After Our Divorce, I Still Wore Your Jacket

After Our Divorce, I Still Wore Your Jacket

Chapter 47 - Chapter 47

During the summer, Yuan Ye went with Fang Shaoyi to visit his parents and stayed for ten days. His old man had finished filming his latest drama and was now preparing for his next movie. While they were there, the old man talked to Yuan Ye about the script for several days. Yuan Ye had to use all his brain power to think about it because this was his own leader, and there was a difference between him and other leaders.

When there were disagreements with others, Yuan Ye would say whatever he thought. Sometimes his words were direct and sharp, but when he faced Fang Han, he was more restrained and tactful. He couldn't be too arrogant because this was his father-in-law.

"Enough, we're here on vacation," Fang Shaoyi stood at the door of the study and curled his fingers to knock on the door. He had a faint smile on his face. "Yuan Ye, let's go out for a walk." 

"Wait, I'm not finished yet. Why are you interrupting?" Fang Han glanced at Fang Shaoyi and ignored him. "Go out with your mother."

Fang Shaoyi walked in and sat on the armrest of the sofa, casually draping his arm around his father's shoulder. "You make Yuan Ye work for you every day, are you going to pay him screenwriting fees? Either give me the money now, or we'll have to go for a walk."

"Don't be ridiculous," Yuan Ye laughed and nudged him with his elbow. "Don't use my name to ask for money, don't cause trouble."

"Will you give it or not?" Fang Shaoyi looked at his father and asked.

Fang Han nodded and smiled, "I'll give you the money."

"I won't charge you too much, just give me a hundred thousand." Fang Shaoyi lightly tapped his father's shoulder with his finger, looking very relaxed. With a smirk, 

Fang Han stood up and went to his drawer to grab the check. But Yuan Ye quickly stopped him, grabbing his arm and saying, "Hey, Dad."

"What's up?" Fang Han raised an eyebrow at him.

Yuan Ye laughed and said, "I also need to dare to take it too. Don't tease me anymore."

"I dare to take it," Fang Shaoyi pulled him back and said, "I wanted it, it doesn't count as yours."

In the end, Fang Shaoyi really took the money, taking a hundred thousand from his dad. Yuan Ye was speechless and later said to him privately, "This is crazy, asking my father-in-law for money."

"What's there to be afraid of?" Fang Shaoyi leaned against the headboard, reading a book without looking up, just smiling. "He's using my person to work, shouldn't I get paid?"

"Black-hearted businessman," Yuan Ye called him. 

Fang Shaoyi nodded calmly, "You're absolutely right." 

Before they left, they had agreed to go on vacation. Fang Shaoyi did indeed go on vacation, enjoying the comfortable temperature and scenery of the small seaside town. He looked at flowers and birds, and even went out to sea on a fishing boat. However, Yuan Ye worked hard for several days. 

After they returned, Fang Shaoyi used the 100,000 yuan to buy Yuan Ye a watch. 

After putting it on, Yuan Ye said, "Thank you." 

Fang Shaoyi replied, "No need to thank me." 

Yuan Ye laughed, "You used my hard-earned money to buy me a gift, and I still have to thank you." 

Fang Shaoyi looked a bit innocent, "I didn't ask you to thank me, Yuan-laoshi." 

"Yes," Yuan Ye smiled and shook his head, "Yes."  

Yuan Ye's birthday was at the end of August, and he had planned to go to a small island for a few days. However, he had too many things to do and couldn't get away. Besides, he didn't care much about birthdays as he got older, so he couldn't make it in the end.

But even though Yuan Ye didn't care, Fang Shaoyi did. Despite the canceled plans, Fang Shaoyi still put a lot of effort into celebrating Yuan Ye's birthday. He prepared gifts, gave him a car, made a cake, and even posted a Weibo, tagging Yuan Ye to wish him a happy birthday.

The two of them drank a little at a friend's newly opened villa that day.

Yuan Ye thought Fang Shaoyi was making a fuss, saying he was too old to do this. After dinner, they went for a walk, with Yuan Ye sitting on a tree and Fang Shaoyi sitting on a chair under the tree. Yuan Ye said, "It's so embarrassing."

"Stop being so shy," said Fang Shaoyi as he held a rose in his hand. He had left the rest in the room. Yuan Ye had only picked this one to hold. After a while, it became Fang Shaoyi who was holding it. 

"My face is tender," Yuan Ye chuckled. "I'm thin-skinned." 

Fang Shaoyi smiled but didn't say anything. Both of them looked at the water, one from below and the other from a tree. After a while, Fang Shaoyi suddenly asked, "How old are you?" 

Although Yuan Ye didn't know what he meant, he still answered, "Thirty-four." 

Fang Shaoyi nodded slowly and said, "Back then, you were seventeen." 

It was as if time had doubled. The thought was both surreal and astonishing. 

Fang Shaoyi stood up and walked a few steps towards Yuan Ye. He looked up and said, "Come down." 

Yuan Ye looked at him and asked with a smile, "Can you catch me?" 

Fang Shaoyi said he could. 

Turning around, Fang Shaoyi saw Yuan Ye jump down. Yuan Ye wrapped his legs around Fang Shaoyi's waist and his arms around his neck, like a monkey on his back. Fang Shaoyi was much stronger now than he was before, not as weak as he used to be. He stumbled a bit under Yuan Ye's sudden weight, but managed to stay on his feet and not let Yuan Ye fall to the ground. 

Bending slightly, Yuan Ye asked him, "Am I heavy?" 

"Not at all," Fang Shaoyi replied, carrying him on his back and saying, "It's been a long time since I carried you like this." 

They were in love, just like before, but there was something different. In the past, they rarely had such leisurely times. They would often fly to different sets, even when they weren't filming, they were always busy preparing for the next project or running promotions. Even when they went on vacation, they had to strictly follow a schedule, as if it were a job.

Now, Fang Shaoyi didn't have any major projects taking up his time, except for the upcoming promotion of "Wind Wanderer". The fast-paced life suddenly came to a halt, but Yuan Ye instead became the busier one.

Fang Shaoyi didn't take on the role in Director Wei's film, which was something that he and Yuan Ye had disagreed on for a long time. 

Yuan Ye said to him, "Just by looking at the script, I can see that this is a great play. Just based on the emotional value and the storyline, you should definitely take it."
Fang Shaoyi was shaving in front of the mirror, feeling his stubble and continuing to shave. "There are so many passionate scenes, with kissing and bed scenes," he said.
Yuan Ye joked, "Sacrificing yourself for art, huh?"
Fang Shaoyi raised an eyebrow and turned to him. "You said that? You want me to sacrifice myself?"
Yuan Ye quickly laughed and shook his head. "That's impossible. I was just talking nonsense. Shoot how you always did in the past."
As Fang Shaoyi walked past him, he playfully flicked his head and said, "I won't take it. All the passionate scenes will be done by a stunt double, and that will just cause trouble for the director." 

Actually, it was just an excuse he came up with on the spot, it wasn't a big deal at all. Fang Shaoyi had no intention of taking on the job.

Yuan Ye wiped the smile off his face and spoke seriously to him, "Brother Yi, you've been resting for four months now. How much longer do you plan to rest for?"

"I haven't decided yet," Fang Shaoyi changed his clothes and shrugged his shoulders, taking off his pajamas. "Isn't it good now?"

"What's good about it?" Yuan Ye frowned. "It's the films you like, and there are obligations you can't avoid. Why don't you take it? What are you thinking?"

Fang Shaoyi finished changing and came over to pull him downstairs, saying as they walked, "I'm tired, I need a break."

"You're not tired at all," Yuan Ye was a bit annoyed. "The shooting doesn't start until next month, will you still be tired then?" 

Fang Shaoyi pressed his hand on his head and shook it twice before saying, "If I'm not tired then, I'll take on something else." 

Yuan Ye tilted his head to the side and the two of them went downstairs. Fang Shaoyi went to the kitchen to make breakfast while Yuan Ye followed behind. The porridge had been cooking on a timer since last night. When Yuan Ye was scooping the porridge, a drop spilled onto his hand and it was a bit hot. He put his finger to his mouth and sucked on it before suddenly speaking to Fang Shaoyi, "Brother Yi, I hope you're not doing this for me." 

Fang Shaoyi didn't even pause in his actions and looked like he didn't take it seriously, "Do what for you? Not taking on jobs for your sake?" 

Yuan Ye just frowned and looked at him without saying anything. 

Fang Shaoyi laughed and told him, "Wild Concubine, stop overthinking things. I don't have any hidden motives." 

They knew each other too well, understanding each other's pain points and weaknesses, as well as what they each dreaded the most. Yuan Ye said, "We're both at this age, not to mention adults, I think we're almost elderly. Be more mature, don't be foolish." 

Fang Shaoyi picked up where he left off, "Then why don't we just live like elderly people?" 

"Bullshit." This was the second time Yuan Ye had spoken like this all morning. This matter had been weighing on his mind, and Fang Shaoyi had been rejecting scripts and other work, leaving Yuan Ye anxious. Since he had already brought it up today, he might as well talk about it and be direct. 

Yuan Ye looked at Fang Shaoyi and said, "You know what I fear the most. If it comes down to it and I have to compromise by asking you not to act, and you lose all of this because of me, then I would rather..." 

"What would you rather?" Yuan Ye's words were cut off by Fang Shaoyi, who stared at him intensely, his eyes suddenly becoming oppressive. "Say it," he demanded.

Yuan Ye shut his mouth, remaining silent.

Fang Shaoyi's voice was low as he continued to question him, "What would you rather?"

Yuan Ye pursed his lips and furrowed his brow, turning his head to the side. The entire space fell silent, with no one eating or speaking. Yuan Ye sat there, not making a sound, while Fang Shaoyi watched him from across the table, maintaining this state for a long time.

Eventually, Yuan Ye turned his head back and sighed, saying, "You are the most important person to me." 

This statement may sound like a conciliatory gesture, but Yuan Ye meant it from the bottom of his heart. He didn't need Fang Shaoyi to sacrifice himself for the sake of their harmony and stability, nor could he accept such a crude and simplistic solution. It was simply a joke, and simply impossible. 

However, saying this now had the opposite effect. 

Fang Shaoyi sneered and stared at Yuan Ye, asking him, "I am the most important, so what does that mean? What would you rather?" 

Yuan Ye rubbed his head with his hand and said, "I misspoke... I'm sorry." 

"You'd rather not have me, right?" Fang Shaoyi's voice was cold, and his face was equally cold and indifferent. "You'd rather be apart from me?"  

Yuan Ye's eyes were a little red. He reached out and grabbed Fang Shaoyi's hand, using his thumb to scratch his hand back and whispered, "I spoke without thinking. Don't be angry."

Fang Shaoyi pulled his hand away and looked at Yuan Ye, also with red eyes, staring at him and asking, "You haven't had enough of our divorce, right?"


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