After Our Divorce, I Still Wore Your Jacket

After Our Divorce, I Still Wore Your Jacket

Chapter 41 - Chapter 41

Yuan Ye had already expressed his intentions to the director. He only took a small amount of money for the script, just to show his support. He wasn't there for the money in the first place. So, there was no need to put his name on the credits. 

It wasn't just about whether the movie was good or bad, even if it was a great movie, he didn't want his name on it. 

Yuan Ye had turned down many invitations before, even from acquaintances and previous collaborators. If he were to become a scriptwriter for this movie, it would be quite comical and difficult to explain. 

He came here solely for Fang Shaoyi, it was a very simple purpose. 

After returning from his break, Yuan Ye went to greet the director. The director had been waiting for him for several days. When Yuan Ye was on set, the two of them argued every day. Now that he had left, there was no one to argue with, and he felt uneasy discussing things with others.

The director's door was open, so Yuan Ye pushed it open and walked in. When the director saw him, he exclaimed, "Oh, Yuan-laoshi is back!"

Yuan Ye rubbed his head and smiled, "Don't embarrass me, leader."

Jiang Linchuan sneered, "Who said I'm your leader? How can you abandon your leader like that?"

"Hey, hey, hey, spare me," Yuan Ye clasped his hands together and continued to smile, "You are my leader, the big leader." 

There was a scene that Jiang Linchuan had been waiting to discuss with him, so as soon as Yuan Ye returned, the director kept him for over four hours. Later, Yuan Ye was so tired that he could barely keep his eyes open, but the director showed no signs of letting him go. 

Yuan Ye tried to hold on for a while longer, but eventually had to leave. Before he left, he went to visit Fang Shaoyi's room. Fang Shaoyi had just finished exercising and was taking a shower. Yuan Ye pushed open the bathroom door and went in. Fang Shaoyi was startled by his sudden appearance, and Yuan Ye almost kissed him on the nose with his eyes closed. 

Water splashed all over Yuan Ye, and Fang Shaoyi asked him, "What are you doing?" 

Yuan Ye could barely speak and mumbled, "I'm going back to sleep. I'm too tired." 

"Then go back to sleep and don't get yourself all wet," Fang Shaoyi replied. 

Yuan Ye tugged at the corner of his mouth and smiled, then reached out and hugged Fang Shaoyi, saying with a smile, "I missed you."

Fang Shaoyi looked at Yuan Ye's tired expression and felt a warmth in his heart. He was about to say something else when Yuan Ye had already turned and walked away. He was really too tired, he even walked as if he wanted to close his eyes. 

Fang Shaoyi chuckled. They hadn't been in contact much for several days since Yuan Ye left. They were no longer young and couldn't keep in touch all the time like they used to. Yuan Ye had his own things to do, and Fang Shaoyi had to film, so they couldn't talk on the phone every day.

Yuan Ye came over just to say some words to Fang Shaoyi. They hadn't seen each other for several days, but that didn't mean he hadn't been thinking of him. 

Fang Shaoyi's birthday is in April, and the day before his birthday, he needed to film an overnight scene starting at dusk. This scene was about Sen Cha sneaking into the blacksmith's shop to find clues, but it was actually a trap set by the blacksmith. The two fought in the darkness, and in the end, Sen Cha escaped with an injured arm.

Filming a scene like this, where the characters fight in the dark, is not easy. It's difficult to control the lighting because if it's too dark, the audience won't be able to see anything, but if it's too bright, it will look fake. 

Everyone knows that the characters can see each other, but they have to act as if they can't. It's a delicate balance to maintain. After trying multiple times, the director still wasn't satisfied with the results. 

Yuan Ye glanced at his phone and saw that it was already 3am. During the break, Fang Shaoyi had come over to tell him to go rest and not stay up with them. Yuan Ye had agreed, but he still hadn't left.

When they finally finished filming the scene, it was just past 4am and everyone was exhausted. The set was still in semi-darkness as the lights hadn't been turned on yet. The director spoke through the loudspeaker, "Let's not turn on the lights just yet. Everyone worked hard today, so go home and get some rest. We'll make up for lost sleep tomorrow." 

As he was speaking, someone suddenly pushed a three-layer cake with candles from behind towards Fang Shaoyi and his group. Fang Shaoyi still didn't realise anything and was watching with amusement. He even turned his head to look for Yuan Ye, this foolish person who had stayed up all night with him, and wanted him to go back to sleep as soon as possible.

When Yuan Ye met his gaze, he was smiling and holding a loudspeaker. He shouted, "Happy birthday, baby!" 

Fang Shaoyi was a little surprised, but then he laughed and shook his head. He had actually forgotten about it, it never crossed his mind.

The set lights were on, and Fang Shaoyi thanked everyone with a smile. The director came over and said, "Come on, let's sing Fang-laoshi a birthday song." 

This scene was already familiar to Fang Shaoyi. It was common for birthdays to be celebrated on set, and usually the crew would join in. While the others were singing, Fang Shaoyi turned to look for Yuan Ye, who reached out from behind and gave him a squeeze.

Celebrating birthdays on set was something Fang Shaoyi was used to. Last year, he had also celebrated on set. 

At that time, Ji Xiaotao was still feeling down because of Fang Shaoyi's divorce from Yuan Ye. Fang Shaoyi and the director went out to eat, while Ji Xiaotao anxiously waited for Yuan Ye's call. But that day, he never received it.

Yuan Ye only posted a private Weibo that day, one that only he could see: "Happy 36th birthday."

This year was different. Yuan Ye was also on set, by Fang Shaoyi's side, and their relationship was gradually recovering. Everything was good.  

Yuan Ye had prepared a gift for Fang Shaoyi, a small item he had carved himself. He had worked on it secretly for many days, wasting many attempts. However, Yuan Ye lacked creativity in gift-giving and had been giving monkeys every year.

This year's gift was a bit more interesting, a monkey holding onto a tree with its tail and puckering its lips. Fang Shaoyi held it in his hand and rubbed the monkey's head with his thumb, saying to Yuan Ye, "You need to make up for last year's gift."

Yuan Ye nodded and replied with a smile, "I'll give it to you when we get back." 

Actually there was no need to make up for anything, as everything that was supposed to be there was already there. It was just that last year, he did not have the status to give it out. 

That night, Fang Shaoyi slept in Yuan Ye's room. After finishing filming and celebrating his birthday and cutting the cake, it was already 5:30am. By the time he fell asleep, it was already past 7am. It could be said that Fang Shaoyi spent his entire birthday in Yuan Ye's room and didn't leave.

Meanwhile, Ji Xiaotao and Dong Lin chatted on WeChat for a while, but who knows what they talked about that was too inappropriate to mention.

Everyone on set could tell what was going on between Fang Shaoyi and Yuan Ye. These two were openly divorced but still secretly in love.

On his birthday, Fang Shaoyi had to post on Weibo. Ji Xiaotao chose a photo of him cutting the cake and posted it with the caption: "Celebrating my birthday on set, having cake with everyone. I will continue to work hard." 

Although the lighting in the photo wasn't very bright, sharp-eyed netizens immediately spotted Yuan Ye next to Fang Shaoyi. Today is Fang Shaoyi's birthday, and many people had been asking under Yuan Ye's Weibo post why there was no news yet. CP fans were still hoping for progress on the matter of Yuan Ye pursuing Fang Shaoyi, but there had been no updates since that Weibo post, and fans were getting anxious. 

But when this photo was released, the sweetness was unexpected and came just in time for the Lunar New Year. 

Our Uncle Ye even went to the set to celebrate Fang Shaoyi's birthday, who could deny the implications of this photo! 

Many celebrities reposted Fang Shaoyi's Weibo post to wish him a happy birthday, but Fang Shaoyi didn't see any of them. He was too busy sleeping and didn't have the time to check his Weibo. 

Only Chi Xing's post was slightly incongruous, the caption read: "Hahaha, this cp's fans heads have reached the sky!" 

Below his post, both his fans and fans of Fang Shaoyi were commenting "Hahaha" below. 

Cheng Xun reposted it with the message: "...Happy birthday, Brother Shaoyi." 

Once again, both of their fans flooded the comments with "Hahaha". Our Cheng Xun is known for his lack of words and frequent use of ellipses, Little Chi should let Little Cheng worry a bit less!

He Han also reposted Fang Shaoyi's post: "Boss, wishing you a happy birthday, it's too bad that I didn't have scenes yesterday night, and couldn't eat the cake, I'll make up with a slice later." 

This Weibo post almost made Ji Xiaotao choke to death. Who the hell do you think you are calling him your boss? The word choice was subtle, but it felt too familiar. Who are you? Only he could call his brother that, what's He Han's position? And don't bother sending him cake. He'll just feed it to the dog later, thanks very much.

Ji Xiaotao and the other actor's agent hardly spoke to each other on set. Their paths didn't cross. Their two actors had a different status, and their styles were also completely different. 

Let's finish filming and say our goodbyes. Don't try to get too close, can't we just keep it professional and save yourself some face?

Downstairs, Ji Xiaotao was cursing at him, while upstairs, another person who had just woken up didn't hold back either. 

It had been a while since Yuan Ye last checked his Weibo. The previous uproar had died down, but upon opening the app, he was bombarded with countless insults. Yuan Ye didn't bother reading them, he only wanted to send a blessing. 

Before he fell asleep, Fang Shaoyi had grumbled about how Yuan Ye didn't send a blessing last year, breaking a tradition that had been going on for years. He was nearly falling asleep already but still frowning, and Yuan Ye pointed at his frowning brows and said, "I'll send it, I'll send it." 

So when he woke up, Yuan Ye remembered this and quickly sent out his blessing before anyone else could wake up. He saw that Ji Xiaotao had used Fang Shaoyi's account to post something, and when he clicked on it, he immediately saw He Han's name. 

Yuan Ye frowned and cursed in his heart. 

Yuan Ye didn't like his entire group with their underhanded style, and that statement was just disgusting. 

As Ji Xiaotao chatted with someone, he scrolled through Weibo and noticed a notification. He clicked on it and saw that Yuan Ye had posted something. 

The picture was of the monkey he had gifted last night, with only a few words: "Happy 37th, boss." 

"Awesome!" Ji Xiaotao couldn't help but whisper. 

Yuan Ye calling him "boss" really sounded so comfortable. What was their relationship anyway? Even if they had broken up, it was still unclear. If Yuan Ye called him "boss," then what was He Han's status? 

Sure enough, when he checked again ten minutes later, the post had already been deleted. 

Ji Xiaotao messaged Yuan Ye: "Brother Ye, I love you!" 

Ji Xiaotao: "I love you!" 

Ji Xiaotao: "Make that idiot back off! Thank you, Brother Ye, for saving my life!" 

Ji Xiaotao: "I love you!" 

But the response from Yuan Ye was indifferent: "Don't you know how to bring some food up?"


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