Death Progress Bar

Death Progress Bar

Chapter 58 - Explosion

The incident with Shi Weichong was quickly forgotten by Shi Jin. The documents on the shares transfer left behind by Shi Weichong were thrown into a bathtub filled with water, becoming a pile of soggy waste paper.

Three days later, three official liaison personnel arrived to assist. Two men and one woman, with the woman being over fifty years old and appearing very kind. She was sent by the government to negotiate with Fei Yujing and help with Phantom's rescue efforts. Her name was Wen Baozhu, a lawyer with a pile of honors.

It was clear that she and Fei Yujing knew each other. Upon seeing him, she greeted him by name and did not address him as "Lawyer Fei" like the others did. Her attitude was very familiar and friendly.

Fei Yujing was very polite and respectful towards her, addressing her as Teacher Wen and personally pouring her water while introducing the situation. It was considerate and thoughtful.

As they were all gathered together for a meeting to discuss official matters, Shi Jin was also present. He watched Fei Yujing's affectionate and respectful behavior towards Wen Baozhu and couldn't help but shiver, thinking of Fei Yujing's usual attitude of "everyone in the world is trash, the only true family are benefits". He rubbed his arms, feeling a chill.

Did all the children in the Shi family have some strange skills, like changing faces, acting, or speaking differently to different people?

"Are you cold?" Lian Jun noticed his actions and asked with concern.

Shi Jin quickly shook his head and denied it, withdrawing his gaze from Fei Yujing and Wen Baozhu. He flipped through the documents in front of him and asked, "Now that the officials have also arrived, when do we leave for the southeast region?"

Lian Jun closed the file and replied, "It will be at least three days later. The officials need time to sort out the materials and establish contact with the southeast region, which will delay us for a while."

Shi Jin nodded in understanding and was very satisfied with the timing. He said happily, "By then, my body should be fully recovered, and I can follow you properly."

Lian Jun looked at his silly and happy expression, reached out and held his hand.

Although they were not going to a safe place, how could he be so happy about it? How silly.

In the following three days, Shi Jin began to actively cooperate with the treatment. Finally, on the day of departure to the southeast region, he was marked as "fully recovered" by Uncle Long.

When boarding the plane, Shi Jin saw Long Shi.

His hair was shaved into a crew cut, his complexion was a bit haggard, and he was wearing a plain casual outfit. Overall, his appearance was very inconspicuous, but he wore a cool black and diamond metal necklace around his neck.

Perhaps sensing Shi Jin's gaze, Long Shi suddenly looked up and glared at him with a dark expression, looking particularly sinister.

Xiao Si angrily reminded, "Jin Jin, your progress bar has increased. After seeing you, Long Shi wants to kill you!"

As Shi Jin glanced at his progress bar, which had just shot up to 550, he raised an eyebrow and calmly met Long Shi's gaze. Then he grinned, wiggled his fingers by his ear, and made two little circles with his hand.

Long Shi's expression changed, clearly imagining something unpleasant. His eyes were filled with hatred and fear as he couldn't help but turn to Number One, who was walking beside him, and say, "Don't ignore what I'm telling you. Shi Jin is really a monster. He'll eat you sooner or later!"

Number One didn't even bother to acknowledge him and treated him like air.

Long Shi was unwilling to give up and randomly grabbed a passerby, earnestly saying, "Shi Jin really is a monster. Don't be fooled by his facade. Kill him quickly! He'll harm you all!"

The person who was grabbed by him was Fei Yujing. Fei Yujing turned his head to look at him, his eyes hidden behind the lenses were cold and indifferent. He directly blocked his hand with his briefcase, patted the sleeve that was pulled over, and walked away quickly.

Long Shi's expression twisted from seeing Fei Yujing's obvious disgust. He caught a glimpse of Lian Jun sitting next to him and couldn't control his emotions. He shouted loudly, "Young Master Jun! Shi Jin will harm you. Only I am truly good to you, Young Master Jun... Mmm!"

Number One immediately covered his mouth, administered a sedative injection, and the world became quiet.

Because it was a private plane, everyone on board was their own people, so no one expressed any objections to Number One's behavior. They all looked unsurprised, even Wen Baozhu, who looked the most amiable and likely to say something, just frowned and didn't speak rashly.

As the commotion died down, Shi Jin sat back in his chair and saw that his progress bar had dropped back to 500. He inwardly sighed and turned to Lian Jun, intentionally asking, "Young Master Jun, what if I really am a monster? Aren't you afraid I'll eat you?"

Lian Jun was busy flipping through some documents and didn't even look up. He simply extended his arm and said, "Go ahead and eat me."

Shi Jin chuckled happily, grasping Lian Jun's wrist and planting a loud kiss on it before leaning in to look at the documents with him. When they interacted, there was no intention to hide or avoid the attention of others.

Both the officials and Fei Yujing noticed their unusual intimacy. The officials were slightly surprised, apparently not expecting such a relationship between Shi Jin and Lian Jun. Fei Yujing, on the other hand, had a pensive look and his gaze shifted back and forth between Shi Jin and Lian Jun before quickly withdrawing.

After the plane flew smoothly, everyone tried to force themselves to sleep, hoping to adjust their jet lag on the plane. After all, when they reached the southeastern region, they would have to be on high alert and busy.

During his recovery, Shi Jin had developed a very regular sleep schedule. He would wake up shortly after falling asleep and after several failed attempts to go back to sleep, he decided to give up and not disturb Lian Jun. He got up and went to the tea room.

To his surprise, he found Fei Yujing sitting at the small table in the tea room, typing away on his computer.

The two brothers stopped in their tracks and briefly made eye contact.

"There's coffee already brewed in the coffee pot," Fei Yujing said, breaking the silence. It was a rare occurrence for Fei Yujing to speak first, but his attitude was acceptable, at least not hostile or cold. It was as if he was treating Shi Jin like any other colleague.

"Thank you for reminding me," said Shi Jin politely, without touching the coffee. Instead, he poured himself a glass of milk and sat in the corner of the tea room, pulling out his tablet to play mahjong.

Hearing the faint sound of mahjong tiles, Fei Yujing paused his typing for a second before continuing.

With the clacking of the keyboard and the faint sound of mahjong in the background, the two brothers worked in harmony, their relationship surprisingly peaceful.

After what seemed like hours, Fei Yujing finally finished organizing all the necessary materials. He took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes, looking up to the other corner of the room only to find it empty. In its place was a pot of hot milk on the table.

[Take some time to get to know Xiao Jin, you'll understand what we've been missing out on all these years.]

As he sat there, a sudden memory of Shi Weichong's words flashed through Fei Yujing's mind. He furrowed his brow and stood up, looking disdainfully at the pot of milk.

What is this, playing the emotional card? Shi Weichong must have been fooled by Shi Jin like this.

Just as he was thinking this, Shi Jin, who he thought had already left, unexpectedly came back. He inexplicably glanced at Fei Yujing standing by the table and casually greeted him, "Are you done with your work?"

Then he squeezed past him, poured a cup of hot milk into a mug, and took out a bowl of hot porridge from the microwave. He carried the tray out with him.

Fei Yujing's ears perked up as he heard Lian Jun's voice coming from the cabin. It was clear that the pot of hot milk was prepared by Shi Jin for Lian Jun.


Sometimes, what's more embarrassing than being obviously targeted is the sudden realization of one's own self-importance. Fei Yujing felt that he was probably too tired. He stared at the pot of hot milk and poured himself a cup of coffee without adding any sugar.

A mature man should drink the bitterest coffee. Only children like milk.

The plane landed in L country in the southeast region. Shi Jin pushed Lian Jun off the plane. After leaving the comfortable air conditioning, they were almost knocked down by the humid and hot weather unique to the southeast region.

Although it was supposed to be the most comfortable temperature in April or May, L country was hot and stuffy. The ground was still damp, probably from the recent rain. The buildings in the distance were distorted by the steam rising from the hot air, and standing outside felt like being in a steamer.

"I really hate coming here," Number Nine muttered under his breath, his baby face wrinkled like an old granny.

Shi Jin agreed and didn't want Lian Jun to stay in such a stuffy environment for too long. He quickly followed Number One's guidance and pushed Lian Jun towards the vehicles outside the airport that were there to pick them up.

Since there were quite a few people in their group, if they arranged for small cars, they would probably have to split up into several vehicles. Number One was afraid that if the personnel were too scattered, it would be inconvenient to move around. So, they arranged for a disguised tour bus to pick them up and crammed everyone inside.

Once they were on the bus, the air conditioning was blowing, and everyone finally felt relieved. After a brief rest, they immediately got back to work.

First, there was the matter of Wen Baozhu and Fei Yujing. They needed to work with other official contacts stationed in this area to establish a connection with the local government. Together, they would use the disappearance of Chinese citizens doing business in L country and suspected kidnappings as reasons to establish contact.

Next, the focus was on Lian Jun's team. They were responsible for the main task of rescuing the missing individuals. Number Two and Number Three had been preparing for a week, and Lian Jun needed to quickly understand the situation and take over the rest of the operation.

Finally, there was the issue of official support. Since the government could not openly intervene, they needed to come up with various excuses and disguises. This also needed to be arranged quickly.

The phone on the car kept ringing, everyone had a lot to do. Only Shi Jin was idle. He was just a newcomer to the industry and was good at fighting, but when it came to balancing the overall situation and networking, he was completely clueless.

Lian Jun was busy contacting Number Two, while Shi Jin sat beside him and listened in. He found out that Number Two was really busy this week.

Not only did he have to mobilize people in the southeast region, but he also had to keep an eye on Nine Eagles's movements and find out the whereabouts of Zhuo Yang. In addition to these two things, he also needed to monitor Gunfire and its various subordinate organizations that were in cahoots with Nine Eagles. He was so busy that he was almost going crazy.

Number Three, who came with Number Two, was also busy. He had to search for the specific locations of the trapped subordinates one by one with the Old Ghost, investigate the community hospital where Long Shi had been hiding, and the organization behind it. He also had to help Phantom clean up the business that was scattered by Nine Eagles. He wished he could split himself into three.

As he listened, Shi Jin's mood soured as he realized that the mess caused by the conflict between Phantom and Nine Eagles was far bigger than he had initially thought. It seemed that not only L country, but also the neighboring N and T countries had all been trapped by their minions.

And Gunfire that had ties with Nine Eagles held a position in the southeast region that was similar to Annihliation's in their home country, but their methods were even more brutal and wanton than those of Annihilation's. It was clear that it would be very difficult to rescue people from them across multiple countries.

That was why Lian Jun and the others had chosen L country as their first stop. The small hospital where Long Shi was hiding was located there, and the relationship between the official government and the local government was relatively good, which would make it more convenient for the later economic cases to be handled.

To sum it up, in order to successfully and safely rescue the people back to their country, they must first rescue and gather them to L country. Only then can the authorities cooperate with Wen Baozhu and Fei Yujing's economic case operation and extradite all the people back. This is completely different from what Shi Jin initially thought, which was that they only needed to cooperate with the authorities on this side and suppress the local organizations a little bit.

At this moment, the bus happened to be driving on a relatively remote road, and Xiao Si suddenly spoke up, "Jin Jin, yours and baby's progress bars suddenly started to rise. There's danger nearby!"

When Shi Jin snapped out of his thoughts, he looked at the progress bar in his mind and saw that both his and Lian Jun's bars had suddenly skyrocketed to 700 and were still increasing at a steady pace. He furrowed his brows and turned to Number One, who had just hung up the phone, and asked, "Number One, where are we going now?"

"We're going to the accommodation arranged for us by Phantom. The Old Ghost said he would send his deputy to pick us up. It's closer to the government office area of L Country, which will make it easier for Lawyer Wen and the others to move around," Number One explained.

Accommodation arranged by Phantom's deputy?

Shi Jin continued to ask, "Will our people be there to meet us, or just Phantom's people?"

Number One replied, "Our people will be there. Number Three is on his way here to join us."

On his way, which means Number Three was never with Phantom's deputy, nor did he check the safety of the residence arranged by Phantom or the safety along the way to the residence?

Xiao Si reminded them in a panicked tone, "Jin Jin, the progress bar is increasing faster now, it's at 850!"

There must be a problem ahead! They absolutely cannot continue forward!

Shi Jin's mind raced, his face turning pale, and he grabbed Lian Jun's hand, saying in a low voice, "Young Master Jun, my stomach hurts, I need to use the restroom. Can we stop the car?"

Xiao Si: "..."

Lian Jun stopped and told Number Two on the phone to wait a moment. He turned to look at Shi Jin, who had a twisted expression and seemed impatient. Lian Jun silently touched his hand and gestured to Number One.

Number One's mouth twitched and he stood up, heading towards the driver. The bus came to a stop when the progress bar of the two reached 950. Shi Jin quickly got off the bus, wandered around outside for a bit, and then rushed back in with exaggerated acting skills, saying to the driver, "Master driver, it seems like there are no public toilets nearby. Can you take a detour and help me find one?"

The driver was a local resident of L country and was familiar with the local road conditions. Upon hearing this request, he immediately started the bus and said while turning the steering wheel, "Actually, there is a public toilet nearby. However, the text around here is twisted and difficult to read, so it's normal if you can't recognize it. Let me take you to a larger public toilet. It's at a fork in the road we passed earlier, with a very big and easy-to-recognize sign."

When Shi Jin heard this, his eyes lit up and he praised the driver in his heart. He quickly thanked him and apologized to the other passengers for delaying their time. The others on the bus finally understood why the bus suddenly stopped and why Shi Jin rushed out. They didn't mind waiting a little longer on the bus.

Only two people on the entire bus knew the reason for the stop and their expressions became unfriendly. One was Long Shi, who was locked up at the back of the bus after landing, and the other was Fei Yujing, who was resting with his eyes closed. Long Shi's expression was mocking and hateful, while Fei Yujing's expression was cold and disdainful.

The bus reversed, turned, and took a different route, deviating from the original route. The values of the two progress bars had been decreasing since the bus started reversing, and by the time it turned onto a side road, they had dropped to 800.

Sighing with relief, Shi Jin leaned back in his chair.

Number One frowned at the sight and hesitated before saying, "You couldn't hold it in...and just took care of it, did you?"

Shi Jin was momentarily confused, not understanding what Number One meant. But when he realized, he rolled his eyes and stood up, pulling at his pants to show his innocence.

Number One fell silent, and when he saw Lian Jun looking at him, he quickly changed the subject, "I'll go make a call to Phantom's side and let them know we'll be late, so they don't have to wait."

He then headed to a corner to make the call. Shi Jin quickly grabbed him and suggested, "Let's first go find Number Three and ask him where he is. If he's almost here, we can let him join us and go together to the lodging arranged by Phantom. That way, even if there is danger ahead, we won't be at risk because we have more people."

"Okay," Number One nodded and gestured outside the car. "That should be the public restroom. Go ahead. If you take too long, I'll have Number Three come meet us first. Young Master Jun has some questions for him anyway."

Upon hearing this, Shi Jin looked towards the public restroom that was getting closer and closer, took the paper that Lian Jun had thoughtfully handed him, and decided to spend some extra time there later. The public restroom was surprisingly clean and had individual stalls. Shi Jin refused Lian Jun's offer to accompany him and went alone, choosing a stall near the entrance.

One minute, two minutes, three minutes...ten minutes passed and Shi Jin received a call from Lian Jun. He grunted a few vague responses.

After a few more minutes, Number Three's team finally located them based on the coordinates sent by Number One's team. At the same time, Shi Jin noticed that both his and Lian Jun's progress bars had dropped to 700, but at least they were safe.

Feeling relieved, Shi Jin stepped out of the stall and was about to wash his hands when he saw Fei Yujing also in the restroom, washing his hands. Shi Jin stopped in his tracks and the two brothers faced each other in the mirror. It was Fei Yujing who spoke first, his tone cool and slightly disdainful, "You didn't even flush the toilet?"

Shi Jin stiffened and retorted, "You were eavesdropping on people in the bathroom?"

There was a brief moment of silence in the air.

Fei Yujing's face turned black and he turned around and walked away.

Shi Jin snorted coldly, feeling proud of his successful comeback, and happily washed his hands.

Number Three arrived with his team. A row of more than ten modified jeeps were parked on the street, looking very cool and not to be messed with.

When Shi Jin came out, Number Three was explaining to Lian Jun why they were late, frowning and saying, "I was supposed to go directly to the airport to pick you up today, but something happened within the Phantom last night, which delayed us, so we came late."

Lian Jun was sitting in the Jeep with Number Three reporting to him. Whenever he gestured for him to come in, Number Three would enter. Lian Jun asked Number Three, who was sitting in the passenger seat, "What's going on inside Phantom?"

"There was a traitor who almost killed the Old Ghost. The Old Ghost was furious and spent all night reorganizing the situation inside. I stayed behind to help," Number Three explained, his expression somewhat grim. "The Old Ghost made a big mistake this time. The traitor was an old member who had followed him for many years. Now the Old Ghost suspects that the reason why Nine Eagles was able to easily inflict heavy damage on him before was because there is a mole inside Phantom."

Shi Jin quickly took the opportunity to speak, saying, "Could it be that there is a problem with the accommodation arranged for us by Phantom? Since there is a mole inside Phantom, our whereabouts may have already been exposed. Zhuo Yang may be lurking in L Country, waiting for us to deliver ourselves to him."

Number Three waved his hand to reassure them, "Don't worry, your accommodation today was arranged by a trustworthy subordinate after the Old Ghost exposed the traitor. There shouldn't be any problems."

Shi Jin whispered, "But what if that subordinate is also a traitor? What if two traitors are colluding and using the incident of one traitor hurting the Old Ghost as a cover to make us lower our guard, when in fact, we are the real target?"

"..." Number Three turned his head to look at Shi Jin, and after a moment of silence, said, "You have a wild imagination."

If it were really as Shi Jin said, then the Old Ghost would be in a pitiful state, with so many traitors hiding around him.

"But it's always better to be cautious," Shi Jin replied, turning his head to look at Lian Jun. As Lian Jun caught his gaze, he pointed to his knee and was about to speak when suddenly a loud explosion sounded in the distance, followed by a thick plume of smoke rising up.

Everyone was shocked and turned their heads to look. Number Three's expression changed instantly as he compared the location of the explosion to the address that Phantom had previously given them. He said, "This is bad. The explosion happened at the residence that Phantom arranged for us. His deputy is still inside!"


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