After Our Divorce, I Still Wore Your Jacket

After Our Divorce, I Still Wore Your Jacket

Chapter 19 - Chapter 19

Out in the open, Yuan Ye took a smoke break before returning home. 

He closed the door gently and went to the bathroom to freshen up again. He tried to keep his voice down, not wanting to disturb Fang Shaoyi's rest. 

After coming out of the bathroom, he checked his phone for any messages. He had left it charging in the room and didn't bring it with him. There were a bunch of notifications on the screen, but Yuan Ye only glanced at them before putting the phone down.

As soon as he put down the phone and turned around, he suddenly heard Fang Shaoyi ask him, "Where did you go?"

Yuan Ye didn't expect him to be awake and whispered, "Did I wake you up? I couldn't sleep, so I went out for a bit. You should rest." 

The curtains were drawn tightly, blocking out all the light from outside. Yuan Ye couldn't see Fang Shaoyi clearly, but the temperature inside the room was just right, quite warm. Yuan Ye even chuckled and said, "I tried my best to be quiet, but I still disturbed you."

Fang Shaoyi replied, "No, I just woke up and didn't see you."

Yuan Ye changed his clothes and crawled into bed, saying to Fang Shaoyi, "Alright, I won't make any more noise. Sleep well, Brother Yi."

Normally, they slept separately, not touching each other. But once they fell asleep, it was hard to say who would end up next to whom. Just as Yuan Ye was about to fall asleep, he felt Fang Shaoyi reach out and touch his hand, asking in a low voice, "Why are your hands so cold?"  

Yuan Ye was taken aback. The unexpected touch made his nerves go numb, and his fingers reacted before his brain did. Before he could fully regain his senses, he had already grabbed Fang Shaoyi's hand. After the action was done, Yuan Ye realized that such a reflex was not appropriate. 

He let go of Fang Shaoyi's hand and said, "I was just sitting by the water for a while. It was quite cool, but there were mosquitoes that almost bit me to death."

Fang Shaoyi asked again, "Alone?"

"No, with Little Cheng." Yuan Ye answered candidly, still smiling. "We talked for a while, about life and relationships."

Fang Shaoyi made a low, deep "Mm" sound and casually threw out a question, "You two talked about relationships?" 

As soon as Yuan Ye heard this, he turned around, but it was too dark in the room for him to see Fang Shaoyi clearly. Suddenly, Yuan Ye laughed and asked him, "Then who else should I talk to?" 

Fang Shaoyi didn't answer him, but instead asked, "Do you want to talk about relationships with someone?" 

If it were daytime, Yuan Ye would probably start talking nonsense again, but now it was too late. Fang Shaoyi usually couldn't sleep well when filming, and he had to wake up early every day to record this program. Yuan Ye take up any more of his sleeping time, so he smiled and gave in, "No, I don't want to chat. You should go to sleep, baby. What time is it already." 

This answer sounded a bit perfunctory, and Fang Shaoyi didn't say anything else. Yuan Ye didn't want to provoke him. He cherished the harmonious state they were in now, and he kept quiet. 

After spending over an hour chatting with the young boy outside about relationships, and coming back to say "no, I don't want to chat", this was a real blow to this man of over thirty years. 

Suddenly, Yuan Ye felt the bed covers lift on one side, but before he could react, he was pinned down by Fang Shaoyi. He was completely enveloped in Fang Shaoyi's embrace, with no room to move. 

Despite the unexpected situation, Yuan Ye remained calm and spoke softly, "What are you doing..." 

Fang Shaoyi pinched his chin and breathed heavily on Yuan Ye's face, asking in a deep voice, "Are you lacking love?" 

Yuan Ye furrowed his brow in the darkness. 

"What do you want to talk about?" Fang Shaoyi's fingers tightened around Yuan Ye's chin, causing him pain. "I'm listening." 

"Let's just finish recording the program without any trouble," said Yuan Ye, frowning. 

Fang Shaoyi sneered, "Then who do you want to cause trouble with?" 

Yuan Ye wasn't someone with a good temper either, and he had been holding back his anger for a while now. He pushed away Fang Shaoyi's hand that was trying to pinch his chin, and with a slap, he turned on the bedside lamp, illuminating the room. 

The sudden brightness was uncomfortable for their eyes, and Yuan Ye squinted at Fang Shaoyi, asking, "What do you want to do?" 

Fang Shaoyi didn't bother to say anything more to him. He didn't want to see Yuan Ye's frowning and glaring expression anymore, so he closed his eyes and suddenly lowered his head. 

As Fang Shaoyi bit down on his lip, Yuan Ye's mind quickly reacted. He lifted his hand, intending to push him away, but in the end, he didn't move and let him bite. His chest heaved violently, and he was angry. Fang Shaoyi vented his frustration by ravaging Yuan Ye's mouth until the sweet and bloody taste filled their mouths.

Yuan Ye's eyes were bloodshot as he stared at Fang Shaoyi for several seconds before bursting out laughing with a hint of mockery on his face. He asked, "Do you want to f*ck me? If you do, just say it. We've known each other for so many years, and I can't just stop you."

"I don't think it's me who lacks love, it's you," Yuan Ye continued to say. 

Fang Shaoyi didn't want to hear him speak, so he pressed his hand over his mouth and bit down on Yuan Ye's Adam's apple. Yuan Ye's mouth was very powerful. When he wanted to stab you in the heart, one sentence could poke a hundred holes in it, each one bleeding.

Both of their emotions were stirred up, and they both felt helpless towards the person in front of them. They saw each other every day, and they were both holding back a strong urge. Now, that urge had been ignited by the other person.

Yuan Ye couldn't calm down even when Fang Shaoyi covered his mouth. He opened his mouth and bit down on a small piece of flesh in Fang Shaoyi's hand, refusing to let go. 

Fang Shaoyi winced as he was bitten, but he didn't let go. When his other hand touched Yuan Ye's pants, Fang Shaoyi paused for a moment before letting out a faint laugh. The look in his eyes made Yuan Ye feel like he had been slapped in the face, ringing in his ears.

If he didn't react after being bitten like this, then he wouldn't be human. His reaction was right in front of Fang Shaoyi, making Yuan Ye feel cheap. He could control his brain, but not his lower body.

This was Fang Shaoyi after all.

Yuan Ye was red-eyed and panting heavily, still biting down on Fang Shaoyi's hand until it drew blood.


It was a chaotic night, full of unexpected events. Without exchanging a word, they had accomplished a lot. They couldn't even remember how it all started. Their thoughts were defeated by desire, and everything returned to primal instincts.

Yuan Ye lay silent and collapsed, his face staring at the ceiling, unsure of what emotions he should be feeling. 

He grimaced silently and cursed under his breath.

Fang Shaoyi emerged from the bathroom with a pack of wet wipes. Yuan Ye walked barefoot to his coat pocket, took out a cigarette, and lit it. His lip was still sore from earlier. He walked over to Fang Shaoyi, hugged him from behind, and rested his arm around Fang Shaoyi's neck. 

The cigarette dangled from his lips, and a thin wisp of smoke drifted past Fang Shaoyi's eyes. Yuan Ye chuckled softly, his voice hoarse and nasal, and asked Fang Shaoyi in a low voice, "How dare you?" 

Actually, it wasn't appropriate for Yuan Ye to ask Fang Shaoyi this question. If Yuan Ye really didn't want to do it, Fang Shaoyi wouldn't force him. And if he really wanted to push him away, Fang Shaoyi also couldn't hold him down. 

It was all just a mess between the two of them. Yuan Ye's chest was against Fang Shaoyi's back, and his arm slipped down to touch Fang Shaoyi's chest muscles. Then he laughed and took a drag of his cigarette, saying, "Brother Yi, we're both a bunch of bastards." 

In the end, they weren't able to finish recording this episode amicably. 

Yuan Ye never went easy on himself, and he bit down hard on the spot where Fang Shaoyi had bitten him before, reopening the wound even wider. Then he bit down again, completely tearing apart that area. 

Fang Shaoyi looked up and saw his mouth, frowned fiercely and told him, "Stop messing around." 

With a smile on his face, Yuan Ye asked, "Why not? What do you mean?" 

It was on that day, in front of the camera, when Chi Xing asked him what was wrong with his mouth, Yuan Ye pointed to Fang Shaoyi and said, "He bit me." 

Chi Xing laughed and said, "No tooth can bite that big. Is it an ulcer, Brother Yuan Ye?" 

Yuan Ye nodded absentmindedly and said, "I don't know if I said something bad about someone without realizing it. My mouth is sore." 

Chi Xing suggested, "Then you should take some vitamins." 

Yuan Ye shook his head and said with a smile, "No, I just want to eat meat. How can I come to Australia and not eat beef?" 

Even though Yuan Ye could keep a smiling face in front of the camera, his face would drop and his eyes would become cold and distant when the camera was off. Anyone could tell that he was in a bad mood. 

They got off the car in the Melbourne wilderness and asked their director about their afternoon task. 

The director was looking down at his phone and seemed not to have heard them. 

Throughout the trip, this person had been acting more like a VIP than them, unable to give orders or answer questions. 

Yuan Ye furrowed his brow and asked again, "I'm asking you what we're filming this afternoon. Little brother, is your hearing impaired?" 

The assistant director looked up and gave him a glance, saying, "We'll let you know what we're filming when the time comes, Yuan-laoshi." 

He deliberately emphasized the words "Yuan-laoshi" with some emotion. 

Yuan Ye remained expressionless and asked him, "Do you have a problem with me? Do I look unpleasant to you?" 

"Of course not," the director said, "our status is different, how would I dare." 

Yuan Ye didn't feel like talking to him anymore. He didn't have the energy to argue with him and simply said, "If you have any opinions, speak up. If not, just keep quiet. Do the job that corresponds to your position. You're a director now, so be professional." 

The other person looked up at Yuan Ye but didn't say anything. Yuan Ye turned and walked away.

For the next two days, the director settled down more, at least not acting like a deaf person. In reality, he just didn't take Yuan Ye seriously and came with his own biases. 

Yuan Ye didn't have the mood to pay him any more attention. He could be whatever he wanted to be, and never spared thoughts to care about an irrelevant person. 

On the last night of the show, everyone had a dinner together and drank some wine, which made the atmosphere quite emotional. Someone asked Yuan Ye how he felt about recording a variety show for the first time, and Yuan Ye just smiled and waved his hand without saying anything.

The program was already at its end, and after tonight, they would fly back home and go their separate ways. If it weren't for the argument and accident the night before, he and Fang Shaoyi might still have some things to say to each other, at least they could have said goodbye properly.

But after the inexplicable explosion, all sorts of emotions were jumbled up in his mind, and he couldn't say anything properly anymore.

This play, performed by a pair of ex-lovers or divorced partners, was finally coming to an end. 

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