After Our Divorce, I Still Wore Your Jacket

After Our Divorce, I Still Wore Your Jacket

Chapter 50 - Chapter 50

In life, there are always things that people admire from the bottom of their hearts. Even if they were to obtain them one day, they would still hold them carefully and cherish them forever. They are like the brilliance of light and the warmth of fire.

For Fang Shaoyi, Yuan Ye was the fire that he held in the palm of his hand. 

He had followed Fang Shaoyi to various film sets for ten years, but he couldn't remember when he stopped insisting on speaking his mind. He no longer spoke out against the deals he disapproved of or the shady business he detested. This had always been a sore spot for Fang Shaoyi, as the constraints of reality had silenced him and made him increasingly taciturn. This silence came with compromise. 

Originally, Yuan Ye was clear in his love and hate, and he hated evil like an enemy. However, for various reasons, this trait of his became less and less apparent over time.

For a long time, Fang Shaoyi thought that the fire in Yuan Ye's heart had been extinguished. The things that were in his bones could only be seen in his books. Therefore, when Yuan Ye spoke up this time, his honesty and the sincere words that he peeled open his heart to say on the phone were extremely precious to Fang Shaoyi. 

During the moment that he spoke, Fang Shaoyi remained silent, with many thoughts and words flashing through his mind. In the end, they all condensed into a simple "okay." 

The words that Yuan Ye spoke, as well as the ones he didn't, after being in love with each other for so long, how could Fang Shaoyi not understand? 

What he said was that he didn't like it, for my sake, please stop shooting this film. But the unspoken warnings rang loudly next to his ear, like alarm bells that Fang Shaoyi couldn't ignore. 

After so many years in the entertainment industry, was the line in his heart still clear? Could he still distinguish between right and wrong? At the very least, which side would he choose between upholding justice and breaking out of his comfort zone?

These were not things that could be said easily, not even after years of being in love and knowing each other's personalities and beliefs. Fang Shaoyi appreciated and was grateful for these unspoken concerns. He didn't say much, but he acted on them. He would do whatever it takes to protect that spark in Yuan Ye. But was he only protecting Yuan Ye itself?

 Fang Shaoyi's actions have offended many people - investors, producers, directors, other actors - he didn't miss anyone. This is the price of sticking to one's principles. When you elevate yourself, you detach from the group with dirty interests. 

 But what about the actors who are still in it? How do you handle the work that was invested in the early stages of the production? The damage to the investors' interests cannot be compensated for no matter what. 

 Fang Shaoyi dares to do this because of his status and background. He doesn't have to worry about being stabbed in the back with a knife. Even if the investors are anxious, they dare not really turn against him. 

 Occasionally, he silently rebelled against the dark forces and the dirty deals that were accepted in the circle. The price he paid was something Fang Shaoyi could handle. That's why Yuan Ye dared to remind him not to become numb and sink into the darkness. Being helpless at times is just an excuse for comfort, but as a good person, staying vigilant and upright is important. If he couldn't stop evil from happening, at least he shouldn't become a part of it.

When Fang Shaoyi returned home, he first went to the company. He knew he had broken the rules and made a mess, which would cause trouble later. After saying everything he needed to say at the company, Fang Shaoyi hugged Yuan Ye when he saw him and the first thing he said was "thank you." 

There's no need to be so clear about thanking each other, they have an unspoken understanding. 

Over the past ten years, Yuan Ye has given up a lot to follow Fang Shaoyi. Their lives revolve around Fang Shaoyi, with him as the center. Yuan Ye is willing to adjust his own life and schedule according to Fang Shaoyi's, following him from one film set to another. It's not easy to do this for one or two years, let alone ten or eight years. 

Both of them are career-oriented men and have achieved great success in their respective fields. One is willing to be the eternal follower of the other, which is already a form of sacrifice. 

However, when one realizes that this kind of following is actually a burden and a restraint, it can lead to doubts about whether the ten-year pattern of their relationship is wrong. 

It had been over three months since Fang Shaoyi left that production crew. The incident even reached Fang Han's ears, and someone asked him to talk to his son. Without hesitation, Fang Han replied, "If you insist on working with him for that kind of drama, then it serves you right. Don't look for him again in the future."

The old man didn't say anything to Fang Shaoyi. He didn't criticize him for what he did. After all, the old man had been in the industry for his whole life and had never been defeated. How could he blame Fang Shaoyi for this?

Was Fang Shaoyi wrong in this matter? Impossible. He must have been right. However, he was too sharp and not tactful enough. In this industry, one cannot handle things like this. Not following the rules of the industry will only lead to making too many enemies, which is never a good thing. 

It was only through a casual conversation with Geng Jinwei that Yuan Ye learned about Fang Shaoyi's original plan. The incident had already passed, and the two were just chatting. Geng Jinwei mentioned that Fang Shaoyi had become impulsive in his actions since being with Yuan Ye for a long time. Although Geng Jinwei said this with a smile, Yuan Ye couldn't find it amusing.

"There's a scene later where we can create some 'accidents' during a car jump. He'll get injured, not too serious, but enough to stop filming," Geng Jinwei looked at Yuan Ye and said, "We won't have to pay the breach of contract fee, it'll be considered a work injury. But we still have to give them the money, otherwise he'll feel guilty. After all, when someone receives money, they should be grateful and say thank you." 

As he looked at Geng Jinwei, Yuan Ye remained silent for a long time. He tried to speak several times but couldn't find the right words. His emotions were too complicated to put into words. Finally, Yuan Ye took out a cigarette and lit it, offering one to Geng Jinwei as well. They smoked in silence, exchanging glances. 

In the end, Yuan Ye let out a laugh, shook his head, and apologized while looking at his cigarette. Yuan Ye never asked Fang Shaoyi why he didn't share his initial plan with him. Since Fang Shaoyi didn't mention it until the end, there was no need for Yuan Ye to ask. 

Fang Shaoyi could have left the production team with a legitimate reason in a month's time without offending anyone or getting involved in the darkness. He had his own considerations and his own way of doing things. However, because of what Yuan Ye said, Fang Shaoyi ended up leaving the team in a way that put him at odds with everyone. 

Looking back now, what Yuan Ye said was a joke. 

How could Fang Shaoyi lose his sense of justice? It was something ingrained in him, passed down from his father. Yuan Ye didn't need to say it for him to hold onto it. 

Fang Shaoyi later found out that Geng Jinwei and Yuan Ye had talked about their plans. He rarely showed his temper, especially with his work partner. But this time, he did get angry, slammed the door and left.

He never wanted Yuan Ye to know their plans, and they were trying to escape the so-called quagmire in a way that wasn't aboveboard. 

They talked about it once, and Yuan Ye said he was still naive and hadn't learned to be smooth even though he was over thirty. 

Fang Shaoyi said he couldn't learn it even if he was sixty. He didn't need to learn it, it was something he didn't like. He believed that being straightforward was good enough, and being cunning was just being bad.

Fang Shaoyi never wanted him to change. His sincerity and passion were like the fire that Fang Shaoyi held in his hands. 

From this point on, Yuan Ye followed Fang Shaoyi less often. He had his own things to deal with, and for so many years, he had been living his life centered around Fang Shaoyi. But looking back, it seemed like he hadn't brought much to Fang Shaoyi. Fang Shaoyi always had his own ideas and ways of doing things, and they were always right and more suitable. So Yuan Ye didn't plan on getting too involved. He couldn't help much, so he didn't want to cause any trouble.

Naturally, Fang Shaoyi sensed the change in Yuan Ye's mentality. He wanted to talk to him a few times, but some things were just like that. Both of them wanted to develop in a positive direction and were really trying, but they just didn't know where the problem was coming from. No matter how hard they tried, they couldn't overcome it. 

For ten years, Yuan Ye had almost become a subsidiary of Fang Shaoyi, truly turning into the monkey perched on the tree. He had less and less things that belonged to him, and more and more things that he accepted and compromised on. Occasionally, when he insisted on his own beliefs and characteristics, it was still a joke. Although they were always together, they couldn't shorten the distance between them that accumulated after ten years, and everything that should be there still remained.

So later, Yuan Ye said to Fang Shaoyi, "Brother Yi, I feel like us being tied together is a burden, in every aspect."

Fang Shaoyi was always gentle and calm, and after listening, he asked, "So what?" 

"I feel a bit lost," Yuan Ye looked into his eyes and said seriously, "like I can't find myself and can't see clearly who I am. I should search for myself and also search for the path between us."

Yuan Ye's ability to speak his mind was one of his charming traits. Fang Shaoyi never had to guess what he was thinking, as he would always speak his thoughts honestly. Whenever he spoke, Fang Shaoyi would listen attentively and try his best to respect his words.

Recently, the two of them had been a bit distant. Even though they had cleared up the issue from last time, they still needed to take some time to reflect on their relationship. Both of them needed to do so. 

Sometimes, even small things can leave a lasting mark. The sand they leave behind can grind away at you, making it harder and harder to bear as time goes on. Only when you tear open the wound and pick out every last grain of sand, can you truly find peace and continue living comfortably.

Fang Shaoyi's voice was heavy as he asked, "Do you want to separate?"

Yuan Ye immediately replied, "No, of course not. That's not going to happen."

Fang Shaoyi sat across from him, and Yuan Ye reached out to embrace him, laughing, "What are you talking about? That's impossible."


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