After Our Divorce, I Still Wore Your Jacket

After Our Divorce, I Still Wore Your Jacket

Chapter 62 - Chapter 62

There are countless types of relationships in the world, each with its own uniqueness. Yuan Ye and Fang Shaoyi were among the luckiest, meeting as teenagers, falling in love, getting married. Although they eventually divorced, their feelings remained, and they never lost the desire to love.

In contrast, Yang Siran was among the most unfortunate. His heart had similarly been captured since he was young, but instead of giving his heart to a person, he gave it to a period of bitter love.

It seemed like only a blink of an eye, and so many years had passed.

"He..." Yuan Ye looked at him, hesitating and feeling a bit reluctant to say, "It must have been tough for you to like Brother Geng, right?"

Yang Siran's face remained calm, with a faint smile lingering at the corner of his eyes as he shook his head. "No," he said.

Matters of the heart never require persuasion. Every adult has the ability to pay for their own feelings, and as long as they believe it's worth it, any choice is enough. Yuan Ye patted his shoulder and simply said, "That's fine. As long as you feel good about it."

Yang Siran had never spoken to anyone about these things before. He didn't want to, and there was no one to talk to. But on this day, he unexpectedly didn't hide it from Yuan Ye and even spoke with enthusiasm. Yuan Ye hadn't had much contact with Geng Jinwei in recent years, and this person had indeed never been married or publicly had a girlfriend or boyfriend, so he hadn't brought up such matters. He never expected to hear some gossip about Geng Jinwei's relationships in such a strange way on this day.

Love often starts without reason, and when Yang Siran fell for Geng Jinwei, he was only seventeen. Sometimes all it takes is just seeing someone, and you fall in love without needing a reason. It's what they call love at first sight.

At that time, Geng Jinwei lived upstairs from him, and they would occasionally run into each other in the elevator, intentionally or unintentionally. Geng Jinwei seemed to have no idea that there was a young boy living downstairs.

Many times, Yang Siran would stand in front of the tall man with his backpack on and school uniform, and he could see his own reflection in the elevator's shiny surface. But he never dared to look up at Geng Jinwei, always keeping his head down, and he could only see the pair of legs in dress pants behind him.

This was enough to make Yang Siran's heart beat wildly, and his ears would ring so loudly that he couldn't hear anything else. Even the timing and trajectory of their movements were calculated.

When Geng Jinwei reached out to press the elevator button, Yang Siran also reached out as if to press it, lightly touching the back of the man's hand with his fingertips. Then, his fingertips suddenly recoiled as if burned, and the man lowered his head to look at him. Yang Siran felt like his heart couldn't contain itself in his chest.

After that, Geng Jinwei moved away, making it difficult to see him again.

To others, it may seem like a simple and bitter unrequited love, but for someone who has turned these years into a story, it was ten years of waiting and hoping with a heavy heart.

Yuan Ye was a little surprised after hearing all of this. He never expected that Yang Siran was such a romantic.

"Wow, impressive..." Yuan Ye stood up and stretched his legs. He couldn't stand for too long or his ankles would start to ache. He turned to look at Yang Siran and asked, "So how did he end up signing you on? Was it all planned out by you?"

Yang Siran's eyes lit up as he spoke about it, "It was really just a coincidence, a chance encounter."

It really was just a coincidence. Yang Siran went to the entertainment company to sign a contract. The few songs he wrote weren't worth much, but the contract still had to be signed. While in the building, he saw Geng Jinwei at a glance and held his breath to go say hello.

After Geng Jinwei moved away, Yang Siran never saw him again, but he still remembered him. Geng Jinwei raised an eyebrow and looked at him indifferently. Yang Siran wasn't very fluent in his speech and mentioned that he used to live downstairs from him.

The conversation had a difficult start and there wasn't much to continue afterwards.

Later on, Geng Jinwei unexpectedly asked Yang Siran if he wanted to act in movies. Yang Siran thought for half a minute and then nodded his head in agreement.

His conditions were indeed good and he had a great image. Geng Jinwei gave him a business card, and when Yang Siran took it, he tried hard to conceal his trembling hands. The other party must have thought he was nervous because he was trying to make a move for this purpose.

After hearing this, Yuan Ye laughed and gave him a thumbs up.

Yang Siran rubbed his nose and couldn't help but smile. Yuan Ye then casually asked him, "Does Brother Geng know about this?"

"He doesn't," Yang Siran almost immediately replied. He blinked his eyes and seemed a little nervous, saying, "He doesn't know, so please don't tell him, okay?"

Yuan Ye raised his eyebrows.

Yang Siran lowered his gaze and spoke in a softer tone, "It's my business if I like someone. Why should I let him know about the past? It's all meaningless. No matter how much I like someone or for how many years, it's ultimately just one-sided. I don't want to use it to manipulate others... it's too scary."

Originally, Yuan Ye was just listening to a story, but since Yang Siran seemed eager to speak, he listened on. However, after Yang Siran finished speaking, Yuan Ye turned to look at him and suddenly realized that he had underestimated him before.

His heart was very clear, and he didn't expect him to be so insightful.

Yuan Ye gave him a thumbs up again without saying anything. Then he patted him on the back and lifted his chin, indicating that they should go back.

During their phone call that night, Yuan Ye didn't bring up what Yang Siran had told him to Fang Shaoyi. He wasn't in the habit of gossiping about other people's private matters. They didn't talk on the phone every day either, sometimes their schedules just didn't match up.

Fang Shaoyi asked him, "Is your foot still hurting?"

"A little bit, not too bad," Yuan Ye replied.

"Take care of yourself, otherwise if you keep spraining your ankle every other day, it'll be the death of me," Fang Shaoyi's throat was a bit dry, so he took a sip of water to moisten it.

"That'll be the death of me too, this Yuan Ye-laoshi wouldn't have any dignity left, right?" Yuan Ye couldn't help but laugh, "Becoming a limping monkey instead?"

"What monkey?" Fang Shaoyi joked with him on the phone, "Can you still climb trees?"

"Not right now, definitely not. I'm referring to in future," Yuan Ye said.

Fang Shaoyi just made a sound of agreement and didn't say much. In fact, after spraining his foot, he couldn't engage in any intense physical activity for a short period of time, let alone climb trees and jump down. But Fang Shaoyi wouldn't tell him that. After all, wouldn't Yuan Ye know it already?

On Director Wei's movie set, Fang Shaoyi had nothing to worry about except for filming. Meanwhile, on Yuan Ye's side, there were constant small issues. After Yuan Ye returned, the two of them hadn't seen each other for over two months due to their busy schedules. On Fang Shaoyi's birthday, Yuan Ye posted on Weibo at the exact time and Fang Shaoyi even reposted it.

Over the phone, Yuan Ye asked him, "Are you a child, Fang-laoshi? We're going to trend again tomorrow."

"I want to repost it," Fang Shaoyi said. "Do I need to think so much?"

On his birthday, Yuan Ye didn't fly over to celebrate with him. One reason was that Yuan Ye had things to take care of on his end and couldn't leave. Another reason was that Fang Shaoyi's film would be finished in just two more months. The entire cast and crew had great chemistry, so they could film it more quickly.

Recently, Fang Shaoyi had been filming big productions, so Yuan Ye didn't dare to visit him, fearing that it would disrupt his mood. Anyway, he would be back soon, so Yuan Ye didn't go to the set. They just secretly called each other.


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