After Our Divorce, I Still Wore Your Jacket

After Our Divorce, I Still Wore Your Jacket

Chapter 15 - Chapter 15

Fang Shaoyi's words melted Yuan Ye's heart with just one sentence.

This Brother Yi was too gentle.

Yuan Ye is the type of person who doesn't care about anything when he gets an impulse. He immediately sent a WeChat message to Fang Shaoyi after grabbing his phone, calling him "Brother Yi".

Fang Shaoyi replied a few minutes later: "What's up?"

Yuan Ye smiled at his phone and sent a message: "Thank you for our fate."

Fang Shaoyi's response was quick this time, but it was only one word: "Mm."

In interviews, both Yuan Ye and Fang Shaoyi claimed that they were the ones who pursued the other first. Their fans commented on the official blog: "Please ask the director to confirm who's lying between these two! Thank you!" 

- "I bet it was Uncle Ye who made the first move! He's the type to be straightforward! Ahhh, Uncle Ye was only 17 then, I just want to poke him to death!!"

- "I actually think it might have been the film emperor who made the first move! He doesn't seem like the type to make things up (just a guess though)."

- "Regardless of who made the first move, this couple is just too sweet 1551*"
*T/N: a slang for "so sweet" in Chinese

The above screenshots were sent by Ji Xiaotao to Yuan Ye, who found them quite amusing. Ji Xiaotao has been sending screenshots to Yuan Ye for the past few days, and whenever Fang Shaoyi is filming, he always finds Yuan Ye to chat with him. 

Sometimes, Yuan Ye gets annoyed and asks him, "Don't you have anything better to do?" 

Ji Xiaotao: "Brother Ye! I just got bribed by the fans! So, who chased who?"

Yuan Ye laughs and sends him a voice message, "Get lost." 

Ji Xiaotao wouldn't stop talking: "Brother Ye! I just received one million yuan! Who chased who!" 

Yuan Ye couldn't be bothered and simply told him: "Go ask Fang Shaoyi." 

Ji Xiaotao kept throwing tantrums: "He's too busy filming to pay attention to me. Even when he's not filming, he ignores me." 

Yuan Ye asked him: "Are you gay? Why are you being so annoying?" 

Ji Xiaotao replied: "Brother Ye, I love you." 

Yuan Ye locked his phone and ignored him. 

Ji Xiaotao had been following Fang Shaoyi for several years. He was originally just a fan, but by chance, he became Fang Shaoyi's assistant. After all these years of hard work, he was now capable of working independently. However, he didn't have any big ambitions and just wanted to continue being Fang Shaoyi's assistant. 

Geng Jinwei had mentioned several times that he wanted to bring him back to the company to help train new employees. But Ji Xiaotao cried and refused to leave. Finally, Fang Shaoyi said, "Let him stay with me for now. When he wants to leave, we'll talk about it. I'm used to Xiaotao anyway."

In fact, Fang Shaoyi was a person who was slow to warm up to someone. It took him a long time to accept someone into his life. Ji Xiaotao had been taking care of him for so many years that Fang Shaoyi had already gotten used to him.

After only few minutes of peace, probably when Fang Shaoyi was taking a quick break, Ji Xiaotao started to annoy Yuan Ye again: "Hey, Brother Ye, who chased who between you two!"

Yuan Ye couldn't take it anymore and set his phone to "Do Not Disturb" mode, throwing it aside.

Who chased who?

Yuan Ye couldn't help but laugh at the question. Who really chased who between the two of them? 

After Fang Shaoyi and Yuan Ye had become familiar with each other, there was once when Jian Xu joined them for a meal together. 

At the time, Jian Xu was filming a youth campus drama and played the role of a handsome male student. Fang Shaoyi was also offered the role, but he declined as he doesn't act in TV dramas. Jian Xu, on the other hand, was known for his TV drama roles, so they were on different paths. 

Jian Xu had been visibly annoyed during their meal and complained with a frown, "I f*cking hate going back to the set, every time I go back I feel sick and nauseous." 

Yuan Ye asked, "What happened?"

Jian Xu replied, "There is this assistant director in the crew, previously he told me-"

"Stop here,", Fang Shaoyi interrupted, looked at Yuan Ye, and said, "He's still young, don't say any more."

Jian Xu held his words back, looked at Yuan Ye, and chuckled, "I almost forgot that he's not even an adult yet." 

Their words didn't sit well with Yuan Ye, who rolled his eyes and asked Fang Shaoyi, "Who's still young? I'm only one year more junior than you guys. You're in your fourth year of college and I'm in my third." 

Fang Shaoyi nodded, "Mhmm." 

That's just how he is. He always responds in a calm manner, but his thoughts never change. Yuan Ye asked Jian Xu, "Is the assistant director trying to take advantage of you?" 

Fang Shaoyi furrowed his brow and looked at Yuan Ye, "Is it your place to ask?" 

Yuan Ye shrugged and said, "I'm just curious." 

It's not like Yuan Ye was a child, and besides, they understood most things by the time they were 17. They were boys, not girls, so what was there to be afraid of? Jian Xu looked disgusted and said, "He wants to come on to me? He better have some face, and he better be able to actually do it. He wants me to come onto him instead!" 

Yuan Ye didn't hold back and laughed for a while before saying, "You guys are really something." 

Jian Xu said, "There are all kinds of weird people in this circle. When I was 12, someone asked me to..." 

"Stop, stop," Fang Shaoyi interrupted again, causing Jian Xu to swallow back his words halfway. Fang Shaoyi frowned and said, "Don't say anymore." 

His expression was a bit serious, and Jian Xu felt that it might be a bit inappropriate to say such things to a child from outside the circle, so he didn't continue. Yuan Ye turned his eyes to Jian Xu and then to Fang Shaoyi, who was also looking at him. "Let's eat," Fang Shaoyi said. 

Yuan Ye nodded, "Okay, Brother Yi." 

In fact, even if Jian Xu hadn't finished his sentence, Yuan Ye had already guessed what he was going to say, and it made him feel a bit nauseous. 

That night, Yuan Ye sent a text message to Fang Shaoyi, asking him, "Brother Yi, is it always like that when you guys film?" 

Fang Shaoyi quickly replied, "It's not always like that. It also depends on the production team. Don't think about it anymore." 

Despite it being an old-fashioned keypad phone with a small screen, Yuan Ye had been sending text messages to Fang Shaoyi a lot lately. He wanted to chat with him about anything, as long as there was something to say. 

Yuan Ye asked, "Have you ever encountered it?"

Fang Shaoyi took a moment before replying, "It's already 10 o'clock, why aren't you sleeping?"

"I'm not sleepy," Yuan Ye replied.

"I am," Fang Shaoyi said, "and my phone is dead."

Yuan Ye bit his lip with impatience. Fang Shaoyi clearly didn't want to answer his question and was changing the subject. So, Yuan Ye sent another message, "Even if you're tired, I still want to know. Have you ever encountered it, Brother Yi?"

Fang Shaoyi seemed helpless and finally replied, "Whether I have or not doesn't matter. I won't do those things, and no one can force me to do anything."

"Is it because your dad is Fang Han?" Yuan Ye asked.

"Yes," Fang Shaoyi confirmed.

"Are you sleepy now?" Fang Shaoyi asked.

Yuan Ye thought for a moment before asking, "What if the other person is a beautiful girl? Would you be willing?"

Fang Shaoyi: "What exactly are you asking?" 

Yuan Ye was used to being straightforward and was getting tired of beating around the bush. So, he asked directly, "Are you still a virgin?" 

Although Fang Shaoyi was used to Yuan Ye's habit of saying the unexpected, this time he seemed to be stunned silly and didn't respond for a while. Yuan Ye furrowed his brow and asked again, "You...aren't anymore, right?" 

Still no response from Fang Shaoyi. 

Yuan Ye sat up in bed and started furiously typing away on his phone, sending message after message. 

"Aren't you?" 

"Are you or not?" 

"Are you or not?" 

"Are you or not?" 

"Why aren't you answering me?" 

Fang Shaoyi still hadn't replied, and Yuan Ye had stopped messaging him. Yuan Ye jumped out of bed after flipping over. His roommate was startled and asked, "Did you fall off?" 

"No, I jumped. Go back to sleep, it's nothing," Yuan Ye replied. 

He was wearing short sleeves and shorts to bed, clothes that he could wear outside, so he put on his shoes and ran out. 

That was just his personality, he couldn't be held down, and he did whatever he wanted. Usually, if Fang Shaoyi didn't reply to his messages, Yuan Ye would just go to sleep on his own. 

But today, for some reason, Yuan Ye was particularly angry that Fang Shaoyi hadn't replied. Thinking about how Fang Shaoyi had already done that kind of thing with someone else made him feel disgusted, and his mind was in turmoil. He couldn't sit still. 

At 9:30 pm, Fang Shaoyi was still sitting in his chair reading when there was a loud knocking on the door. He was a bit surprised. 

Fang Shaoyi opened the door to Yuan Ye who had run through the school gates and straight to Fang Shaoyi's dorm, panting heavily. Yuan Ye's eyes were burning with anger as he stared at Fang Shaoyi, his face stubborn. Fang Shaoyi was surprised and asked, "What's wrong? Did something happen?"

Yuan Ye stared at him and asked, "Why didn't you reply to my text?"

Fang Shaoyi blinked and replied, "My phone died, didn't I tell you? What's wrong with you?"

Yuan Ye tightly pursed his lips, still looking angry. Fang Shaoyi didn't know what was going on, so he reached out and pulled him inside, closing the door behind them. Once the door was shut, he asked in a low voice, "What's wrong with you?"

Yuan Ye never hid his emotions and said, "I'm angry." 

"What are you angry about?" Fang Shaoyi asked.

Yuan Ye looked away and said, "You didn't reply to my message."

Fang Shaoyi couldn't help but laugh and reached out to pat Yuan Ye's head, rubbing the back of his head. "You're angry just because I didn't reply to your message?"

Yuan Ye grabbed Fang Shaoyi's hand that was rubbing his head and pressed it down, staring at him. "You're not a virgin anymore? Have you slept with someone?"

Fang Shaoyi frowned and said, "What kind of nonsense is this?" 

He had just sent his last message when his phone died. Fang Shaoyi walked over and turned on his phone, waiting for any messages that hadn't been received. After a while, his phone kept buzzing non-stop. 

He lowered his head and read all the messages, then looked out at Yuan Ye, not knowing what expression to make. Finally, Fang Shaoyi smiled helplessly and shook his phone at Yuan Ye, "See, I really have no battery left."

He didn't need to say anything, as Yuan Ye had already seen it. He stood there like a stubborn little bull, persistently asking Fang Shaoyi, "Have you slept with anyone else?" 

"No," Fang Shaoyi replied without hesitation, repeating himself, "No, come here." 

The anger that was boiling inside Yuan Ye had dissipated, and he wasn't feeling as upset anymore. When Fang Shaoyi asked him to come over, he complied without hesitation. As he walked over, Fang Shaoyi asked him, "What if I told you...that I had?" 

Yuan Ye didn't look up, but instead shook his head and replied, "You just said you hadn't." 

Fang Shaoyi then asked him, "Do you believe whatever I say?" 

Yuan Ye nodded confidently and said, "I believe you. If you say it, then it must be true." 

Fang Shaoyi chuckled and lightly tugged on his ear, feeling a bit helpless. "Look at the time. You ran all the way here just for this? Are you going to run back now?" 

Yuan Ye rubbed his nose, then looked up at him. With a quick hop and a jump, he pushed off the bedrail and flipped himself up onto the bed above him. From above, he dangled his legs and looked down at Fang Shaoyi, grinning like a mischievous rascal. 

"I'm not running anymore. Tonight, I'll sleep in your bed, and you can sleep in your roommate's bed."

Fang Shaoyi looked at the small dimple that appeared on his eyelid when he smiled and nodded. 

At that time, Fang Shaoyi thought to himself, 'Not just the bed, I'll give you anything you want.'


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