L country. The tall and thin man swallowed nervously, admiring Shi Jin's composure as he led the way without being affected by the environment.

This young man, who seemed even younger than him, had an impressive mental fortitude.

Both rooms at the end were dark, with the doors locked and no lights on. Without hesitation, Shi Jin fired two shots to break the lock and immediately released tear gas into the room, regardless of whether anyone was inside.

After a moment of silence, there was commotion coming from the morgue.

"Someone's in the morgue, be careful," Shi Jin whispered, leading the way towards the morgue.

The tall, thin man was terrified by the eerie silence and couldn't shake the images of zombies and ghosts from his mind. He hesitated to move forward, but in those few seconds of delay, a barrage of gunfire erupted.

Not only were there people in the morgue, but there were also quite a few of them attacking from the inside. With his mask on, Shi Jin didn't need anyone to cover for him. He used the door as a shield and fired a few shots inside. Suddenly, he recklessly opened the door and rolled inside, stopping behind an empty autopsy table. He kicked the table up to block himself and fired a few more shots towards the hiding corners.

Screams and groans filled the air, then the world fell silent.


Shi Jin stood up and turned on the lights in the autopsy room. After the tear gas had dissipated, he signaled for the others outside to come in and check the wounded enemies.

There were six in total, four with minor injuries and two who were seriously wounded and unconscious. Shi Jin fell silent and tightened his grip on the gun. Although he knew that casualties were inevitable when confronting the enemy, he still felt uneasy about it.

Killing someone was not a pleasant experience.

He adjusted his emotions and ordered two people to help tie up the captives. If they could be bandaged, then do so. Then he stood up and began searching the morgue.

The tall and thin man's expression became strange when he heard Shi Jin's command.

Helping to bandage the fallen enemy was probably the strangest order he had ever heard in his line of work. Shi Jin was a seasoned and efficient captain, as if he had been through countless battles. But when dealing with the enemy, he also showed a kind of compassion that only a novice would have. He was truly a strange person.

Shi Jin didn't notice the emotional fluctuations of his temporary subordinate, as he was carefully observing the not-so-large morgue.

Lishui Hospital was an old hospital with antique decorations, and the morgue was no exception. The walls were a dismal white, the embalming tables were semi-new, and there were some furniture and instruments that looked like they had been around for years. There was also a row of newly added built-in freezers, and that was all there was in the room. One could take it all in with just one glance.

It seemed like there was nowhere to hide anything, and there were no goods stored in the room. But these people were definitely here to protect something.

Shi Jin paid attention to the ground, then the walls, and finally his gaze fell on the freezer where the bodies were stored.

The tall and thin man had been keeping an eye on Shi Jin's movements, and when he saw his gaze fall on the freezer, he had a bad feeling in his heart. In the next moment, his premonition came true. Shi Jin took a step towards the freezer and without any hesitation, reached out and pulled open one of the doors.

A dead old man's body was revealed. The old man seemed to have just died recently, as his body was still fresh and looked like a living person lying there, except for his slightly pale skin.

The tall and thin man couldn't help but gasp in shock and turned his head away in embarrassment. Despite passing Number Seven's training, he had a big weakness - he was afraid of ghosts and corpses.

Shi Jin's hand also stiffened for a moment upon seeing the body, but he quickly adjusted his emotions, apologized to the corpse, closed the door, and without any psychological pressure, pulled open the next one.

The tall and skinny man felt like he was suffocating. He could almost imagine the corpses in the cabinets suddenly coming back to life!

But of course, that was impossible. Shi Jin was smoothly opening one freezer after another, his expression calm and his movements precise. Finally, when he reached a freezer in a corner, he encountered an obstacle - it was locked and wouldn't budge.

Shi Jin stopped and thought for a few seconds before deciding to shoot the lock, regardless of whether there was a body inside or not.

The tall and skinny man: "..." He decided that after this mission was over, he would go to the temple and burn some incense.

After a few shots, the lock on the cabinet door broke and when Shi Jin reached out to pull it, the door finally moved. Not only did this cabinet door move, but the two upper and lower cabinet doors also moved. They didn't move straight in and out, but opened sideways. The three cabinet doors came together and after opening sideways, revealed an entrance that could accommodate one person at a time.

There was light behind the entrance, and there was clearly a room behind it.

The tall and thin man was shocked and his eyes widened.

But Shi Jin's expression changed and he quickly pounced on the thin man, knocking him to the ground and rolling with him, while loudly warning, "Be careful! Everyone get down!"

Everyone quickly got down.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Gunshots came from inside the door, and someone inside was attacking from outside.

Thanks to Shi Jin's timely warning, no one was injured.

After making sure that everyone was unharmed, Shi Jin released the thin, tall man and quickly crouched beside the small door. It was the same old trick - he threw tear gas inside and had the thin, tall man and his comrades shoot outside to suppress the enemy's firepower. Then, he seized the opportunity and agilely crawled through the doorway.

Yes, he crawled. Although his crawling was quite slick and cool, it was still crawling.

The others who were covering him: "..." This isn't quite like the training they received.

But in any case, Shi Jin had successfully entered the room.

The space inside the secret door was quite large, with many strange instruments and shelves full of bottles and jars arranged in an orderly manner. It looked like a secret experimental research base.

Shi Jin was excited, knowing that he had uncovered the secret of hiding Long Shi in the Lishui Hospital. He took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down, becoming even more cautious. He used his hearing to locate the enemy's position, moved quietly, and used the shelves as cover to approach the nearest enemy. Then, without making a sound, he took the enemy down with one shot.

There weren't many people hiding behind the door, and with the help of Xiao Si's buff, Shi Jin easily took care of them. He then found the signal jamming device in the room and forcefully dismantled it, restoring contact with Number Two.

"What happened? Why did we suddenly lose contact? How are things on your end?" Number Two asked anxiously.

Standing in the center of this strangely decorated room, Shi Jin couldn't help but feel excited as he looked at the bound individuals in white coats and the messy items on the table. "There's a signal jammer underground, forget about the storage room. Bring in the troops, I've found the secret laboratory of the Hydra. They seem to be researching a new type of drug," he exclaimed.

Number Two was taken aback at first, but then his eyes lit up and he couldn't resist slamming the steering wheel. "I knew you could do it! Wait for me, I'll bring in the troops. Number Three has already taken care of the Hydra headquarters and is on his way here with the L country officials," he said eagerly.


Half an hour later, the main forces arrived. The remaining members of the Hydra gang in Lishui Hospital were taken away by L country officials, and all untransferred goods were confiscated. Number Three and Number Two gathered in the morgue of Lishui Hospital with Shi Jin, and together they acted foolishly in front of the various medicines and instruments in the secret laboratory.

"What...are these used for?" Number Two asked in confusion.

Shi Jin scratched his face and awkwardly replied, "I don't recognize L country's writing..."

Number Three appeared the most composed. After scanning the somewhat shabby laboratory, he said, "We need the help of professionals."

Number Two immediately took out his phone and called Number Seven. Uncle Long didn't come with the team this time, so they could only ask Number Seven to send local doctors to help.

After another half hour, several doctors hurriedly arrived. As Shi Jin and the others wisely withdrew, they left the space to the doctors who stood facing each other in the morgue.

"It's getting late, shall we go eat?" Number Twoxin asked heartily.

Number Three scanned the gloomy morgue and then looked at Shi Jin, who was clearly concerned about the situation in the laboratory. "Let's eat, we've all been busy all day. We probably won't be able to go back today, so we need to stay here overnight and wait for the doctors' search results. Who will go and report the situation to Young Master Jun?"

"I'll go," Shi Jin snapped out of his thoughts and quickly took out his phone. "I'll go tell Young Master Jun and be right back." He then walked out at a fast pace.

Number Twoxin watched him leave and rubbed his chin. "Is this the real-life version of 'a day without seeing you is like three autumns'?"

Number Three gave him a faint glance and reminded him, "Loose lips sink ships, be careful not to say the wrong thing."

As soon as Number Two heard this, he stopped rubbing his chin and gave him a sideways glance, saying indifferently, "Young Master Jun is not here, don't try to scare me." After speaking, he ignored him and went back into the laboratory.


When Shi Jin returned to the van parked outside the hospital, he made sure that no one would disturb him before taking out a tablet and making a video call to Lian Jun.

The call was immediately answered, and Lian Jun's figure appeared in his study.

"Shi Jin?"

"It's me." Shi Jin couldn't help but lean in closer to the screen to get a better look at Lian Jun's appearance. He furrowed his brows and said with certainty, "Your lips are so pale. Did you skip lunch again?"

As soon as Lian Jun saw him, his expression softened and he covered the files in his hand, saying, "I'm not skipping on purpose, it's just that I lose my appetite when you aren't here."

He still knows how to talk.

"Well then, you have to eat well for dinner, even if you don't have an appetite, you have to take a few more bites. I won't be able to come back until tomorrow," Shi Jin immediately instructed.

Lian Jun furrowed his brows at the news and asked, "Why tomorrow? Is the mission not going well?"

"It went quite smoothly. We found a new lead that requires time to search and analyze," replied Shi Jin. He then proceeded to recount the process of their mission, emphasizing the suspicious secret laboratory. He speculated, "Long Shi has been hiding in Lishui Hospital for years and must have been involved in the research of the new drug for Hydra. Given his personality, he probably also researched psychoactive substances. Therefore, as long as we can find samples of the toxic substances he has researched over the years, we can screen out more clues about the toxin's source, and you can recover faster."

Lian Jun listened carefully, observing Shi Jin's messy hair and dusty clothes. His eyes softened as he wanted to say many things, but in the end, he only said, "Shi Jin...thank you for your hard work."

Shi Jin corrected him with a serious face, "You should say 'I miss you' at this time, not talk about whether it's hard or not. I'm not feeling any hardship at all."

With that, Lian Jun's complex emotions were dispelled by him. He curled up his lips and said, "I miss you."

"I miss you too," Shi Jin immediately replied, smiling as he kissed the tablet screen. "Should I go meet up with Number Two and the others and then contact you again?"

Lian Jun's lips that had curled up fell again, but he forced himself to perk up and nodded, "Okay."

Shi Jin looked at his face again, then ruthlessly hung up the call and slumped back in his chair, sighing heavily. "Xiao Si, I miss Lian Jun. I want to hug him."

Xiao Si comforted him, "You should sleep early tonight. When you wake up, you can go back and see the baby."

"Tomorrow seems so far away," sighed Shi Jin, feeling hopeless. He slumped down, but suddenly perked up and said, "No, I can't be so defeated. If I find something to do, time will pass faster. I'll go help the doctors search the lab!"

Xiao Si wanted to remind him that he couldn't even read the language of Country L, let alone understand medical knowledge, and probably wouldn't be much help. But seeing his current mood, Xiao Si kept quiet and said, "I'll help you, Jin Jin!"


Meanwhile, Number Two and Number Three, who had been staying in the morgue, saw Shi Jin run out with his phone and then rush back in like he had been injected with chicken blood. He quickly greeted them and then dove into the lab, carefully searching through the shelves of medicines.

"Did Young Master Jun give him a love potion?" Number Two raised an eyebrow.

"I think you'll eventually get a big punishment," Number Three looked at him speechlessly, patted his shoulder, "Let's go, we need to talk to the officials from L country. We'll leave it to Shi Jin here, and we'll call him when it's time to eat."

Number Two shrugged his hand down, glanced at Shi Jin who was searching diligently, nodded, and followed Number Three out.


The fact is, love cannot suddenly make someone proficient in another language or suddenly become a doctor.

"Xiao Si, I need your help," Shi Jin put down the bottle in his hand and sighed heavily.

Xiao Si was helpless and weakly said, "Jin Jin, I can only provide translation services. I don't know anything about medicine." It wasn't a very powerful all-around system.

Shi Jin quickly explained, "I don't need you to translate or understand any medical knowledge. I just need you to scan this laboratory for any information recorded in either Chinese or the common Y language. Long Shi has been using these two languages since he was young, and even if he learned other languages later on, he would unconsciously use the familiar ones when recording things."

Upon hearing this, Xiao Si immediately perked up and said, "I can help with that. Just wait a moment, I'll start scanning now."

Shi Jin then found a nearby stool to sit on and waited for Xiao Si's scanning results.

After a quarter of an hour, Xiao Si suddenly exclaimed in excitement, "I found traces of Chinese characters in the upper right corner of that bookshelf!"

Shi Jin's spirits lifted and he quickly ran towards the bookshelf in question. The bookshelf pointed out by Xiao Si was very old and the doors were all broken. The materials inside were scattered and filled with clutter, making it look like a useless cabinet for dumping waste.

Following Xiao Si's instructions, Shi Jin dragged out a notebook and a stack of scattered hard paper materials from the bottom of the cabinet. He blew off the dust and carefully opened them.

The notebook was very small, only the size of a palm, and it was filled with messy Y-language notes. Shi Jin roughly looked at it and found that they were all professional vocabulary that he couldn't understand. So, regretfully giving up, he turned to the hard paper materials.

There weren't many materials, only a dozen or so pages. The first few pages were also filled with scattered professional vocabulary, and nothing useful was found. It wasn't until the sixth page that Shi Jin finally found something he could understand on the materials.

It was a painting, depicting what seemed to be a jellyfish in an abstract manner. The Y language notes beside it was scribbled hastily, devoid of any trace of the Chinese language.

As he looked at it, something stirred in Shi Jin's mind. He quickly flipped through the rest of the materials.

The following pages were filled with haphazardly drawn sketches of unidentified snakes, oddly shaped corals, and vibrant flowers. The Y-language annotations became more frequent. Finally, on the last page, Shi Jin found a faint, blurry mark that seemed to have been written unconsciously and then erased.


It was the character for 'Jun', even though it was barely visible.

Shi Jin's heart began to race as he quickly realized the significance of these paintings. He tightened his grip on the documents and his eyes lit up with excitement - this was the original copy, it had to be! If it wasn't, he would chop off the hand that Long Shi writes with!


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