After Our Divorce, I Still Wore Your Jacket

After Our Divorce, I Still Wore Your Jacket

Chapter 24 - Chapter 24

The hot search was almost dominated by Yuan Ye, and the entire Weibo was talking about it. As soon as the words "Yuan Ye" were searched, Weibo almost collapsed.

After seeing that Weibo post, Ji Xiaotao also exploded and kept nagging in Fang Shaoyi's ear. Later, Fang Shaoyi pushed him out and told him to go back to his own room and stop bothering him.

Yuan Ye's Weibo post was reposted by Chi Xing, with the caption: "[laughing][laughing] Brother Yuan Ye is so cool, haha, hurry up and chase him! Are these two intentionally torturing us?"

Cheng Xun followed his repost and said: "I support Brother Yuan Ye."

Feng Leizi and the others who wrote things also joined in the fun and actively reposted it, making fun of him: "Uncle Ye is over thirty and still single." 

"Come and see how your Uncle Ye is being coquettish."

"Brother Ye is steady."

At this moment, any sensible person would not engage with Yuan Ye or interact with him. Because so far, there has been no response from Fang Shaoyi's side, and the outcome of Yuan Ye's Weibo post is uncertain. It could either pass unnoticed or completely backfire. 

If these two people had already fallen out and Fang Shaoyi did not respond to this matter, or even slapped him in the face, Yuan Ye would be directly pushed into the mud. To think one layer deeper, if it is later revealed that Yuan Ye had cheated or had other negative things exposed, those who reposted with him today would also be implicated. 

Others would at least have to wait for Fang Shaoyi's response before daring to speak up. Feng Leizi and his friends don't really care about the entertainment industry, they're more into Yuan Ye. So when Chi Xing and Cheng Xun spoke up so quickly, it was quite surprising. Don't they understand the complexities of this industry? 

That's not possible, even if they don't understand, their company does. Chi Xing and Cheng Xun have always been big fans of Yuan Ye and Fang Shaoyi, even on the show. Without hesitation, they quickly spoke up to help Yuan Ye set the tone and ease the sharp questioning and ridicule. They are two kids who value loyalty and friendship.

Fang Shaoyi wouldn't let Yuan Ye stay in the spotlight for too long, he quickly responded and directly turned the conversation to Yuan Ye with just one word: "Chase." 

As soon as he replied to the Weibo post, things got even more lively in the entertainment circle. All the artists were talking about the two playing around and abusing single dogs. 

After sending the message, Fang Shaoyi immediately called Yuan Ye, but the call didn't go through. 

Yuan Ye must have turned off his phone, considering the fact that he was probably bombarded with all sorts of messages and calls from people. Knowing Yuan Ye's personality, he would definitely get annoyed and just shut off his phone.

Meanwhile, Geng Jinwei had already started taking action. He controlled the comments and guided the direction of the wind. When the entertainment news outlets reported on the incident, they focused on Fang Shaoyi's new movie promotion instead of the rumors about Yuan Ye's infidelity. 

With such a scandal, there was bound to be criticism online, but they tried to steer the conversation towards the movie promotion and minimize the impact of the negative comments.

However, not all negative comments could be suppressed, and some other negative aspects were still being brought up. 

"PR666, you came up with a plan so quickly. They got divorced and went on a dating show, fooling their fans like idiots. Now that they've been exposed, they're having someone from outside the circle take the blame. They're playing around like a couple, I don't know if the audience this year is stupid or if the company's water army is too powerful." 

"XX station is as trashy as ever, with no bottom line. Did the production team not know about their divorce? They kept it hidden from the audience and now they're too scared to even mention it." 

"I always thought Yuan Ye was talented, and Fang has been following him all along. The term 'true personality' is a joke, it's all about true intentions. When he said that, Fang couldn't even respond. No one would openly slap him in the face, especially since Fang isn't the type to do so. Isn't he just forcing people to make up with him? I'll just say it straight - it's really despicable." 

"After having enough fun outside, he still wants to come back and act tough, selling this image of a cool and collected person. Ugh. [Husky][Husky]" 

Fang Shaoyi closed his Weibo account in frustration. There were many things worse than this, but he couldn't bear to see them and felt annoyed. He tried calling Yuan Ye again, but his phone was still off. It seemed like he wouldn't be able to reach him tonight. When Yuan Ye didn't want to be found, no one could find him. Fang Shaoyi didn't know how long he would be out of touch.

Unexpectedly, Yuan Ye called back a few minutes later. Fang Shaoyi didn't know what emotion to use when he saw the "Monkey" caller ID. 

"Brother Yi," Yuan Ye called out as soon as the call connected.

Fang Shaoyi's voice was heavy, "Speak."

"Hahaha, why are you so awkward? Didn't you just tell me to chase after you?" Yuan Ye laughed shamelessly, "You're turning your back on me and not keeping your word." 

Fang Shaoyi was originally quite angry, but when he heard the sound of Yuan Ye's laughter, he couldn't stay mad and just felt helpless. He frowned and said, "Who told you to say that? Are you trying to provoke them?"

"I'm just telling the truth," Yuan Ye laughed a couple more times before saying, "If they want to scold me, go ahead. I don't mind."

"The truth?" Fang Shaoyi sneered and asked him, "That you were the one chasing after me? Or that you were the one who brought up the divorce?"

"It's all the same," Yuan Ye said, "Whoever was chasing who, in the end, it doesn't matter. Whoever brought up divorce, in the end, we divorced. So it doesn't matter. It was my fault, I was being melodramatic." 

As Fang Shaoyi listened to Yuan Ye speak, he gradually stopped frowning. This was Yuan Ye, and only he would say such words. Fang Shaoyi was indeed angry after he saw that the Weibo post, but the anger came from Yuan Ye taking all the blame upon himself. 

The post had completely cleared Fang Shaoyi's name, regardless of the final outcome between them. If they ended up fine, if would be thanks to Yuan Ye's begging, and if they ended up breaking apart, it would be Yuan Ye's own fault. In people's hearts, Fang Shaoyi was still the dignified and gentle movie emperor.

Yuan Ye's Weibo post seemed impulsive, but in reality, he had planned it all out better than anyone else. How could Fang Shaoyi be willing to let him take on all the blame? But Yuan Ye had taken the first step and put him in a passive position. 

But the impact that this Weibo had on Fang Shaoyi couldn't be expressed with just anger. 

His heart wasn't moved? 

How would that be possible? 

"Brother Yi, I've been thinking a lot lately." Yuan Ye was probably smoking, as Fang Shaoyi could hear him exhaling smoke. "As for me, I don't want you to take it too seriously. I won't force you. I just don't want our divorce to become a scandal that everyone talks about. It's pointless." 

Fang Shaoyi didn't interrupt him and listened as he continued to speak. 

"I said that because I want to leave a way out for us," Yuan Ye chuckled softly. "I'm afraid you'll just stamp our divorce papers without a second thought. I'm being sneaky, but I don't want us to just end things like this." 

Fang Shaoyi responded with a sound of agreement and then asked him, "If you don't want to end things, then what do you want?" 

Yuan Ye chuckled, with a slightly hoarse but soothing tone, "Do you really have to make me say it all?" 

Fang Shaoyi replied calmly, "Yes." 

Still smiling, Yuan Ye said, "I want to get back together with you." 

Fang Shaoyi closed his eyes and scratched the back of his phone with his finger, listening to Yuan Ye continue, "Brother Yi, I'll give you a full account. Before coming on this show, I thought we were done. I just wanted to see you. I'm the kind of know me, even if I hit a wall, I won't turn back. This is the first time in my life that I want to turn back. I've only been thinking about turning back lately." 

Whether it was the speaker or the listener, these words were bittersweet because the phrase "turn back" itself carried a sense of regret. 

"But I posted that Weibo out of desperation, don't think I'm forcing you to reconcile with me. Everyone has to bear the consequences of their choices. When I had the chance, I didn't use the best method to solve the problem and chose the most extreme path. So today's embarrassment and discomfort are my own doing." 

"Let's leave it to time and fate," Yuan Ye said. 

Fang Shaoyi was so angry that his vision went black. Who are you waiting for to determine whether there is fate or not? God? Destiny? 

Fang Shaoyi opened his mouth but couldn't say anything. Yuan Ye's words left him speechless and choked up. 

Fine, you just listen to fate. 

"I've never seen you listen to anyone in your life," Fang Shaoyi said lowly, then added, "From now on, no matter what you want to say, ask me first. Don't take the blame on yourself, I don't need you to carry anything for me. Just behave and let me have some peace of mind."

"Okay," Yuan Ye smiled.

The next day, Fang Shaoyi officially posted a Weibo about the matter: "I won't talk about family matters anymore, it's just a small issue that doesn't require everyone's attention. It's not that complicated, let emotions solve emotional problems."

Although the Weibo post only had two sentences, the content was significant. The phrase "family matters" was intriguing, and the idea of "emotions solving emotional problems" was delicate. 

The tears of the devoted fans flowed as they ate their meals: "Yesterday, they had a fight and hurt each other, but now they've made up. Go, Uncle Ye!" 

"Wow, this drama is so addictive. I love it," said another fan. 

"QAQ Please, please, you must stay together! You are really really my last hope for true love. If you two really break up, I won't believe in love anymore. Waaah!" 

"I'm sorry, but I still think they're cool even when they fight. If they're divorced, I'll still think they're cool. Am I already hopeless..." 

Even Ji Xiaotao created a few fake accounts to join in the fun and commented below: "I think you two are just bored. Get back together already!" 

After posting the comment, he messaged the original poster and asked, "Brother Ye, how are you planning to chase him? Do you need his schedule or him room number?" 

Yuan Ye replied to him through voice message: "Can you stop sending me messages? It's so annoying."

Ji Xiaotao retorted: "Why are you talking to me like this? There's a lot you can use me for, so think about it carefully!"

Yuan Ye replied indifferently: "I don't need anyone's help."

Ji Xiaotao was speechless.

So arrogant.

Ji Xiaotao asked him: "When will you start chasing, Brother Ye?"

Yuan Ye replied coldly: "It's none of your business."

Ji Xiaotao then asked: "Are you really not coming to visit us, Brother Ye? We're in a tough spot right now, doing odd jobs for the entire crew and sometimes going without food."

Yuan Ye replied with just two words, in a very cool tone: "Not visiting."


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