Death Progress Bar

Death Progress Bar

Chapter 17 - Happy Birthday

In a life or death situation, Shi Jin remained calm and quickly freed himself from Number Two's grasp. He sat up and politely smiled at Shi Weichong, lowering his voice to speak in an unintelligible dialect. "Thish mister, it sheems you've recognished the wrong pershon. Goodbye!"

With that, he grabbed the car door and attempted to close it.

Shi Weichong's forehead bulged with a few veins, and he stepped onto the passenger side floorboard to stop Shi Jin from closing the door. He grabbed Shi Jin's right hand, pulling up his sleeve to reveal the scar from a suicide attempt, and coldly laughed. "Shi Jin, do you think I'm stupid? Get out of the car!"

Meanwhile, Xiao Si continued to scream, "Jin Jin! The progress bar has reached 880! Help!" 

As sweat dripped down his forehead, Shi Jin's hand trembled as he tried to pull it back. He turned his head and shouted, "Number Two, help me pull-" 


The sound of a bullet being loaded and the safety being released echoed through the air. Number Two aimed his gun at Shi Weichong and used his other hand to hold Shi Jin's shoulder, pulling him closer. He looked at Shi Weichong and said, "Let him go." 

What...the hell...

Shi Jin was stunned. 

Shi Weichong's face turned black as he tightened his grip on Shi Jin's fingers, not even avoiding the gun. He gritted his teeth and asked, "Shi Jin, you're asking someone to point a gun at me?" 

Xiao Si let out a high-pitched scream: "It's hit 890! Jin Jin ahhhh!"

Ahhhh! Don't up up anymore! 

Shi Jin was also screaming in his heart. He had just prepared to say something to ease the situation when another figure, thin and tall, appeared outside the car. At the same time, a familiar deep male voice sounded outside the car: "Eldest Brother, why did it take so long? Is there a proble--"

The man's words were cut short as he saw the situation inside the car. His eyebrows furrowed and without hesitation, he pulled out his own gun and aimed it at Number Two inside the car, shouting, "What are you doing? Put down the gun!"

Xiao Si was so agitated that he almost jammed: "We're at 900, and my baby isn't with us. We're done for, ahhhh!" 

As for Shi Jin, he felt like he was suffocating. He couldn't believe his eyes as he looked at the man standing next to Shi Weichong outside the car. This man had a sharp and refined aura, and his gaze swept over Shi Jin's face, noticing the slight resemblance in their eyebrows and eyes, as well as the serious expression that made him look a bit fierce. Shi Jin was at a loss for words as he said, "Fourth, Fourth Brother..." Why are you here...

The person who had arrived was none other than Shi Family's fourth son, Xiang Aoting. He heard Shi Jin's call and was visibly stunned. His gaze moved up and down Shi Jin's face before finally settling on his nose. He reached out to grab him and said, "Little Sixth, where have you been all this time? Come over here."

"Stay away from him." Number Two leaned over to block Shi Jin, his gun pointed at Xiang Aoting, his eyes showing a threat. "Get out of here, or you'll be sorry." 

Xiang Aoting froze. His gaze shift upwards to meet Number Two, his grip on Shi Jin's hand not loosening, while his other hand pulled back the safety catch on his gun. His body was taut, ready to strike, as he asked, "Little Sixth, you're being threatened?"

Two guns hung by Shi Jin's head, the progress bar still hovering uncertainly. Cold sweat poured down his body as he vigorously shook his head and said, "No, no, Number Two is my good friend. It's all a misunderstanding. C-can you please put down your guns, and while you're at it, let go of me..."

"Let you go so you can run away again?" Shi Weichong gritted his teeth, and everyone could hear the anger in his tone. 

As his heart trembled, Shi Jin knew that the situation couldn't continue like this. If he was caught again, Shi Weichong would definitely not let him off easily. Although he had Number Two by his side, Shi Weichong also had Xiang Aoting. 

A two-on-two confrontation might not be in his favor. He needed to find a way to delay or hide back in the club.

After weighing the pros and cons in his mind, Shi Jin calmed down. He stood between the two guns and looked at Shi Weichong, saying, "Big brother, I won't run anymore. Number Two, put down your gun. These two are my brothers and won't harm me."

Number Two knew a little about Shi Jin's family situation, so he had tried to quickly force Shi Weichong back when he appeared. Now, hearing Shi Jin's words, he furrowed his brow and asked for confirmation, "Are you sure?" 

"I'm sure, I'll be fine," said Shi Jin, looking at Shi Weichong and forcing a somewhat ugly smile. "Big brother, I really won't run away again. I'm staying at the Nightfall club not far from here, and I'll be there until after the new year."

Shi Weichong looked at him for a few seconds, as if trying to determine the truth behind his words. Slowly, he let go of Shi Jin's hand, his attitude not softening. He turned and walked to the back door of the car, opened it and got in. At the same time, he made a phone call and said, "Old Third, come to the entrance of the mall. Xiao Jin has been found."

Shi Jin took a deep breath. Old Third? Did that mean Rong Zhouzhong is also nearby? As soon as he stepped out, he ran into all three brothers traveling together? 

When Number Two heard Shi Jin mentioning Nightfall, he raised his eyebrows and knew that Shi Jin was preparing to let Lian Jun take action. Without hesitation, he put away his gun and quickly made a phone call to report the situation. 

In less than two minutes, both Shi Weichong and Xiang Aoting's phones rang. 

They exchanged a glance, and one answered the phone directly while the other squeezed into the passenger seat next to Shi Jin and also answered the phone. 

"Hello, this is Shi Weichong." 

"Hello, Commander." 

Both spoke at the same time. Shi Jin was squeezed by Xiang Aoting and vaguely heard some of the content of Xiang Aoting's phone call. It should be Xiang Aoting's superior who was reprimanding him for using a gun against the military's partner and ordering him to stop immediately. 

Xiang Aoting frowned, responded a few times, and hung up the phone. He looked at Number Two with probing eyes. 

On the other end of the line, it seemed like it was Lian Jun personally making the call to Shi Weichong. The conversation wasn't long, but it was clearly unfriendly. You could tell from the sudden change in Shi Weichong's demeanor. 

Finally, Shi Weichong ended the call with the words, "He's my own younger brother!" He then turned to look at Shi Jin, who had been sneaking a peek, and asked, "Shi Jin, is this what you meant by staying in a safe place and finding a stable job?" 

Shi Jin nervously avoided eye contact and forced out a couple of awkward laughs. He didn't dare respond, but he couldn't help but wonder what Lian Jun had said to Shi Weichong. 

The situation stabilized temporarily thanks to a few phone calls. Five minutes later, Rong Zhouzhong, wearing a hat and mask, approached the vehicle. His beautiful peach blossom eyes swept over and landed on Shi Jin with his unique hairstyle. He revealed a smirk and without asking too much, went around to the other side, opened the back door, and got in.

Shi Jin felt the hair on his nape stand on end under Rong Zhouzhong's gaze. He always felt that his eyes held some hidden meaning. He quietly moved closer to Number Two's side. Xiang Aoting noticed Shi Jin's movement, frowned, and promptly squeezed him into the back seat.

By accident, Shi Jin ended up sitting in the middle of Shi Weichong and Rong Zhouzhong: "..." 

Oh my god, this is so scary.

Xiao Si trembled and said, "Jin, Jin Jin, although your progress bar has stopped at 900 and hasn't increased, I feel like the situation is not good..." 

"Don't even bother thinking about it, it's really not good," said Shi Jin in his mind, as he looked at the two pairs of long legs beside him, feeling hopeless - if three people came at once, the situation would only get worse.

Shi Weichong was very dissatisfied with Shi Jin's stiff and evasive sitting posture like a primary school student. He pulled him back and forced him to sit next to him against the back of the chair, and said to Number Two, "Everyone's here, your boss wants to talk to me, start the car."

Number Two also received a message from Lian Jun and, upon hearing this, glanced at Shi Jin through the rearview mirror and started the car.

He left happily, but returned home in fear and trembling.

Upon arriving at the club, Number Two led everyone into a dedicated elevator and went straight up to the sixth floor where Lian Jun lived. 

To their surprise, Lian Jun was waiting outside the elevator, dressed in a long robe with a rare red and white plum blossom pattern. He looked like a mandala flower blooming to the extreme in a world of ice and snow.

Number Two was the first to step out of the elevator and called out, "Young Master Jun."

Lian Jun nodded and waved towards Shi Jin, "Come over here."

Shi Jin's legs responded to the call and he walked over.

The brothers of the Shi family were completely stunned to see that the backer for Shi Jin was this kind of Lian Jun. They were too stunned to stop Shi Jin's actions, as he approached Lian Jun like a fledgling returning to its nest. By the time they snapped out of it, Shi Jin was already standing next to Lian Jun, even taking the initiative to support Lian Jun's wheelchair. 

With a dark expression, Shi Weichong stepped out of the elevator and approached Lian Jun, looking down on him. "Mr. Lian, I want to take my little brother home. You have no right to stop me."

Lian Jun didn't respond to his words, but turned to Shi Jin and asked, "Do you want to go home?"

All eyes suddenly shifted to Shi Jin, who felt immense pressure and even felt like his legs were being dug into a hole. After a stiff moment, he finally shook his head and replied, "No, I don't want to. I like being with Young Master Jun here."

"In that case, no one can take you away," Lian Jun reassured him before turning to Shi Weichong and saying, "Mr. Shi, this is my stance. If you can't accept it, then we have nothing to discuss. Please leave." 

Xiao Si breathed a sigh of relief and happily exclaimed, "It didn't go up, it didn't go up! The progress bar stopped at 900, it seems like the safety line that the baby held onto for you." 

Shi Jin also breathed a sigh of relief and gripped the wheelchair's armrest even tighter. 

When Shi Weichong heard Shi Jin say "I don't want to," he couldn't help but want to pull him back. Number Two, who was standing by, immediately stepped forward, although he didn't pull out his gun, the threat was clear. 

"Big brother." Xiang Aoting called out to Shi Weichong, indicating that he shouldn't act rashly - the soldier's intuition told him that although the reception hall outside the elevator seemed ordinary and empty, there were at least five guns pointed at them from the shadows. 

In any case, this was the other party's territory, and it would not be advantageous for them to force their way in. 

Shi Weichong understood his hint and withdrew his hand unwillingly. He looked at Shi Jin and asked, "Why?" 

Shi Jin glanced at the progress bar and remembered the days of fear and hiding since his rebirth, as well as the original owner's fate. Relying on the fact that his golden thigh was by his side now, he looked directly into Shi Weichong's eyes and said something that almost broke the facade of brotherly love, "Because I want to live well, Big Brother, Third Brother, Fourth Brother, I don't understand why you all hate me just because Dad is biased. What did I do wrong?" 

After speaking, he didn't look back at Shi Weichong and the others, but pushed Lian Jun's wheelchair and left without turning his head. 


The only sound in the corridor was the sound of the wheelchair sliding. The entrance to the living room was at the end of the corridor. 

"Shi Jin," Lian Jun suddenly spoke up. As he was nervously checking the progress bar, Shi Jin suddenly snapped out of it and asked, "What's wrong, Young Master Jun?"

"Today is a special day. If you cry, I can pretend I didn't see it," Lian Jun said inexplicably, then waved his hand to signal him to stop and said, "The living room light is off. Go turn it on."

Without suspecting anything, Shi Jin stopped and walked around to turn on the light.


The moment the switch was pressed, the small confetti cannon hanging at the entrance exploded, showering Shi Jin with streamers. At the same time, the living room lights came on, revealing a three-layered cake sitting in the middle of the coffee table.

Shi Jin was dumbfounded. 

"You came back too soon, we didn't have time to prepare anything else." Lian Jun slid his wheelchair over to Shi Jin's side, took his hand, and stuffed a red envelope into it. "Happy birthday and congratulations on becoming an adult."


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