A Lucky Coin

A Lucky Coin

Chapter 6 - Chapter 6

That day, Chu Yi said it would take about five minutes to run that road at breakneck speed. Yan Hang wanted to ask, do you know what my speed is like when I'm running for my life?

Of course, he had never run for his life. His max speed should be called "chasing you down to beat you up".

If he opened up that gear, if he didn't step into a hole and fall while running along the river, it would definitely take less than five minutes.

Just seeing the posture of Small Thug No. 1 dashing off along the road into the alley, Yan Hang knew he would definitely catch up within thirty seconds.

No. 1 had just run into the alley when Yan Hang had already caught up behind him.

The wind-stepping crown prince.

But No. 1 was running very intently and didn't even look back, not realizing Yan Hang was already behind him.

Yan Hang only needed to reach out to grab him and make him fall.

But in the instant he raised his hand, he changed his mind. He suddenly sped up and shouted, "Where should I stab?"

No. 1 was so startled by this shout that he leaped forward at least three steps while running.

Yan Hang stopped, laughing so hard he couldn't run.

No. 1 glanced back at him and turned his head to continue fleeing.

"I'll give you twenty meters!" Yan Hang shouted. "Keep going!"

"F*ck your ancestors!" No. 1 angrily roared while running.

"Go, I'll let you lead the way!" Yan Hang shouted while laughing.

The alley had a turn up ahead. Yan Hang wasn't familiar with this place, so he took a breath and fiercely chased out again. He had to take down No. 1 before the turn.

When Yan Hang caught up to No. 1 at the turn, his speed was already slower than before. No. 1's explosive power probably only allowed him to sprint five hundred meters.

Yan Hang whistled behind him.

No. 1 paused and suddenly stopped, probably because he knew he couldn't get away. He turned around and threw a punch at Yan Hang.

Yan Hang's momentum was too strong, and inertia made it impossible for him to stop immediately.

He had no intention of stopping either.

Raising his arm to block No. 1's fist and pushing it aside, he then grabbed No. 1's shoulder, pressed down, and used his momentum to knee him in the stomach.

When he let go, No. 1 sat on the ground.

He hadn't used any force with that knee, it was all momentum.

Dad had said, when playing around, pain is enough, no need to injure people.

So No. 1 wasn't injured, but it hurt a lot.

He definitely also felt like vomiting.

"Did you just yell at me?" Yan Hang stood in front of him.

No. 1 didn't make a sound. After taking a couple seconds to recover, he jumped up again, looking like he was going to directly charge over.

The moment he jumped up, Yan Hang raised his foot and kicked him on the shoulder, kicking him back to sitting on the ground.

"I'm asking you a question." Yan Hang said.

"Ask my ass!" No. 1 didn't stand up this time, but kicked towards his crotch.

Yan Hang quickly dodged to the side and threw a punch on his face. This time the hit was heavier. After two minutes, No. 1's eye sockets would turn red, then bruise for a few days.

"Have some shame?" Yan Hang asked. "Do you have any f*cking shame?"

This kind of behavior of sneakily attacking below the belt when you can't win was simply speechless.

"What the hell do you want!" No. 1 roared.

"To play," Yan Hang looked at him and smiled, bending down and saying softly, "Isn't this how you usually play too?"

"When have I ever hit someone like this for fun!" No. 1 glared at him, spitting as he shouted.

"You have amnesia?" The smile on Yan Hang's face slowly disappeared.

"You want to stand up for Chu Yi, right? Then hit me! Hit me! That's right, I threw away the broken pen he wanted to give someone, so what! If you're so great, stand up for him!" No. 1 shouted. "You hit..."

Yan Hang obliged his request and slapped him across the face, cutting off his half-spoken words.

"I'm not standing up for anyone. Chu Yi doesn't count for shit, you think I'd stand up for him?" Yan Hang said coldly. "Let me tell you, beating you up is just exercise for me, got it? When you see me, shut your damn mouth and go the f*ck around."

No. 1 glared at him without responding.

"Do you understand!" Yan Hang got up in his face and roared.

No. 1 didn't expect this and his pupils fiercely contracted in shock.

"Go," Yan Hang patted his shoulder and straightened up, putting his hands in his pockets. "Keep running, exercise, defend the home and country."

Watching No. 1 disappear from the alley entrance while running and cursing, Yan Hang happily whistled, stretched his arms, and slowly strolled towards the coffee shop.

Having vented so early in the morning, his mood could be said to be excellent.

Following the direction No. 1 ran, after a couple turns, he emerged from the alley onto the main street.

To the right was the road to the coffee shop. To the left, less than a hundred meters away, was that bridge.

Yan Hang thought for a few seconds with his hands in his pockets, then turned and walked towards the bridge.

Going down the steps and following the small path to where Chu Yi was treasure hunting that day.

Giving it to someone?

The riverbank was the same as always, black silt mixed with swaths of garbage, water meandering through the gaps in the trash. A gust of wind blew from the front... forget it.

Yan Hang turned and left.

Back on the main street, he put on a mask, took out his phone, first posting "Come play" on Weibo, then started livestreaming.

There weren't many people watching at this time, especially for a suddenly started livestream, but he didn't care at all. He livestreamed because he wanted to, no other reason.

-I'm here!

-Am I the first one?

There were actually a few fans who came in.

"I'm going to work." Yan Hang held up his phone and panned it around. In the middle when he switched hands, the camera swept past his face.


-Ah ah, Brother Xiao Tian's eyes are so good-looking

"A coffee shop," Yan Hang didn't respond to the words on the screen. "The boss is a middle-aged bearded guy with a bob cut."


*T/N: "2333333" is a common way for Chinese internet users to express laughter or amusement. It originates from the Chinese character "哈" (ha), which represents laughter.

-Want to see

-What is Brother Xiao Tian wearing today?

"Wearing clothes and pants and shoes." Yan Hang answered, dangling his phone down.

-Sweatpants again

"Then I'll wear a skirt next time." Yan Hang said.

Just like that, chatting while strolling, by the time he reached the coffee shop door, he exited the livestream. It was work time after all, gotta be serious.

He had just put his phone back in his pocket when he heard someone shouting in the store.

"How would I know what happened! I didn't provoke him!" This voice sounded strangely familiar. Yan Hang walked into the store and immediately spotted the Small Thug No. 1 sitting at the bar, holding an ice pack over his eye with one hand.

"If you really didn't provoke him, why didn't you call the police!" Boss Li stood behind the bar. "If you didn't want to call the police, why didn't you fight back? When I was your age..."

Small Thug No. 1 turned his face and saw Yan Hang. His eyes instantly doubled in size. "I'll f*ck you..."

"You f*ck one more time!" Boss Li slapped his hand on the bar, glaring at No. 1.

"It's him!" No. 1 jumped down from the bar stool, pointing at Yan Hang, shouting so loudly that his voice cracked. "It's him! It's him! It's him!"

Yan Hang couldn't help singing a line in his heart.

"It's him! Dad! It's him! Dad!" No. 1 continued to yell.

Seeing how agitated No. 1 was, for a moment Yan Hang thought No. 1 was calling him, and wanted to say there was no need to be so polite.

Boss Li looked over in some surprise, "Him?"

"It's him!" No. 1 seemed to have forgotten how to say anything else, just repeatedly shouting this one line.

"Jidao?" Boss Li looked at Yan Hang. "You beat up my son?"

"Ah," Yan Hang nodded, "Just finished beating him."

This straightforward answer left Boss Li gaping for a long time before asking again, "Why?"

"He said it was fun!" No. 1 finally found some new words. "Fun! Exercise!"

"You stop talking for now," Boss Li pointed at No. 1. "Let me get this straight first."

No. 1 glared at Boss Li, picked up the chair and slammed it on the floor, then sat there silently.

"Why?" Boss Li looked at Yan Hang.

Yan Hang never imagined these two were actually father and son. Boss Li seemed quite calm, but after all, it was his own son who got beaten up. Even if it could be explained clearly, he probably couldn't let it go.

Besides, he had no intention of explaining.

"Didn't like the look of him." Yan Hang said.

"You beat someone up just because you don't like how they look?" Boss Li was shocked.

"Yeah," Yan Hang nodded, then looked at No. 1 again. "Hey."

No. 1 turned his head and glared at him.

"Let me give you a piece of advice. You need to have the means to back it up if you want to look down on others." After saying that, Yan Hang turned around and walked out of the coffee shop.

It was a busy time on Sunday, with many people coming and going on the street.

Yan Hang stood under a tree by the sidewalk, extremely bored.

So he took out his phone and sent Chu Yi a message.

- Come out, returning your money

Chu Yi didn't reply right away, probably communicating telepathically. It took quite a while before he replied.

- What money?

- The money for the noodles

- Didn't you not eat?

"That's why I'm giving the money back to you." Yan Hang couldn't help but send a voice message.

- Oh

- What the heck is "oh"

- Noon then, I'm a bit busy now, I'll wait for you at the tree hole at noon

Looking at this message, compared to Chu Yi's speech, his typing was really smooth and fluent, giving a pleasant feeling like recovering from a cold.

But it also made him want to laugh a little.

It seemed that ten yuan was indeed quite important to Chu Yi.

Yan Hang put his phone back in his pocket and stretched. He didn't feel like going back now, so he decided to take a stroll.

He looked at both sides. The bridge's side seemed more lively than this side, so he decided to head that way.

He quite enjoyed wandering the streets. The "streets" of every city were different. Even if they sold the same clothes, snacks, and toys, they would still have different styles.

However, he didn't get to wander this "street".

Because as he was crossing the bridge, he glanced to the left.

Actually, looking from the bridge, this river wasn't that unsightly. The garbage-filled black mud riverbank was largely blocked from view by the trees along the river...

Through the gaps in the leaves, there was a small, swaying black shadow on the riverbank.

"I'll... be damned," Yan Hang grabbed a stone carved peach on the bridge railing beside him and shook it. "I'm impressed."

What kind of pen did you lose? I'll buy you the same one.

How much was your pen? I'll give you the money.

If I catch you rummaging through garbage again, I'll beat you.

Don't ask me why.

"Chu Yi!" Yan Hang called out, standing by the riverside railing.

Chu Yi wasn't in the same spot as yesterday, having shifted a bit to the right. Yan Hang frowned, suddenly suspecting that this kid didn't actually see clearly where the pen fell.

But his hearing was better than yesterday. As soon as Yan Hang called out, he turned his head.

Then he paused, and Yan Hang could clearly see him heave a sigh.

"Come up." Yan Hang said.

Chu Yi hesitated for a moment, shook his head, thought for a bit, then waved at him, motioning for him to go.

Yan Hang looked at him, suddenly feeling a bit irritated. He took a deep breath but couldn't suppress it. His hand gripping the concrete railing was hurting a bit, but he still couldn't control himself.

Walking away couldn't alleviate it either.

"F*ck!" He cursed through gritted teeth. "You're f*cking asking for a beating!"

He didn't even go to the iron stairs, directly vaulting over the railing and jumping down.

Chu Yi heard the sound of him landing and raised his head, stunned in some surprise.

"If I catch you looking for that broken pen here again," Yan Hang pointed at him, not caring what was underfoot, and strode over towards Chu Yi, "I'll f*cking beat you so bad even your grandma won't recognize you!"

Chu Yi stood still.

"Come here!" Yan Hang said while taking a couple more steps that way, wanting to continue walking when he suddenly felt his foot sink into something soft.

Looking down, he had already stepped into the silt.

"Don't..." Chu Yi hurriedly walked towards him, pulling out two plastic bags from his pocket as he walked. "Here."

Only then did Yan Hang notice that he had bags over his feet, one red and one green.

"I don't want them," By the time he spoke again, he wasn't even angry anymore, just feeling helpless. He didn't look at Chu Yi again and turned to walk back. "You play by yourself."

After walking a few steps, he felt something in the mud on the left flash.

He abruptly stopped and turned to look.

He only saw a pile of garbage.

He adjusted his angle, tilted his head a bit, and it flashed again.

"I think I f*cking see your precious pen." Yan Hang walked over that way.

Behind him, Chu Yi immediately followed, the plastic bags on his feet making swishing sounds as he stepped.

When Yan Hang bent down to pick up the half of a fountain pen sticking out of the mud, still tied with a yellow butterfly knot, he felt like he was holding the Buddha's sarira.

"Is it this one?" He held the pen and asked Chu Yi.

"Yes." Chu Yi nodded, a bit excited as he took the pen.

"Are you blind?" Yan Hang asked.

"It's, it's possible." Chu Yi said with a smile.

Yan Hang looked at him without saying a word, speechless.

"Thank you." Chu Yi took out a piece of paper and wiped the pen.

Yan Hang took out the ten yuan bill from his pocket and handed it to him: "Returning it to you."

Chu Yi didn't take it, seeming a bit embarrassed.

Yan Hang directly put the money into his pocket and turned around, walking towards the shore with difficulty.

Chu Yi silently followed behind him the whole time.

After climbing up the riverbank, Yan Hang sat on the stone bench beside him, staring blankly at the black mud on his foot.

Chu Yi took off the plastic bag on his feet, took out the pack of wet wipes Yan Hang gave him yesterday, pulled out two sheets, squatted down in front of him, and reached out to start wiping his shoes.

"Hey!" Yan Hang was startled, quickly withdrawing his foot, "What are you doing?"

"Hel-, helping you, wi-, wipe." Chu Yi said.

"No need, no need, no need," Yan Hang said as he took the wet wipes from his hand, "I can wipe it myself."

Chu Yi looked at him.

"You..." Yan Hang grabbed his arm and pulled him up, "Just sit."

"This, pen," Chu Yi was silent for a while, took out the pen again, and wiped it with a wet wipe, "Actually..."

"Is it meant to be given to a girl?" Yan Hang asked while wiping his shoes.

Chu Yi went silent.

Yan Hang turned his head to look at him: "Tying a bow, it's a gift right."

"Mm." Chu Yi looked a bit dejected.

"Just wash it, tie another bow and give it." Yan Hang said.

"No, no can do," Chu Yi said, "It's dirty."

"What's wrong with that," Yan Hang tsk-ed, "She didn't see it anyway."

Chu Yi looked at him.

Yan Hang stared back at him.

After ten seconds, Yan Hang narrowed his eyes a bit: "Don't tell me you were going to give it to me?"

Chu Yi lowered his eyelids: "Not, not giving it now."

Yan Hang had never received a gift before.

With no friends, there were no gifts. Only his dad would buy things for him on his birthday, but each time it was very casual. Last year he received a pineapple with a note stuck to it that said "The prince is the most handsome".

"I don't want that sissy bow." Yan Hang said.

Chu Yi was stunned for a moment, looking at him in surprise, then quickly untied the bow on it, holding the pen and hesitating as he handed it over to him.

Yan Hang took it and looked at it.

It was a new pen, but judging from the style, it was bought at least five years ago. Who knows if this was some kind of keepsake of Chu Yi's.

He took out his phone and posted a Weibo.

When he started the live broadcast, a few fans who were even more bored than him were there.

-Looks like Brother Xiao Tian is bored to the extreme today

-I'm even more bored, caught his stream twice already

"I received a gift." Yan Hang pointed the camera at the fountain pen in his hand.

-Hand hand hand hand hand

-Haven't seen the beautiful hands in a long time!

-When are you going to livestream cooking again, want to see hands

"That kid gave it." Yan Hang said.

-The poor kid?

-Ah ah! The pen the poor kid gave?

"Yes," Yan Hang waved the pen, "Just... got it."

-Is the poor kid beside you?

-Is Brother Xiao Tian really going to look after him from now on?

-Can we see what he looks like? Never got a clear look.

-Yeah, can we see?

"Do you..." Yan Hang turned to look at Chu Yi, "mind showing your face?"

"Live, broadcast?" Chu Yi asked softly.

"Mm." Yan Hang nodded.

"Many, many people?" Chu Yi asked again.

"Not many." Yan Hang glanced at the screen.

"You live, livestream, no, one watches?" Chu Yi was a bit curious.

"Mm." Yan Hang nodded.

"Why?" Chu Yi also glanced at the screen.

"Is it a bit inappropriate for you to discuss how no one watches my livestreams in front of my fans during my livestream?" Yan Hang laughed.

"No one's watching any-, anyway." Chu Yi said.

The screen was filled with a bunch of hahahaha and 233333.

"Damn, you've got a point," Yan Hang sighed, "Alright, since no one's watching, do you mind showing your face? These girls keep asking about you every day."

"Mm." Chu Yi nodded.

Yan Hang turned the phone to face Chu Yi.

"Thank you." Chu Yi said.



-Little handsome guy!

Handsome? Yan Hang looked at Chu Yi's face on the screen, well... alright, the kid was quite photogenic.


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