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Chapter 25 - Pinching the Butt

As Shi Jin fell to the ground, he heard the young driver's question.

"Is he asleep?" The young man spoke carefully, afraid that Shi Jin was not completely unconscious.

Yuan Ma-zi reached out and poked Shi Jin's body, then pinched his butt hard. Seeing that he didn't move, Yuan Ma-zi was satisfied and said, "He's asleep. He drank half a bottle, so he'll have to sleep for at least a day."

Shi Jin cursed Yuan Ma-zi in his heart, thinking that he was a despicable human trafficker. His pinch was so cruel that if it weren't for Xiao Si's help, Shi Jin would have been scared and trembling even if he didn't feel any pain. 

And why did he have to pinch his butt? What did his butt do wrong? The young man saw through the rearview mirror Yuan Ma-zi's predatory actions and sneered, "What are you going to do with him? Brother Wolf risked a lot to come back to China and establish connections. You better not mess things up and ruin this deal."

"I know what I'm doing," Yuan Ma-zi replied nonchalantly. He didn't seem to care much about Brother Wolf and began to touch Shi Jin's body up and down. "We haven't even made contact with the client yet. I'll have some fun first, and when it's time to get down to business, I'll find a place to deal with this kid."

The young man snorted and remained silent.

Shi Jin continued to silently curse Yuan Ma-zi's lack of morals, but he kept his composure and let him touch him up and down like a piece of dead meat. Soon, Yuan Ma-zi searched everything on Shi Jin's body. Among them were a used train ticket, a used bus ticket, an old pocket for loose change, a few pieces of candy, a childish chicken leg pendant, and his ID card carefully tucked away in the pocket of his cotton jacket.

Yuan Ma-zi casually tossed aside the first few items and focused on Shi Jin's ID card. To be sure, he even took off Shi Jin's hat and compared his appearance, confirming that everything was in order. He then put Shi Jin's ID card in his own pocket for safekeeping. 

Afterwards, he searched through the luggage that Shi Jin had brought and found a can of pickled vegetables inside. He wrinkled his nose and set it aside, then sneakily pulled out the underwear that was wrapped separately at the bottom of the bag. He picked up an old pair of underwear, examined it, rubbed it between his fingers, and then stuffed it into the inner pocket of his own coat.

As Xiao Si was reporting on Yuan Ma-zi's actions to Shi Jin, he hesitated for a moment when he reached this part. Remembering Shi Jin's instructions to not miss any details, he dutifully recounted everything.

Shi Jin: "............"

Later, he would have to ask Xiang Aoting about where he got the old underwear from in that luggage bag. Through this information, Shi Jin had already formed a complete picture of Yuan Ma-zi's twisted personality - this guy isn't just inhumane, but he also enjoys things like sexual torture, and most likely has a fetish for collecting underwear.

Truly a pervert!

After analyzing everything, Shi Jin couldn't help but continue to criticize Yuan Ma-zi in his mind.

As the car continued on its journey, Yuan Ma-zi and the young man had a few more brief conversations and made a few phone calls. From these fragmented conversations, Shi Jin gathered some useful information - Yuan Ma-zi was probably the last batch of Werewolf members to arrive, and the others had already reached City T, which was very close to B City. 

Now they were also heading towards City T by car, and Yuan Ma-zi would be mainly responsible for one of the clients they were picking up. Finally, Yuan Ma-zi's complaint caught Shi Jin's attention.

"Damn it! If it weren't for that kidnapping case overseas that fell through a few months ago, we wouldn't have to risk coming back to China for such a small amount of money. Annihilation's methods are getting more and more ruthless. Those organizations that have official recognition are okay, but for us illegal ones, we're probably done for."

The young man's expression also became serious upon hearing this, and surprisingly did not argue with Yuan Ma-zi. He said, "I hope after we finish these few deals, we can really get recognized like those people in the government promised, and get a little breathing room." 

"The world has changed." Yuan Ma-zi lit a cigarette and, lost in thought, his eyes gradually turned fierce. Suddenly, he reached out and pinched Shi Jin's butt, saying in a low voice, "If we can't get the job done, I won't be able to live. And those hypocrites in the government won't have it easy either. We'll go down fighting!"

Shi Jin cursed Yuan Ma-zi in his heart - why does he always pinch my butt? Can't he choose another spot? It hurts, you know!

When it was pitch black outside, the journey finally came to an end. Yuan Ma-zi began to shake Shi Jin vigorously.

Shi Jin pretended to wake up slowly, but as soon as he opened his eyes, he sat up abruptly and accidentally bumped into Yuan Ma-zi. Then he collapsed onto the floor of the carriage, crushing all the scattered items beneath him. He raised his hand and rubbed his forehead stupidly, saying, "Strange, why is everything spinning..." 

"Ouch! What bad luck!" Yuan Ma-zi stumbled and hit his head on the car door. He got up, annoyed, and scolded, "Behave yourself! If you dare resist, I'll kill you!" 

Shi Jin still looked dazed from the medicine and struggled to get up, using one hand to prop himself up and the other to grab his luggage. He foolishly asked, "Where are we? Why hasn't Uncle Wang arrived yet?" 

The young driver frowned and said, "Brother Liu, did you drug him into a stupor?" 

"Those are all old medicines, how could they make someone stupid? This guy probably has poor resistance to drugs and is still feeling dizzy," said Yuan Ma-zi, as his anger subsided. 

Seeing Shi Jin looking foolish, he had an idea to tease him. He reached out to help him up and coaxed him, "You fell asleep in the car. When Uncle Wang came, you were still asleep. He said the factory doesn't need people anymore, but luckily I have a job for you here. Don't worry, follow me and you'll make big money."

Shi Jin, who had taken the medicine, seemed easier to fool. He actually believed Yuan's words and asked excitedly, "Can I really make big money? If I follow you, can I earn a salary of three thousand, no, no, two thousand a month?" 

Yuan Ma-zi sneered at him in his heart for being a country bumpkin, but smiled kindly on his face and promised, "As long as you work hard, not only can you make 3,000 yuan a month, but also 30,000 yuan!" 

"Really? Is it true?" Shi Jin was excited and grabbed Liu Ma-zi's hand, saying happily, "Brother Liu, you are such a good person! I will make a longevity tablet for you!" 

Yuan Ma-zi's mouth twitched, but he held onto Shi Jin's hand and patted it, saying with a smile, "Xiao Yuan is so thoughtful... Come on, let's get off the car first. Remember to keep quiet later. Those boss friends of mine don't like noisy children." 

Shi Jin nodded quickly to show that he understood, turned to get his luggage, and then looked puzzled, "Why is my bag open? Oh no, my pickled vegetables!" 

"We accidentally hit a bump on the road," Yuan Ma-zi explained insincerely. Seeing that everyone bought his excuse, he gave a signal to the young man beside him and opened the car door.

When no one was looking, Shi Jin quickly gathered the pickled vegetables and various odds and ends, pinched a piece of candy he picked up, and timidly followed Yuan Ma-zi off the car with his luggage.

The car stopped on a cement village road, surrounded by abandoned old farmhouses. The only building with lights on was an old three-story house in front of them. Shi Jin discreetly surveyed the surroundings, pretending to be confused and scared, and asked Yuan Ma-zi in a low voice, "Brother Liu, can we really make money here? It looks similar to my hometown..." 

"Of course you can," Yuan Ma-zi replied confidently, intentionally scaring him. "If you don't believe me, then just go ahead and leave. I won't stop you. But let me kindly remind you, there are human traffickers lurking around this village. Be careful not to get caught alone!" 

With that, he quickened his pace, seeming to want to leave Shi Jin behind.

Shi Jin was so frightened that he trembled. He looked around the dark surroundings and hurriedly increased his pace to catch up with Yuan Ma-zi. Nervously, he explained, "Brother Liu, I do believe you. Please don't be angry. I just wanted to ask, to ask..."

Yuan Ma-zi coldly snorted and said nothing.

The young man walking beside him looked at Shi Jin as if he were a fool and chuckled meaningfully.

The two of them walked straight towards the residential houses, with Shi Jin following closely behind. 

Yuan Ma-zi and the young man approached the farmhouse but didn't go in directly. Instead, they imitated the call of a bird three times and waited for the light on the third floor of the farmhouse to turn off before entering together.

Shi Jin took note of these details as they stepped into the farmhouse.

The interior of the farmhouse was very simple, with an empty main room containing only a rectangular table and a few chairs. Two people were sitting in the main room at the moment. One had a fat head and big ears, with a fierce-looking face, while the other was of medium height and had a sturdy build. Both were dressed in plain cotton jackets, and there was a heater at their feet as they chatted together.

"Brother Pang, Brother Chen," the young man greeted them first, before asking, "Is there anything to eat? I've been driving all day and I'm starving." 

Brother Pang pointed to the kitchen and then looked at Yuan Ma-zi and Shi Jin behind him with an expression of indifference, asking, "Old Liu, what are you doing?"

"Just making money with a little guy. Xiao Yuan is very obedient, don't scare him," Yuan Ma-zi still spoke with a nonchalant tone in front of Brother Pang, as if he wasn't afraid of making him angry. 

He even patted Shi Jin's shoulder and deliberately said, "Go, say hello to Brother Pang and Brother Chen."

Shi Jin pretended to be scared out of his wits, trembling as he approached and called out to the two men. Then he quickly hid behind Yuan Ma-zi, sticking close to him.

Yuan Ma-zi was very pleased with the beauty's reliance on him, and smiled with great satisfaction. 

Brother Pang and Brother Chen looked disdainful and impatient. Although they were clearly angry with Yuan Ma-zi, they managed to hold back their temper and simply waved their hands, saying, "You're responsible for the people you brought. Brother Wolf is already asleep, we'll talk about this tomorrow. Your room is on the second floor, go rest." 

So Yuan Ma-zi led Shi Jin past them and went upstairs to find his own room. He pushed Shi Jin inside and said, "I'll go get some food, you stay here for a while." 

Then he closed the door and even locked it from the outside. 

Shi Jin finally had some alone time. He took a look around the shabby room and found nothing special. He then retrieved the candy he had pressed earlier, checked that the locator on it was working properly, and pulled out a jar of pickled vegetables. He opened the lid and found a super-thin mini phone disguised as a wooden chip inside. After activating it, he made a call.

On the other end, Xiang Aoting was anxiously waiting and quickly answered the phone. 

"It's me," whispered Shi Jin, motioning for Xiao Si to listen for any sounds outside the door. "I'm in a three-story house in a corner of a village in City T. The house has white tiles and you have to imitate the call of a bird three times to enter. I've seen two people so far, 'Brother Pang' and 'Brother Chen,' and 'Brother Wolf' is also here. I don't know which room he's in. 

"I'm sharing a room with Yuan Ma-zi on the second floor, the third room on the left. Yuan Ma-zi and the rest don't seem to have a good relationship, but they're reluctantly cooperating. They have more than one client this time."

Taking note of this information, Xiang Aoting asked, "How are you?"

"I'm okay. I ate some unknown drugs, got pinched on the butt twice, and was touched all over. Right now, Yuan Ma-zi has locked me in the room. He went to get some food, but I suspect he's going to drug me again. He's probably planning to do something to me tonight." 

Xiang Aoting: "..."

He raised his hand to his forehead and said, "Then," For a moment, he didn't know what to say.

"Don't worry, Fourth Brother. I'll protect myself," Shi Jin reassured him, speaking softly. "If worse comes to worst, I'll slip some drugs to Yuan Ma-zi and pinch his butt."

After recovering from his shock, Xiang Aoting furrowed his brow and said, "Don't do anything reckless. I'm on my way to your location with my men. If there's a problem, sound the alarm and try to buy time to protect yourself. Understand?"

"I understand. Tonight, I'll try to gather some useful information," Shi Jin replied. Hearing a reminder from Xiao Si in his mind that someone was coming upstairs, he quickly hung up the phone, hid it, and sat on the bed looking worried and panicked, holding his luggage. 

He asked Xiao Si in his mind, "Can the effects of the delicious buff stack?" 

Xiao Si: "Yes, but Jin Jin, what do you want to do?"

"I want to take down that perverted guy!" Shi Jin gritted his teeth, his mind racing with ideas. "You give me the buff to the max, and I'll slip him some medicine while he's distracted. It'll make things easier for us."

Xiao Si nodded and began to work hard.

Yuan Ma-zi came back carrying a bamboo basket. Inside were three dishes, two bowls of rice, and two bottles of water. After entering the room, he first observed the situation inside and saw that nothing had been disturbed. 

He was very satisfied with Shi Jin's honesty and obedience, and smiled as he placed the basket on the table next to the bed. "Have some food, you've been hungry all day."

Shi Jin was moved and said in a cheesy tone, "Brother Liu, you're so kind. Actually, I only need to eat some buns..." 

"What buns? Follow me and I guarantee you'll have meat every day," said Yuan Ma-zi as he brought out the food and reminded Shi Jin to drink from the safe bottle of water. 

Shi Jin obediently complied and the two sat down to eat. 

As they began their meal, Xiao Si thoughtfully reminded him that one bottle of water had been laced with medicine while the other was safe. 

Shi Jin felt relieved and praised Brother Liu for the delicious dinner. He then purposely slowed down his eating, waiting silently for what was to come. 

In the first minute, Yuan Ma-zi ate normally and subtly urged Shi Jin to drink water. 

By the second minute, he had buried his head in his food and was too busy eating to talk. 

By the fifth minute, he was eating and drinking quickly, finishing his own food and leaving half of each dish. In the tenth minute, he put down his chopsticks and went to the kitchen to get more rice.

Seizing the opportunity, Shi Jin poured out half of his own water and switched it with Yuan Ma-zi's. He also took out a candy, dug out some medicine hidden inside, and mixed it into one of the leftover dishes.

Five minutes later, Yuan Ma-zi returned to continue eating, and he ate and ate... Shi Jin waited for the right moment and pretended to faint again. 

Yuan Ma-zi glanced at him, ignored him, and continued eating... Only after finishing all the dishes did he walk over to Shi Jin, holding his bloated stomach, kicked him, grinned wickedly, bent down and reached out his claw, then with a thud, fell onto Shi Jin's body. 

Shi Jin was pinned down, his eyes rolling back in his head. He grumpily pushed the person off him and kicked him in return. He didn't care if the person was sleeping on the cold ground in the middle of winter. He sat by the bed and asked Xiao Si to enhance his hearing, waiting for the night to deepen so he could eavesdrop on the movements in the other rooms.

The power of the buff was strong, and soon Shi Jin heard something he wanted to hear. In a certain room on the third floor, two voices were talking and stood out from the jumbled noise, catching Shi Jin's attention.

"Yuan Ma-zi has arrived, and he even brought someone back with him on the way. He's really lost his mind and doesn't know what's important!" A somewhat coarse male voice complained. 

"His arrogance will only last a few more days," another male voice spoke up, trying to calm the previous speaker. "The boss has already brought over his backer. Once we help that person take care of Yuan Ma-zi, he will become our new backer. Then, when the Werewolf organisation becomes legal, the good times will come."

"True, Yuan Ma-zi is still busy eating, drinking, and playing with men. Let him continue to enjoy himself, he won't be able to for much longer," the rougher male voice replied.

After some more meaningless chatter, the two gradually quieted down.

Shi Jin was surprised and shook his head as he looked at Yuan Ma-zi, who was sleeping on the ground like a dead pig. 

Unexpectedly, the Werewolf group had already split up internally. It seemed that this domestic trip was a trap set by the Werewolf leader and Yuan Ma-zi's backer to kill Yuan Ma-zi. It was unclear what Yuan Ma-zi had done to earn the unanimous hatred of his backer and leader.

This information was valuable to Shi Jin. After some thought, he decided to slightly alter his plan and add some drama. He instructed Xiao Si to keep an ear out for any movement in the house, then promptly went to bed for a nap.

In the early hours of the morning, Shi Jin woke up refreshed and energized. He confirmed the situation in the house with Xiao Si and then proceeded to move Yuan Ma-zi from the floor to the bed. He removed Yuan Ma-zi's clothes and shoes, wrapped him in a blanket, and then shook him frantically. 

Yuan Ma-zi was jolted awake, feeling dizzy and bloated. He could feel the food in his throat about to be shaken out, and he slapped away the hand that was shaking him. But he couldn't hold it in and vomited all over the bed with a loud "wah". 

Shi Jin quickly backed away, pinching his nose. 

"What the hell, you little bastard! What are you doing? I'll stab you to death!" Yuan Ma-zi felt a little better after vomiting, but his face was full of anger as he cursed. 

Shi Jin looked startled, his face filled with fear and trembling as he spoke in a quivering voice, "Brother Liu, I didn't mean to disturb you. I had to pee urgently and couldn't find a restroom, so I wandered around. Then I heard two people talking about strange things like changing the backer, digging a pit, and using cannon fodder, and they even mentioned your name. I also saw them carrying guns... I'm scared, Brother Liu, where are we..." 

Yuan Ma-zi had been impatient and secretly wondered if he had made a mistake in judging this person as foolish, but when he heard what Shi Jin said, his expression changed. 

He got up from the bed, grabbed Shi Jin's collar and said fiercely, "What else did you hear? Speak up!" 

"N-nothing else, that's all. I was so scared, I just came back," Shi Jin trembled and pretended, "Brother Liu, please don't scare me. I might wet myself..."

Yuan Ma-zi threw him off with disgust, his expression dark and uncertain for a moment. Suddenly, he relaxed and beckoned Shi Jin over to the bed, speaking gently, "Brother Liu was just too excited earlier. Don't mind me. Xiao Yuan, tell Brother Liu everything you heard. If possible, repeat it word for word."

Shi Jin continued to act like a frightened boy for a while, stuttering and unable to complete a sentence. It wasn't until Yuan Ma-zi became impatient that he gradually calmed down and vividly recounted the conversation he had overheard, even describing the voices of the two people in great detail. 

After listening to his retelling, Yuan Ma-zi's face turned completely black. His facial muscles trembled and he clenched his teeth, slamming the bed and cursing, "What a backstabbing bastard! You want to kill me, but you're all not even capable enough!" 

Shi Jin quickly switched back to his "scared teenager" mode, shrinking back and not saying a word. 

After a moment of silence, Yuan Ma-zi suddenly calmed down and looked at Shi Jin with a strange expression. He suddenly smiled and said, "Xiao Yuan, you're really my lucky star... Don't be afraid, Brother Liu will definitely help you make big money, as long as you listen to me." 

Shi Jin quickly nodded and said, "Brother Liu has been so good to me, I will definitely listen to you." 

"Very good." Yuan Ma-zi nodded and turned around to pull out thirty thousand yuan from somewhere and handed it to Shi Jin. He had a smile on his face, but his eyes were cold. "This is for you. Brother Liu said that with me around, you will definitely make big money. From now on, you'll follow me."

Shi Jin was excited to receive the bribe - so does this mean he has gone from being a kidnapped teenager to a human trafficker's accomplice? 

His identity changed too quickly, like a tornado. Doing tasks like this was really fun.


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