After Our Divorce, I Still Wore Your Jacket

After Our Divorce, I Still Wore Your Jacket

Chapter 3 - Chapter 3

The backyard lawn was overgrown with weeds, as no one had been there to tend to it. The pool was empty and looked a bit run-down and dirty. 

Inside the house, there was no one to be found, but the furnishings were just as they were when he left. He didn't spend much time looking around and instead gathered his belongings, sat on the grass in the backyard for a while, took a few photos, and then left. 

After all, this wasn't his home, and it wouldn't be right to act like the owner by moving things around and touching things. When something is broken, it's broken, and it's best to let it go and give people their freedom. Don't act like things used to be, or everyone will feel uncomfortable. 

After he left, he still sent a message to Ji Xiaotao: "Xiaotao, I've gone back to the house in the East District to pack some things. Let your brother know when you have a chance." 

Ji Xiaotao was probably busy and didn't reply immediately. It wasn't until the afternoon that he replied with a message: "Okay, Brother Ye, no problem." 

Fang Shaoyi had been filming out of town, so they hadn't met or talked before the show started recording. They just started filming without any prior discussion. 

On the day of the recording, the filming crew went to Fang Shaoyi's location first, while Yuan Ye flew over on his own and they met at the airport. Two hours later, they flew directly to a certain island in Asia. 

The process was all planned out beforehand, and Yuan Ye remembered the sequence quite clearly. He had it all under control. But even so, as the plane landed and taxied, he couldn't help but furrow his brow, looking less than thrilled.

Yuan Ye had on a ski hat and his hands were in his pockets as he walked out of the exit, when he heard someone call out his name - "Yuan Ye."

His leg almost gave out as he stepped forward, but he quickly regained his composure. He knew that voice all too well, and just hearing one word was enough to identify the person.

He looked up and met the person's gaze. They locked eyes, and each felt their own emotions stirring inside.

Yuan Ye walked over with a faint smile, looking into the person's eyes and calling out, "Brother Yi." 

After opening his eyes, he waved to the camera crew behind the man and greeted them, "Hello everyone, nice to meet you, I'm Yuan Ye. Sorry, my flight was delayed." 

He stood about half a meter away from Fang Shaoyi, who took a step forward and put his arm around Yuan Ye's shoulder. His breath caught Yuan Ye off guard, and he looked down as he heard Fang Shaoyi say, "Let me formally introduce everyone, this is Yuan Ye, a knowledgeable-type." 

The director filming on the side whispered with a smile, "I'm a fan of Uncle Ye, I have all your books."

Yuan Ye smiled at her and thanked her. After a year, this was the first time Yuan Ye had seen Fang Shaoyi. He hadn't changed much, just a little thinner and with shorter hair. 

In front of the camera, Yuan Ye shamelessly stared at Fang Shaoyi sitting across from him. It was both their first time filming a variety show, and even though Fang Shaoyi was familiar with the camera, they were both still not quite used to it and didn't say much. 

Yuan Ye had nothing to say, so he just kept staring at Fang Shaoyi.

Fang Shaoyi looked over and raised an eyebrow, asking him, "Why are you staring at me?"

Yuan Ye looked at him and said, "It's been a while since we've seen each other, so I wanted to take a good look at you." 

Fang Shaoyi tugged at the corner of his mouth, revealing an extremely handsome face. His smile was particularly alluring. 

But as Fang Shaoyi smiled at him, Yuan Ye suddenly noticed that there were fine lines at the corners of his eyes. The delicate lines that radiated from the corners of his eyes added a touch of age to his face, which was quite charming. 

Yuan Ye's mind flashed back to the time when Fang Shaoyi was still a student many years ago, and then he smiled to himself.

36-year-old Fang Shaoyi was different from 20-year-old Fang Shaoyi.

"What's wrong?" Fang Shaoyi asked him.

Yuan Ye raised his head and asked with a hint of laughter in his voice, "Are you filming outside and not taking care of your skin with essence and massage?"

Fang Shaoyi didn't quite understand what he meant and raised an eyebrow lightly. 

In the midst of their photography session, Yuan Ye teased, "Let's get a close-up of Fang-laoshi's face. Look at those wrinkles! You're only 36, are you sure you're not feeling embarrassed?" 

Fang Shaoyi chuckled and shook his head, "We're filming a show, don't talk nonsense. Have I gotten old?" 

Yuan Ye shook his head and replied with a smile, "No way, you're still young." 

Fang Shaoyi became famous at a young age and started acting when he was very young. 

His father, Fang Han, was a well-known artist in the film and television industry. Many people said that Fang Shaoyi's achievements were all due to his father, making him a typical second-generation star. 

Yuan Ye had even gotten on gotten into a rage on his own Weibo account because of this matter. Anyway, but he never held back his anger. If he was upset, he would just curse them out. At that time, he posted on his Weibo account: "Go f*** yourself, what second-generation star." 

He didn't care if people said his writing was bad or garbage, but he couldn't stand anyone insulting Fang Shaoyi. If you insulted him, he would insult you back. Over the years, fewer and fewer people talk about it. 

It's because everyone can see that Fang Shaoyi is truly talented and hardworking, just like his father was back in the day. He's always been low-key and you hardly ever hear about him in entertainment news or gossip when he's not working. He doesn't get involved in any messy business. 

A few years ago, his film "Chen Qing" won two Best Actor awards in China, and no one could argue that he didn't deserve them. Like father, like son - Fang Han couldn't have raised a bad son. 

In the entertainment industry, the only thing that surprised people about Fang Shaoyi was that he got married at a young age. It caused quite a stir and many people laughed at him. However, Fang Shaoyi's family didn't really object to it. 

In a previous interview, Fang Han once said that he and his wife wouldn't interfere too much in their son's love life. 

It's not necessary. Fate comes and goes, and it's up to the individual to decide. The family won't get involved, nor can they. 

At only 36 years old, Fang Shaoyi was still considered a young actor in the industry. Most male stars his age were still hiding their relationships, let alone getting married. 

But Fang Shaoyi had been married for over ten years. 

It was quite amusing, considering there was another couple on the show who were in their thirties and still considered part of the young couple group. They had only been together for a short time and were often seen as fresh-faced and inexperienced. 

Fang Shaoyi and Yuan Ye, at 36 and 33 years old respectively, were not much older than the other couple, but they were already considered part of the "old couple" group.

Married for ten years and still not considered an old couple? Come on, if they were put in a group of married straight couples, their kids would already be several years old.

Every now and then, they exchanged a few words with each other. Although they didn't talk much, they didn't completely freeze up either. 

After all, the airport was a place where people come and go. They put on a big show, with several cameras pointed at them, and there were bound to be passersby who recognized Fang Shaoyi. 

However, Fang Shaoyi wasn't really a popular celebrity, and he didn't have those overly enthusiastic fans who were hard to handle. If someone recognized him, they would just say hello and ask for an autograph, and that was it.

It wasn't until they boarded the plane and sat in their seats that Yuan Ye finally breathed a sigh of relief. From an angle that the cameras couldn't capture, he looked out with a furrowed brow, his expression seeming a bit irritable. 

Fang Shaoyi sat next to him, and the two of them had acted enough in front of the camera. Now that the camera wasn't rolling, no one spoke. 

Fang Shaoyi turned to look at the cameraman, who was busy tinkering with his equipment. He leaned in and whispered to the assistant director, "Are we going to film on the plane?"

The assistant director whispered back, "We'll film a few scenes on the plane later. The cinematographer will let us know in advance. You and Mr. Yuan can take a nap if you're tired."

Fang Shaoyi turned back and didn't say anything. He put on an eye mask, adjusted his seat, and pretended to sleep.

Yuan Yuan turned around and took off his microphone. 

Fang Shaoyi had his eyes covered, allowing Yuan Ye to stare at him unabashedly. Under the blindfold, Fang Shaoyi's nose stood tall and his lips were tightly pursed, his profile and jawline sharp and handsome. As Yuan Ye gazed upon his face, it was a face he knew all too well, a face that intoxicated and captivated him.

Although he had mentally prepared himself beforehand, when Fang Shaoyi called out to him at the airport, Yuan Ye couldn't help but feel momentarily flustered. He managed to put on a brave face in front of the camera, but his heart was hanging by a thread.

After all, this was Fang Shaoyi.

They had gotten together before either of them had turned twenty, when they were both just wild monkeys, foolishly trying to take a bite out of the moon.

Yuan Ye smiled wryly and closed his eyes, leaning back in his chair. 

What nonsense is he still thinking about?

Sitting on a plane for several hours wasn't very comfortable, but the shots of Yuan Ye were turning out well, and the work team was able to chat and laugh. 

Fang Shaoyi was a bit quiet next to him. When he didn't speak or smile, he seemed a bit grave. Yuan Ye even patted his face and said to the camera, "See that? Fang-laoshi is already quite old, he even wakes up with a bad temper." 

Fang Shaoyi grabbed his hand and took it off his face, but then held onto it, possibly to make sure the camera captured it. Their palms were pressed together, and Yuan Ye's hand was sweaty. 

He licked his lips and felt the urge to smoke. 

This is a program where they travel and play games, it's quite relaxed, just wandering around and having fun. Their first stop is a beautiful little island that they've been to before. They're the first couple to arrive, the other three celebrity couples haven't arrived yet.

Ji Xiaotao arrived before them to see if there's anything that needed to be arranged in advance. He saw Yuan Ye and quickly ran over, shouting with a smile, "Brother Ye!"

"Hey, I hear you, if you speak any louder, you'll knock me over," Yuan Ye laughed. "Speak a little quieter, take care of us old folks' ears."

He raised his hand and pulled his ear, and he and Fang Shaoyi's only let go of each other's hands now. 

As soon as their hands parted, the damp palms suddenly touched the air and turned icy cold.


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